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    Doc Robinson

    @ WES, No I’m not a mind-reader (although my spouse sometimes acts like I am).


    Another tip of the hat to Israel and Covid

    Dr Josef Mengele once said to the Jews,

    “The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it.”

    What goes around comes around

    During WWII Dr Mengele worked doing medical experiments on inmates at Auschwitz, a concentration camp.

    He is in the middle



    Doc Robinson:

    Lol! I don’t know exactly what power it is but my spouse always shows up (weak bladder) urgently needing to use the toilet, just after I have sat down on the toilet, to do god’s business! Never fails!

    John Day

    Thanks Doc Robinson. Israel is stll trying to pretend the mRNA “vaccine” deal with Pfizer was a special-good thing, and they can now build on it.
    The commenters don’t think so.

    Doc Robinson

    @ WES, one of these (a bucket with a toilet seat on top) might be handy, I know some people use these for collecting pee for garden nitrogen (highly diluted, this article says to add a gallon of water to each cup of pee).


    Alexander Capenter.

    I sure get sick of the anti-science, anti-logic, anti-evidence and evidence-free garbage that you and others of your ilk post on this forum.

    But I guess, as with the others that post evidence-free garbage and resort to ad hominem attacks, that you are doing us a service by repeatedly demonstrating how pathetic and nasty a lot of humans are, otherwise we might forget.

    Alexander Carpenter

    I an truly sorry, AFKTT, that you are unable to investigate the realities for yourself on this issue. Were you to do so, you would not have to prattle your non-evidence and invective and could remember that others have done actual science and dispelled the miasma of belief into which the Carbon Cult seduces the unwary. All those “anti-whatevers,” and yet those of us who are paying attention to the real world don’t have to be “anti,” since the facts are available for all who look. Why haven’t you? What is your need to believe (with consequent rants)?
    What is preventing you from abandoning this cultish belief-structure, and looking deeper below the lies pretending to be “science”?
    There is no physical evidence whatsoever that human activities affect global climate. None.
    There is lots of politicized fake “evidence” that doesn’t hold up to scientific examination, but evidently fools you (or allows you to fool yourself). Why?
    We all share serious real-world challenges, and the blather you drivel (or is it the drivel you blather?) just makes it more difficult for many to see the genuine challenges and address them sensibly, which serves the liars’ overall agenda. You are their fake-smart tool, their dupe, their servant, even if you appear to accurately see through some of their lies.
    This is a puzzlement. Were you my student, I would assign you an arbitrary task, to prepare a coherent, well-researched thesis that is the antithesis of your beliefs in this matter, starting by setting them aside and then researching from tabula rasa scratch. Taking the “other side” in this “debate.” Presenting fairly what just might turn out to be a refutation of them. From that process, you could see a whole ‘nother reality, a larger reality, and any native integrity you possess would compel you to shift your stance out of monomaniacal belief and into an actual scientific perspective that is not so dogmatic and obsessive (and desperately shrill).
    But that might be a bridge too far, too erosive of some identity-myth, too sane.


    I an truly sorry, AFKTT, that you are unable to investigate the realities for yourself on this issue.

    I have been studying the chemistry of CO2 since 1961, studied atomic and molecular spectroscopy to the highest level possible, have spent a lifetime doing environmental monitoring, have been in direct correspondence with leading climate researchers, and have written five published books on the matter none of which have been refuted by anyone anywhere, and have proven both central government and local government and the UNIPCC completely wrong on more occasions than I can list here, so Fuck Off, you slimy arsehole!

    And come back when you have done one tenth of what I have done.


    Good info and analysis from Nate at CP

    Alexander Carpenter

    Alas, AFKTT, all that effort to no avail: still wrong after all these years. When your premises are wrong, you will (have, evidently) ask the wrong questions, get the wrong answers, and reach the wrong conclusions — and believe in them (especially if the premises are belief-based).
    This is ever-more-true when addressing complex non-linear open systems from within a reductionist linearizing paradigm, as is evident you have.
    Should you wish, I would be happy to once agin share with you (and all) a “curriculum” such as I have described and recommended in my most-recent comment, even though you have evidenced no open-mindedness to such an engagement.
    Aggressive-defensive braggadocio will never substitute for truth (as opposed to “Truth”). Recall Einstein, in responding to a book entitled something like 100 Scientists Prove Einstein Wrong, saying something like “If I were wrong, all it would take is one.”
    So far, you ain’t the one.


    Afewk posted: Just think! We are in the early stages of a re-enactment of the Permian Mass Extinction Event, when the Earth’s average temperature rose from around 13oC to around 33oC due to volcanic activity (Siberian Trapps) de-sequestering sequestered carbon and putting it into the atmosphere in the form of CO2.

    But whereas the Permian Mass Extinction Event took place over many thousands of years, the Anthropocene Extinction Event is occurring over just a few decades.

    Debt Rattle March 27 2023

    Where I live (Rhone Valley, 500 m.) the temperature has risen, from before, or getting into, the boom of the industrial age, 1860 or thereabouts (when measures were logged) about 3.5 degrees.

    today, official Fed. website:

    En Suisse, les dix dernières années (2013-2022) ont déjà été 2,5 °C plus chaudes que la moyenne préindustrielle 1871-1900.

    = In CH, the ten previous years were 2.5 d. hotter than in pre-industrial times.

    Of course, it all depends on what one compares present temps to.

    Many don’t know that the IPCC standard for comparison of today’s temps is 1961 – 1990, which is.. hmm late. That comp. standard is used all over without giving the dates.

    Looking at this graph, it is easy to see that whatever standards of comparison are used as a bench-mark, in terms of ‘average years x – y’ will change the ‘estimation’ or ‘result’ of temp. change wildly for Switz.

    Ok, it is local ‘weather’, a local situation, a landlocked country, with snow capped mountains, glaciers, which for a large part have melted down, are no more.. Oh man.. the temp. change in my parent’s life-time and mine, it is staggering, a different world. The heat wave in 2003 killed off a huge amount of vegetation …I could go on but will shut up.

    What precisely are the multiple causes, and what actions (if any) should be implemented to halt, counter, manage (etc.) the rise in temp. is a whole other topic.

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