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    Message from Eric Clapton (I’m assuming that the old farts on here remember him!)

    Of course I do! He’s George Harrison’s best friend!


    Our gov’t here in Canada has been encouraging the mixing of v”vaccine” brands
    Now this
    Maybe not so good after all.
    Whoodathunk it?

    V. Arnold

    “Psychopathy and the Origins of Totalitarianism”

    I don’t quite know what to think about that very long read; definitely not a good read first thing in the morning… 😉
    I have railed till the cows come home, on the deterioration of Usians mental health…
    The video on fear is likely more helpful for the average reader; I can’t know that for certain.
    But fear surely opens the door to all kinds of psychopathy in the general population…
    Covid is being used as a fear generator (not to beg the obvious) and it is as good as it gets…
    Totalitarianism is already entrenched in the U.S.; and I do not see anything getting better…whatever the hell that means…

    V. Arnold

    From above ^:
    Totalitarianism is already entrenched in the U.S.; and I do not see anything getting better…whatever the hell that means (better)…

    John Day

    You may recall the Spanish study last year:
    Seventy-six patients (45 men (59%) and 31 women) were enrolled in the study and randomized: 26 without calcifediol treatment, 50 with calcifediol treatment (Fig. 1). Mean age was 53 ± 10 (mean ± SD) years, being 54 ± 9 years for men and 51 ± 11 years for women. There was no significant gender difference in age between patients in each group (p = 0.09)…
    ​ ​At baseline, there was no significant difference in number of subjects with at least one risk factor. Patients assigned to calcifediol were slightly (not significantly) older, whereas the control group had a higher percentage of hypertension (Table 2).
    ​ ​Among 26 patients not treated with calcifediol, thirteen required ICU admission (50%), while out of fifty patients treated with calcifediol only one required admission to the ICU, whereas the other patients remained in conventional hospitalization…
    ​ ​Of the patients treated with calcifediol, none died, and all were discharged, without complications. The 13 patients not treated with calcifediol, who were not admitted to the ICU, were discharged. Of the 13 patients admitted to the ICU, two died and the remaining 11 were discharged.

    A participant on the C-19D list (Dr. McCullough’s listserv) posted a site for purchase of calcifediol in the US/Canada “d.velop”.
    Their site is very glossy and does not show a product information level.
    We are not their target demographic. I’m sure.
    The fact that d.velop is selling calcifediol in the US means that it’s not illegal to do so.

    I wonder if somebody in India will send it in bulk, and larger doses.

    The best I can tell, d.velop are selling 60 pills of 10 mcg each, for about $20 + shipping., which is 3.3 cents per mcg..
    Rayaldee, which I just now discovered, is prescription calcifediol in the US. It costs about $1200 for 900 mcg, which is about $1.30 per mcg.



    Mixing is what Justin does best! Afterall he routinely mixes our money as his money!

    John Day

    @Absolute Galore: That same wealth of information on the C19-D list provided this global vitamin-D deficiency map in this scholarly article.
    Indians have considerably worse and more prevalent rates of vitamin-D deficiency than Black Americans!

    John Day

    @Thomasjkenne, who said: regarding remembering Eric Clapton:
    “Of course I do! He’s George Harrison’s best friend!”

    Clapton wrote Layla to Harrison’s wife, who later became Clapton’s wife.

    Behind the Song: “Layla,” Eric Clapton

    (Thomasjkenne was making an old farts inside joke, and I outed him to the kids.)

    V. Arnold

    I had zero success with Kachhela Medex Private Limited in ordering Ivermectin.
    They don’t take debit/credit cards
    They only take USD
    On another note; I have also had zero success in finding any other sources…
    Needless to say, I’m not very happy re: this developement…..


    V. Arnold:

    Your experience mirrors mine too! No luck dealing with them since there is no way to send them USD.88

    V. Arnold

    Your experience mirrors mine too! No luck dealing with them since there is no way to send them USD.88

    Did you finally find some Ivermectin?


    V. ARNOLD:

    No not yet! I am going to try thru my doctor as zerosum did. Had phone appointment for Thursday morning but my wife is stealing the appointment! So am trying to make a new one!


    Good Luck!

    island raider

    I don’t know if it will work in the Great White North, but you might check on the FLCCC website. They do have a button ‘How to get Ivermectin’, which I know has worked for some people. Don’t know about you Canucks. (BTW Letterkenny rocks!)

    Just had a conversation with someone today that had a very nasty Covid battle. Very. Local medical center (something less than a hospital by a long sight) would not let her come to the ER unless she was unable to breath. She was damn close (“like breathing through a small straw”) and suffered for seven freaking weeks. She had never heard of Ivermectin. The freaking catholic church sponsored medical center is going to follow the WHO rules, damnit! This is beyond dystopic. Beyond idiotic. She is now in long-covid misery. I let her know about the covidlonghaulers website. She is pissed. So much suffering could have been avoided, except for abject, horrific, inexcusable greed. I am now fully aware that they are intent on killing us. I think that is the purpose of this. I want to say words that would make a difference, but I don’t have them and don’t know how to use them to make a difference if I did. So sad. So bleak. Foreshadowing a future…

    “We thought we were getting something for nothing, but we were really getting nothing for everything.”


    @ Wes & VArnold:

    Yesterday I received an order of 200 Dexamethasone tablets ($6 + $30 shipping) from Kachhela.
    I paid him in Rupees using a Revolut card.

    Get yourself a Revolut card. You can send just about any currency to anywhere in the world, at currency spot rates and with no fee. No kidding.

    This web site makes it look complex, but it’s very simple.

    I just contacted them to ask if they calcifediol.


    “Uttar Pradesh government says early use of Ivermectin helped to keep positivity, deaths low”


    Amazing Uttar Pradesh stats:

    Mister Roboto

    Very well said, island raider. And I know how you feel. Right now all I can do is pray for my best friend from the good old daze. In addition to dreading the concrete wall our whole civilization is blindly speeding towards.

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