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    Your idea of jumping off the city rat race bandwagon into the country is very romantic but unfortunately full of pitfalls for most people. to

    Most people I know who live on small hobby farms, support themselves with a full time job in the city! They have long commutes to work.

    Many of these types of people are highly educated, motivated, disciplined, and very skilled with their hands! These people can troubleshoot and fix anything put in front of them! I know very few people like that! It is very rare to find people who can think for themselves and translate that into reality with their hands!

    Another thing I have noticed about these types of people, is they grew up with a father doing all of these things. So obviously they had a 18 year head start on most people!

    Luckily, my brother and I grew up with such a Father! By profession, a mining engineer, but by trade a carpenter, plumber, electrician, mechanic, and self taught financial advisor.

    I can tell you neither my brother nor myself would ever consider taking on a hobby farm! First of all it is way too much dam work! But of course we know this from being exposed to farm life growing up! We also know there is no dam money in it either! Sure you can grow veg’s but mostly the excess you end up giving away!

    Here is another thing to factor in. Rural areas often have zoning, preventing the split up farms into smaller parcels. Any that currently exist are already occupied by people with the same idea as you, especially if within commuting distance to cities! Therefore very expensive!

    Also small lots may be too small to build on because you need sufficient land to put a septic system in. Many lots are too small, so you can’t get a building permit! Beware of people saying you can get a building permit, no problem! The borough will gladly sell you a building permit but later you may find that you cannot get a septic system permit from the health authorities! Often they won’t let you camp either! P.S. You won’t get your building permit money back! They love these kinds of Suckers!

    If you do find a small piece of land cheap, it is cheap for a reason! Often it is too far away from anything important! Like shopping, hospitals, medical services, no water, poor soil, flood plain, swamps, etc!

    Yes, one other thing! Bugs! Yeah! How comfortable are you with bugs? How about spider webs in your face and hair everywhere you go? Black flies in spring? Misquitoes the rest of the summer and fall? Ants crawling everywhere! Oh, yes ticks and Lyme disease! Picking ticks and thistles from you dogs hair? If you swim, swimmer’s itch from water fowl! Blood suckers too! I love to watch them suckers die by putting salt on them!

    Going from the big bad crowded city to the middle of no where takes a certain type of person! You need to be very comfortable with just yourself as company! I don’t know too many people tuff enough to do that for long periods of time. Most people simply go stir crazy!

    If you are still thinking of doing this, then you need to learn to become more independent, especially financially! Or have a skill that allows you to live in the country and work in the city so you can transition yourself over time. Don’t mind driving helps!

    Another thing I like to do when I get the urge to go country, is to watch You-tube videos of people already living or trying to live this life!

    It can be very entertaining watching them chop down a tree only to have it fall on their house! Remove a tree stump! Get rid of gofers in their garden! Digging a water well! Dealing with mice, Chipmunks, squirrels, raccoons, and coyotes! Hilarious! Creating off grid power systems! Foxes stealing their chickens!

    The nice thing about watching these earthly types and their mis-adventures on You-tube is it costs you nothing and you can join them when you feel like it! You also get to leave them when you want too! This is how I get my fix!

    Well, good luck!


    Imagine, if you can, an American staying in lockdown like Tang.
    Would any restaurant survive 40 days?

    There have been no new cases in Xiangyang for 12 consecutive days.
    Tang lives in central Hubei province, whose nearly 60 million residents have been under lockdown since late January as the government rushed to put a lid on a virus that first emerged in the regional capital, Wuhan.

    He has not stepped out of his home in rural Xiangyang for more than 40 days.



    No you are misreading the government’s propaganda!

    The 3300 tests are the total to date! That is less than 100 tests per day!

    My daughter, and now my son, each have the coronavirus!

    They will not be tested because there are not enough test kits available!

    The assessment centers do not want them to visit! Said stay away!

    They have been told to just stay home and self isolate themselves!

    They are not being included in Ontario’s case numbers! It is Don’t Test, Don’t Tell!

    We know of 2 other coronavirus cases! Same story! No testing!

    Ontario’s case numbers are being counted by Stalin!

    This is all being done to give you a false sense of security!

    Ontario is not testing for community spread!

    That is how my daughter and son caught the coronavirus!


    This whole thing is starting to feel like the post-Boston marathon lockdown.
    This should tell me if it was content.


    Ilargi to answer your question you have collected some great authoritative articles on the nature of thd virus and how different countries are experiencing it and responding to it. I am less interested in the numbers of cases – if we are all going to get it and the numbers are so impacted by testing rates, these two things make the numbers less interesting. Eventually we hit 100 percent, some people get it twice, some people get it and are never tested etc.


    My nephew-in-law works in a call center. His toddler daughter gets every bug. He’s home, having been diagnosed with corona. Sweet. My nice is fortunately an RN and knows how to run two home quarantones at once.

    A call center is a clustered workplace, but typically with cubicles and no customer traffic. If they’d established stringent protocols, they could keep their employees working without getting them sick. It would have cut into their productivity but not that much.

    No grown-ups in charge these days, apparently.

    V. Arnold

    Are there a lot of people around here who have virus fatigue yet?

    The statistics are important; so for that no, no fatigue there…
    Major fatigue reading the MSM on just about everything; including CV-19. 😉

    Dr. D

    @Parents, the system doesn’t scan content as far as I know, but it can be flaky. Log out and back in and it usually comes clean. There are regular problems with posting (multiple) images, but common use usually comes through.

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