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    Fred Stein Streetcrossing, Paris 1935   • To Make America Great Again, Trump Will Have To Make the Dollar Weak Again (MW) • The Fed Gave Trump Ju
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    Dr. Diablo

    “unprecedented heat across the globe…and surging sea-level rise.”

    There was incredible snow in Europe in 2017 all the way down to Greece, and I believe Syria, Cyprus, and Sicily. There was 2 feet of snow all over the Northeast U.S. in mid-March. I checked the web cams in Venice, NYC, and London and the water levels looked the same as 2000, in fact as measured in San Francisco, the same as 1900. We’ve been at this some 20-30 years. Am I missing something?

    Ken Barrows

    Dr. D,
    So what data can everyone agree is important in the climate debate? Answer: none. Gee, we’ve had a really warm winter in Denver, so there must be global warming, right? But it was really cold in NYC earlier this month, so global warming cancelled.

    More snow and warmer temps aren’t necessarily incompatible. Here’s a temperature record (fake news to those who don’t like it):


    The only thing surprising about the letter bomb for Dijsselbloem sent from Greece is that it took so long.


    Watching this astonishing masterpiece again right now. Don’t miss. Full screen is brilliant.


    Ken – Thanks for the great recourse link to What a great site – how did I miss that one?

    Dr. D – Just read that site and it will help you understand that what we have is climate chaos as the earth heats up. Also a 15 mm rise in sea level is enormous, if you look at the extent of the coast lines.

    The whole paragraph in the article.
    “Global sea level rise surged between November 2014 and February 2016, with the El Niño event helping the oceans rise by 15mm. That jump would have take five years under the steady rise seen in recent decades, as ice caps melt and oceans get warmer and expand in volume. Final data for 2016 sea level rise have yet to be published.”

    Also the cold weather in Europe and North America was caused by a shift of the weather pattern south, because the north pole was sooo hot.


    Thank you Ilargi for

    The Man who Planted Trees – magnificent. I’ll pass that one on to friends in Climate Justice work.


    Sometimes I think we’re going to live to see Noah’s next ark.

    Sarc, of course. These kinds of (serious) statements are engendered by having limited mental storylines, as illustrated between the current dominant opposing myths of progress vs apocalypse.
    But as Greer points out in his outstanding book, “The Long Descent”, deindustrialization will most likely be measured in decades to centuries. Of course, the descent will likely have a shorter time framework than the ascent, but will be punctuated with periods of misleading stability to partial recovery.

    V. Arnold

    The Man Who Planted Trees; wow, just wow…

    steve from virginia

    Trump or anyone else cannot ‘weaken’ the dollar because of its relationship to petroleum.

    A weaker dollar = higher petroleum price that nobody an afford to pay.

    Since the US is the largest consumer (waster) of petroleum, the dollar-fuel relationship is hard to break. The US would have to ‘go off’ oil, and that does not appear to happen any time soon.

    Dr. Diablo

    I’ll do ya one better: what would he devalue it against? The USDX is 50% Euro. You think the U.S. is in substantially worse shape than them? To devalue, they’d have to make the yardstick forreserve assets something other than little green papers or little Euro papers.

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