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    Marcel Duchamp Sad young man on a train – Nude study 1911-12   • Hunter Biden’s Infamous Laptop Confirmed In New York Times Report (NYPost) • Sur
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    Veracious Poet

    Stupid sheeple, sleep walking into WWIII, this time a female congress critter, who was a legacy media lapdog (of course):

    REPORTER: Do you support a no-fly zone in Ukraine?

    REP. MARIA SALAZAR: I support everything that has to do with punishing Vladimir Putin and helping the Ukrainians.

    REPORTER: Wouldn’t that mean direct conventional warfare with Russia?

    REP. MARIA SALAZAR: I don’t know what it will mean, but you know, freedom is not free.

    REPORTER: So you don’t know what a no-fly zone will mean. If you do have to shoot down Russian planes, I mean..

    REP. MARIA SALAZAR: Of course.

    Dr. D

    “NY Times Admits Laptop Is Real”

    Yes, everyone on earth already knows. The real question is “Why now?” And, since the NYT would rather die than tell the truth, how did they get them to print it? Who made that decision? And why on the 17th of March, 2022?

    “Sure Seems Joe Biden Knowingly Lied about the Hunter Biden Laptop Story (NR)”

    Among the many problems. Joe and Psaki both bare-faced lie they didn’t know anything, it wasn’t possible, while there were photos with Joe and the Ukrainians, the Rosemont negotiators every day.

    Usual lie count: About every other sentence. Also NY reporters must live each minute quaking in fear and cry under their beds at night. Every other word was “Fear” “fearsome” “terrifying”, “alarm” “concern” “vulnerable”. Look, I’m not here to read about your personal feelings. I’m sorry you’re afraid of everything in life, but not everyone is like you. Some of us are men, and adults. But in fact children of 10 would not be afraid if you described it to them, a war half the world away, barely going on. So you are more sissy than a child.

    cyberattacks, which have been strangely missing from the conflict so far.” –NYT

    Yes. About that. And the NYT also requests the chemical attacks, which NYT says Russia uses all the time! Daily almost. But this tells you two things: one they were counting on Russia to take down the financial system for them (specifically stated) and they are planning a chemical attack shortly to blame on Russia instead. Least surprising ever. Let’s see if Russia changes up their war approach before the West pulls one off.

    One thing the NY Times did NOT say: anything about the 30 Bioweapons labs Russia presented as verified documents to the UN Security Council. Nothing. No news. Never happened.

    Using their Putin telepathy: “Analysis: Putin’s chilling warning to ‘traitors’ and ‘scum’ is a sign things aren’t going to plan” –CNN

    Is that why The View called for arresting traitors and scum such as Congressmen and service veterans who are pro-peace?

    Who else is anti-peace? YouTube flags Tulsi for too much peace in her videos. It’s only a warning for now, but they’ve got their eye on her if this “peace” thing spreads.

    DemocracyNow has got the message and is presently Pro-War. You see, in order to have peace, you have to have a war FIRST. A BIG war. Like WWIII. Then you have peace. Amirite? War? That’s what “peace” is all about.

    So Putin would not have a monopoly on stupid, selfish, and oppressive. He’s losing the arms race for stupid. We’re the Exceptional Nation and we’re #1.

    Reality check, from Germ’s interview and some articles today, Russia is not cut off much at all. What happens is, WE in the West, U.S. Canada, Western Europe, South Korea and Japan, decide something. Then we say “The World” did it. In fact, China, India, South America, all of Africa, plus a bunch of other countries aren’t participating at all. Which is X GDP and X military depending how it’s calculated but is like 1/5th of global population. So if we had a vote, “the West” wouldn’t make the second run-off.

    That’s important because if you’re embargoing a nation, militarily, economically, you can’t let 2/3rds of the ships through. But then every breath from their pie-holes is a lie. I mean, unless the West is going to intercept and pirate ships headed to India. …Which they have already done.

    “World’s Top-Ranked Tennis Player May Need to Denounce Putin to Play at Wimbledon”

    But we’re sure winning the war on tennis.

    War we’re not winning? Joe is disarming us and leaving us helpless. Draining the oil reserve. I have mixed feelings on this, as that’s what it’s for – to supply during a crisis – but at the same time, what wold normally be a crisis like today’s prices, are not enough when you might be in a LIVE SHOOTING WAR as soon as tomorrow. Then it’s reckless bordering on treason to undermine the nation’s readiness to such a level.

    I had a terrible thought that may be coincidental while musing on the war. The reason Russia and the commodity producers can finally go on strike and regain some power is because if they stop, people won’t eat. Won’t have steel, aluminum, etc. That’s because supply-demand are always at a delicate balance, and we need an abnormal decay in supply — such as destroying and mothballing all of American production and labor — to reach such a point of leverage. So now with no supply, demand is outrageous and Russia can sit easy in the surety of their power.

    But what if there were no people? We can’t stop the war, we can’t get into Russia, but what if the population of the planet, i.e. the demand, dropped by 1/3 before we start the war? Then Russia loses their leverage and are unable to break free as they are trying today.

    So as a war gamer, a strategist, my recommendation is to have 1/3 of our own domestic or worldwide populations die before we start our techno drone-strike missile-war. The kind of war that needs no people. Then we win. What’s better, the population will be both alarmed and most amenable to authoritarianism –clearly – but also not having a large enough body to overthrow us. And as Xi said, “After all this [i.e. Covid] is over we’ll be far richer.” Yes, we take the houses of the 1/3 who die, and the State distributes them to our friends as a payoff, a pressure-relief for the economic pressure everyone is under right now. So really, murdering everyone on earth is logical, essential, and profitable. Because we need to do that before we murder the remainder in the war. What was that Deagle again? Or Alexa answering what Britain’s population will be in two years?

    Gonzalo Lira. This is exactly what I’ve been gathering from the war, and from what any normal, non-insane (that is, non-Western) army would do there, if you follow the very simple path of crediting what Russia has said, what their goals are, and what they need to accomplish. If you don’t believe what they write and just make up random stuff, isn’t that just a conspiracy theory? That I don’t care what the evidence is, what’s in my imagination is what’s actually real. I mean, when you ignore Russia’s official statements, isn’t that what you’re saying?

    Ukraine was massing an army to finish the genocide of ethnic Russians in Donbas. That’s why Joe was signaling the false flag that would kick that off. Russia was massing so they wouldn’t get invaded, would have a lot of refugees there. Instead, of course, Russia – having tracked the Nazi, murdering, ethnic-cleansing Azovs through the whole Ukrainian military over the last 8 years, even down to facial ID and fingerprints – invaded the day before Bandera Day and therefore bottled up most of Ze’s army in about an hour. They of course were dug into Donbass, but positioned for offense pointed south at the time, and not prepared to have half the Russian cavalry in their rear with rocket attacks.

    Same was true in other locations. Obviously Ukraine doesn’t need much army to stop Poland, so the army were all near the Russian border. And since Russia was invading to stop the total genocide anyway, they invaded at some of the other points and flat-footed the remaining army, surrounding it. All supplies cut off. Then? Why be in a hurry? We don’t want civilian casualties. We let them, encourage them, draw them, try to make them shoot off their besieged artillery, waste their bullets, and eat their rations. When those are gone, oh well: The war is over. Then Russia matches them against their 8-year database and shoot the bad guys in the head at a military review, which is standard practice, I think. This leaves the standard Ukrainian army, the usual dog-faces as well as some white hats, intact.
    And that’s exactly what has happened. So far at least.

    “German Chancellor Scholz: NATO Will Not “Intervene Militarily” In Ukraine (DW)”

    Because mouth: lie. Biden openly sent $800M to Ukraine. They are open about sending massive weaponry through Poland. The NYT article above is astonishing in their double-talk that we send weapons to POLAND – and they’d better not attack Poland, mister or I’ll drink another latte and harangue you again – and yet somehow Putin is a coo-coo Nazi to think that the weapons we openly sent, on camera, to Poland, for Ukraine…are somehow entering Ukraine and attacking Putin. Which is what they are for. What a maroon! Putin thinks that the $800M Joe sent for weapons in Ukraine, are somehow become weapons crossing the border to Ukraine! Can you believe that guy? The NYT instead thinks that the weapons arrive in Poland, but then using magic, do NOT cross the border illegally in NATO trucks as an involvement and escalation of war, but magically transmogrify into Kiev using teleportation and Stargate Wormholes.

    But: NY Times. What can I say? They haven’t written a truthful sentence since Sept 10th.
    Germany “Will not intervene”? You mean like those smuggled arms and the full and complete info intel the CIA is providing to the Azovs hosted on YOUR military bases? That kind of intervening? I mean aside from providing and transiting the weapons and money.

    Must be a day ending in “Y”.

    Veracious Poet

    BTW, when I logged onto gmail today I got a pop-up asking if I wanted to “donate” to help Ukraine…

    Since I joined way back in 2004 I’ve NEVER seen anything remotely similar 😐

    Can we finally reach peak stupid soon, please?

    P.S. Not only was the Hunter laptop a true incident that was covered up by the #Derp-Swamp until it was a non-story, but the total theft of the 2020 election was also 100% true.

    those darned kids

    I must repeat Susmarie108

    Every word thoughtfully chosen. Thank you for bringing it all TOGETHER, Dr. D.

    Hat-tip Ilargi for headlining this insight.

    LOVE to all.
    Critical question
    Where is the food? Today? Tomorrow?

    …. for the refugees
    ….. for the volunteers
    ….. for the 18 to 60 men
    ….. for the influx of foreign mercenaries
    …… for the idle workforce
    …… for the emergency responders
    …… for the agricultural workforce
    …… for the Russian Army
    Hunter Biden is the poster child of the ruling American snobs
    • Sure Seems Joe Biden Knowingly Lied about the Hunter Biden Laptop Story (NR)
    • While You Weren’t Paying Attention (QTR)

    False propaganda is prep ground work for false flag attack
    Look …. there are not thousand of victims from the destruction of the Theater
    Main stream media calling Putin a liar.
    MSM does not want peace.

    • Putin Lays Out Demands For Cease-Fire In Call With Erdoga (ZH)

    Omicron, seeker of life, has given birth to a daughter, Its called BA.2
    According to Fauci, ” as infectious as Omicron, but less fatal.”
    I would call propaganda/lies, “soft cyberattacks”


    Martin Armstrong is thinking big big bad bloodshed war around mid April and then full pile on in August. No one can tell the future but he’s got a sprinkle of Nostradamus about him. I hope not but there is madness in the air everywhere – from dinner parties to markets to health policies to foreign policies.

    I reckon this year is gunna be a full blown shit show.

    Dr D. thanks for you analysis recently pity I can share it with no more than 3 or 4 people lest I get cast out as an enemy of the people for thinking too much.


    Stagflation Trap Will Lead To Universal Basic Income And Food Rationing (Smith)

    Social Credit Score tyranny needs either a vax passport scheme or digital currency scheme to get it’s mojo humming.

    “They®” tried to get a social credit score tyranny going with vax ‘passports’, didn’t work, it made “Them®” so sad.

    So, being psychopaths, “They®” are trying a different tack.

    Vax passports had failed as the ‘gateway drug’ to total control central bank ‘digital currency’.

    Central bank ‘digital currency’ is the gateway drug to Universal Basic Income And Food Rationing

    Universal Basic Income And Food Rationing is the jackpot to social credit score tyranny

    If you don’t love Big Tech Censorship now, wait until “They®” can cut off your all your food and basic necessities for “Wrong Think®” with their new spiffy Central Bank Digital Currency’ (CBDC)

    To Infinity & Beyond!

    Ya see, the good old circle jerk persistence of Pure Evil wins in the end.

    “They®” won’t stop until you drive an oak stake right through what passes their heart.


    John Day

    Thanks Dr. D for the well composed perspective piece on global financial suicide-warfare, imposed-suicide for the proles, through the gentle graces of the owners, though some of the owners might succumb at some point. Stranger things have happened…

    The spike-protein-autoimmune-disease-trigger piece today is most useful perspective also.

    Look below at the Spartacus story. Very long and detailed.


    The New York Times used to have the nickname of The Gray Lady

    Now it’s The Painted Lady


    John Day

    This is one little granular piece of a holographic presentation about mind-control experiments in the US since at lease 1953. Graphene oxide has very special features, like spike protein does, and they may be synergistic together in opening the paths through the blood brain barrier, allowing self-constructing nanotech machines into the brain, and to interface with individual cells. RF AI data interfaces complete the system. Own nothing, Be happy…

    Interfacing Graphene-Based Materials With Neural Cells

    The scientific community has witnessed an exponential increase in the applications of graphene and graphene-based materials in a wide range of fields, from engineering to electronics to biotechnologies and biomedical applications. For what concerns neuroscience, the interest raised by these materials is two-fold. On one side, nanosheets made of graphene or graphene derivatives (graphene oxide, or its reduced form) can be used as carriers for drug delivery. Here, an important aspect is to evaluate their toxicity, which strongly depends on flake composition, chemical functionalization and dimensions. On the other side, graphene can be exploited as a substrate for tissue engineering. In this case, conductivity is probably the most relevant amongst the various properties of the different graphene materials, as it may allow to instruct and interrogate neural networks, as well as to drive neural growth and differentiation, which holds a great potential in regenerative medicine. In this review, we try to give a comprehensive view of the accomplishments and new challenges of the field, as well as which in our view are the most exciting directions to take in the immediate future. These include the need to engineer multifunctional nanoparticles (NPs) able to cross the blood-brain-barrier to reach neural cells, and to achieve on-demand delivery of specific drugs. We describe the state-of-the-art in the use of graphene materials to engineer three-dimensional scaffolds to drive neuronal growth and regeneration in vivo, and the possibility of using graphene as a component of hybrid composites/multi-layer organic electronics devices. Last but not least, we address the need of an accurate theoretical modeling of the interface between graphene and biological material, by modeling the interaction of graphene with proteins and cell membranes at the nanoscale, and describing the physical mechanism(s) of charge transfer by which the various graphene materials can influence the excitability and physiology of neural cells.


    The Hubris of Humans know no limit.

    Humans have let a small group of psychopaths ‘lead’ them for ten thousand years under the banner of ‘civilization’.

    So now those same psychopaths are tinkering with the brain like “They” tinkered with the global financial system.

    What could possibly go wrong.

    The utter arrogance of humans on display in the article on Graphene-Based Materials conjures up the vision of a bunch of monkeys cracking open walnuts around the campfire with their iPhones.



    I don’t have time to read this yet- I must watch the thrilling House of Reps debate the issue of “Prohibiting Discrimination Based On HairStyle”!


    She has never heard of McCullough, Malone or Chestnut. L ok


    @Veracious: “BTW, when I logged onto gmail today I got a pop-up asking if I wanted to “donate” to help Ukraine…”

    No thanks, I gave at the office……(and you did, too!)


    Following Dr D’s piece, hiked to the top post, previous.

    I think that Putin’s recent message to the Russian people shows that what is planned by Russia (for now) is a cutting off from the W, thus from a certain version of ‘Globalism’ and into a mild to medium-strong form of ‘isolationism’…’national boosting’ ..etc.

    For the first time, in public speech(es) Putin has been making reference to W degeneracy, drug addiction, theft, and has appealed to Nationalist Sentiments, not just in a general standard, more or less friendly way (each to his own culture, etc.), or even mild rah-rah *Russia Tops*! theme, with platitudes, but by singling out ‘internal’ elements that are not supporting Russia – 5th columnists, etc. ( > link.)

    This fits with the de-nazification of Ukraine, we see an appeal to National (territorial..) Unity, where ‘internal elements’ (e.g. Azov, Banderistas, 5th columnists in Russia, etc.) are to be, well, on some scale, going from, mildly dissed to threatened with death.

    March 17, 2022, Putin, eng subs.

    Putin’s speech March 18, 2022 on the 8th anniversary of the reunification of Crimea with Russia. No available trans. subs, for me in Switz — see the atmosphere, the crowd.

    The next step is to figure out which countries will join the Russian Side and which will remain US Vassals. Plus, China? And, most important, if any space will be left for the ‘non-aligned.’




    If you add the ThreadReader story to the Guardian story, you see what a fine weapon the Spike plus the “vaccine” is: even if you don’t get poked over and over you will still get your dose of the Spike.
    The unpricked will get a minimal bunch of Spike. The “vaccinated” will get a much more, and get it more often.
    Clever. And they want to blame this on Mother Nature.

    Old Joe Biden needs a war.
    The wolves are at his heels.
    What else are elections for
    Than pushing secret deals?

    Old Joe Biden needs a war.
    The people have been scammed.
    A wartime king can lock that door-
    The whole world can be damned.

    John Day

    Mind Control Tech Advances blog post is a few, but critical excerpts from the newest Spartacus research report. (pic of me shoveling dirt)

    This research article by Spartacus follows upon others that reveal a deep intelligence investment in the technology of SARS-CoV-2, the engineered virus, now with variations, and genetic-engineering “vaccines” to help your body make spike protein itself, for months on end.

    This explains a frighteningly plausible big picture of the road to Build Back Better World.

    A Hypothetical Mind Control System

    Based on the aforementioned technologies, we at ICENI have come up with a concept for what mind control by these methods may look like:

    Someone receives a COVID-19 vaccine. This vaccine contains both genetic material coding for SARS-CoV-2 Spike and mind control nanotransducers.

    Genetic material for SARS-CoV-2 Spike becomes integrated into genome via LINE-1 reverse transcription. Subject now constantly produces Spike.

    SARS-CoV-2 Spike injures and permeabilizes the blood-brain barrier, allowing the nanotransducers to cross the BBB and enter the brain (this endothelial toxicity also causes a great deal of blood clotting abnormalities in many people).

    Nanotech crosses cell membranes and takes up residence in, or alongside, the neurons.

    Some of the nanotransducers self-assemble into larger antennae, electrodes, and nanoelectronic components capable of receiving RF in frequency ranges that can deeply penetrate brain tissue.

    5G base stations use beamforming and MIMO to focus directed beams of RF into the subjects’ heads.

    The RF energizes the nanotransducers by wireless harvested power.

    An external encoder/decoder unit begins sending signals to stimulate specific brain regions, with the nanotransducers acting as an interface.

    The subject is now under the effects of precision mind control.

    ​ ​There are many drawbacks with this method. The spatial resolution and fidelity of using RF for this is very low. Two-way communication may be an insurmountable technical hurdle, but one-way stimulation of a specific brain region may be possible. Another drawback is the rather extreme EMF exposure the brain suffers, with far-field RF being beamed directly into it.

    ​ ​Finer control and two-way communication may be possible with near-field electromagnetic resonance instead of RF harvesting, using something far more intimate and obvious, such as a neurohelmet (like with Battelle’s BrainSTORMS).​..

    ​ ​Here’s a link to a clip of Dr. Pierre Gilbert, in 1995, stating, quite literally, that the Elites were planning to inject people with mandatory vaccines that would contain nanoparticles that would enter the brain and act as RF receivers.​

    ​​ …

    ​ However, BCIs (brain computer interfaces) have a dark underbelly. Their rapid development is being funded and backed by military think tanks and intelligence agencies, with the supposed goal of giving soldiers an edge in combat, allowing them to control drones with their minds and have video feeds piped right into their heads.

    ​ ​Soldiers with BCIs implanted in their brains could have their sensory perception and emotional regulation altered to view the enemy as monsters, just like that one Black Mirror episode. Or, they could have their emotions deadened completely to make them fine with killing. Such a military is also coup-proof. Any rebellious thoughts are simply deleted from their heads. Their anxieties, erased by stimulation of their pleasure centers. Their fear, their hatred, abolished. Basically, they’re reduced to bio-robots.

    ​ ​The same technology could also be applied to the citizenry, without our knowledge or consent, neutralizing aggression and self-interested tendencies and rendering us docile and compliant servants of the technocratic New World Order. You, the reader, may view this as highly unethical, and it is. However, it is not illegal. There are no regulations that specifically forbid BCIs from being used to alter people’s affective states, mood, and cognition, thereby turning them into obedient slaves. It is the task of regulators to make autonomy-violating BCIs illegal before they can be used to harm us.​..

    ​ Consider what the World Economic Forum said, about how people will own nothing and will be happy. What they mean by this is that servitization will replace private property (i.e. renting things on a temporary basis, like driverless Ubers, Lime bikes, and Rug Doctors), and that the remainder of the satisfaction of owning things will be made up of what we at ICENI call techno-psychosocialization; using things like BCIs and drugs to provide a reward stimulus that would have been previously obtained by accomplishing real goals and obtaining real goods through real effort.​..

    ​ With a wealthy upper caste interested in anti-natalism, Neo-Malthusianism, and “sustainability”, one can be certain that techno-psychosocialization would be used to limit the luxuries of the lower classes and provide an illusory substitute. With a neural lace pumping pleasure into your brain, you could be living in a shanty town built from corrugated aluminum like in Ready Player One and feel like you’re on top of the world. Fried locusts would taste like caviar to you.​..

    ​ ​Picture if they had the ability not only to make people comfortable with their own genocide, but actually have them walk into a disposal unit with a smile on their faces, all at the touch of a button.

    Figmund Sreud

    Most revealing! Putin’s speech to national leaders, … just one snip:

    “The collective West is trying to split our society, speculating on combat losses, on the socio-economic consequences of sanctions, to provoke a civil confrontation in Russia and, using its “fifth column,” seeks to achieve its goal. And the only goal, as I have already said, is the destruction of Russia.”

    … enchilada:

    … and so the only thing I can think of is Thucydides’ Trap at this juncture. Doom, …



    MSM are noticing that Russia has and can used smart bomb/missiles/WWIII armament and that they can accurately hit from 500 miles, a depo/warehouse/factory at an airport near Poland. WWII inventories is not infinite.
    Doctors Without Borders have said that they do not fear chemical/bio/nuclear attack by the combatants. However, there is the possibility of the accidental release of chemicals from warehouse stockpiles. (false attack)

    Figmund Sreud

    If following turns out to be true, … U.S./ Russia military combat will commence.

    “NATO will strengthen its military contingent in Eastern Europe. One hundred thousand soldiers of the US army plus another forty thousand soldiers from the member countries of the Alliance will be deployed in Europe, mostly in the eastern air close to the crisis area between Ukraine and Russia. The go-ahead for the deployment of the contingent will be given on March 24 in Brussels at the extraordinary meeting of the Council of Europe and NATO. The two summits are expected to be attended by the US president, Joe Biden.”

    … source:

    NATO Sends 140,000 Troops To Eastern Europe. Face To face with Moscow


    Dr D Rich

    Vis a vis ongoing dialogue with Dr. D
    My Metamucil kicked in earlier today.

    D said and I’m grateful for his response to me:

    “And I don’t know we will attack Saudi because Saudi Arabia has no oil. Gawar was at a +90% water cut even 10 years ago and their other fields are as old. That’s why they’re attacking Yemen, a war which is failing and so they can’t pump there either, not even hypothecate the drill holes they can’t make. But the point stands. As Ukraine and Syria had a sudden and miraculous uprising the minute they didn’t side slavishly FOR the West, who is looking for a new miraculous uprising today?
    I’m not sure, because I think they’re too busy.”

    However, you’d recognize your factual counterpoint works both ways, doesn’t it?
    If there is no oil in that God awful Saudi earth then there is no basis for Prince MBS to refuse POTUS’s calls except, perhaps, a Trillionaire (Saudi royalty) is a far different animal than a billionaire=oligarch.
    And the Russo-Uko War at least proved the billionaire-type oligarchs are fair game.

    Then the absence of “oil in the ground” also proves the antithesis that the U$D has nothing to fear from a Petro-Yuan currency which lacks a materialfoundation.

    Figmund Sreud

    … on a financial / investment note, … via JP Morgan, a clearly bullish trend is predicted over the next two weeks:

    “[t]he question of month-end and quarter-end rebalancing flows by multi-asset investors has again been resurfacing in our client conversations given the 11% decline in global and US equities in 1Q22 to-date … We expect to see significant flows by both monthly and quarterly rebalancing funds towards the end of this month … We estimate the potential rebalancing flow for the end of March at around $230bn out of bonds and into equities from multi-asset investors such as balanced mutual funds, US defined benefit pension funds, the Norwegian oil fund, the SNB and the GPIF. Investors have become the most overweight cash since March 2020 … We believe that the pending equity rebalancing flow by US defined benefit pension fund plans into quarter-end is likely a net buying of around $126bn. In other words, US defined benefit plans would need to buy $126bn of equities towards the end of the current quarter and sell a similar amount of bonds for their allocations to revert to end-December levels.”

    In short, a real potential for rising bond yields – which means lower bond prices – will lead to a massive truck loads of investable assets flowing into global equities! Rejoice, …



    @ Dr D Rich

    Head on over to the ARAMCO corporate site. Seems like they are pretty confident in their future to me?

    Dr D Rich

    Thanks antidote but to be fair, Dr. D made the point and I agree with you and ARAMCO that the Saudi royals are behaving more like cocky cool Quadrillionaire$$ than simple Trillionaires.

    My point remains if my nation’s lunatic elite want this country to remain an empire and improve our moral standing in the world then take Saudi Arabia and eliminate that blight on mankind. That country won’t be missed and I doubt there will be significant casualties.
    In the aftermath, return to dealing and competing with China and Russia as equals in the world.

    Figmund Sreud

    More from John Helmer: … on Zelensky’s meeting with the officials from Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovenia in Kiev, Ukraine (… most likely not!) Snip:

    According to another Polish source, “no head of the Polish security detail would allow the PM and the Deputy PM to travel together to a theatre of military operations. Especially after the close encounters in Georgia in 2008 when [President Lech] Kaczynski blamed the Russian Army for shooting at him. And if the head of the SOP [Polish State Protection Service, Służba Ochrony Państwa], allowed it, he should be fired.”




    Veracious Poet

    I actually don’t believe U$ Empire Inc. rolled out mind-control devices with the jabs, more likely given Their M.O. it’s just another level of dumbing-down-to-succumb and/or another vehicle to harm, disable, destroy, cull the huddled masses that are no longer of needed (useless eaters)…

    Just in case anyone was wondering, I take no -0- pleasure concerning my writings on TAE ~ Clown World has become so insane it can only be explained in the harshest of terms.

    Daily I awaken into the sunlight of the spirit during my time on this psychotic planet, always awaiting the Inifinite’s children to throw off the yoke of the “owners”, return to living as One nation under Natural Law, where TPTB/TBTF will have no cracks to hide from those who choose truth, justice & loving, healing, creative stewardship of every living thing, starting with shielding innocent spirits + minds of children from corruption of debauched evil…

    America had a chance to be the the shining city on a hill, leading humanity by example to a better future, instead deception, depravity & destruction has become America’s legacy.

    This is what happens when rapaciously venal monsters are chosen over sane men by the #anti-spirit children lost in self-centered trances…

    Perhaps it is as it always has been, the reality of the poison of power, which attracts the worst & corrupts the best.

    Again, I take absolutely no pleasure, quite the opposite, in pointing the mass psychosis of the age…

    V. Arnold

    Tried posting this yesterday…
    kquote>Marcel Duchamp Sad young man on a train – Nude study 1911-12

    Nope, don’t see it…but will look some more for just a hint…

    It’s hard to give much of a shit these days, as the whole shebang is just an ongoing Kabuki…and bad Kabuki too boot…
    Lies upon lies, behind more lies, …and this has been going on since before 1948: since before February 1898, the sinking of the battleship Maine in Havana harbour…
    Just how long before we realize the depth of our deception????
    I was born in ’45…

    V. Arnold

    Dr. D @ #104443

    Epic post and right on the money…

    Figmund Sreud

    A confused mixture of articles on US-Russia relation at this address:

    American Committee for US-Russia Accord (ACURA)

    … fwiw,



    Gonzalo Lira speaks with Black Pigeon

    RexCast #22 | UKRAINE CRISIS: With Coach Red Pill in Kharkiv

    Figmund Sreud

    Party in the CIA

    I moved out to Langley recently
    With a plain and simple dream
    Wanna infiltrate some third-world place
    And topple their regime
    Those men in black with their matching suitcases
    Where everything’s on a need-to-know basis
    Agents got that swagger
    Everyone so cloak and dagger …

    … continues:

    Michael Reid

    “But this tells you two things: one they were counting on Russia to take down the financial system for them (specifically stated) and they are planning a chemical attack shortly to blame on Russia instead. Joe is disarming us and leaving us helpless.”

    Joe will get IT done I have heard him say.

    “So now with no supply, demand is outrageous and Russia can sit easy in the surety of their power.but what if the population of the planet, i.e. the demand, dropped by 1/3 before we start the war?”

    What if the population of the west were to grow sick and lacking skills and resources to survive. Would there be a need for a war?

    I wonder if Western money power had made a deal with Eastern money power to transfer the technology and allow time to promote the West to full dead.


    @deflationista said …


    The trial of nearly 1,400 Covid-19 patients at risk of severe disease is the largest to show that those who received ivermectin didn’t fare better than those who received a placebo. “There was no indication that ivermectin is clinically useful.”

    — Ben Pershing (@benpershing) March 18, 2022

    You must be wondering why they put so much effort into blocking IVM, even to go so far as running corrupted trials to try and show it was dangerous, or trials where IVM was given to people a day before they died. Must make you wonder.

    Doesn’t make me wonder, I have grown into an adult and understand that there is nothing people will not do to further their own interests. Apparently here is no right or wrong, so everything goes and anyone, such as you, who believes in the goodness of government, will become a willing bug on the windshield.

    Figmund Sreud

    Series by Gonzalo Lira. Part 1


    Some here, including myself, gave up on Naked Capitalism a long time ago. But that was due to policy measures on commenters more so than the articles themselves. At least that is my belief/

    Anyway, there is an article up today that makes so much sense, in so many ways, that it should be shared.. Or maybe I’m being over dramatic. I’s still worth a read.

    The World Could See A Record-Breaking Oil Supply Shock


    The only thing I know is whatever our leaders do, it is always aimed directly at us!
    We are always the end target!

    Our leaders are not afraid of the Russian people.
    It is us, they are afraid of!

    Our leaders don’t control Russia.
    But they sure do want to control us!

    So our leaders “appear” to be pointing at the Russians today.
    But really they are pointing “directly” at us!


    @ V. Arnold said

    Nope, don’t see it…but will look some more for just a hint…

    I am with you, this picture is amazing, I love it, it suggests all sorts but nude man on a train is not one of the ones it creates in my brain. As you say, keep on trying.

    Dr. D

    There’s a movie about that: Kingsmen. Where they use the cell phone frequency to create a worldwide rage. Books about it: Sea of Glass. And it is rumored to have been used already, in African genocides in the 90’s. Now that was a different mechanism, because they didn’t have the nanotech side of it, but apparently used radio emitters like today’s microwave guns to create a generalized, violent malease. Proof of concept. And so thus moved forward with funding for a worldwide beta version. I’d be shocked if they didn’t. I don’t know what could stop them: the concept is clearly functional, the motive is clear, and they have the money and time. Really, the question is why they haven’t got it operational 15 years ago. Because they’re glue-sniffing morons, I assume. Certainly they are always far less smart than and capable they believe.

    Maybe they do have it now, but only for certain individuals carefully chosen and altered, with tuned equipment, but can’t yet be made generic to everyone without problems. But: all speculation. It’s not like we’ve had national news reports about doctors mistreating and experimenting on people in Quebec and America for just this sort of thing. If they did, I’m sure CNN would tell us and everyone would know.

    Maybe there’s a middle ground: Saudi is a modest oil producer like Chad, but the world still watches them closely. They are also hundred-billionaires, so they still maintain a lot of power. They own the power of the present depleting oil, and it is presumed by those in the know that they will take Yemen. The cost and extent of that war now suggests that they’re in it for more than sport, and that there’s something there. Also they aren’t in a hurry and aren’t bothered, so perhaps it’s an intentional planned genocide of every last Yemeni? The U.N. and Twitter applaud.

    Also “Saudi” is a blanket view for UAE, Omar, etc. who still have a lot of gas etc. So collectively they’re not finished. The CIA – heck, everyone – already tried to unseat Saudi with the MBS wrangle-killing that ultimately involved Kashogi(agent of Muslim Brotherhood), including it is said, the major assassination event in Vegas. If anything tells you the media can have an open, war-level firefight in the streets of a major U.S. city, cameras everywhere, and nothing happened and nobody was responsible, that tells you how complicit the media is and how locked-into the people are. And where’s my D.C. bomber? Just came up that apparently Congresses’ questions have caused the FBI to begin asking. They hadn’t been looking before now.

    “a clearly bullish trend is predicted over the next two weeks”

    Hearing that from my traders too. Seems impossible, but there it is in the charts. Pop answer is that the market already discounted Powell’s fake rate hike that will immediately reverse into stimulus to Infinity and Beyond. Maybe. Or maybe that’s a plan. When it’s like this you have to follow things one turn at a time.

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