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    Daniel Garber The quarry 1917   • Public Health and the Triumph of Irrationality (CP) • Your Immune System Evolves to Fight Coronavirus Variants
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle May 13 2021]


    “However, influence of the blood groups on COVID-19 infection and its outcome remains to be confirmed”

    V. Arnold

    Daniel Garber The quarry 1917

    Another Garber; I like The Quarry very much; Garber’s style is very appealing to my esthetic…

    The Scream/Lego cartoon is very funny…

    Mister Roboto

    I haven’t seen the RT piece yet, but if it’s true that “anti-vaxxer” is now anyone who opposes mandatory Covid jabs, that’s really a very foolish move. A lot of us are actually almost militantly pro-vaccine when it comes to conventional, well-tested, tried-and-true vaccines (which is not to say all conventional vaccine procedures are necessarily perfect). Forcing us into the anti-vaxxer camp (because our opposition is unlikely to be deterred by being painted with that particular broad brush) will only help the cause of the actual anti-vaxxers. Way to freaking go, authoritarian bozos!

    The official count of Covid cases continues to decline in Wisconsin. We’re now down to a seven-day-average of 600 cases a day, which is only twice that of our summertime 2020 low of 300 a day. I expect it to continue to fall. {/knock on simulated wood}

    Basseterre Kitona

    Does anyone still realize how short we’ve become on science and rationality in the Covid response? And how we claim the exact opposite?

    I’ve been complaining about that for a year now. It has nothing to do with public health and everything to do with public tyranny. Forget the heart disease and cancer, what about mosquitos ?! Mosquito borne illness kills almost 3 million people every year…so why aren’t we harassing people in public that wear shorts and sandals? They should be covered head-to-toe. Don’t they know how dangerous their behavior is to other people?


    OK folks – now it’s become really serious:

    “COVID-19 can infect penis tissue and could lead to erectile dysfunction – study.”

    The absurdity will never end.
    Please make it stop!
    :-)) :-)) :-))

    Dr. D

    the Illogic meant to make us despair of life and it’s working. “Hell is the absence of reason.”

    “But now scientists are starting to find some signs of hope on the human side of this microbe-host interaction.”

    You mean besides that you’re 99.997% likely to live if you’re below the average age of death? That kind of hope? Gosh, don’t oversell it.

    Oh and guess what? If you 99.997% survived it, you have immunity for decades. If you vaccine, you have immunity for weeks. …After enduring the side effects. So it’s like giving yourself Covid every 12 weeks for sport. So of course we choose the latter. Who makes money when you live? No one, that’s who. Just an extension of the war complex. Peace doesn’t pay, or pays the wrong people.

    outbreaks have grown by 93 and 86 per cent in a week”

    What does this mean? Like last time, they had 20 people and now have 40? Also, outbreaks where no one goes to the hospital and no one dies? Now why am I suspicious like that? Is it because I know if 300 people a week died in these areas, they’d lead with that number instead? So if they’re not saying, it’s not happening. At all, guaranteed. Just like they could only find a single crank who says it’s 60% worse, and all 6,000 other doctors said it wasn’t?

    “Merriam-Webster: ‘Anti-Vaxxer’ Now Includes Those Who Oppose Forced Jabs (RT)”

    You’re an anti-vaxxer if you support Nuremberg and UN Human rights. Oh and the Constitution. But we knew that.

    But don’t worry: since their sole enemy is logic and truth, tomorrow it will change again. What other use is authority other than to abuse it? It doesn’t pay if you use it honestly. See war, above.

    Tesla Will Stop Accepting Bitcoin As Payment Due To Fossil Fuel Use (JTN)”

    Sure, they called him on the phone and said they’d write a check if he’d do this and trade off some coins they could use to attack the market. That is, illegally rig, manipulate, and collude to commit securities fraud. Musk, since his company runs on fraud, stock-rigging, and extortion, happily agreed. That’s why he bought BTC and Doge in the first place: because he makes no money on the few cars he sells (and burns) and this is a way to squirm the ponzi a little longer. Everyone agrees and applauds.

    “Man Who Alleges He Created Bitcoin Takes £4bn Claim to London High Court (R.)”

    Laymen are missing the point: all he has to do to prove he created it is to produce the private keys. That is, the one thing he can’t and isn’t capable of. Lucky him, since he’d promptly be murdered. He was already SWATted (illegally) in Australia for the same thing.

    “It’s highly fashionable to try and ban countries from international financial systems.”

    Yes, and that is a boycott, embargo, or by its old name, a blockade. That is a well-defined act of war. But what is more fashionable is to attack someone else and claim you’re the poor wittle wictim, never did nuffin’. A narcissistic sociopath specialty.

    ““When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is…in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control.” –Dalrymple


    Well articulated pro-ivermectin article from Slovenia:

    “Ivermectin successfully prevents infection with the sars-cov-2 virus, doctors from many countries report. Why is it not allowed?”

    Why indeed!


    Peter Hotez sounds a terrifying and dangerous creature.

    They’re coming for the kids under the guise of ‘herd immunity’ – as if an experimental vaccine was the only way for it to occur.
    It’s almost criminal, yet certainly profitable.

    Mister Roboto

    Yesterday, Germ posted an interview with Dr. Sebastian Rushworth, author of Covid: Why Most Of What You Know Is Wrong. It may be of interest to note that Amazon initially refused to offer its customers Dr. Rushworth’s book, but they relented a week later after enough people, presumably regular Amazon customers, protested this attempt at censorship.

    WRT the article, I have to say that I have always been and remain very dubious about legislating the nutritional content of food. Warning labels? Sure. But if you recall the misguided anti-saturated fat/ anti-cholesterol craze of the nineteen-eighties, legislating the nutritional content of food would involve one school of thought or another informing any such legislation.


    So often, what appears to initially be crackpot Conspiracy Theory turns out to actually be Conspiracy Fact!

    We show here that SARS-CoV-2 RNA can be reverse-transcribed and integrated into the genome of the infected cell and be expressed as chimeric transcripts fusing viral with cellular sequences. Importantly, such chimeric transcripts are detected in patient-derived tissues.


    If you want to poison rats you must do it slowly. Rats can’t vomit so they are very cautious about what they eat. They wait to see if a younger or sillier ot hungrier rat takes the bait or if a mouse does. Then they wait to see if it dies. If it doesn’t then they will eat the poison which apparently smells appetising to them.

    It’s sad I have to teach my kids to behave like rats but that’s modern life.


    I’m with you on that one Germ. I will entertain any conspiracy theory these days up to and including the Queen being a lizard.

    Mister Roboto

    WRT the Covid vaccines imparting herd immunity: I don’t really have an in-depth understanding of immunology, but if the only thing the Covid vaccines can promise is a significantly reduced likelihood of experiencing severe Covid symptoms, I’m at a loss to understand how this would lead to herd immunity. Might the virus be more transmissive when one is experiencing severe illness from it? The problem with that, though, is that when someone is that ill, they are generally in the hospital or at least self-quarantining.


    My Queen is not a lizard – Dammit!!

    absolute galore

    @Mister Roboto wrote: “…if the only thing the Covid vaccines can promise is a significantly reduced likelihood of experiencing severe Covid symptoms, I’m at a loss to understand how this would lead to herd immunity.”

    No need to understand, since it is not happening. NY Yankees, with over 85% vaccinated, have “clubhouse immunity” yet now report 7 covid cases among coaching and staff (tested multiple times presumably with the current lower cycle PCR so probably legit). It would seem that transmission by those vaccinated, since most often asymptomatic, would be more damaging than spread by those who are unvaccinated, who will typically stay home when they get symptoms. Some details:

    …It was also confirmed by Boone that pitching coach Matt Blake has joined third base Phil Nevin and first base coach Reggie Willits as members of the coaching staff testing positive for the virus. A couple additional staff members had positive tests confirmed on Wednesday, bringing the total there to four.

    Six of the seven are asymptomatic. All are fully vaccinated.

    “We’re seeing the vaccinations also kind of blunt the effects of the virus,” Boone said. “We’re also learning as we go and getting informed as what we need to do exactly and just try to do as best we can to be able to make quick adjustments on the fly. Just doing the best we can with it all.”

    The Yankees on April 30 were able to relax MLB protocols after reaching an 85 percent vaccination rate among players and staff such as managers, coaches and athletic trainers.

    Full article here


    ‘herd immunity’
    memory B cells activate, quickly produce antibodies and block the virus from creating a second serious infection.
    our immune system cells—which remember past infections and react to them—might have their own abilities to change, countering mutations in the virus. What this means, scientists think, is that the immune system might have evolved its own way of dealing with variants.

    • Covid Surges In 4 Of 5 Most Vaccinated Countries (F.)
    India’s Covid variant, (mutant B.1.617.2 virus)

    covid pandemic preparations required a lot of money and stock pilling inventory
    (preparation was inconsistent and underfunded)

    ivermectin, which is intended for the treatment of parasitic infections, successfully prevents sars-cov-2 infection and significantly alleviates the course of the disease in infected people.

    Where is ‘herd immunity’?
    85 percent vaccination rate
    7 Yanks coaches, staff have virus


    Germ you are comparatively lucky only to have one Queen.In Spain we have two. I dont know if they are lizards but they are certainly thieves

    John Day

    John Ward thinks the Queen did not wear her crown as she read “The Queen’s Speech”, as a protest of the contents of that speech.

    John Day

    Germ Appreciation:
    First, thanks for seeing if India can send some calcifediol.
    Second, here is an excerpted summary of a link posted yesterday:

    Ed Curtain puts a face on perspective, as the Wars Against Terror come home to turn terrorized Americans against each other. (Let’s don’t, ok?) Thanks Jeremy.  The executive director of the U.S. cover story – the fictional 9/11 Commission Report – was Philip Zelikow, who controlled and shaped the report from start to finish.
      It is even less well known that Zelikow, a professor at the University of Virginia, was closely associated with Condoleezza Rice, George W. Bush, Dickey Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Brent Scowcroft, et al. and had served in various key intelligence positions in both the George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush administrations. In 2011 President Obama named him to his President’s Intelligence Advisory Board as befits bi-partisan elite rule and coverup compensation across political parties.
      Perhaps it’s unknown or just forgotten that The Family Steering Committee for the 9/11 Commission repeatedly called for Zelikow’s removal, claiming that his appointment made a farce of the claim that the Commission was independent.
      Zelikow said that for the Commission to consider alternative theories to the government’s claims about Osama bin Laden was akin to whacking moles.  This is the man, who at the request of his colleague Condoleezza Rice, became the primary author of (NSS 2002) The National Security Strategy of the United States of America, that declared that the U.S. would no longer abide by international law but was adopting a policy of preemptive war, as declared by George W. Bush at West Point in June 2002…….The Biden administration has directed its resources inward toward domestic “terrorists”: that is, anyone who disagrees with its policies.  This is especially aimed at those who question the COVID-19 story.   Now Zelikow has been named to head a COVID Commission Planning Group based at the University of Virginia that is said to prepare the way for a National COVID Commission…. Zelikow, a member of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Global Development Program Advisory Panel, will lead the group that will work in conjunction with the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security at the Bloomberg School of Public Health… Zelikow’s involvement, among other things, suggests we are in the second phase of a long war of terror waged with two weapons – military and medical – whose propaganda messaging is carried out by the corporate mainstream media in the pursuit of the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset…  Please do not recall The Nuremberg Code.  Especially number 7: “Proper preparations should be made and adequate facilities provided to protect the experimental subject against even remote possibilities of injury, disability or death.” (my emphasis)
    “Now is the time to just do what you are told,” as Anthony Fauci so benevolently declared…  We are now in a long war with two faces.  As with the one justified by the mass murders of September 11, 2001, this viral one isn’t going away.

    John Day

    Any “vaccine” will be 100% effective in preventing something that never happens, right?
    What about the side effects of having spike protein in your bloodstream?


    I skimmed thru the WHO report on cov19 Origins (download at link 1.) I read 2 summaries, one by a virologist. Of interest as well, a long interview of Brice Perrier (a scribbler, not a doc / scientist, acceptable, imho) who has written a book about cov19 origins which I intend to read, link 3, in French.

    Btw, why aren’t there a whole slew of books published about cov-19, how to resist it, save your marriage from it, feed your kiddos the proper foods, adapt to the new normal, etc. etc.…? 🙂 (Because only the vaxx affords salvation, protection, safety, love..)

    N.B. the report is a joint WHO-China Study. 17 experts from WHO, and 17 Chinese experts.

    N.B. Tedros has stated that more investigation is needed (link 2).

    Bowlderized summary. (Many details of interest in the report, other story.)

    Most Likely. A zoonotic origin. /From bat —> / to cat, rabbit, mink, other. The pangolin is not favored.

    Possible. Direct transmission from bats possible! (Here the 96% identity with the RaTG13 virus that infected the miners cleaning up in the mine in 2012 and which killed 3 of them is mentioned.)

    Very unlikely, or downright odd. Transmission by frozen food to China in 2019 originating in some animal reservoir (not in China.)

    Extremely improbable but can’t be excluded. Escape from a a lab.

    link > WHO:


    The vaccination roll-out is causing big disruptions in interpersonal friendships among folks I know. Masks and lockdowns are one thing but vaccination seems to take it to another level. The reactions of people to the vaccine choice (to vaccinate or not) does not seem to be predictable based on knowing a person’s overall perspective -I am continually shocked. The stakes are very high and conversation gets heated very quickly. I find myself side by side with alt-right folks with whom I usually share nothing in terms of what is best in the rest of society.

    madamski cafone

    A farewell note. A proselytization, if you will.

    Many here know what a systempunkt is. A catalyst that precipitates the collapse of a vulnerable system. It is normally associated with negative consequences.

    I have come to believe in a kind of systempunkt that creates positive consequences, a catalyst that precipitates not the collapse of evil but the advance of good, the thing that evil cannot withstand.
    I quote from a book that has been powerfully and positively transformative for me: “…the most powerful tool we have in the world to save the world is Baumhertzig. Do you know this word?”

    “Mercy, isn’t it?”

    “Not quite. It is a small act of compassion. A small act of compassion, particularly when it is done with no desire for recognition and fame or praise, creates an explosion in the spiritual world. It is a mighty artillery. There is nothing more powerful and therefore every day you must look for Baumhertzig, even if it is picking up a worm from the street. And when you do it in secret, it is a thousand times more powerful. This is why in the Sermon on the Mount Jesus referred to this so many times, in prayer, in giving, in doing good deeds, in helping your adversary. It is all Baumhertzig.”

    I like how Baumhertzig looks like the good twin to its evil brother, blitzkrieg. May we all find our way to personal peace that can be shared. Yowzah, amen, & selah,


    Sell Me a Diamond

    madamski cafone

    P.S. Something to occupy your rational consciousness while your irrational consciousness (the vastly greater part of human awareness) struggles to fins hope, peace, love and understanding:

    Pragmatic Proof of God

    Doc Robinson

    • Merriam-Webster: ‘Anti-Vaxxer’ Now Includes Those Who Oppose Forced Jabs (RT)

    I don’t agree with that definition, but it’s been that way since the Internet Archive first recorded Merriam-Webster’s definition of “anti-vaxxer” in 2018.

    Definition of anti-vaxxer
    : a person who opposes vaccination or laws that mandate vaccination


    What’s up with all those job openings and no one available to fill them?

    The folks who believe that an army of lazy, PJ wearing peeps are sitting at home partying on UE benefits – will fiercely defend the idea that there is zero incentive to work. Including the idea that covid down time has re-wired our desires. There’s some truth to that.

    Then there are those who see an even bigger picture. Like CHS who continues show us how and why we are here – and to post a favorite chart: Shares of gross domestic income. The “take this job and shove it” mentality has a place in the discussion.

    Here’s the CHS post:

    And for other POV, Ticker Guy with this:

    I find the contrast interesting.


    Ahhh madamski!

    You have arrived. You are in a beautiful place of your own unveiling.

    “And when you do it in secret, it is a thousand times more powerful. ”

    Thank you for sharing your understanding – and translation of the potentiality in -> COMPASSION IS LOVE.

    Hari Om Tat Sat.
    Om Shanti.


    Calcifediol is not available from Kachhela.
    Better start taking 4,000 – 8,000 IU Vit D3 daily at the end of summer.


    @ Sumac – same here.

    My very Dem US in-laws are extremely concerned that my wife, son and I are not going to get jabbed. No way.
    Normally we fly over for Xmas – maybe not this year!
    And, he’s a well respected Dr.
    It’s becoming a very divisive issue.

    I am shocked that he would expect our 17-year old to ‘take the shot’.
    Just nuts.

    They recently refused to allow a poker friend to rejoin their card group as he wasn’t getting jabbed.

    I never thought I would want to move to Florida or Texas!!


    Here it is! Bingo !!

    “Don’t mention Ivermectin; it’ll upset the vaccine rollout”



    Where are the sawbones when you need them? Vaccinating their patients? Flogging apple flavoured vermifuges to them under the counter?

    Ilargi wants a discussion on blood groups.


    That monster Peter Hotez’s institute has received tens of millions of dollars from the Gates Foundation within the last decade.

    That man is highly biased and everything but objective.
    The pandemic will maintain as long as such people are given a platform.


    Rand Paul is gonna get whacked!


    This morning I had an interesting phone conversation with my doctor. Most of our time was spent on my Wife’s medical issues. At the end I said to the doctor I would make another appointment to discuss covid and ivermectin. He said he would not prescribe ivermectin. He follows the science.

    Then when updating my wife’s prescriptions with the pharmacist, I asked her if any doctors had prescribed ivermectin and she replied she couldn’t remember. Interesting choice of words.

    I would say they are deliberately pretending to not know something because their livelihood depends upon not knowing certain things.

    So back to square zero obtaining ivermectin!


    Senator Bob Hall, Texas, speaks at the Senate Committee on State Affairs. It’s worth listening to the whole 45 mins. I can only imagine in horror what hell we might end up in without the fortitude of Texas and Florida.

    Doctors Testify Before Texas State Senate to Oppose Mandatory COVID Shots


    America is a funny place.
    The mighty dollar – or one million of them!


    Brand new French study: even mild infection from over 6 months ago provides better neutralization against most variants than the Pfizer vaccine .



    Clearly a Dem who took bribes and wants others to drink the kool-aid!

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