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    Keith Haring Untitled 1983   • Overweight, Obese Americans Make Up 8 in 10 Covid Hospitalizations (F.) • Mutant COVID Strains In Florida, New Yor
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle March 9 2021]

    Doc Robinson

    • Overweight, Obese Americans Make Up 8 in 10 Covid Hospitalizations

    This sounds fairly incriminating, at first glance. The “8 in 10,” more accurately stated, is 79.1%.

    “Among 148,494 adults who received a COVID-19 diagnosis during an emergency department (ED) or inpatient visit at 238 U.S. hospitals during March–December 2020, 28.3% had overweight and 50.8% had obesity.”

    But, hold on. What’s the percentage of the American adult population (in general) that is overweight or obese? 73.6% (in 2017-18, and might be higher for 2020?).

    So, 79% of those hospitalized for Covid are obese or overweight, while 74% of the general population is obese or overweight.

    79% vs 74% is not as remarkable as the headline might suggest.

    Well then, what if we only look at the data for the obese. “One half (50.8%) of adult COVID-19 patients in this analysis had obesity, compared with 43.1% in the total PHD-SR sample and 42.4% nationally.”

    If obesity was totally unrelated to the likelihood of being hospitalized with Covid, then we would expect around 42.4% of the hospitalized patients to be obese. The data shows that 50.8% are obese. This is frankly not as big a difference as I expected, based on earlier news coverage.

    Mister Roboto

    And probably a fairly significant percentage of those Covid-hospitalized overweight Americans are diabetic or at least pre-diabetic, I would be so bold as to venture.

    a kullervo

    “Between the body and death there is only me.”
    (The ego is the way the human body reacts to its demise.)

    “Saving lives” is a fallacy;
    “Procrastinating death” the sole reality.

    Basseterre Kitona

    Where’s the huge nationwide campaign to prevent this?

    • Overweight, Obese Americans Make Up 8 in 10 Covid Hospitalizations (F.)

    Well, firstly, exercise is a major component of overcoming obesity but getting outside for running & sport is in direct contradiction to the lockdowns…so can’t have that.

    And secondly, fat shaming is fast becoming taboo in the official woke-world with even words like obesity being spelled as if unspeakable, i.e., ob*sity. Good grief!

    madamski cafone

    @ Raul

    “Why does the Kremlin bother to deny this?• US Says Russia-Backed Outlets Spread Covid Vaccine ‘Disinformation’ (CNBC)”

    Possible reasons: their bots are learning as much about media manipulatiuon of the masses thrpough these exchanges as we are. Reacting promotes the illusion in the US that it’s still in the game (rather like espionage logic where you don’t let the spy know you’re onto him), which tends to keep us less jittery and therefore likely to do something we’ll all regret including Vlad and the lads.

    That said: “Russia’s embassy in Washington did not immediately respond to a request for comment.” They probably have a crack comedy team working with their experts in plebiscite groupthink dynamics to come up with a really good wisecrack.

    a kullervo

    Fully Vaccinated People Can Gather Without Masks – CDC (AP)

    The jab ploy is being pushed relentlessly.
    Obviously, this is not about money; what, then?
    Is it because TPTB crave the submission? Or are TPTB pursuing a specific goal by inoculating an alien agent in as many subjects as possible?

    (Is it possible for the common citizen to get an independent assessment on what the vaccines are made of?
    “Too expensive, too complicated, and you wouldn’t understand it anyways.”
    I thought so…
    A functioning society is based on shared trust, and trust doesn’t live here anymore.)


    For everyone taking Vitamin D supplements: I was listening to Robb Wolf’s podcast (Healthy Rebellion Radio), and he mentioned that Vitamin D can increase calcium retention. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, but it can be a bad thing if the body does not put the calcium in the right place. You want it in your bones, not your arteries. He recommends to take Vitamin D with Vitamin K2. Apparently Vitamin K2 helps the body figure out where the calcium should go.

    I am curious to hear if our resident doctors agree.

    I also recommend his podcast. He is another rebel who is fighting against the tech monopolies and the government censors who are trying to shut down scientific debate on a lot of food, health and nutrition topics.


    Who is actually in charge …..

    Feed the medical monopolies
    Feed the military
    Feed the Immigrants
    Feed the Sick,
    Feed the Overweight, and Obese
    Feed the seniors
    Feed the colored
    Feed the untoucheable
    Feed the poor
    Feed the non-producers,
    Feed the enemies
    Feed the politicians
    Feed the world

    Mister Roboto

    All these stories I see about “Russian disinformation” always crack me up. As though the US and the UK haven’t been doing the same thing all over the world ever since before I was even born?

    Maxwell Quest

    “The White House – 425 watching now”

    The most popular president since FDR! “10 million [votes] more than the previous record set by President Barack Obama in 2008.” Uh huh, sure.

    “Covid Outbreak In BC Care Home Where Residents, Staff Already Vaccinated (CBC)”

    With their death-grip (no pun intended) on media outlets I’m surprised that this story saw the light of day. Obviously, BC health staff need a three-day junket to NY for a Cuomo “How to Alter Covid Data and Get an Emmy” intensive.

    “Censorship – Cancel Culture”

    I watched the clip of Jimmy Dore’s interview with Hard Lens Media, who were shut down for a week by YouTube for unknown “policy” violations. Is it just me or did they both dance around the issue of YouTube censorship? Each kept insisting that this happened accidentally because of some algorithmic glitch. That it was unintentional. In other words, the decision to shut down Hard Lens Media was made by a computer and not some person in the morning staff meeting. And once this “mistake” is pointed out to YouTube they will quickly rectify it. Uh huh, sure.

    After watching this display of pussyfootery, I couldn’t help feeling that self-censorship is in full swing for everyone who makes their living on YouTube.


    @RIM: Grateful for the insightful and inspiring article by Bari Weiss – The Self-silencing Majority. This is a must-read for today. There are so many great ideas here that it was impossible to single out key points for fear of leaving out something essential.

    It takes my Winnie The Pooh post from yesterday into the stratosphere; my intention was to point out how “Cancel Culture” had itself been weaponized (and how we are mercilessly clubbing one anther to death). Buckle-up, this perfectly rational and practical piece of writing identifies self-silencing (individual censorship) as the response to ILLIBERIALISM which is the cause. She goes on to lay out the roadmap showing where we are, how we got here, where we are headed – and how to change course (including a call to action).

    This article has the potential to RE-FOCUS and RESET the conversation – in so many ways. Anyone else agree?

    Dr D Rich

    @Maxwell Quest

    Tucker Carlson censored by YouTube. Subtly or not so subtly depending on your YouTube acumen.

    Watch “Tucker Carlson Tonight 3/5/2021 FULL | FOX BREAKING TRUMP NEWS March 6 ,2021” on YouTube


    Pfizer’s behavior is just another reason not to trust their vaccine.

    joe’s 2 german shepherds have been banned from the white house for biting staff. Is joe forgetting to feed them or what? joe gave a nice speech yesterday. Not really sure what he was saying. Is he president marble now? Calling “heels up” harris!

    Looks like this coming weekend we need to “spring” forward an hour.

    Doc Robinson

    • Overweight, Obese Americans Make Up 8 in 10 Covid Hospitalizations (F.)

    As I pointed out in a comment above, “Overweight, Obese Americans” make up more than 7 in 10 Americans. The percentage hospitalized for Covid isn’t much different than the percentage in the general population.

    However, I looked at the hospitalization data in that CDC report and found:
    Americans Over 64 Make Up Nearly 8 in 10 Covid Deaths.

    A relevant comparison: 16.5% vs 76.5%
    Americans age 65 and older are only 16.5% of the population.
    Yet, that CDC report shows that 76.5% of the Covid deaths occuring in hospitals were age 65 and older.

    US population demographics:


    @ Boogaloo
    “I am curious to hear if our resident doctors agree.”
    Another poster asking very simple question, since whom else to ask?
    At this point it is irrelevant if the drum roll waiting for that answer will continue forever.

    Quite an interesting episode of mine in “our pot of democratic thinking” that looking back I can summarize.
    Aside from profanity laced reply by self elected comment traffic controller that I have no intention to return in kind, some expressed that they (somewhat?) “share my frustration” in asking the same question, others were quiet and at last some claim that they got all the answers that they needed.
    Well that’s that.

    madamski cafone

    @ SUsmarie108

    “Anyone else agree?”

    Yes. I already sent it to a few people.


    Looks like the Guardian has decided it’s time to take down Vitamin D.



    Piers Morgan stormed off the set of “Good Morning Britain” on Tuesday as a colleague called out his diatribes against Meghan Markle.
    Piers Morgan’s bizarre hatred of Meghan Markle just cost him his job

    Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan
    Meghan Markle
    Harry (no last name)

    Dr. D

    “Overweight, Obese Americans Make Up 8 in 10 Covid Hospitalizations (F.)”

    Thank every start they’re not doing anything about this. No one on earth would be safe.

    “You’re obese? Let’s bomb your food supply!”
    “Surely a $55 minimum wage will price food WAY out of your range.”
    “We’re outlawing everything but Nutrisystem Clif Bars. …Brought to you by Clif Bars for America and I approve this message.”

    But yeah, Type II diabetes kills more people in a month than COVID all year and nobody’s every cared that I remember. Corn syrup is subsidized and moves briskly while the U.S. forces Europe to take it overseas.

    “Dr. Fauci and other health experts are warning about the prospect of a “4th wave”

    Good news! They’ve lied about everything else they’ve ever said, so this too! Any reason they would know the future, or just unscientific, common sense, seat of the pants hunch like everything else?

    Good logic like this: “new cases and deaths have slowed” therefore they’re about to spike. Up = Down. War = Peace. Freedom = Slavery. In my world, when you say deaths have slowed you say, “Wow, great, that sounds nice,” Not “aw shucks, I’m certain, I stake my reputation that some new alien bubonic plague will land from Alpha Centuri and kill us all now.”

    Hey, remember Bird Flu? SARS? Swine Flu? Ebola? Yeah, I don’t either because they didn’t kill anyone. ADM did with HFCS and the Farm subsidies and pharmaceutical profits therein.
    “US Says Russia-Backed Outlets Spread Covid Vaccine ‘Disinformation’ (CNBC)”
    This is embarrassing. The United States is the clear leader in Covid and vaccine disinformation. It’s impossible to be otherwise since they’ve been reporting every fact, and its opposite, every day for a year.

    “Trump lashed out”

    All reporters are required by contract to use this phrase at least once per article. Taibbi is no exception. To hate is required.

    Martin Gurri is right though. Everything is going to change right now and be unrecognizable. Thank God. Authority is discredited. Since they haven’t deserved credit since before my father was born. Is there bad stuff too? Cause right now dis-crediting and drumming out “Authorities” who don’t know what the Defense Chief or a “Pentagon” is just a straight win.

    To censor is an act of deprivation, a taking away.”

    It’s also a “desperation”, meaning you already lost. Suck it, losers. Like I would care who Twitter censors. The whole population just leaves them as a bunch of un-funny, irrelevant, lemon-sucking church ladies, nags and scolds no normal human can stand. So have fun! They did just defend more man-boy-love accounts though, so…priorities.

    “That world I was born into was liberal.”

    Poor Bari still has a lot to learn. It was never liberal, and never truthful. We each think the time we were born into is “normal” and the changes are what’s new. This with gay generals working with black secret agents in the Revolutionary War, at a time when Abigail Adams and Dolly Madison were running the White House, as far back as you look. Eleanor of Aquitaine and Queen Elizabeth agree. It’s just a matter of being totally ignorant of history. Read a book, you two.

    Doc Robinson

    That article in the Guardian (linked by chettt) says that “evidence for a direct link between vitamin D deficiency and Covid outcomes is lacking.”


    Doc Robinson

    Yet, the study which the Guardian uses to support its claim says this:
    “our results do not apply to individuals with vitamin D deficiency.”


    Doc Robinson

    This bears repeating: That study, which questioned the Covid-related benefits of Vitamin D, did not apply to people having a vitamin D deficiency.

    If the Guardian were honest, it would instead report something like “Vitamin D supplements may offer no Covid benefits for those who already have adequate levels of Vitamin D, data suggests”

    Followed by reporting on the significant percentage of the population that is indeed deficient in vitamin D.

    Doc Robinson

    My above comment wouldn’t post until I divided it into 3 sections.

    Here’s the link to the study I quoted:


    I’ve been trying to think which book I shall memorize.

    Bari Weiss will find good company in Reality.

    I have Lewis’s book upstairs in my room- I was going to read it because I haven’t already, and because my sister said it was terrible.

    A while back people cited the late Rush Limbaugh saying an intelligent thing: ‘You know why there’s a Second Amendment? In case the government fails to follow the first one.’


    @a-kullervo you wrote “The jab ploy is being pushed relentlessly. Obviously, this is not about money; what, then?”
    I’ve wondered about that a lot.
    I do think a lot is about the money (for the manufacturers of course, and to make up lost $$$ for the hospitals after all of the revenue loss, the cancelled and postponed surgeries and procedures from last year)
    And yes for those that lean more sociopathic among the TPTB – yes, it’s simply power – they like the submission, the granting the promise of normalcy after months of fear
    And I’d add a couple more – the vaccine manufacturers can swoop in like the Second Coming and save humanity, a boost to their ego, prestige, and influence
    And my best guess is that the mRNA vaccines are an end-run around the regulatory process, so the tech can be deployed more broadly and with even less oversight from our milquetoast already-captured regulatory bodies. I wrote in comments a couple of weeks ago how little data is available for (long-term) effects of mRNA vaccines

    John Day

    @Boogaloo; Vitamin-D does not cause abnormal calcification of arteries or injured tissue. Vitamin-D does help the body absorb calcium and retain it. Vitamin-D and parathyroid hormone work in different ways to keep blood calcium levels about right. Vitamin-D allows calcium to be absorbed from the gut, and then used, and parathyroid hormone allows calcium to be extracted from the bones, to keep the blood level up. Vitamin-D receptors exist on every human cell. It’s a hormone we lost the ability to make, back when we lived in the sun. Vitamin K2 is good , somehow, and I have tested it in my body, for the claim that it is good for the heart, improving work efficiency. I tested it accidentally, and numerous times. I commute 11 miles each way on a fixed gear bike. The biggest uphill is on my way home. In the heat, there is added stress. Going up Steck on my fixie in the heat is better on days that I take the K2, and we had numerous days of running out in recent years. YMMV. Look at doses. Some pills have 100 times as much as others, for similar prices. Here is what we get:

    @Kultsummer: I don’t live here. I have not been able to look at the blog since early on Friday the 5th, when I posted something I had put together the night before. I have been so swamped with work lately that I have not been able to do more than work and sleep. I’m pretty oversubscribed right now, having had to work an extra 7 clinics since the ice storm ended, and having a whole lot of repair and replacement work to do in the 3 vegetable gardens I manage (Austin duplex, Austin clinic, Yoakum homestead).
    What is the question for which you seek an honest opinion? I’m sorry something has been eating you.
    I just spent an hour catching up on TAE posts and comments. It’s the first chance I have had.
    I got asked to go down to the Capital building tomorrow morning, asked last night, after a long day, to accompany Peter McCullough MD, as he goes to address some legislators regarding early treatment of COVID. I will be most humble, but I’ll do my best to present what I know and see and explain my experiences, if I am called upon. I have to get over to the clinic to work the afternoon, and that will take me another hour. I can’t blog or research again tomorrow, but maybe I can do something useful before clinic, maybe. I’m not being pissy. I would like to answer a question, if it is within my power to do so.
    Anyway, I keep trying to show up, but I’m running with the Red Queen these days.

    John Day

    @everybody: Obesity is an inflammatory condition. So is sleep deprivation. Inflammatory processes in the bloodstream allow SARS-CoV-2 to attack the blood vessel lining more aggressively, leading to clotting cascade and organ injury (think lungs from blood vessel side)
    Vitamin-D is very stabilizing to the endothelium (vessel lining). K2 is rumored to be a good Robin, to Vitamin-D’s Batman, but I’m weak on details.

    John Day

    Here is COVID in Texas, dail graphs from The Texas Tribune:

    Look how the second wave is just fizzling out to below the September low mark. Especially look at the very low percent positive tests.
    I think the Governor has made a shrewd bet to slightly front-run herd immunity. I also think it’s what the vaccine companies are trying to do, to take credit for what is well underway, already.


    I’m struggling and failing (several times) to get a reply including a link to post today.
    Kinda hard to believe this is just a “buggy” software update causing all these issues.
    But then Dr D seems to be able to post unimpeded.


    OK, so that posted just fine. I’ll try again with my link:
    Imperial College


    The context of the above link is the Guardian accidentally publishing a truth nugget (though conspicuously burying the lede wrt to the implications.
    Imperial College has no qualms about taking MI5 money to develop tools of surveillance. But they’re not thrilled that such links are revealed by the media.
    That seems kinda pertinent to the Neil Fergusson led clusterfuckery of the past 15 months..


    “But then Dr D seems to be able to post unimpeded. Weird..”

    No aspersions on the good Dr intended, only that the sometimes inflammatory content of his posts seems to survive unmolested.

    I’m keen to understand the “dark arts” and vagaraties of te WordPress.


    I have found the hardest thing about old age is the brain sees what it wants to see. I read that this is also a problem with youngsters who are raised watching smart phones. Charter schools kept open and public education closed does not help. It is frustrating how in the West public health procedures that prevent the transmission of coronavirus were dumped in a time of plague without a peep. Too many sick and dead, unsafe behavior, corporations making more money, and ignoring reality reflect the failure of government and the end of democracy — a Woke Plutocracy. This is what yesterday’s post “The Trial of Winnie the Pooh” illuminates so well.


    FWIW,, K2 can be helpful with calcium adsorption,
    there are 2 different compounds of different lengths
    and effects
    K2-4 is more for the cardio-vascular system
    K2-7 (and longer) is more for calcium metabolism
    I really hate cramps, so I pay close attention


    I have found the hardest thing about old age is the brain sees what it wants to see.

    “All lies and jest, still a man hears what he wants to hear, and disregards the rest.”

    V. Arnold

    I have found the hardest thing about old age is the brain sees what it wants to see.

    I would need you to expand on that a bit…
    Closing in on 76 in about 12 weeks myself; I do not fully understand your point.
    I look at things, and sometimes it takes me a few seconds to see what they are…
    …but in no way are these things mis-seen or mis-identified.
    Cognition is slowed a bit; but not skewed…
    So, it would be nice if you expanded a bit on that comment…
    Looking forward to your reply…

    Dr. D

    I was still hammered by comments, and most links deny, but I just adjusted. Outdated FireFox, W10.

    I agree Warner, their mRNA they sunk billions in was a total failure and couldn’t get approval. So they shove it down the world’s largest hamster experiment to make it so common knowledge mRNA is “safe” that they can use it anyway and recoup their losses. And all villains (and the rest of us) always see themselves as the misunderstood heroes. It’s possible it is safe, but I see this with the same companies and drugs, they’re determined to authorize them when the side effects are equal to the good effects and should perhaps pass. That’s their incentive structure.

    V. I see that in “old man brain”, which naturally is a cognitive and not a age function. Where they can’t see and absorb new learning, get flustered and emotional if required to, and because now information is glancing off, turn instead that any new thing remind them of past stories they can recall in great detail. Not sure the mechanism, especially as memory appears to open up when processing shuts down, but it’s been shown that doing new things even as mundane as puzzles can have an effect of keeping the mind “young.” I imagine there are a lot more nutritional/exercise components than they’re admitting.


    For those wishing to follow up for themselves on the Vitamin D study that Doc Robinson linked above, the relevant disclaimer regarding Vitamin D deficiency is on line 422. Good catch, Doc Robinson.

    Doc Robinson

    Re: Vitamin D article in the Guardian

    The first study cited by the Guardian doesn’t apply to people with a Vitamin D deficiency, as noted above.

    The other study cited by the Guardian is on shaky ground, as it used aggregate data for Covid mortalities and recoveries (obtained online from Worldometer) and estimations of overall prevalence of Vitamin D deficiencies in various countries (from mention they found in unrelated studies on PubMed.) It sounds like a high school level project. In my opinion, it doesn’t really address whether the Vitamin D deficient people in those countries would get improved Covid outcomes after taking Vitamin D supplements. The study admits that their findings are “not in line with outcomes of similar research works published recently.”

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