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    those darned kids

    California, USA 4:20 pm local time (via California VPN server)


    Narcissists and #StandWithUkraine

    Woketards out due themselves on camera

    It’s so Awesomealicious

    So, how can I say,


    Bring your designer vomit bag to this one.

    those darned kids

    RT new is being denied in bc

    403 – Forbidden . That’s an error.

    Client does not have access rights to the content so server is rejecting to give proper response. That’s all we know.

    those darned kids

    what i can’t figure out is ¿why is mr. bean in charge of the ukraine?


    Well Deflate has been busy fighting the dis-inforation war in the Ukraine, so there is that!

    I don’t think Russia is too concern about trying to win the lying war that is keeping Deflate busy.


    I suspect we at TAE will look back on early 2022, as the time the west decided to openly exercise it’s digital money powers to sanction it’s enemies both domestic and foreign.

    That also means the west now knows it is losing the US dollar as the world’s major reserve currency and the power that comes with it.


    Currently at peoples convoy trucker rally in central Indiana. Well over 2000 people in attendance. Dr. Ryan Cole just spoke. Hands joined in prayer. Amazing energy.


    Willem. I have also noticed slow activity on the web. That may be me trying to follow too many things at once. Slate Belt, Pennsylvania. 8;50 p.m. local time.


    Re the NZ statistics.
    There seem to be some anomalies in the statistics, eg uptake by ethnicity. The numbers of partial vs fully vaccinated are virtually the same i.e 4m but 2.392m are boosted for a total of 4.2m. What is being done is one category includes the previous one. Except that the boosted reduces the previous fully vaccinated. Some logic in it but misleading.
    Further proportions of Maori and Pacific Islanders compared to European and other vaccination rates show rates of .93 and .99 for fully vaccinated when we know the overall rate is roughly 95%. However another table shows the PI rate as <5% full and 43.7% partly.
    In the article the formula given is nil or partial – fully vaccinated /fully vaccinated. There should be brackets.
    So the figures are 11/2 (2914-314)/2914 =.89% efficacy.
    24/2 (22699 – 1830)/22699 =91.9%. efficacy. That doesn’t mean that the vaccine is 91% effective it means that it is slightly worse than not being vaccinated. Does that mean that the immune system is 9% compromised? Nope.
    My area has the current worst rate. The fact is the rate amongst Maori is 4x the European rate and the Pacific Islander rate is 7x. Not facts you see mentioned. There could be several factors contributing to this, from the Islanders being more likely to go to church, overcrowding etc or simply lower vaccination rates despite efforts to increase them. Behaviourally the vaccinated may be more free in their activities being allowed to eat out etc. Of course the unvaxd are not, but sssh we wouldn’t want to spread misinformation would we Jacinda? Therefore the vaccinated and unvaccinated groups are not the same. Now lets see how the serious health effects work out.

    Veracious Poet

    Freedom Convoy organizer Tamara Lich SHACKLED in court

    A newly released document featuring data pertaining to adverse reactions following a round of Pfizer’s Covid-19 inoculations has been making rounds on the internet.

    Details of the document were damning, revealing a massive number of observed adverse reactions beginning on page 30. The list is exhaustive, continuing seemingly endlessly until its conclusion about 8 pages later.

    It appears that much of the information in the document was hidden from the public in the past, with a blurb on the first page explaining that “dissemination of this information outside of Pfizer, its Affiliates, its Licensees, or Regulatory Agencies is strictly prohibited.”

    The number of adverse events listed remained numerous. One notable condition found in Pfizer’s data is 1p36 deletion syndrome, which the National Library of Medicine describes as “a disorder that typically causes severe intellectual disability.” They also point out the severity of the disease, noting that “most affected individuals do not speak, or speak only a few words” and “may have temper tantrums, bite themselves, or exhibit other behavior problems.” (ZOMBIES)

    BOMBSHELL: Pfizer Doc Analyzes Numerous Severe Adverse Reactions Following Inoculation

    Senate Republicans on Wednesday voted to nix Biden’s CMS healthcare worker vaccine mandate in a 49-44 vote under the Congressional Review Act.

    Six Democrat Senators missed the vote on Wednesday.

    The effort will die in the Democrat-controlled House and Psaki already said Biden will use his veto power.

    Senate Republicans Strike Down Biden’s Healthcare Worker Vaccine Mandate in 49-44 Vote


    @ Chooch – thx for trucker convoy update. I was thinking of taking a 2 hour jaunt to see it on I-40 this week, but too many parental responsibilities on the day it passed.

    I can see TAE and – AZ, USA, 6:30 pm local time. 18 more comments after logging in.

    Today I had an experience which only confirms the authoritarianism and crony capitalism visible with regards to Covid, vaccines, etc.

    Since 2017 the kids dad has sometimes been the parent who took them to dental appointments. As a result, I completely lost track of which semiannual visit each child would have X-rays of their teeth and which one not. However, in the past year or so the kids have each told me that they prefer mom bringing them to dental visits…so I’ve been scheduling them on my time.

    Today was my daughter’s 6 month cleaning and exam. The dental tech asked me to step into the hall for X-rays. I asked, when was the last time she had X-rays? “Last August,” came the response. “Why is she getting X-rays every 6 months?” I asked. “That’s just what I am told to do,” was the reply.

    I thought for a second about all that needed to be done today, how much I didn’t want the exam to be lengthened, how digital X-rays are supposedly a very tiny amount of X-rays…and told the tech to go ahead. While waiting in the hall I researched the issue. It seems that the “official” recommendation is every 6-18 months, at the dentist’s discretion. A little later the dentist came in. So I asked the dentist why X-rays were being done every 6 months as a matter of course, rather than once per year. The dentist responded that they are recommended every 6 months for young children. I accepted that answer and pointed out: “She isn’t a young child, she is 14, and the recommendation is every 6 to 18 months. My entire life dental X-rays were only once per year; why is it now every 6 months?” The dentist had no answer. I continued: “The only reason I can think of is that the insurance is willing to pay for it and the dental office makes more money if the X-rays are done. But that has nothing to do with my daughters health and well-being.” The dentist still had no answer and asked if I wanted her to do the exam or not. By all means, proceed.

    My son’s school case manager called, and I exited to the hall to take the call. Soon the visit was over, and I waspresented with 2 documents to sign. One verified that the exam was done — I signed it. The other was for a “special procedure.” There was one hand written word on it and I could not decipher the word — yet I was being asked to sign. I asked what the word was. “Cavitron,” was the reply. So I asked what that is and what is it for? The response: Deep cleaning, and it is an instrument with a rectangular oval thing on it. (WTF?). I pulled out my phone and looked it up. It is an ultrasonic cleaner, I said as much out loud. “It uses water,” stated the dental tech helpfully. “It’s ultrasonic,” I repeated, “it uses sound waves, it is fine.”

    Afterwards, my daughter notified me in the car that, “Mom, you did it again.” Ah, yes, I questioned the status quo and the people around me began getting visibly uncomfortable.

    I’ve always done this every so often. Except, historically I could do it without the people around me getting uncomfortable. Have I lost my finesse in the past two years, because I’m bothered by all that is going on? Or is it that more and more people are under this “mass formation” spell and they more easily get triggered into discomfort when I start peering behind the wizard’s curtain? I don’t know.

    However, my kids’ dental insurance is through Medicaid. They go to a chain dental clinic that specializes in kids because one of my kids had such high anxiety that he had to be fully sedated in order to fill his cavities when he was much younger. So…this is just another example of a corporation milking the federal trough for all it is worth, good o& the children be damned. It is frustrating…I cannot see a path for affordable, routine medical care under a fully capitalistic system….in capitalism we always have the poor, and the poor usually don’t have the resources for preventative dental care. (I’ve been there, too.). Yes, here is a socialized system and the capitalist clinic is pushing the envelope of what is acceptable to get paid. I have to wonder — is this “cavitron” a new, expensive device, with the dentists pressured to prescribe the treatment to as many kids as possible so that the machine pays for itself?

    I don’t know. But I’m devising a system to track when my kids get routine X-rays so that it isn’t more often than once per year.


    I spent a bit of time trying to get more info on Ukraine but there is very little news getting out of the areas in eastern Ukraine controlled by Russia. I think the Russian have been very successful in creating a blackout with regards to what is happening.

    I think it is reasonable to expect the 30,000 plus Ukrainian army in the east along the Donbas region are either surrendering or being annihilated. They can not 3scape. This basically breaks the back of the Ukrainian army.

    The Russians appear to be moving west from the Crimiea to seize Ukraine’s coastal areas along the Black Sea, having already seized the eastern coastal areas.

    Also it appears that a southe4n force is also heading north toward Kiev while another force frkom Kiev is heading south to cut off the eastern half of the Ukraine from the western half.

    My best guess is the southern Russian speaking coastal areas of the Ukraine will be declared independ an independent country just like the Donbas. This means the Ukraine will become a landlocked country.

    A small part of eastern Ukraine with Hungarians may be returned to Hungry. Poland might also get a tiny piece of Polish eastern Ukraine too.

    What I am not sure about is whether the Ukraine gets divided in half. The eastern half of the Ukraine is a mix of Ukrainians and Russians. However the western part of the Ukraine is purely Ukrainian with small pockets of Hungarians and Poles. My guess whether the Ukraine gets partitioned depends upon what happens in the future. If the Ukrainian gov negotiates in bad faith, as the US wants, then the Ukraine will likely be divided in two.

    Note: The western half of the Ukraine is the poorest part and the basket case, Russia will likely happily hand over to the EU to enjoy and subsidized forever.

    Western Ukraine is where the majority of the Ukranian neo-nazis are from. The Russians have no love for these neo-nazis and are planning to set up war crimes courts to try any neo-nazis they capture for shelling and murdering over 14,000 Russians in Donbas over the last 8 years.

    And no the Russians are not losing the war. Only 10% of Russian forces have been committed. Russia’s very best units have not been involved. They are going slowly, but 4X faster than Germany. And Russia is not interested in destroying Ukrainian infrastructure.



    Your dental concerns rings bells for me. I do not have dental insurance and have noticed a pattern where the dentist try charging me more than if I had an insurance plan. In otherwords the sky is the limit.

    Recently I had a large cavity in a back molar. The dentist said he could not fill it until I got a root canal done first even though the cavity had not reached the nerve. I considered the root canal but at $1,600 decided I not could afford it. I also suspected my dentist would get a nice fat referral fee from the dental surgeon doing the root canal.

    So a week later I went back to have the cavity filled. The dentist continued to say I really should get a root canal done, hemmed and hawwed, etc. but this time I was ready and firmly said no. He made a special note in my file saying I had declined his advice before he filled the cavity. The molar has been just fine ever since.

    The sad part is a year earlier I had another large cavity in another molar and he again said I needed to get a root canal first, which I declined to do. I elected to have the molar pulled instead. In retrospect I should have had the cavity filled instead. So yes it is only all about their money, not my best interests.

    The moral is to question everything a dentist or doctor tells you. They are only concerned about their money.


    Another tidbit on the fall out from the Ukrainian invasion. The Ukraine makes a number of small auto parts for Germany’s auto industry. This is forcing all of Germany’s auto assembly plants to shut down!

    Just to add to German auto troubles, a roll on/off ship carrying over 4,000 German luxury cars, caught fire and after burning for over a week finally sank. It seems like some of the EV car’s lithium batteries caught fire and the ship’s crew didn’t have the proper fire fighting foams required to fight the battery fires. They could not use sea water.

    The only unanswered question is; are the lithium batteries still burning away at the bottom of the ocean?

    Veracious Poet

    The moral of the story is that in a pathocracy it is rare to find people that are honest & have empathy for the Infinite’s children, which appears doubly so with medical/dental “professionals”…

    Our HMO Kaiser is still doing full-court press on the vexes, including our primary D.O. that I thought was “safe” before the COVID madness 😐

    It would be nice to find a new provider that didn’t buy into “The Narrative” ~ We’re already looking outside of Kaiser, but haven’t found one yet…

    Veracious Poet

    Wes, during Hurricane Sandy in 2012 a bunch of Teslas burned down a section of NY/NJ Port Authority after catching fire, due to flooding…

    Stored energy (battery) is multiples times more dangerous than potential energy (gas/diesel) ~ Without a doubt Tesla crash test re$ults were corrupted to fit the NPD mass psychosis narrative.

    those darned kids

    wes: my mom went to cuba on vacation in 1986. she had a terrible tooth ache while there. they did a root canal and filled it for her.

    charge: 0$


    I considered the root canal but at $1,600 decided I not could afford it.

    Highway robbery. I had my first root canal in Korea last year. It took about an hour. They charged me $30. I took a picture of the after xray with the roots filled — pretty cool xray.


    I hope that “peacekeepers” do like Israel and not leave “boots on the ground.”
    There are many lessons of why its bad to leave “boots on the ground”.


    Agree that $1600 for root canal pricey. Medicaid in AZ has a once per year, thousand dollar “emergency dental” provision. I had to use it this past October for a root canal and crown, and it was all covered. In that instance, the dentist was local — I biked there. It’s a private practice of two dentists that (I think) are paying a franchise fee for various purposes. The big difference — in that place, the dentists owned the practice and made the decisions. I was delighted that masks were not required, no signs about Covid, nada. They did not refer me out to an oral surgeon for the root canal. I liked it so much that I decided to start getting my routine dental work there, which is cash pay (and will actually cost me a bit more than the public dental clinic where
    I had been going. But I am so sick of bureaucracies that I’m willing to pay a bit more.)

    There is something wonderful about local businesses owned by local people who work their own business. When I question the policies of bureaucracies — whether businesses or my kids school — so often those I speak with are employees just following directions, so many layers away from anyone with power that they feel powerless — and feel like their job is simply to get people to comply. It is sickening.


    A note on comments. Of all those reading the site, a smaller proportions read the comments. Of these, an even smaller number are registered at the site and have left comments before. The unspoken majority are still there. World events like those that we are going through have a “chilling effect” on free speech and democracy. I would argue that this is by design but this is rather difficult to prove.

    Most folks who are working are just too busy to dedicate a moment to comment. I was a frequent visitor to TAE for many years. I did not register and post a comment until the lockdowns guaranteed I could not go to work. The spare time afforded me the luxury of registering at the sites I had gained valuble info and analysis (in contrast to the propaganda narratives so often banded around by the MSM).

    As work returns to a vast number of those worldwide, just as the escalation of war in Ukraine, time is up for a lot of those with time to comment (myself included) I am overwhelmed with work and can barely keep up. I do not have kids. I feel for those with children as for most with the extra dependence of a young person in this environment would not afford a moment to spare.

    London, UK 9:26GMT

    Ps I remember a time prior to 2013 when there would barely be 30 comments a day and news was relatively benign (islamic state, arab spring, afghanistan, peak oil, GMO’s, GFC) How times change. This is a sad statement and to reminisce those days, sadder still.

    Earth Monkey

    Wellington, New Zealand

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