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    Times Square at night 1954   • Last Male Northern White Rhino Dies (Sky) • Alzheimer Care For Americans Alive Today Projected To Cost $47 Trillio
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle March 20 2018]

    V. Arnold

    I doubt that it can make it worse. We haven’t seen the beginning of it.
    • How Facebook Made Its Data Crisis Worse (BBG)
    For those wanting to go further down that rabbit hole, there is this from Greg Palast;
    I’m so happy I don’t do social media; any of it.

    Dr. D

    I’d like to say, “Because The Guardian”, but really it’s “because Robert Shiller”, the way to indemnify countries against trouble is to encumber their assets before a crisis. ALL of them. Into the infinite future.

    Stop and think about that. So the best way to be most fiscally solvent and mobile, with the most money and options is to take your fully-paid house and add a mortgage? Or your pension and sell an income stream on its future revenue? This really puts the black in claiming black is white.

    Obviously no, and double no. A main fallback for nations that are troubled, or attacked and forced into trouble, like Greece, is to have unencumbered assets to privatize and sell. (which I wouldn’t anyway, but that’s another story). The double-no is that since governments inevitably spend every dollar they raise, they will also spend any ADDITIONAL dollars they raise by encumbering their future production, and since he’s drooling over the yummy GDP-bond stream he definitely means ADDITIONAL debt. Then they’ll be bankrupt AND have no sovereign assets. Those will be owned by private companies and private men. But hey, looking at Greece, that’s the point of this, isn’t it? To erase the sovereignty, the very existence of countries, as they are the only counterweight, at least grudgingly on the side of the people against the private billionaires? Yeah, that. If you want to add a third no: they’ll just lie about the GDP numbers like the U.S., China, and every other country does.

    But hey, what can you expect, he’s got three strikes: he’s an Economist, he’s a Nobel winner, and he’s from Yale. Translation: dumber than a box of hammers and complicit in hammering the people out of their money, and eventually their very voice. Destroying them, for their own good of course, as neoliberalism has been doing for 50 years. You might have noticed.

    Bonus: in the sidebar they have the requisite article, ‘You Do Not Know Anyone as Stupid as Donald Trump’ Wait: I think we found someone.



    It’s very important you understand how they steal data on you, the scope of that theft, and why it matters along with why you not only didn’t consent you can’t consent.
    To understand this you must understand how the web works.

    Again … duhhh!

    Doc Robinson

    Compared to conventional debt, it sounds like “Sovereign GDP-linked Bonds” have a similar risk for the banks, but a much bigger potential for reward to the banks.

    With both types of debt, if the country’s GDP tanks, then the debt repayments decrease (in one case by necessity and another case by design). However, if the county’s GDP goes higher than expected, then it’s a windfall for the bank (at the expense of the country’s economy).

    The article’s title is “How economies could insure themselves against the bad times”. A better title would be “How banks could extract even more from economies during good times”.


    @ v. arnold
    “…I’m so happy I don’t do social media; any of it….”
    Yes you are.
    We are communicating with each other and there is a switchboard operator making it possible.

    Todays switchboard operators resides in everyone’s machine and it is always listening so that it is able to send and receive your communications to whoever you want.
    On top of that, any curious person can insert an extra switchboard operator to listen to your communications.


    I found an alternative to taking pain killers.
    What to do when you don’t have the income to take care of yourself.

    You get sad situations like Japan, where a growing number of poor and/or lonely seniors are willingly committing crimes in order to get put in prison, as they prefer the living conditions there.

    Intentionally getting arrested isn’t necessarily unique to Japan. In the United States, for example, there have been cases of people deliberately getting locked up to gain access to healthcare, avoid harsh weather conditions, or force themselves to quit a drug habit.



    Prison in Japan is no picnic. I am not suggesting that prison in the US is either. However, in some parts of Europe, prison is actually quite civilised. In the UK, many prisons are actually run by the inmates and the guards are almost decorative.

    On Bastoy prison island in Norway, the prisoners, some of whom are murderers and rapists, live in conditions that critics brand ‘cushy’ and ‘luxurious’. Yet it has by far the lowest reoffending rate in Europe

    In Japan, prisoners are not allowed to speak to one another for prolonged periods and may even have to sit in a special way. Here are some rules

    Brutal Realities about Prison in Japan

    Some of the rules include:

    • Where and how to place each item inside the cell.
    • Where to write anything; only in specified notebooks which are inspected. Not on scarp of paper or inside a magazine, or face punishment.
    • How to sit or stand during cell inspection, and during “leisure” time: No leaning, laying down or random walking around the cell.
    • How to sleep. On your back or side, never the stomach. Do not cover your face while sleeping. Do not read, talk or move around during sleep time.
    • How to march. Moving around the prison will be done by marching. Infractions result in punishments.
    • When and how to speak. Strict silence is observed the majority of the time. During leisure times, talking should be done in a low voice so as not to disturb others. Utmost respect must be used when addressing guards or punishments will follow.
    • Where to look. Looking at a guard can result in a punishment. Looking up during meal time is punishable. Opening eyes during “reflection time” when eyes should be closed is punishable.


    Although this article is 3 years old it covers recent events with Facebook.

    A Very Disturbing and Powerful Post – “Get Your Loved Ones Off Facebook”

    V. Arnold

    We are communicating with each other and there is a switchboard operator making it possible.

    Yes, I’m well aware of that. But, my point is that “social media” is specifically geared to collecting information (calling it theft is a misnomer) from its users; which they willingly give up/make available.
    Other than here, I rarely comment on websites, have no credit cards, almost nothing in my name; which is to say, I’m personally not concerned with the miniscule amount of data associated with my name.
    I live a somewhat hermetic life which would be of no interest to any but the most boring/bored individuals imaginable. 😉


    @ V.Arnold
    Therefore, we are invisible and irrelevant. We are good non-elites.

    V. Arnold


    As near as possible, I should think.
    Good non-elites? Hmmm…possibly… 😉

    Dr. D

    Excellent point, Doc, hadn’t thought of that.

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