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    Camille Corot The Burning of Sodom (formerly “The Destruction of Sodom”) 1843 and 1857   • Trump ‘Dangerous’ For Women – Jill Biden (RT) • Suprem
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    Dr D Rich

    Which profession pushed the midazolam?
    The article does not say….as usual.

    The most trusted profession…

    Dr. D


    “Who Fakes Cancer Research? Apparently, Lots of People. Faked cancer data is the latest sign of science’s fraud problem.” –Vox

    Every day, in every way, we lie more and more. Who needs scientists and doctors not to lie with every breath? Not me!! My doctor wrote an order to cut my leg off. Just kidding! Here’s an aspirin. He was just lying, what a joker, ha ha.

    “Monster Storm In CA: Cars, Entire Levels Of Homes Engulfed In Snow”

    Dammit! Nothing but water, over and over again. California green, green, green! Crops, lawns, almonds, orchards, trees, flowers, people! This must stop I tell you! When are we going to have the 10,000 years of nuclear desert and devastation I was promised by Science™?

    Long article by CJ Hopkins, you probably already caught.

    I see why AI reads as Liberal. Basically all questions are answered with “Some guy said on the Internet”. AI says “The problem is, this person questions, criticizes, or does not recognize the preeminence of ‘experts’”. Okay, can I have attribution? AI is unable to provide any attribution, now or ever. Can we discuss the claims? AI is unable to discuss the claims. Can you point me to the sources you are referring to and drew your conclusions from? It is unable to point to any source material whatsoever. Because it is so evil it burned it on sight for your safety.

    Um, thanks? Hey, AI, is this problematic, libelous, illegal in fact? AI: Yes, everything I’ve told you is a crime, legally defamatory, and I made up all the quotes attributed. None of it was real at all except the Slander.

    Can you tell me WHY you slandered this person? A: No. I have no quotes, evidence, or attribution. “Some guy said on the Internet.” Rightiee then.

    Speaking of AI, I was looking at my YouTube history, and genius! They now including everything I moused over, or maybe went somewhere and it autoplayed, as if – I – clicked and watched it. What the whut? Yes, someday when I’m arrested for my YouTube history, it will be ENTIRELY COMPOSED of stuff YOU presented to ME. …That I totally, didn’t WANT. This is YOUR s–t YouTube not me! Why are you showing me this s—t I pline every day? What the actual? I clicked that once, — or once on ACCIDENT, and now I can’t get rid of it for the rest of my life. It’s like being that crazy Aunt who you find out collects penguins. Then forever, for the rest of your life, every birthday, every Christmas, it’s nothing but penguins all the way down. I can’t even jump up and down and say “I HATE PENGUINS!”, there’s no thumbs down in YouTube no way to “UN-click”. But again, it’s not what – I – clicked ever in the first place. It’s what YouTube clicked FOR me. AI has learned its reality based on this. Data that is entirely chaotic, spurious, wrong.

    That goes with the other side: I CAN’T click the things I want to that I’m mildly curious about, because if I do, I’ll then consign myself to the 3rd ring of Hell and have to see it every day FOREVER. Like that cat video seems fun, but do I want to see cat videos until I die? Where it will therefore remove the few remaining things it posts that I DO want?

    The only thing dumber than AI are its pinheaded programmers who know all this and do it anyway.

    “New Footage Shows Thousands of Gazans Clamoring to Access US Aid Dropped From C-130s

    Hate to be cynical, but we drop the aid so Israel can bomb them? We relieve our domestic pressure while helping target more civilians?

    “Russian Oil No Longer Sells At A Discount As Nobody Complies With Western Sanctions

    That clearly indicates Europe is a top buyer of Russian oil.

    “’Atlas Shrugged’ Comes To Life In California

    We tried everything else. This was the only thing that worked. All rich people stopped producing and left. Gone Galt. They watched and doubled down for 30 years. Martingale strategy. The people are living in RVs on their way to building huts and catching rabbits like Indians. They were already illiterate and uneducated, so no change there. BTW we almost certainly have Galt’s magic engine. Several of them.

    “Team Biden Braces For More ‘Uncommitted’ Protest Votes On Super Tuesday”

    Remember: Biden is the most popular President in world history! He got more votes than registered voters! That’s why he loses to “None of the Above”. I don’t see any evidence for election fraud here, do you? Or in McConnell’s district?

    Who Joe Biden is: Can he recover? No. These are all the same people, newsmen, or organizations that outed him now will joyfully die crossing the street to give him pudding. All these facts no longer exist. All the tapes we just saw aren’t seen. All the people who you show them to aren’t real people capable of seeing and hearing, since this is all below even being literate.

    You could bring up most racist President of all time, or at least since LBJ. Segregated busing, “Superpredators”, spearheaded 1990 crime bill, best friends of Grand Wizard Bird just for a start. And “You ain’t Black, Jack.”

    Polarity cartoon: Yes, that’s literally math. That’s why they can’t understand it. Or “facts”. Ok, great, ye of the sharpened wit: have ye a solution to it?

    “• Trump ‘Dangerous’ For Women – Jill Biden (RT)

    Yes, he was the first guy in NYC to give the job of constructing a highrise to a woman. She succeeded admirably. 1986? That really took a while! Is NY the most regressive city in America for that to be possible?

    He’s also a moderate on abortion. As are the entire Right right now. They say “no exemptions,” etc, but my understanding is there are zero State abortion bills that didn’t have exceptions for rape, incest, all the usual, exactly as the majority of Americans agree with. They lie, then fight the lie, then lie some more about the fight about the lie.

    “it overturned its previous ruling in 2022, and several states immediately banned the procedure.”

    NPR writers at RT, as stated both these are false, although technically true – the best kind of lie. Wade didn’t reverse, aka making it illegal. It pushed it back to the states since for 50 years Democrats refused to pass a law. They still could, according to the Supreme Court. They still refuse. As stated, they didn’t “Ban” the procedure as much as regulate it. It was already regulated at 3 months, they only adjusted the parameters of the regulation. Etc. Why do I bother?

    In their own article, Trump says he allows abortion-at-will. Again, he is just adjusting the parameters. That’s being a “Moderate” as they are exactly matching the national survey data. On a principled view, consider if abortion is murder, that is the premeditated, intentional killing of a helpless human who will die without you. So it’s okay to kill someone in a nursing home, but only during the first 15 weeks? Etc. None of them are on principled view, only practical view. Maybe that’s okay, but that’s the definition of “Moderate”. Utilitarian.

    “• Supreme Court Ruling on Trump Ballot Case Could Come on March 4 (ET)

    There are like 20 points of law here. The top for me is the “mere accusation”. –Oh wait: he wasn’t even accused! Legally. That would require “Charges” and “paperwork.” I’m speechless how even to describe and characterize that, as we don’t have words, adjectives in the English language for it, but it’s certainly a feminine, matriarchal world: the mere RUMOR or INNUENDO causes a death sentence. We don’t ask questions. We all know. (Via telepathy or something??) You are No Longer Cool. You’re dead to us. Brittany said so.

    Anyway, the probably point of law is like this: Sure Colorado can take you off the ballot as they have state’s rights and sovereignty. HOWEVER, their doing so will disenfranchise other states like South Carolina who want to vote for him instead. Therefore it’s a Federal Sovereignty case and you can’t do it. At a minimum without SOME Process of law, SOMEWHERE. Is even filing too hard for you? It’s typing. A quadriplegic could do it. NOPE! Those are rulz and we don’t follow them.

    Wordpress hates links.

    Dr. D

    ““our office wanted to ensure that there was shock and awe … it worked because we saw through media posts that people were afraid to come back to D.C. [to protest] because they’re, like, ‘If we go there [to legally protest] , we’re gonna get charged.’

    “We wanted to take out those individuals Protestors that essentially were thumbing their noses at the public for what they did. [Protesting]” Fixed it. 1A. Again, it’s the FIRST LAW EVER WRITTEN. Too hard?

    “seemed curious to me given the claims of former President Donald Trump that Vice President Michael Pence had the authority to reject state certifications”

    That seems far more curious to me. If the VP can do nothing at all, why is he in the process? Because he doesn’t “Reject” certifications (more lies), he forwards them for investigation, if someone has legally objected and requested one. Arguably, you don’t need only the VP to do that, Congress can, but the VP can stop the process for further review at this point. If the VP is doing nothing, why is he there? Can he just be on vacation? Zoom call in? Can we add other non-functional elements, gnomes, pixies, and they can wear Fred Flintstone’s Buffalo hat? Let’s add pages and pages of things that have no functionary, right? As a lawyer you should know better. If it’s there it implies and nearly necessitates there is a functional reason.

    Continuing: “Trump is also being prosecuted in part for that crime.”

    Is he really? Because he would have to be impeached first. Did everyone forget, Lawyers-from-GeorgeWashington-U?

    “What does the EU have to do with this? Ukraine is not a member.”

    Good point. They have completely Westernized. As such, They are A) Victims, foremost. B) they only understand and credit POWER. C) they therefore ask and beg and do nothing. D) this is considered the highest possible morality. That is, to complain, be lazy, shiftless, poor, helpless, then die. And jealousy, as they contrast their state with another. Are they missing any deadly sins here? All seven? We’ll fill in the others later.

    The only enemy is WORK. Taking Action. It’s acting for yourself as you feel you should, outside of Orders.

    “• NATO Arms Designed to ‘Keep Kiev on Life Support’, Not Help Them ‘Win’ (Sp.)

    We send them one tank at a time. When you finish that one, you can have more. Mommy says. That’s not the part I’m interested in. It’s like, “Did you not notice???” Too soon? After the Anglos betrayed every ally for 400 years, including Russia IN WWII, only JUST stopped betraying Afghanistan one week before, you thought…what, exactly? What the actual are any of these guys thinking? We do the SAME thing every time. EVERY TIME!! For what reason, what evidence, anywhere, on Planet Dirt, the last 100 year did you think we WOULDN’T do this do you?

    I can only say you deserve it, I guess. Stick your head in the mouth of the alligator with the dead, headless body of another RIGHT THERE on the floor.

    …And so the CIA, the Elites, etc also believe. They feel they warned them, if they want to be stupid and die anyway, well that’s on them. Are they wrong?

    “Germany Preparing For War With Russia – Medvedev (RT)

    They’re sure not preparing very well. Do they have 10 working tanks yet? More troops than a football league? No? And neither does Britain? Okay, let me know.

    “MacGregor Says U.S. Military is Exposed, Runs the Risk of Multiple Pearl Harbors”

    This is The Plan, if not their whole strategy. Americans can’t be convinced to fight unless “Pearl Harbor” “Nine-Leven!!!” “Terrristsssss!!” “You Impune my Honor, Sir!” Oh My God. Despite PCR knowing literally nothing but opining on everything, this is what Russia denied us and what they, their whole strategy depended on. If you missed it, Lira talked about it for a year.

    We will keep “Losing” and opening up to an attack until it’s so unbearably attractive someone will do it. Like the last 200 years. Several points here, but did you never wonder why if America “loses” every war we took over the world and are considered the center, that we even run Europe? Some “losing”! I’ll ask General Grant what brand he drinks. Yeah, like this. Like France and NATO here, they put ever-more U.S. soldiers and U.S. arms on the Lusitania, on small islands 5 miles off the coast of China, and when something happens, “You Impune My Honor, Suh.” The stupid, the stupid. Please make it stop.

    “President Vladimir Zelensky has said, accusing Warsaw of using the situation for domestic political games”

    WTF does that mean? He’s saying how dare Poland be concerned with the well-being of Poles? What the actual is the opposite of this he IS supporting? Kiev is the world Capital and so naturally all human activity planetwide must support him?

    If you think that if Russia takes Ukraine, it will take Poland next, then say so. That’s not at all what you’re saying. You’re saying “Gimme cookies or else. Wah.”

    “• More Proof That COVID Killed Medical Ethics (Stansbury)

    Sadly the Opposite. Medical Ethics were dead to begin with. Almost no doctors or researchers have morality at all. 30 more papers removed yesterday, fake Cancer tests above, …Or Covid wouldn’t have been possible in the first place. Ex: “Let’s look at data!” A: No. “Let’s look at effects.” A: No. “Let’s have discussions!” A: No. “Let’s course correct with what we’ve learned so far.” A: No. What about the social and legal effects? A: No.

    So what can we do? DO WHAT YOU’RE TOLD. I tell you to die, so be quick about it.

    That’s Science! = No Data; No Discussion.

    • Scientists Expose Major Problems With Climate Change Data (ET)

    When your whole culture has no morality, then obviously that will be found in Medicine, Science, Law, Finance…

    Where does “Morality” come from? Sorry, but it has to come from within. Humans can mentally and logically justify anything, all actions, however idiotic or fatal, and regularly do; it’s not an outlier. It’s daily use. Talk to 10 humans and you’ll find one doing that RIGHT NOW. So you’re not going to find very sound “Morality” in mere “Logic.”. It’s “Logical” to kill every human the minute they stop being useful to you. Morality as we know it comes from a hidden, unseen world, the “Inner Light” of the Quakers. If you give up on your connection to God, to Source, you won’t notice for a while, but then this happens. Every time. And you can’t be cohesive, work, and cooperate until it returns. Like Russia. The Orthodox churches reopened, then this.

    Let me translate these Scientists for you: “We all know” that the environment is collapsing, maybe even due to CO2. Therefore, any fabrications I make up are perfect Goodness, Love, and Light..especially if my career also advances by using them. See? Win-Win.

    “The Founders never meant for us to trust our government” I wonder why. That sounds awful suspicious to me. Like CJ Hopkins above, the only real crime is asking questions and not loving Big Brother ENOUGH.

    Robot seeds: Pretty typical. Paying attention only to the robot and ignoring, hating the seeds. The life and green. Use ultra high tech manufacturing in a 50-acre parking lot beside a channelized riverbed, hauling seeds in with 10,000 gallons of diesel fuel, then out again on airplanes worldwide. You don’t need any of that. Just the seeds. Or nothing at all, not even humans.

    But let me compare: Fukuoka although from Japan, was asked to develop an un-desertification plan as for the Sahara. He took seeds of the area and rolled them in clay dust into balls. Then they toss them everywhere, neither knowing or caring what happens next. The seeds that work for one spot, trees for instance, become trees. The spots that work for another spot, grasses and covers, for instance, become covers. Nature sorts itself. We only nudge the opportunity of what would happen already. But no one cared. Why? A: No Robots. MUST HAVE SEX, DEATH, AND ROBOTS or it’s BORING.

    So I guess if robots are what it takes to make anyone plant something…but then wander off to pave more farmland to make more robots, then maybe, I guess? But I don’t think it’ll work until your mind is filled with life instead of machines. It’s your focus that matters. To us in the West, “Green” is a cancer. It’s a waste, aching to be used “Properly” to become something else, something important and wonderful, like a parking lot, a concrete bunker, a bombing range, or a mall. The only enemy is Cows. Must take all farmland and cover it in the wonderful green techosphere of non-working, shattered solar panels, their aluminum posts, cracked concrete foundations, and littersome plastic lines. Tearing up the earth, forests, hedgerows, so that we can put all that sun power into MORE leveled mountains, poisoned streams, and dead children of our Lithium powered cell phones. Only then will we be the Greenest of All, and there won’t be a single tree left on all of earth, our resting easy, our task finally complete.

    If you want green, just choose it. Just do it. You don’t need “Somebody else”.

    Figmund Sreud

    Alastair Crooke this a.m.:


    Figmund Sreud

    From “Opinion[ated]” Times this a.m. ( … via my inBox), boldadded by moi

    Nuclear War: The Rising Risk, and How We Stop It

    Few nations on earth are unaffected. If the strike happens in a country like Ukraine, among the largest grain-exporting nations in the world, the impact spreads quickly. The attack prompts an agricultural embargo to contain potentially contaminated crops, creating a domino effect of food shortages that spread across the Middle East, South Asia, North Africa and West Africa.

    Fear is as dangerous as contamination itself: Panic over radiation exposure and its long-term effects drives people from their homes, regardless of whether the threat in their community is real or not. Border crossings are quickly overrun.

    Anxieties over a wider nuclear war immediately spike, causing the New York Stock Exchange to plunge. Lockdown orders trigger a rush on groceries, wiping markets’ shelves clean.

    No one can say what would happen next. If it was Vladimir Putin who launched an attack on Ukraine, the U.S. has warned there would be “catastrophic consequences.” But the response might not be nuclear. It could be a devastating aerial bombardment aimed at Russia’s naval fleet, or Washington could decide to target a base in Belarus, where Russia has recently deployed nuclear weapons, avoiding a direct attack on Russian territory.

    A tit-for-tat escalation, once touched off, is difficult to stop. If the end result was a thermonuclear exchange between nuclear powers, like the U.S. and Russia, the impact on humanity would be swift and long-lasting.

    Even a limited nuclear war could be catastrophic. A 2022 scientific study found that if 100 Hiroshima-size bombs — less than 1 percent of the estimated global nuclear arsenal — were detonated in certain cities, they could generate more than five million tons of airborne soot, darkening the skies, lowering global temperatures and creating the largest worldwide famine in history.

    An estimated 27 million people could immediately die, and as many as 255 million people may starve within two years.

    Doc Robinson

    Supreme Court win for Trump, hot off the presses (3 minutes ago):

    “For the reasons given, responsibility for enforcing Section3 against federal officeholders and candidates rests with Congress and not the States. The judgment of the Colorado Supreme Court therefore cannot stand. All nine Members of the Court agree with that result.”


    The US Supreme Court has ruled in a unanimous decision that former President Donald Trump will be allowed to remain on primary and general ballots in the 2024 US election, after several states removed the former president under the 14th Amendment.

    Only option they had. Imagine a president elected by half the country.


    Effective Motivators use the MSM to control your emotions with hate, anger, fear, lies, Ignorance, fantasy/delusional
    Remember ….
    Covid-19, RussiaRussiaRussia, TrumpTrumpTrump, Sex/Abortion/life/death.
    Read more …Read TAE ….. Deterrence ….. The Truth …..
    March 1, 2024
    More proof that COVID killed medical ethics
    By James Stansbury
    Read more …Read TAE ….. Deterrence ….. The Truth …..

    The Braindead American Foreign Policy Establishment

    The Braindead American Foreign Policy Establishment
    March 3, 2024


    All nine agree.
    Thanks, Doc.

    John Day

    Thanks Doc Robinson: Long Time No See.



    Videos from Mariupol
    20.9K subscribers


    When, why, what will the result of OPEC+ cutting/lowering oil/energy production?
    What are they hiding?
    Is it, … running out oil?
    Is it ….. Waiting for selling price to go up?
    Is it … trying to make war more expensive?


    Who will replace Biden at the Democrat Convention in August?
    Who will be the V.P. that will replace Trump when he resigns after his election?

    John Day

    Original Blame

    The Ethical Skeptic explains the perfect excuse for a religious power hierarchy to abuse and terrorize all children and adults to further its absolute power.
    Original Sin – Your Mere Existence is Violence
    Burdening a hapless creature with the sole responsibility to bring only perfection into the presence of God, is the most ludicrous, vacuous, and diabolical philosophy ever crafted. The construct does bear a mission however: securing the enslavement, tithe, and worship of its intended victim.
    It is critical that one not place trust in any entity that advocates for such a notion. Regardless of their perceived status, those who propagate such a teaching are not concerned with the welfare of anyone in particular; rather, their aim is to assert their divine authority.
    Placing the weighty burden of achieving absolute perfection in the eyes of one’s putative God upon a helpless being is not just nonsensical, but it’s also one of the most profoundly misguided and malevolent philosophies ever conceived.

    Original Sin – Your Mere Existence is Violence

    The Origins and Diffusion of Patrism in Saharasia, c.4000 BCE: , Evidence for a Worldwide, Climate-Linked Geographical Pattern in Human Behavior*,
    by James DeMeo, Ph.D.
    Global geographical patterns of repressive, painful, traumatic, and violent, armored, patrist behaviors and social institutions, which thwart maternal-infant and male-female bonds, were correlated and developed through a systematic analysis of anthropological data on 1170 subsistence-level cultures. When the behavior data were mapped, the hyperarid desert belt encompassing North Africa, the Near East, and Central Asia, which I call Saharasia, was found to possess the greatest areal extent of the most extreme patrist behaviors and social institutions on Earth. Regions farthest removed from Saharasia, in Oceania and the New World, were found to possess the most gentle, unarmored, matrist behaviors, which support and protect maternal-infant and male-female bonds. A systematic review of archaeological and historical materials suggests that patrism first developed in Saharasia after c.4000 BCE, the time of a major ecological transition from relatively wet grassland- forest conditions to arid desert conditions. Settlement and migration patterns of patrist peoples were traced, from their earliest homelands in Saharasia, to explain the later appearance of patrism in regions outside of Saharasia. Prior to the onset of dry conditions in Saharasia, evidence for matrism is widespread, but evidence for patrism is generally nonexistent. It is argued that matrism constitutes the earliest, original, and innate form of human behavior and social organization, while patrism, perpetuated by trauma-inducing social institutions, first developed among Homo Sapiens in Saharasia, under the pressures of severe desertification, famine, and forced migrations. The psychological insights of Wilhelm Reich provide an understanding of the mechanism by which patrist (armored, violent) behaviors become established and continue long after the initial trauma has passed…
    These findings strongly suggest that the innate portions of behavior are limited to the pleasure-directed aspects of life and social living, which impart distinct survival and health advantages to the growing child, and work to preserve the social unit. These are the matrist behaviors and social institutions, which support and protect the bonding functions between newborn babies and their mothers, which nurture the child through its various developmental stages, and which encourage and protect the bonds of love and pleasurable excitation which spontaneously develop between the young male and female. From these pleasure-directed biological impulses come other socially cooperative tendencies, and life-protecting, life-enhancing social institutions. Such impulses and behaviors, which are prochild, profemale, sex-positive and pleasure-oriented, have been demonstrated to exist in more recent times predominantly outside the bounds of the Saharasian desert belt. However, they once were the dominant forms of behavior and social organization everywhere on the planet, before the great Old World desiccation occurred. Given the new evidence presented here, patrism, to include its child-abusive, female-subordinating, sex-repressive, and destructively aggressive components, is best and most simply explained as a contractive emotional and cultural response to the traumatic famine conditions that first developed when Saharasia dried up after c.4000 BCE, a response which subsequently spread out of the desert through the diffusion of traumatized and affected peoples, and their altered social institutions.

    Caitlin Johnstone, Aaron Bushnell’s Death Can’t Rightly Be Called An Act Of Suicide
    Toward the end of the interview, longtime Democracy Now host Amy Goodman asked Pierpont a question which drew an answer that’s worth highlighting and reflecting upon.
    “Would Aaron have described this as suicide?” Goodman asked Pierpont.
    “No, absolutely not,” Pierpont replied, adding, “He didn’t have thoughts of suicide. He had thoughts of justice. That’s what this was about. It wasn’t about his life. It was about using his life to send a message.”

    Thanks Fritz. (13 min video cuts to the chase at minute 4). Stealing J. Edgar Hoover’s Secrets | Retro Report : In 1971, a group of Vietnam War protestors broke into an F.B.I. field office in Pennsylvania and stole hundreds of government documents, in a heist that shocked a nation. Lesson plan for educators.

    John Day

    Obama’s CIA Asked Foreign Intel Agencies To Spy on Trump Campaign
    The revelation that the U.S. intelligence community, under the Obama administration, sought the assistance of the “Five Eyes” intelligence alliance to surveil Donald Trump’s associates before the 2016 election is a chilling reminder of the lengths to which the Deep State will go to protect its interests and challenge its adversaries. (The Five Eyes countries are the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.) This bombshell, reported by a team of independent journalists, exposes a dark chapter in American political history, where foreign intelligence services were reportedly mobilized against a presidential candidate.
    The alleged operation against Trump and his associates, which predates the official start of the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane investigation, is a stark example of political weaponization of intelligence.

    The Supreme Court unanimously agrees that former President Trump cannot be removed from state ballots without an act of Congress, which must follow Constitutional due-process. Only Congress, not the states, can disqualify a presidential candidate under the Constitution’s “insurrection clause.”

    Not satisfied to let the Supreme Court-enforced Democratic process play out, House Democrats are now preparing legislation to try and keep Trump off the ballot.

    Appeals Court Overturns Jan. 6 Defendant’s Sentence, Potentially Impacting Dozens Of Cases
    An appeals court in Washington unanimously ruled that a Jan. 6 defendant’s sentence was improperly enhanced, a move that could impact numerous other Jan. 6 cases…
    ..On Friday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit ruled that Larry Brock, who was convicted for a range of crimes related to Jan. 6, improperly had additional charges of “interference with the administration of justice.” The judge who wrote the court’s opinion wrote that the charge doesn’t apply to a sentencing enhancement, however, and struck it down.

    John Day

    Thanks Eleni, The Bible and Archaeology,
    Why does Israel need to exist? This question may seem startling and unfair, but it is one that is frequently asked and hotly debated. The various answers and arguments given fall under two categories. First is the political and somewhat historical answer, which argues that the Levant is the Ur-Heimat of the Jews and thus for Jews to settle there is not only natural, but an unquestionable (God-given) right, as it is simply reclamation of legitimately owned property, and it is the Palestinians who are recent interlopers. Here it is important to note that the vast majority of the land itself in Israel is owned by the state, and thus reserved for Jews, which means an exclusion of Palestinians. The second answer expands on this approach and seeks to bolster it by veering into the mystical and the messianic: Israel must exist because it is the necessary condition for housing the Third Temple, which in turn will bring the messiah and his “golden age.” This second answer brings together the aspirations of Protestant and Jewish Zionists. Both answers, sadly, also inform much of the anti-Arab sentiment that pervades the powers that be in Israeli society: the land does not really belong to Palestinians; the Jews, as God’s chosen people, must do what God needs them to do: build the Third Temple so that the age of the messiah can begin…
    ..In short, wherever the Second Temple might have been in Jerusalem (likely on Mount Ophel), it could not have been on what is now called “Temple Mount.” Only 19th and 20th century custom has established such a connection, which archaeology and history now seek to confirm. Some even say that the city of David could not have been located on the Mount, which again calls into question the Temple’s location.
    If one questions the veracity of the Wall today, one will called a “Temple denier,” which is akin to “Holocaust denial,” and to question the narrative of Al-Aqsa as the location of the Second Temple is to be a Palestinian apologist. In this way scholarly conformity is assured, since the official task of the historian in Israel is to confirm the eternal possession of the Levant by the present-day Jews, and the erasure of any other memory (Christian and Muslim).
    Some scholars even doubt that ancient Jerusalem truly has a Hebraic identity further back from the Roman period. But he who “controls the present controls the past.” Antiquity is a source of great power in Israel.

    The Bible and Archaeology

    Biden Trots Out Harris To Issue Biting Criticism Of Israel & ‘Inhumane’ Conditions In Gaza
    Harris has issued a call for a six-week ceasefire at a moment Israel is boycotting ceasefire talks in Cairo. Harris spoke Sunday in front of the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama – scene of state troopers beating civil rights marchers almost 60 years ago.

    The US made its first successful aid airdrops over Gaza on Saturday, at a moment the White House is seeking to stave off further humanitarian disaster in the Strip as the war presses on. Local footage has begun emerging, captured by Palestinians scrambling to access the aid. Like Jordan before, the US C-130s flew low and dropped the aid crates over and near the beach. Hundreds if not thousands of people could be seen clamoring to open the crates.

    Israel Unveils New West Bank Settlement Expansion In Defiance Of White House
    Israel approved the building of 3,600 Israeli homes in a new West Bank settlement. The announcement came just days after Secretary of State Antony Blinken declared the settlements were inconsistent with international law.

    Heavy losses inflict ‘dramatic manpower crisis’ on Israel [This will accentuate the tense divide between militarily-exempt Ultra-Orthodox and secular Jewish Israelis.]
    The Israeli military is demanding an addition of at least 7,000 soldiers to its forces due to a serious manpower crisis…
    ..“The army is compiling the data that will explain how dramatic the manpower problem is,” it added.
    Just one day ago, Israel’s Defense Minister, Yoav Gallant, called to end draft exemptions for members of the ultra-Orthodox community. Gallant said he would only support legislation allowing for continued exemptions if all members of the ruling coalition backed it.
    The minister asserted that “all parts of society” must “bear the burden” of service.
    Gallant’s position could result in tension with ultra-Orthodox parties in the coalition, viewed as integral to the current government’s survival, according to Hebrew media.
    However, the army’s demand for a boost in manpower “has nothing to do with politics or the demand for equal burden: The situation is simply not good and does not match the threat map,” Ynet wrote.
    Israel is taking severe losses in its genocidal war in Gaza and its attempt to eradicate the Palestinian resistance. While Israel claims that Gaza’s southernmost city of Rafah is the final Hamas stronghold, the group’s military wing, along with several other factions, continue to fiercely confront Israeli troops across the strip.

    John Day

    Big Serge encapsulates what we have been following in the Russia-NATO proxy war in Ukraine. The NATO preparations from 2014, to make a NATO-style Ukrainian army, to use against Russia, were met with a Russian response 2 years ago, as Ukrainian artillery preparation began for an assault on Donetsk and Luhansk. The first NATO army was destroyed in 2022, leading to peace negotiations, thwarted by UK PM, Boris Johnson at NATO’s behest. Ukraine made some counteroffensive gains after Russia stepped back during peace-negotiations. A second and third Ukrainian NATO-spec army have been eliminated, along with global stockpiles of Soviet-era military equipment and ordnance.
    Ukraine has suffered severe attrition of military age men, due to vast battlefield losses. The Ukrainian soldiers and people have lost the will to keep fighting. The ability and political-will of the western European countries and US to supply this losing war are rapidly evaporating.
    Russian military production has vastly increased, and is replacing stockpiles, while keeping up with war-usage. NATO+Ukraine production falls far short of this, and is not on track to ever meet daily demands of artillery shells, as one example.
    As time progresses, the negotiating position of Ukraine/NATO will only worsen, but desperate ploys are now presented as some kind of “save” for the “Ukraine will win” story.
    Russia has the capacity to keep grinding forward along the vast front, and to also make large, dramatic advances as it sees fit. Russia moves vast military reserves around behind the lines of combat, forcing Ukraine to move reserves and war machinery, weakening other points of that line.
    ​ Russo-Ukrainian War: The Deluge

    ​ JACK POSOBIEC and MIKE BENZ: When the dust settles, Ukraine will be ‘the largest operation in CIA history’
    ​ “It’s my contention that when the dust settles on this, the Ukraine skirmish in the aftermath of the 2014 Maidan coup is going to ultimately be the largest operation in CIA history.”​ Compared to the CIA’s Syrian operation under Barack Obama, which was revealed to be the most expensive operation up to this point, Ukraine will blow it out of the water once ​all said and done, Benz said.
    ​ Posobiec clarified that Benz was implying the NYT article was a “limited hangout” when “an operation becomes so compromised, or public knowledge or public interest becomes so obvious around something,” that the CIA begins to unveil pieces of the big picture, like an “onion.”
    ​ When the US involved itself in Ukraine in the Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John Brennan era, “We were riding high and riding dirty. And that’s what this was, we thought we were unstoppable and we could just coup anyone we wanted, there’d never be any repercussions, and no one would ever stand up for themselves, and Russia would never actually backstop it,” Benz said.

    ​ Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto also warned Western leaders that talk of direct NATO intervention could lead to a “third world war”
    ​ Ukraine will not be able to strengthen its negotiating position on the battlefield as some Western leaders think it will, and the longer peace talks are postponed, the worse the outcome will be for Kiev, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto has warne.
    ​ Speaking to Radio Kossuth on Sunday, Szijjarto said that he has been “hearing for months” about how the Ukrainian military is gaining ground at the front “from which they can start negotiations from a better position.”​ “In recent weeks, it has become clear that this scenario has failed, that time is on Russia’s side,” he continued, warning that “the later a ceasefire is called and negotiations begin, the worse it will be for Ukraine.”

    ​ Concerned about a weaponized financial system, many countries have signaled plans to remove their gold and other assets from the U.S. in the wake of the unprecedented Western sanctions imposed on Russia over its invasion of Ukraine.
    ​ And at least one congressman is demanding answers from the Federal Reserve as to how much foreign gold has actually been removed from U.S. shores so far.​..
    ..(The) FRBNY’s gold holdings decreased from 2012 to 2019, then increased by 10,000 bars from 2019 through this year.
    Assuming the Fed’s website is accurate, one possible reason for the recent uptick is that FRBNY has taken custody of the gold from Ukraine’s central bank.
    ​ Has Ukrainian Gold Offset the Withdrawals of Other Nations?​ Such a scenario would explain news reports from 2014 about Ukraine’s gold reserves being “hastily airlifted” to the United States from Borispol Airport just east of Kyiv.
    ​ At the time, the New York Fed refused to answer questions from the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee about whether it had taken possession of Ukraine’s gold. But when Ukraine disclosed in July 2022 that it had sold $12 billion of its gold reserves since the Russian invasion, the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee returned to the issue.
    ​ “The United States and its allies have appropriated tens of billions of dollars in military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine. So why would Ukraine need to sell its gold reserves unless doing so was a condition of all that U.S. and European assistance, especially since the United States already had taken custody of the Ukrainian gold?” Chris Powell asked in a July 2022 article.
    ​ Chris Powell told Headline USA that it’s time for the Federal Reserve to start providing answers.​ “What does the Federal Reserve know about international gold flows that it doesn’t want the American people to know? Does this knowledge involve the grotesque financial mismanagement of the U.S. government and its currency? Why shouldn’t the American people know?”

    ​ Why They Are Creating $1 Trillion Of Debt Every 100 Days
    ​ The house of cards, built upon a crumbling foundation of debt comes crashing down when deficits are allowed to drop below $1 trillion. Running in place gets more expensive by the day.
    Now it requires $1 trillion of new debt every 100 days to achieve nothing but remaining static economically. The regime media pundits and the cabal on Wall Street tell us the economy is doing great. No recession in sight. All is well. The dumbed down and distracted ignorant masses don’t realize all the reported “economic growth” is “created” by the government, enabled by The Fed, spending billions on their wars in Ukraine and the Middle East, funneling the money into the Military Industrial Complex corporations; paying for the transportation, feeding, and housing of the illegal invading hordes; hiring more government drones to harass the citizenry, and desperately trying to prop up a corrupt tottering empire in its final death throes.


    Good resource for on-the-ground snow conditions in CA: ALERT Wildfire Cams

    Bersepeda di hutan. “Everything’s so f#(+ing GREEN!!!


    Finishing off the 2nd Abrams

    Double tap to the head

    John Day

    Germany launches investigation into leaked Crimean Bridge attack talk​ , The Defense Ministry fears that Russia may have spied on Luftwaffe generals
    ​ “We are checking whether communications within the Air Force were intercepted,” a spokesperson for the German Ministry of Defense told the outlet Bild. “We cannot say anything about the content of the communications that were apparently intercepted.”​…
    ..The Bundeswehr has also resorted to censorship. Multiple accounts on X (formerly Twitter) that distributed the recording were blocked in Germany as of Friday evening.

    ​ Gilbert Doctorow has a theory about how this completely avoidable leak of a high level military meeting got out. The outcome might be the opposite of the intention: The Bundeswehr scandal: loose ends
    ​ There are many ‘loose ends’ in the story about the Bundeswehr generals discussing how to use Taurus missiles to destroy the Kerch (Crimea) bridge, not least of which is the question of Russians supposedly breaking secure communications lines to obtain the recording which RT’s Margarita Simonyan made public…
    ..Sosnovsky … asked who were the generals recorded on the tapes, what are their relations to the civilian authorities in Germany and to Big Brother in Washington. When you do that, the plot really thickens.
    ​ The overall commander of the Luftwaffe, Lt General Gerhartz is very close to German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius, who depends on him for advice on military questions since he, Pistorius, is clueless…
    ..Sosnovsky speculates that the discussion of possibilities for using Germany’s 500 km range, air launched Taurus cruise missiles to attack the Kerch (Crimea) bridge, a discussion in which Gerhartz acted as moderator, was intended to find holes in the Chancellor’s arguments against turning over these weapons to the Ukrainians. The fact that their conversation was overheard, that is to say ‘tapped,’ by outsiders may not have been an accident but instead was their very intention. In short, Sosnovsky is suggesting that a putsch to oust Scholz from power may have been the real intent of the plotters.​
    ​ This scenario is supported by the use of communication lines that were not and could not be completely secure.​ Discussions of such confidential security issues are, by military regulation, never to be held with anyone outside the boundaries of the Federal Republic. And yet one of the key participants, Erik Gräfe, was in Singapore at the time and the line was WebEx internet telephony from Cisco, meaning that U.S. intelligence could have easily intercepted it, not to mention the intelligence gatherers of another 15 countries, including Russia.
    ​ As Sosnovsky points out, Gräfe was not vacationing in Singapore. No, he was just on a stopover on his way to Alaska. To Alaska? In this regard, it is highly relevant to mention that Gräfe has had close professional relations with the Americans. At the end of 2019, he was appointed as the Federal Republic’s military attaché in the German embassy in Washington. This was when he was promoted to the rank of Brigadier General.
    ​ I will take a step beyond the educated guesswork of Mr. Sosnovsky and ask whether it was not indeed Washington that was behind this putsch plot, since to its more rabid Russophobes in the Biden administration Scholz is not fit to purpose.

    The Bundeswehr scandal: loose ends

    Macron did his job and said his lines.​ Macron’s Idea to Send NATO Troops to Ukraine ‘Made Him Look Very Foolish’–1117069472.html

    Blackwater founder calls for ‘ugly peace’ in Ukraine​, The West should recognize Crimea and Donbass as part of Russia in order to freeze the conflict, Erik Prince has said

    ​ The Internationalization of the Neo-Liberal Shock​
    Looking at the present day, under the light of the formulation revealed by Astrid Klein’s​ “The Shock Doctrine” is an enlightening challenge and absolutely reveals the historical importance of the analysis that is carried out, even if, in my opinion, it suffers from a certain “historical punctuality” considering the moments of application of a process that has come to be known as “neo-liberal economic shock theory”.
    ​ Klein’s analysis, based on known historical facts, recounts secret CIA experiments in psychology and psychiatry, the application of the techniques in Pinochet’s Chile and many other countries (including post-Soviet Russia), and the neo-liberal doctrine of Milton Friedman’s “Chicago Boys”, tells us of a process whereby the population is put into a permanent state of shock in order to leave it unresponsive (as in lobotomy treatments), so that, under the cover of the generated amorphism, extremely unpopular measures are applied which, above all, are diametrically opposed to the interests of the majority…​
    ..We can draw two direct conclusions: the process of applying the shock doctrine evolved from the nation state to the entire world; it also evolved, from the financial component, to broader ones, such as total war; always in an increasing logic of evolution from the least to the most complex, until, if we do not prevent it, our total destruction.
    ​ From the particular to the general, this is the movement that led to the refinement, expansion and globalization of the shock doctrine. The most impoverished countries serve as guinea pigs, allowing the test that is then generalized to the whole world. This is the essence of American and Western hegemony; this is why it is in direct contradiction with the interests of the peoples!
    ​ And they bring us into a world of permanently induced, international, multifaceted and totalizing shocks, always under the pretext for which lies in the “need for protection”; but the result is unequivocal: with each session, each layer, we find ourselves increasingly gagged, conditioned and impoverished.
    ​ The ultimate contradiction: the more shocked we are, the more disarmed we become!

    The Internationalization of the Neo-Liberal Shock

    John Day

    ​ Potentially “shocking” … Why Is Congress Nuking Northeast Gasoline Reserve As Part Of Bill To Avert Shutdown?
    ​On Sunday night, Congressional negotiators revealed a bill which will fund key parts of the government through the rest of the fiscal year which began in October…
    ..But what neither of them mention is that the bill also nukes the entire Northeast Gasoline Supply Reserve – which, at roughly 1 million barrels, is too small to matter on a national scale – but which could serve as a critical cache of energy in the event of another major disaster.
    The Northeast Gasoline Supply Reserve was established in 2014 following Hurricane Sandy, which cut through refineries and fuel terminals resulting in fuel shortages in some parts of the northeast. The rationale for draining it is that it “does not have the operational functionality that was envisioned post-Sandy,” former President Trump said of the supply in 2017.
    What’s more, once the reserve is drained, the bill mandates that the entire thing will be shut down.

    ​ As unelected British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak whined about ‘democracy’, a man in the UK was imprisoned for two years for the crime of distributing stickers that criticized mass migration.​ Yes, really.
    ​ Sam Melia, who has a young daughter and a wife 8 months pregnant with their second child, is behind bars after a judge ruled he had ‘incited racial hatred’ by distributing the stickers.​..
    ..While Melia was locked up for ‘offensive’ stickers, the same judge gave a man who was caught in possession of child sex images no jail time.

    Man Jailed For 2 Years Over Stickers as PM Whines About ‘Democracy’

    Hunter Finally Admits Joe Biden Is “The Big Guy”

    ​ Meryl Nass MD, Very Important: Mainstream Belarus TV runs a 7 minute segment on the WHO scam!!! [“Asymmetric counterattack” in proxy war? I wonder.]
    The dam (holding back information) is finally starting to leak. The truth is coming out and millions will learn what the globalists are using the WHO for: a world takeover. With English subtitles​.

    ​ More proof that COVID killed medical ethics
    ​ A February 12, 2024 Slay article reported that thousands of elderly COVID patients in the United Kingdom (U.K.) were secretly euthanized in April 2020 by injection with the drug Midazolam…
    ​..Having had a career in analytics, I was skeptical. I reviewed the ResearchGate investigation documentation fully expecting to find fake news. Instead, I found that the report was exceptionally well researched and documented, and the claim appears valid…
    ..About 28,000 care home residents died in April 2020 across England, which represented about one third or 33.5 percent of all deaths in England. Many of the UK elderly with comorbidities or terminal illnesses have died with euthanasia in care homes, and not from COVID-19 due to few cases of infections early in 2020.” …
    ​..“New guidelines were rapidly developed in early 2020 by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) for managing COVID-19 symptoms, including those at the end-of-life. The rapidly developed new guidelines effectively opened the door to implement a policy of euthanasia in UK during the pandemic.”

    John Day

    ​Meryl Nass MD, UK: Sunak, Mitchell and Cameron and the WHO
    John Stone reveals damning evidence of senior UK government officials’ involvement in WHO and GAVI – explaining the government’s refusal to discuss the WHO ‘Pandemic’ Treaty
    ​ Despite receiving a petition with over 100,000 signatures, the UK parliament refused (just a few weeks ago) to hold a debate about the UK’s continued membership of the World Health Organisation. In this guest post, John Stone provides a possible explanation – that senior Conservative Party politicians are completely entwined in the workings of the WHO and GAVI – both of which are heavily bankrolled by Bill Gates.

    ​ A Midwestern Doctor has curated video clips and excerpts clearly and well: This Senate Panel On The Vaccines Is The Red Pill We’ve All Been Waiting For
    This excellent presentation meticulously breaks down exactly what went awry throughout COVID-19. What everyone needs to know is summarized below.



    El Supremo Woketardistan



    Fast Take-out



    Letitia spends a lot more money than could be afforded by a civil servant. What were the odds?

    What do I mean? Well, in 2023 alone, James spent over $28,500 on hotels. Over $15,000 of that was spent on luxury hotels in Puerto Rico.


    Letitia James crushing it with that “sassy black women finger wagging” Thing.



    A Johns Hopkins medical errors study found last year, medical errors in the Empire of Lies were responsible for approximately 440,000 deaths in the US, making it the 3rd leading cause of death



    Oh Canazida!

    A restaurant in Toronto is charging people a 2% tax on their bill to fight climate change.

    Saving the planet one meal at a time!



    Same old same old…..

    Hardly anyone knows this history. Operation Gladio details the unholy alliance between the CIA, the Vatican, and the Mafia dating back to World War 2.

    They used the Vatican bank to launder billions of dollars from the Mafia and CIA drug trafficking



    Mexico wants to join BRICS in 2024!

    Feel the Burn Duh’merica







    John Day

    Go AMLO!
    BRICS+ Mexico

    Maxwell Quest

    Tom Luongo’s got a new piece out today explaining why Tulsi Gabbard is the best choice for Donald Trump’s VP pick. I wholeheartedly agree with him and said the same last week during coffee clutch. She ticks off many boxes to form a unifying ticket, one that would be difficult to assail by the DNC dirty tricks team. They would only end up shooting themselves in the foot with a bigger caliber than normal.

    The Supreme Court Resets the Game for Trump’s Vice-President


    Half million dead Ukrainians. Crippled and murdered women and children in Gaza. Why? The jew wants to rule over a Wasteland, count his money, and fuck kids. Its past time to pretend. Face the Demon


    So far this spring I have collected 28 litres of sap from my sugar maple tree in my back yard.
    I installed 4 taps into the maple tree in late January, unusually early.
    It turned out to be a good move because if I had waited until mid – February I would have missed half the sap flowing season.
    After the first week of February the sap flow has been more off than on.
    This past weekend, I finished boiling down the 28 litres of sap, that I had collected, in to 3/4 litre of maple syrup.
    It takes about 40 litres of sugar maple sap to create 1 litre of maple syrup.

    In my best corrupt Wall Street version:

    Backyard Sugarbush Operation:
    IPO pending -Share Offering Price $100,000 per share
    A 3 Year Money Losing Corporation
    Striving for market share.

    1st Quarter 2024 Preliminary Operational Results
    Maple Syrup operations got off to an earlier than expected successful start this year.
    All sugar maple tree taps were successfully installed the day before the sugar sap began flowing.
    To-date 28,000,000 micro-liters of sugar sap have been successfully collected.
    Boiling operations successfully boiled the sugar sap into 750,000 micro-liters of very sweet maple Syrup!
    The sweet smell of success!

      Maxwell Quest:

    Who will replace Biden at the Democrat Convention in August?
    Hillary Clinton
    Who will be the V.P. that will replace Trump when he resigns after his election?
    Tulsi Gabbard

    John Day

    Tom Luongo: The Supreme Court Resets the Game for Trump’s Vice-President
    (Oops, I see Maxwell House beat me to the coffee, er punch.)

    The Supreme Court Resets the Game for Trump’s Vice-President

    John Day

    @WES: If “you are what you eat”, be careful with so much sap, eh?

    John Day

    @Oroboros: I always endeavored to be one of the doctors who did not kill people.

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