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    Ugo Bardi said

    Multiparameter models of complex systems are mainly tools to interpret the data: they are meant to tell you what’s causing what and how.

    Bullshit. This is not what models are for or what they do. Models are constructed using a set of assumptions – rules and relationships – selected by the modeler. The modeler can then run a series of scenarios through the model to see what the outcome would be were those parameters to occur in the real world. How accurate the model’s outcomes are depends on how accurate are the assumptions.

    As a windsurfer I can tell you from my own experience that existing models of the weather cannot “accurately” predict the weather beyond a few days. Sure, they “predict” the weather for weeks, but the forecasts beyond five days are ignored by windsurfers because they are mostly wrong. The general run is that they can predict up to five days ahead. But, the climate change idiots claim they can predict the weather long enough to derive some indications of changes to the climate. Pure nonsense.

    Models do not prove anything about CO2 in the same way as the Imperial College models of Covid proved to be complete bullshit because the modeler was corrupt.


    Ugo Bardi said

    In the case of climate change, the models tell us that the correlation between temperature and the concentration of greenhouse gases is consistent with a causal relationship according to what we know of atmospheric physics.

    Oh, he’s lying to us so that he can give his CO2 bullshit some credibility. Sad.


    While their work is funded by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the sponsors will not be able to examine the report before it is published to the public, Kathleen Stratton, a NASEM official, said during a recent meeting.

    What a waste of time. CDC funding a CYA operation? Who is going to believe these people. He who pays the piper calls the tune and we know that big pharma funds the CDC who funds this theatre show.


    Anderson is currently a Professor of Energy and Climate Change at the University of Manchester and he has plenty of form when it comes to extremist claims and calls for widespread rationing.

    His title is so politically biased that you have to wonder what self respecting scientist would take up such a position: none, hence the woke scientist who’s salary depends on climate hysteria.


    Yes, Lavrov is brilliant. So are all Putin’s lead team. It even includes beautiful women. But this day my mind is on Putin himself, – after watching the video clip posted yest by RIM of his short interview re the visit to Mariupol. It was interesting to watch his demeanor. – He exudes confidence, brilliance, determination, conviction, charm, decisive and clear diction (even though I don’t understand a word of Russian). And, as Trump once said, – great love for his country. The young guy interviewing was transfixed and in awe, IMO. No wonder Ms Nuland obviously loathes him to distraction. Here surely is one leader to begin to restore some sanity to the world. I agree with AFWKTT, Putin is one of my very few true heroes.


    As early as 2010, he was calling on politicians to consider a rationing system “similar to the one introduced during the last time of crisis in the 1930s and 40s”.

    Another left wing looney pushed into a position of responsibility: I wonder what secret Soros friend is funding that position. As the incumbent, maybe he should first try and prove that there is a link between the two industries for which he is an “expert” (or Marxist advocate). Of course he can’t and as we know, such a person is quite appropriate in this position as the only thing connecting the energy and climate change industries is the politics of tax-payer oppression and theft. The real science says there is no link – ice cores anyone – but the left have their own reality, the reality of hurting and oppressing.


    American Marine Veteran From Afghanistan ‘War’ Now Lives In Irkutsk Region, Siberian Village

    A Hispanic American and former Marine now lives in a small village in Siberia, not in a big urban center in Russia. Interesting journey of how he got there.

    Life certainly has surprises of where you can end up.


    @aspnaz — where you state, “But, the climate change idiots claim they can predict the weather long enough to derive some indications of changes to the climate. Pure nonsense.”

    I would have to argue that the opposite is in fact true. Macro trends are much easier to predict than the day to day minute variations. I can confidently predict that my location in Michigan will have many weeks of below-freezing weather in the winter months, and many weeks of hot and humid weather in the summer months, with 100% accuracy. The first part of that prediction is starting to make me nervous though; this is the first winter I can remember when the lakes did not freeze over enough to allow for ice-fishing in my part of the state. The better part of January (when highs are typically in the teens or twenties) was with highs well above freezing this year.


    I think there’s something else going on- more to it than weak character and poor upbringing.
    Hormonal disrupters; neurogenic toxins; EM confounders, propaganda…the self-appointed übermensch avoid it all. (Ask Trivium.)
    It’s difficult to criticize youngsters who don’t feel right when they have been poisoned from birth with vaccines and chemicals in their foods and water and medical treatments. Screw with people’s hormones and guts- you get sexual confusion, obesity, personality disorders, anger, angst…
    Angry, befuddled people who don’t feel right in their skins, and there’s no amount of discipline that can fix it because it’s chemical and it’s relentless. Go ahead and beat them up: are you also poisoned?
    Think of it as the first first version of the transhuman: the book “Our Stolen Future” suggested that when they put estrogenic compounds into plastics they knew it would feminize boys.
    They knew it and they did it. Think of everything since the chemical engineering revolution happened as real life toxicity experiments and it all begins to make sense.
    And so it goes, indeed.


    “These people [in the US government and UN] are scumbags.”


    And Britain, of course.



    John Day

    @Dr D Rich and SeaBirds: Here is a half hour of Colonel Macgregor discussing Russian and German old-school diplomacy, including his lunch meeting with Sergey Lavrov as a young officer in Germany. He was very impressed. Lavrov was commanding and deftly countered so many parries by multiple intellectual contestants.
    He goes on in many instances to thoughtfully regret the propaanda and oligarchy which have degraded the United States.

    John Day

    This Greek War News video of Douglas Macgregor opens with his statement (last week) that he” would be surprised if President Biden was still in officce in 90 days”. That would be Summer solstice.

    «Κεραυνός» Αμερικανού Συνταγματάρχη: «Θα εκπλαγώ αν ο Μπάιντεν δεν πέσει μέσα σε 90 ημέρες» (vid)


    AI’s strongest mechanism is mass psychology. (Squirrel! Bombshell! Marketing!)
    Lie to the internet.
    Lie to the internet. Screw up the data they collect whenever you have the time.


    Female Mentally ill Liberal “transgender” trash, who identified as he/him, murders children and adults in response to transgender mental illness and mutilating children ban.

    There is no such thing as a non-biological male or female. You are born male or female and you die the same regardless of your mental illness fantasizing otherwise, regardless of how you mutilate your body or your mind.

    Liberals Hate Truth. Liberals filter into the world is based on delusional fantasy…their world of “ism” is a lie, their outlook on life a lie, their fabrications and delusions are all lies. Liberal are hypocritical, pathological liars through and through.

    Liberals censure and ban anything that does not support their mental illness world of lies. Exactly what Liberal scum did during the “pandemic”- Lie, obfuscate, deny truth, hide truth, rinse repeat and pile on more lies to cover their previous lies.

    The true Virus is the mind virus of Liberalism- “liberal” with the truth, no lie too big or too small for them. When your version of reality is grounded in fantasy and lies- then I guess you just keep lying and banning anyone and everyone until they are either silenced or brainwashed into the Cult of Liberalism.

    Trans activists are calling for more blood after the Nashville shooting.

    Police say Audrey Hale, who was killed by responding officers, fatally shot three 9-year-old students and three staffers at The Covenant School. Although police have said no motive for the shooting is known, some conservatives have blamed it on the suspect’s gender identity.

    Covid Cult = Liberalism

    Transgenders are mentally Sick Liberals.

    Liberals dying from the Vax shots are a big win for humanity. Transgender Liberals stop raping children, stop grooming children in your disgusting drags shows, and by all means- kill yourselves before harming another innocent human.

    Liberal scum have gotten so far out of control during their “karen” pandemic, on top of russia gate and now supporting War in Ukr. Liberal Govt Scum and the Rainbow Retards deserve every bitch slap and smack down coming their way.

    I’m no ‘conservative’ or Republican- they mostly suck. The Liberal Wokeism scourge poisoning the Planet is a far greater threat than anything I’ve seen or experienced, and it is worsening. Truth prevails-

    Mister Roboto

    I think it’s useful to have posters such as “citizenx” around as reminder of how you seriously do not want to end up in response to the neuroses of our day and age.


    davidveale said

    I would have to argue that the opposite is in fact true. Macro trends are much easier to predict than the day to day minute variations. I can confidently predict that my location in Michigan will have many weeks of below-freezing weather in the winter months, and many weeks of hot and humid weather in the summer months, with 100% accuracy.

    You are getting confused between pattern recognition – it has always happened in the past, therefore it will happen again in the future – versus the prediction of changes based on parameters. Sure, we all know continental climate is fairly predictable, but that is based on what has gone before and you know nothing about why it happens or what would happen if you changed some of the parameters.

    What you are arguing is that because we do not know the detail, we can use statistics to predict the meta data. This is what doctors do, they will not sign a contract guaranteeing that a drug will cure you, they will just tell you that it has a percentage chance of curing you, say 5% chance. The reason they do this is because they do not have the ability to analyse your body and give you a precise answer. The same applies with the climate, if you cannot predict the weather then you are taking a “high level view” which uses statistics to hide the fact that you do not know what will happen, you just know the probabilities, and probabilities hide a lot of knowing nothing.

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