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    Remarking on the general themes of today’s posts: when conventional practice is challenged by whatever means, intentional or accidental, human or otherwise, flaws in the system that were previously unquestioned or hidden tend to become more apparent. This includes the obvious suspects discussed above regarding medical practice, but larger beliefs, such as the belief that we must have a public consensus to deal with large public issues. We must mount some kind of campaign: war, popularity contest election, focus group, etc.

    It’s funny/intriguing: to deal effectively with this virus way back when iot first emerged, the best action I can think of would’ve been to halt all air traffic and cruise voyages for 40 days. Like they did way back when sail travel was close to interplanetary travel in terms of difficulty, reliability, and mortality rates.

    Everyone would, of course, say that is way too over the top. Technically, this is true until one considers the sociological aspects alone. Once a thing like a runaway flu gets about in today’s hyper-socilaized, culturized, indoctrinated world, then one has to contend with a zillion conflicting aspects from corruption to ignorance to denial. Like we are now, we who have yet to form an effective consensus on whether global climate disruption, anthropgenic or natural cycle (or both, my choice for most likely climatic reality), is real much less what to do if it became regarded as undisputable truth. And that climate-mother happens glacially slow (although glaciers move faster of late). This thing is fast as 400-600 mph on average, with about 4 billion people a year going from here to a there several hundred miles away, around 8 million people a day, although other statistics make it closer to half that. Still, an awful lot of daily vectors.

    This air travel thingie is a new-found power scarecely half a century old. (Major air traffic, especially global, didn’t kick in until the 60s.) Now it is deemed indispensable because our paradigm is addicted to it in many ways, from Creates Jobs!!! to the getaway vacation carrot to shipping to… and none of it is even remotely necessary. But stopping it would’ve taken a leader with major gonads on the scale of a Terran demiurge to take brave action and be followed likewise by other leaders. One would have better luck running a casino on Heisenberg indeterminacy in a roomfull of rocking chairs and self-driving boxes containing cloned Schrodinger’s cats.

    A virus transported globally within 24 holurs from one gaggle of folks hanging around one highly contagious locale, is one very rapid wave. Which then produces more of the same, in a compounding logarithm or something like that.

    Even now, we here spend as much or more energy arguing if this is a genuine global health crisis or some “scamdemic”. Not being able to answer this question to our satisfaction, we plug it into more easily understood concepts, from Orange Man Bad to Zonist NWO cabals strike again! (I’m waiting for the UFO angle on this. UFOs — and porn –ruled the internet until 911 took over. It’s time for a UFOlogy renaissance.)

    I’ve read more rants about our unpreparedness, the greedy blind ignorance of our authorities, how this is all part of a massive conspiracy to resurrect Orwell as the New Hitler, etc., than about how to deal with the inescapable wave of viral contagion and associated social behaviors.

    We do know, for undisputed fact, that hospitals are being overloaded right now. (I’m putting off getting bloodwork to check my iron because hospitals are crazy places right now and will only get worse for some time.) Things of undisguised major import are happening to real people in real time, and we, being homo saps enthralled with our imaginations, nonetheless prefer to discuss whodunnit just like we cannot escape wondering who made the cosmos because we feel overwhelmed by said cosmos just as we feel overwhelmed by this wave of cornoavirus contagion — all of us, even or maybe especially those of us who remind us repeatedly that they have been warning about this coming for years. It’s stressful for EVERY one.

    Everyone is freaked out to the max and this alone is bringing down the global paradigm. Everyone, I said, including Soros and Bill Gates and the ghosts of the Elders of Zion. Yesterday Mayor Cuomo says it’s just a sniffle, grow a pair, carry on. Today he is begging for emergency medical supplies. Some of us are keeping pretty cool about it because we’ve been expecting a shitfan event for a long time, but we still stress about what’s ahead precisely because we understand how big this is likely to be, how a reset to normal is pert nigh impossible.

    We know our authorities are mostly dysfunctional spoilt nincompoops with either inherent sociopathic/narcissistic disorders, or affective sociopathic/narcissistic behaviors burnt into them from years of climing corporate/bureaucratic success ladders requiring conctant moral sacrifice along the way.

    We don’t know what to do about the sweeping change, even those of us living on 40-ranches with great soil, barbed-wire electric fences, heavy-caliber machine guns, and a fleet of well-trained drones, although I envy those folks.

    There is simply no way humanity can continue doing what it has been doing. This includes the Mighty Mental Moonbeam Men who secretly rule our world. Atlantis, such as it was, is failing, falling, and so are they. I am as responsible as the creeps in charge. I lack authorioty and power but not responsibility: these events will affect me and those close to me. I will have to respond.

    I shared this before. It bears repitition, me feels:

    Your City is Falling


    Vindicated. As I posted weeks ago, I have never gotten a flu shot, and don’t think I have ever gotten the flu.


    One reason they give flu shots is to create a population in which far less people get the flu from other people because the vaccinated (allegedly) get it at a much lower rate than the unvaccinated. I suspect the vaccinated/exposed have a brief contagion period as the virus lives in their body until vaccine antibodies take it down, but nothing like if it readily spreads to invade your entire body and you get sick aka ‘a *case of the flu’. ( *a vernacular that surely drives the doctors here nuts.)

    Vaccines aren’t foolproof and don’t adress the entire spectrum of flu viruses making the rouonds at a given time. Sometimes they miss the main target pretty badly, I understand. It’s a “long game” played over decades. But the concept is to keep it under control, which is why — according to the concept — I have only gotten the flu twice in my life although I was never vaccinated until very recently.

    Our understanding of this is based more on modeling than adequate inspection-based data; adequate inspections would be impossible wtihout some kind of majickal nanotech of the mostly scientifically impossible beloved by sci-fi writers but not those who actually work in material fabrication/molecular engineering. Or something equally impossible even if by being too expensive except in the silver-spun future where flying cars used to freely roam until their extinction by an unexpected reality event, i.e., the future that actually came to be, which is rarely expected until it’s so obvious it’s almost over.

    So we model. The modeling itself isn’t so bad. From the little I know, it seems more good than bad, i.e., it works well enough.

    But, as others more informed on medical specifics than I am have pointed out, the premises for the modeling suffers from complacency, laziness, corruption, and general information entropy (too many messengers ruin the message), and eventually, the relationship of the model tends to separate from the facts. Not unlike how currency inevitably detaches from the value it nominally represents, and eventually becomes a bloated bag of mostly empty markers, unless we take regular stringent measures to make sure that the vlue represented by x-zillion dollars in currency accurately represent the yz’s of genuine hpysical wealth the currency claims to address. Same principle: insufficent, sometimes deliberately false data sets, and bogus unbtested ideas “proven” by scinecy-seeming unscientific methods.

    Good models using good data are wonders of more-reliable-than-not prediction. Bad models and/or bad data grow into evil monsters.

    We have no solid models of this coronavirus because of the above factors. We can’t say it’s a deliberate scamdemic (altho we can count on our authorities to reliably exploit it as if they’d planned it). We can’t say it’s gonna kill this many or that many of a given population at a given exposure rate because a) we don’t have enough real-time data across a large enough sample of the populace, and b) we live in the present not the future, which is where we’d have to arrive in order to accrue obtain a seriously reliable data set, an act which requires time unfloding in history to be retrospectivel analyzed after the fact.

    It’s funny: we demonize Bill Gates because he has placed so much money and energy stressing that such things be done. How effectively he has created appropriate action on this is another question, along with the sincerity of his emotions.

    But we all like to think we know, just like I like to believe that Dr. Fauci is a classic whiney-butt punk who was probably a nice, reasonably idealist and moral human being when he graduated from high shcool in ’58, a little insecure about his nebbish appearance, maybe, and maybe a little ego-inflated concerning his IQ and ability to make it through school in the honor student arenas… but now has become a snide little schweazel who has been surrounded by expolitative and manipulative assholes for so long he’s become just another flying monkey to the evil witches who employ him, who has come to sometimes even delight in performing the evil they task him with although will bend rules and alter tasks given if he thinks he can and feels like it, sometimes using this to prove he’s actually ‘working to improve the sytem’.

    For allI we know, he might just be another highly knowledgable expert risen to his Peter Principle point and is so high on being successful that he doesn’t pay all that much attention to how incompetent he’s really become in relation to the tasks and issues his high office is supposed to positively affect.

    As for the presence of evil witches in upper tier positions of wealth and power and position, I cannot prove it but I’m also confident few would disagree.


    I’ve been huntin’ around all day to find the educational credentials of that little white-haired guy that keeps showing up on my teevee all day long. I finally found it just a little while ago. He’s an O.H.D. Doctor of Obfuscating Horseshit Dissemination.


    Also, I want to point out that ‘Oh noes! we’re all gonna die if we don’t have a giant bureaucracy to tellus what to do, how to do it, and how much they’ll pay/taxus for it!’ suffers the same mono-ideation insufficient to address the array of issues involved as is also suffered by ‘Oh noes! bad thoings are happening and this can opnly be because of Evil Rich Men!’

    Sometimes they really are after one. Other times one is just paranoid.

    P.S. Who needs flying cars now that we’re going to have Flying Pizzas!


    Stay home
    It was 14 day now its 30 day.
    Everyone is going to get it. (80%)
    Flatten the curve so only 100,000 to 200,000 could die.
    The hospitals cannot handle more.
    Otherwise, 2 million people could die.
    Both curves have 2 million people.
    Flattening the curve is done by extending the time.
    Everyone is going to get it. (80%)


    Fauci does strike me as an O.H.D. Doctor of Obfuscating Horseshit Dissemination, but so does John Cullen aka John E Hoover.


    Who’s to say where it stops? How many waves of The Virus will impose “lockdowns”? How many other novel viruses can pop up and we must do this all over again?
    Meanwhile, the Reset continues on schedule.

    Many millions out of work?
    We had to have a reason.
    Just call it a pandemic
    Instead of a “flu” season.


    Oh- thanks Ilargi, for mentioning that NEJM article which shows Dr. Fauci has an academic opinion, and a MSM opinion.

    Dr. D

    Wish I could remember the article on this point, of experts shouting Panic, melting world, all sorts of laymen nonsense, and then flipping back to ordered, measured science when it’s time to publish. Archdruid, I think. The problem is — and exactly as intended — laymen don’t read dry papers and believe their public opinion to be be their scientific one. Which would be strafed with anti-aircraft cannons and lit on fire among scientific review when it hit the ground. But the POINT is to be political, to exaggerate to inspire action, exactly as laymen do. Are they not allowed to be political? To encourage environmentalism like the rest of us?

    This is achingly common to have a public, loose, essentially fake line for easy consumption, and an accurate, difficult, detailed, relatively true professional one. But to me it’s easy: it’s still a lie. You know better than anyone. And have responsibilities therein.

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