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    2 confirmed community transmissions and New Zealand goes into lockdown.
    I’m glad I saw this coming as I’m a long time lurker on TAE.
    I’ll be spending the next 4 weeks of mandated ‘stay at home isolation’ on a small sparsely populated island far (enough) from the maddening crowds.


    I would love it if we can get to work with our mind-powers and discuss out how we land on the other side of this. All suggestions and interpretations considered. TAE and it’s readers are after all Real Futurists.
    Financially speaking is Asia/China #winning from this? I’m less interested in who is conspiring than what it will look like on the ground. They have chunks of Africa and South America growing food to pay back debt already so that is just gunna keep on keeping on.
    Who is gunna get screwed hardest – obviously the least-connected and most over-leveraged but also – Musicians, Tourism, Health care workers and disadvantaged. There is clearly alot of money going right back to the nothing place where it was issued from and those who had claims on stranded assets have brown pants but what are the bigger picture flow on effects?

    I design and install permaculture gardens and food systems but diversified into every damn thing from house painting to building and see the possibility of keeping work happening after this, but what about specialists in the fields of interior design, life-coaching or craft beer? Because as far as i know during this crisis people gave up all notions of Veganism and Gluten-Free and #livingmybestlife and just went full-tilt “what is the most important thing I can have now regarding the necessities of my existence”.

    So people – tell me what are the knock ons? What the actual F is it going to look like in 6 months.
    Let’s think 6 months and 2 years. Short and Mid Term.
    But hey – no presh…. just a thought

    V. Arnold

    I would suggest “real futurists” must be fully grounded in the present.
    Too many variables/unknowns presently, to make any cogent remarks about the future, IMO.
    For the first time in my 75 years, the world is dealing with something having no history or analogue…
    For some of us; 6 months may be too far ahead to consider anything; 2 years is but a dream…
    I’m working on one day at a time…literally…

    V. Arnold

    ^…but, some other input would be nice… 😉


    Thanks V, good call but here under lockdown a bit of fantasy speculation is worth some time.
    I am however designing the tower (in SketchUp) to mount my Hot water storage tank to be connected to the wood stove so gas is something I won’t buy anymore. The forest I own. So any future cost saving I can implement now is go!

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)
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