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    Henri Rousseau The sleeping gypsy 1897   • Ukraine Will Not Join NATO, Says Zelenskiy (G.) • Zelenskiy Says Russia’s Position In Negotiations Bec
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    Still trying to wrap my head around McCleod, Luongo and Dr D’s interpretation. Inside money – outside money; real power – soft power… brought to mind Carl Sandburg’s poem (1964) The People, Yes.

    “Get off this estate”
    “What for?”
    “Because it’s mine”
    “Where did you get it?”
    “From my father.”
    “Where did he get it?”
    “From his father.”
    “Where did he get it?”
    “He fought for it.”
    “Well, I’ll fight you for it.”

    That may help describe the world we’re entering

    (The comments yesterday brought to mind the MF Global “fiasco” under Corzine’s watch. That seemed to go away fast for the CME, especially the lawsuits. Does anyone really know how that resolved? I’m guessing the plaintiffs were made whole by TPTB. Just curious.)

    Dr. D

    As far as I know, they gave the MF Losers cash replacements. Of course it took a dozen years and they lost the use of their money and no interest, as well as no damages, but… Maybe it was worse than that, but that’s what I heard about one accountholder.

    Speaking of yesterday, moving the economic center:
    “Petrodollar Cracks: Saudi Arabia Considers Accepting Yuan for Chinese Oil Sales”
    I think they already have. Like 1-2 years ago.

    Saker: “In two weeks, China, Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan will reveal a new, independent, international monetary and financial system.

    It will be based on a new international currency, calculated from an index of national currencies of the participating countries and international commodity prices. [Mar. 14, 2022, Sputnik News].
    Russia and China will also reveal their Unfriendly Nation Lists.”

    That is, “nations who will not eat”. You can eat or not eat. Europe is going to freeze and starve. Right. Now. We are on a international commodity standard, a “gold” standard. Trading where? Well not in Hamburg and New York! China. Shanghai. Singapore. And if Turkey still has a brain, Ankara and Istanbul(doubt it).

    “What does Russia produce for the global economy on a massive scale?
    You guessed it. Energy, Food, Fertilizer, and Timber. Russia’s input to the global economy only looks small because we have trained ourselves to economically undervalue the most valuable things in life.”–Honkey

    They are very simple: they are going to re-value these things. To their real, not fake value. The End. We all go home, have lunch, play golf. “I am the Alpha and the Omega. The Way and the Truth is the Light.”

    “World Economy Braces for Supply Chain Chaos as COVID Closes China”

    We embargo Russia; China embargoes us. Unless, I dunno, you think Omicron kills people which we haven’t seen yet, OR China has an Omega strain that does but somehow no one in the entire West reports on it or responds to it. Because: midterms? No: it’s an active embargo. Only Western people and media with the brain-stuffing of a muppet can’t see it. Unless somebody wants to get up in here with some Covid tests, listings, and DNA mapping.

    Covid”. It’s a magic word that means, “Now you believe everything I say after it.”

    Good point, Ukraine has ALREADY been hypothecated to float the West’s runaway debt wall. They already need a BIGGER country to hypothecate. Maybe that’s about the push to Mars.

    Senate Passes Resolution to Undo Transit Mask Rule; Romney only Republican to Vote with Dems”

    They never passed any laws in the first place. How can they un-pass them? “Let’s not worry about who did what to whom…”

    “Several States Mulling Lawsuit To End Biden Mask Mandate”

    Why do they need a lawsuit? There was never any mandate to begin with, because there was never any law. Don’t lawsuits generally deal with laws? If they were enforcing a non-law, shouldn’t they be sued to penury for civil rights?

    “Rand Paul Introducing ‘Fauci Amendment’ To Prevent “Health Dictatorship”: Senator says action will “ensure that ineffective, unscientific lockdowns and mandates are never foisted on the American people ever again.”

    What the actual…? It was totally, laughably, completely illegal in the first place. All you have to do is arrest them. Or even now, I’m sure the statute hasn’t run out. So you’re going to pass ANOTHER law no one will follow? One that’s not even as strong as the BILL OF RIGHTS that outlawed it already? EBD. You’re a fake and a tool. We saw this in some of the hearings. The only thing stopping me is that you, with this pathetic, childish show, are multiples better than the REST of Congress, and indeed the whole government, who don’t even see this much. I hope the dollar fails so you can all be completely defunded, lose your pensions, push a mop, and live like the rest of us, you useless, spineless milksop.

    I mean, what are they there for? To steal money and make laws no one will ever follow? Two can play that game, and have. …You won’t like it.

    “It’s hard to explain theft to a government, because they take things, literally.”

    “Zelenskiy has acknowledged that Ukraine will not become a Nato member,”

    But they are “Not Agreement Capable.” What will you use as insurance for this? Invade again when they lie again? Over and over? We already had that with the Turkey agreement that removed their nukes and made them a state. We already saw zero compliance with either Crimea or Donbas Minsk treaty.
    A: It’s theatre. A show. A fiction. An act. They opened their mouths. Therefore they are lying.

    “West Made a ‘Terrible Mistake’ Letting Putin Annex Crimea: Boris Johnson (F.)”

    Yes, we totally should have started WWIII and exchanging nukes a few years earlier like Hillary wanted.

    Johnson acknowledged that it will be “painful” for the world UK and London bankers to give up Russia’s vast fossil fuel reserves”

    “Painful” in the sense of “Completely fatal to us, the West, and all criminals therein”?

    “Green, renewable energy sources “are the quickest and cheapest route to greater energy independence,” Johnson said.”

    Aaaaand the quickest way to cease to exist as a nation, as renewable energy does not fuel tanks and APCs.

    If only they were fueled with salty tears and our feelz, we’d be the most powerful army on earth. As it is, we can’t defeat 20 Afghan goatherders. So. Proud.


    Over here, no one would know they have covid without a test. Is the Chinese outbreak another testing pandemic? Are the Chinese faking a covid revival in order to shut down supplies to the West in order to bring our economies down? Given recent behavior, I have to think most sane people in the rest of the world would want the West’s influence destroyed before it’s too late.


    Maybe everything is personal – like it used to be in the good old days of the feudal system when individuals owned entire countries. However if I’m MBS and the people responsible for my protection were led by a senile old fool, I’d want a new body guard.


    The Puppets Who Lead Us

    Gonzalo Lira has a fabulous explanation of the West’s ‘leadership’ vacuum.


    @ Dr. John Day (as the most likely to know):

    All these boosters still get recommended in various countries and a lot of them are the mRNA vaccines. These supposedly have to be transported and stored at sub-zero temperatures and have a short shelf life. At the beginning of the pandemic, the required freezers were a huge issue; not only with providing the freezers (there was a severe shortage of the sort of freezers needed), but with maintaining the temperatures consistently throughout the shelf life of the vaccines as they were shipped, stored and then maybe shipped out again elsewhere.

    Now we are told that the shelf-life is longer than what they originally said (a sort of random crystal blue persuasion expiration dating method), and absolutely nobody talks about the temperature requirements any more.

    So the question is – what has changed? Was all that bullshit, or have the vaccines been altered along the way so as to make them less temperature sensitive?


    Bet you did not know that.
    We only know what we are told.
    Thanks TAE

    Donbass refugees share their memories of eight years of war waged against them by the Kiуv regime.

    Path to peace?
    $13.6bn in aids ( money will go to USA manufacturers of guns not to farmers)

    World Economy Braces For Supply Chain Chaos As COVID Closes China

    Futures Surge On Beijing Market Rescue, Ukraine Ceasefire Hopes As Fed Rate Hike Looms


    Iran attacks an Israeli centre and follows that up with a cyber attack, yet there’s no hysteria from the western media and no response from Israel? What’s going on here? I must conclude that even the neocons have decided that the US military can’t even take on Iran in a fight.

    Then why are they pushing for a shooting war with Russia? Doesn’t make much sense. As the predicted chemical false flag attack makes no sense. What would the goal of that be? To whip up more anti-Russian hysteria? They can do that just by making up more lies. And the purpose of more hysteria? It can’t be to start a shooting war because the Pentagon can’t go there.

    All I can come up with is that a false flag attack would be to take the propaganda to a new level. Forget hating Russians. Instead it will be: Russians have forfeited the right to life. Which sets up for the only way the neocons can see for winning a war with Russia: a first strike nuclear attack.

    Clueless Honky


    “Then why are they pushing for a shooting war with Russia? Doesn’t make much sense…. Which sets up for the only way the neocons can see for winning a war with Russia: a first strike nuclear attack.”

    I pray you are wrong. I fear you are right.
    I sure can’t figure out a better explanation.

    Dr D Rich

    Edited: why be cute?
    A modest proposal long overdue.
    It’s far past time to test the thesis of King Oil, Saudi Royalty Worth a cool quadrillion and Saudi impunity. I don’t buy it.
    The U.S. Military should avenge for no particular reason and all the following…
    A. The humiliation by MBS to its Commander in Chief
    B The beheading of the Washington Post’s (CIAs) Khashoggi
    C. The 370,000 Yemenis (70% children) murdered by the Saudis
    D. The Saudi role in 911.
    E. The 1973 Oil Embargo
    F. The danger posed to U.S. hegemony by the Saudis’ open threat to trade in currency other than U$D.

    …and “Putinize” MBS and his crew, demonize Saudi Arabians everywhere, strip the Saudis of their land/titles, seize their yachts, repatriate all American oil production assets in the Kingdom and turn over management to Hunter Biden with 10% for the Big Guy.

    Let’s see if 3 things happen: 1. whether world opinion rises against America 2. If any Saudi presents 1/1,000th the resistance as the Ukrainians, Afghans or Yemenis 3. If China, Russia or India oppose the U.S. on the Arabian peninsula or in the court of worldwide opinion. 4. If White America becomes as inflamed against MBS and everything Saudi as the current propaganda was has mobilized the Deplorables against their White racial brothers and sisters in Putin’s Russia.

    What better way to rehabilitate America’s reputation, eliminate a scourge on Humanity, and get our hands on those $2 trillion dollars possessed by the Saudi Royal family.


    “Blood Clots Like Hailey Bieber’s Are Happening in ‘Younger and Younger People'”

    “it could be hereditary and run in their families.” 🤡🤡🤡 🤡🤡🤡

    In plain sight.


    It’s a brilliant move on China’s part to fake a fake pandemic!

    The Empire of Lies Sheeple are so primed to the knee jerk response to except ANYTHING their goberment tells them at this point, that trying to now say China is faking CovidCovidCovid won’t compute in their tiny little retarded minds.

    The perfect alibi to crush the West. Checkmate!

    Sanction Russia, China faux boycotts the West.

    It’s like stepping on a rake, over and over again.

    It’s Side Show Joe showin us how it’s done right.

    Let’s Go Brandon!


    @Clueless Honky

    Predicting a nuclear war is like betting a man about to be hanged that the rope won’t break. Just had to get that Thought Exercise out of my brain.

    Mr. House

    One thing that never made any sense to me from the beginning of this god awful daytime drama, was all those videos coming from China showing people collapsing in the street and the strange bug spray guys they had marching around in cities in hazmat suits. Like China would let that stuff out. Where are all those pics now? Oh except its here in our own country now and nothing like that ever happened. Felt fake at the time and even more fake after two years.


    Path to peace is not through death. (The American way)

    Mr. House

    But it sure made those predictions of millions dying in the first few months more “real” didn’t it?


    Bio-weapons and the Empire of Lies

    An actual diplomat, imagine that

    From the Saker: Lavrov presser after talks with FM Hossein Amir-Abdollahian (Iran)

    FM Lavrov presser after talks with FM Hossein Amir-Abdollahian (Iran)

    Parting shots:

    Question: Having cited considerable evidence, Russia raised the issue of bio-laboratories in Ukraine. Is the international community interested in this issue? Is it ready to talk about this? Will Moscow return to this issue?

    Sergey Lavrov: I would not describe the reaction of the international community as “interest.” The reaction is sooner a negative surprise and wariness. The revealed facts point to the enormous scale of the US’s unlawful activities on spreading its military bio-laboratories all over the world. There are hundreds of them, including almost 30 in Ukraine. Many of them have been established in other former Soviet states right along the perimeter of the borders of Russia, China and other countries.

    We will demand that this issue be reviewed in the context of the commitments assumed by all participants in the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production and Stockpiling of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons and on their Destruction. We will do all we can to force the Americans to stop blocking our proposal from 20 years ago on the need to create a special mechanism for verifying any alarming reports on the appearance of substances that may be used to develop biological weapons. They are against this mechanism because it would make any bioactivity transparent. They do not want transparency because they find it more expedient to do everything under their own control, as they have been doing up until now.

    I am convinced that the international community has realised (and will realise again) that such activities are unacceptable and fraught with lethal threats to civilians on a massive scale.”

    Mr. House

    Whatever happened to the five star party in Italy and how did Super Mario end up in charge after his stint at the ECB?


    I have been distinctly getting the impression lately that the WEFers (“weffers”: it has a ring to it) with their Great Reset plan are aware of the following: (1) the current economic system needs to fall apart, (2) the people need to be scared, malleable, and looking to prominent WEFers for guidance, and (3) Russia and China have to be dealt with so that they do not thwart the plan.

    It isn’t so much that the WEFers have a master plan — they have many plans, some work, some don’t. They look to every crisis as an opportunity to advance their cause. They know that the signs of imminent global economic collapse were already on the table, they are merely pushing a prodding to influence the outcome of the collapse. Their plans do not necessarily have the goal of murder and genocide, but human casualties along the way do not bother them — they understand that their Great Reset will be much, much easier to implement and maintain at a lower population than exists currently. Many of the WEFers probably even believe the noble lie that is the temptation for all leaders — that their vision is so much clearer than that of the populace due to their position, that they know what is best for the populace better than the populace does itself, and that it is their moral duty to do “what is in the best interest for all” because the individuals that make up the masses would not make these choices for themselves.


    Update – Ukraine Crystal ball story (19 Feb)

    Ukraine will become Empty/firing range/waste land/ left unseeded for a season or more; uncultivated/fallowed


    Update – Ukraine Crystal ball story (19 Feb)

    Ukraine will become Empty/firing range/waste land/ left unseeded for a season or more; uncultivated/fallowed


    I have long believed that it isn’t a problem of doing what is best for the individual vs. what is best for the community. In reality, we are social creatures and, as such, there is great potential for synergy between individuals and their communities — they can be (and often are) mutually beneficial.
    The problems come when a small group decides that it will be the brain of the community and force the individuals in the community to conform with the ideas of the small group. Communication becomes more and more one sided and top down.
    Each (mature) individual in a community is individually sovereign by nature. Individual well-being hinges upon the ability and freedom to think and choose for oneself. The individual is not going to only make choices that benefit solely the individual because humans are by nature social, and natively think of themselves as a part of community groups (family, romantic partnerships, friends, teams, coworkers, classmates, etc.) Individuals weigh decisions based on how they affect the individual AND their social groups. It is not uncommon for individuals to natively make choices that benefit the social group over their own immediate desires. There is no problem in this — it is often beneficial for all involved — as long as the decision remains with the individual and is generally free from coercion. Even if the individual finds out later that a decision made was, effectively, the “wrong” decision, as long as it was made free from coercion the individual will usually be able to find peace with the decision, knowing that it was freely made.
    There is one native human relationship that does not work this way — the parent-child relationship. Humans are extremely immature at birth, and so they must bond with adults to ensure their own survival. The parent directs the child and chooses what is best for the child, and the child communicates needs and desires to the adult. Human societies differ in deciding at what point a child is mature enough to become sovereign. In reality, it is a slow process, where gradually the child exercises appropriate sovereignty and the parent gradually retreats from that role.
    When small groups usurp sovereignty over large groups of people, it is a corruption of the parental role. Mature, sovereign humans do not require parenting. Propaganda is an attempt by a small group to corrupt the vision and perception of the large group in order to exert coercion with the large group realizing that they are being coerced.


    * without

    John Day

    @Teri, who asked about deep-freeze requirements for mRNA “vaccines” and recent extension of absolute-zero-shelf-life dates.
    Hell, I don’t know.
    They were putting secret manually-added ingredients in some batches, which may or may not have been the “killer” batches, because there is no good information available.
    They were selling all these deep-freeze storage machines last year. They sold them. They are being rented out. Keep renting them folks!
    Whatever their vaccine-rationale-of-the-week is, we never get good enough information to independently determine anything…

    John Day

    Oh, I posted the blog today, with lots of news, and a slow-interior-finishing-process photo

    Doc Robinson

    @ teri

    Pfizer changed some of the ingredients in their vaxx, the latest is a “tris-sucrose” formulation which can stay in a normal refrigerator for up to 10 weeks. The new formulation was authorized by the FDA without Pfizer having to do the usual clinical trials for it.

    Facilities with ultra-low temperature freezers can keep the old formulation for much longer, especially since the printed expiration dates have been (arbitrarily?) extended. From the FDA’s fact sheet for healthcare providers:

    “Cartons and vials of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine supplied in multiple dose vials with purple caps with an expiry date of September 2021 through February 2022 printed on the label may remain in use for 3 months beyond the printed date as long as approved storage conditions between -90ºC to -60ºC (-130ºF to -76ºF) have been maintained.”

    By the way, according to FDA, there are still no FDA-approved Covid vaxxes being produced for the USA, so they remain unavailable (as of March 15, 2022).

    Veracious Poet

    The Newsom/Pelosi fiefdom of Clownifornia has been “officially” approved by apparatchik “lawmakers”…

    A resolution that would have ended California’s two-year state of emergency and terminated Gov. Gavin Newsom’s emergency powers failed Tuesday.

    Lawmakers in the Senate Committee on Governmental Organization voted 8-4 against Senate Concurrent Resolution 5 Tuesday, which would have ended the state of emergency Newsom signed on March 4, 2020. The resolution was introduced by Sen. Melissa Melendez, R-Lake Elsinore, in December 2020, who has long called for an end to the state of emergency.

    She said Tuesday that passing SCR-5 would restore the constitutional balance between the three branches of government.

    Figmund Sreud

    Vladimir Putin had a meeting with representatives of Russian business community. Here is what he said to his oligarchs at that meeting of February 24th:

    Putin: “First, this is the main point, so that this is clear. What is happening is a forced measure. There were simply no chances left for taking a different course of action. The security risks that had been created were so high that it was impossible to respond by other means. All attempts had come to nothing. Frankly speaking, I am even surprised – there was not one iota of progress on any issue. I would like to emphasise again that this was a forced measure because risks could have created for us to the extent that it would have been impossible to conceive how our country could even exist in the future. This is the first point.

    Second, all of us, including you, understand the kind of world we live in, and we have been getting ready in certain ways for the restrictions and sanctions that are being imposed on us now. Nonetheless, what I am about to say is something that I consider extremely important. I would like to respond to what President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs Alexander Shokhin said.

    Russia remains part of the world economy, and to the extent that it remains part, we are not going to inflict damage on the system we feel ourselves to be a part of. We are not going to damage the system of the global economy that we are in, to the extent that we are in it. So, I think our partners should understand this and should not try to force us from this system. Nonetheless, restrictions will be imposed, even for political considerations.

    In this context, I would like to appeal to you to be understanding of what is going on and cooperate with the Government to find ways to support production, the economy and jobs, though bearing in mind how things are shaping up.

    I believe the goal of the Government and the authorities in general in the broadest sense of this word is, of course, to provide you with good conditions and ensure more freedom. There may be only one response – to ensure greater freedom of entrepreneurship, naturally, within a certain framework so that, as our colleagues put it, there is a certain amount of predictability from the Government but we expect predictability from businesses as well.

    Obviously, we cannot predict all geopolitical risks but in relations between businesses and the Government, you certainly have the right to expect clear and consistent predictability from the Government. And, the most important point, it is necessary to be in touch at all times, to respond in a nuanced way to everything that is happening and to adjust our joint work whenever necessary.

    I would like to thank you for what has been done up to now, even in these rather complicated conditions, and I hope that in the new conditions – although we cannot call them entirely new – but anyway at this stage we will work with the same solidarity and no less effectively.

    … anyway, John Helmer on this – his latest screed:




    Figmund Sreud

    “The American war aim is not to spare Ukraine, but to ruin Russia. That takes time.

    The danger is that the Russians won’t be able to end this war, and the Americans will do all they can to keep it going.”

    DIANA JOHNSTONE: For Washington, War Never Ends


    The light came on; the roaches fled-
    As roaches, they were marked for dead-
    And where they fled they made new friends.
    And made it seem that life depends
    On how the roaches will be played-
    Destructive, cruel, and unafraid-
    Now buried in the western states.
    And once again:
    Some hidden party molds our fates.


    @EoinW said …

    Over here, no one would know they have covid without a test. Is the Chinese outbreak another testing pandemic? Are the Chinese faking a covid revival in order to shut down supplies to the West in order to bring our economies down? Given recent behavior, I have to think most sane people in the rest of the world would want the West’s influence destroyed before it’s too late.

    Wondering the same myself because of the ridiculous numbers that have been published by the government in Hong Kong. The HK government is predicting that 5100 people will die in the Omicron wave by May.

    Historically, 5,400 die every month here, so of the 10,800 to die by May, either there is going to be a 50% rise in the death rate to 15,900 (10,800 + 5,100) or they are going to label predictable deaths as Covid deaths. Onviously the death rate is not going to increase 50%, we know that from worldwide data from those countries that have completed the Omicron wave

    It seems to me that they are really increasing the fear factor, trying to keep Covid going for as long as possible. Hong Kong’s Covid response is directly ruled by Beijing, the local puppet says her stuff, but the decisions are made in Beijing. I too have been wondering whether this is Xi supporting Putin without coming out and declaring his support for Putin. Obviously China and Russia are a perfect couple at the moment, each needs the other and both have a common predator in the western oligarchs.

    Veracious Poet

    The new peoples’ flag of Clownifornia:

    The new flag of the Newsome/Pelosi dynasty:

    John Day
    Michael Reid

    @ Figmund Sreud

    Thank you for the link

    This was history lessons for me and with knowledge brings clarity. The West is sick in their treatment of Russia.

    Putin seems to be doing what needs to be done and I agree with him. The petrodollar seems to be finished.

    This video is interesting regarding the currency reset possibilities.

    BullionStar Perspectives – Willem Middelkoop – Imminent Arrival of The Big Reset

    Veracious Poet

    The Big Reset…

    You’ll own nothing, the “owners” will own everything, including you & everything/everyone you produce.

    Be sure to stock up on gruel flavoring/seasonings now!

    Gubermint gruel is pretty bland…

    It also helps, just a teeny bit, with the insect protein, so the children can hold them down.

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