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    The negative repo rate is simply due to there being a shortage of US bonds available to post as collateral in the repo market.
    The US Treasury could instantly relieve this situation by issuing more US bonds. But they are not.

    I see this as part of Yellen’s plan to try and indirectly, via Wall Street banks, impose negative interest rates (NIRP).
    She cannot do NIRP directly as all commodities would instantly go into backwardization, something she does not want to happen.

    We won’t know for sure if this is her plan until sometime after the end of March.

    Meanwhile I will continue to watch and will let you know more as I slowly try to figure things out. To say the least these bastards don’t make it easy to figure out what no good there are up to. My starting point is that they are up to “no good”.


    One wonders at the cognitive dissonance. The Green Zone in DC serves the same purpose as the Green Zone in Baghdad; it is to protect the Occupier’s government. It keeps the money flowing solely through Wall Street, not anywhere else. The propaganda and scapegoating of others has gone to such an extreme to keep this hidden. But it is impossible in a middle of the pandemic when the US public health system has failed. The only thing that will save the new world order is the three warp speed vaccines working despite, at the same time, the for-profit healthcare system (17.7% of the US GDP) purposefully exploits the ill.

Viewing 2 posts - 41 through 42 (of 42 total)
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