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    Byron Street haberdashery, New York 1900   • 95,000 Entered UK By Air In 25 Days During Lockdown (G.) • Australia Saw Overseas Visitors Fall 99%
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    FBI Leaking A Name

    Sometimes we need to be grateful that governments are so incompetant!


    Canada’s Lockdown Just Like California’s Lockdown!

    BC may be doing OK but Ontario and Quebec are not doing OK. Between them, they are Canada. The other 8 provinces simply don’t count.

    In Toronto, wearing of masks is at best a 50:50 affair.

    New Canadians, generally younger, don’t seem to be wearing masks at all.

    Toronto has the same problem as Montreal. Montreal is just hogging the headlines from Hog Town (Toronto)!

    Quebec and Ontario politicians are lifting the lockdown because the half assed lockdown isn’t working and the politicians are afraid the voters will soon figure this out and punish the politicians.

    The virus visiting nursing homes lays bare Canada’s great medical system.

    Testing in Ontario and Quebec is still not available to anyone with symptoms of the virus. Only government workers can get tested.


    To Open or to stay closed.
    Its too late to return to yesterday.
    We got no choice but to playing dodgeball with the virus.

    Dr. D

    Did I just hear Dr. Birx on national T.V. saying that Covid cases were inflated 25%? Gee, who’s said that online before? I believe the science, not the science. I believe Dr. Birx, not Dr. Birx. Clearly Dr. Birx is a lying hack and we need a trusted statement from Dr. Birx instead.

    Oh and L.A. will NEVER reopen. Never. According to themselves and their standards are unmeetable. And of course that makes perfect sense when the rate is 0.006%, not quite back in shark-attack territory, but heading there. I’m sure that doing nothing ever again and completely stopping the world’s 5th largest economy won’t have any impact on poverty that might, I dunno, kill 10x more people than the disease? Ask East Germany and Ukraine all about how grand it is to not have an economy and how it doesn’t kill anyone. Oh and Socialism. Definitely the wonders and abundance and healthcare of Socialism.

    And speaking of, anybody want to tell me how NYC can have such a high death toll and L.A. have a low one? And how weeks after kids came back from FL beaches and NOLA parades, no Midwestern cities can seem to get this? Is this a disease or isn’t it? Why does it hit only Democratic states? Strange virus. Seems almost…unscientific.

    Since Cuomo sent all the Covid patients to contaminate fresh nursing homes: “Buried in NY Budget: Legal Shield for Nursing Homes Rife with Coronavirus.” –NYT

    Another right-wing rag pushing corona conspiracy theories. Like the L.A. Times. Shameless!

    Oh and the same thing is true of vaccines. Special government indemnity for this industry (pretty sure that, and the special extrajudicial courts they use are illegal and unconstitutional) But vaccines are perfectly safe, and the pharmaceutical companies would never be more careless knowing they cannot possibly be sued. It’s so safe in fact that they pay out billions every year despite running their own industry-run kangaroo courts that have near-impossible standards of evidence. Good enough for me!

    Anyway, NYC 2.5% of the population but 25% of the CV deaths. Discuss? That’s an order of magnitude difference. We’re in week 20. Perhaps NYers are a different species, Homo Cellphonus, or the virus respects political borders and stays within the NY metro area? Maybe DeBlasio is the sole superspreader. Having a hard time justifying this. If you leave all metros, it drops off to almost nothing. Que paso?

    You don’t science by looking at confirmation, repeating what you already know. You make science by asking new questions, finding out the things you DON’T know, the new things that don’t fit and don’t make sense. That’s why we’re an #AntiLogos #AntiTruth culture. We reject all evidence that doesn’t fit our thesis. That’s literally the definition of #AntiScience. Science would keep (and check!) the evidence and change the theory.

    “50% of people still leave their homes every day. Not a lockdown.”

    Um, because if they didn’t they would die? If they are in any of a hundred professions, nursing, trucking, manufacturing, food, repairs, telecommunications, and they didn’t work, OTHER people would die? Weld them in their houses for 40 days, otherwise, stop pretending. You say they should “Lock Down.” And how exactly will they eat, heat, and get medical care?

    What do they say: “Theory is a great place to live because everything works there”? Meanwhile, back in the real world, how do you plan to support all the food and medicine, when nobody leaves their house to provide food and medicine? With a legion of shoemaking elves? It’s crazy. “Well I TOLD that food to get in my fridge.”

    OBVIOUSLY people have to leave their houses. A LOT of them. I don’t know if it’s 50% but it couldn’t be lower than 30. …Which means it’s a sham and a joke that scientifically can only destroy the economy. The one we all use to EAT.

    Stopping that eating? That’s bad. It tends to kill people. But don’t worry, eating is only “Capitalism” it’s only the “Economy.” Money money money, bad bad bad. No eating? No more problems! Ask Uncle Joe. Hey, let’s not plant crops in California so we can stay home. It’s transparently crazy: dangerously, violently so.

    Ah, why do the good guys have to save you anyway? Why oh why do we go to work and not do as you ask so you can learn your lesson?

    “Matthew McConaughey is reminding people”

    I always get my medical advice from actors and children while we ban licensed doctors from Twitter. That’s just common sense.


    The other 8 provinces simply don’t count.

    They do to me in Nova Scotia – Maybe as an example of how to fix it. In western nova scotia we have had 54 cases for the last 3 weeks no new cases in three weeks. the province as a whole has had some additional cases mostly in nursing homes they have been in the single digits. When I Rarely go to town about 1/2 the people wear masks no one gets close people are social distancing ins stores. . I think Mc Neil has had a consistent message from the start. “Stay the Blazes Home” . New Brunswick has not had a new case in a long while. So many people barking about freedom but in reality your freedom ends at the tip of my nose and the virus means at least 6 feet away. If everyone would have listened from the start it would be all over now. Instead the freedumb fighters have managed to make it a two or three year crisis. good job.


    Double dipping
    Only needy people and needy companies are given money to spend on businesses that need it to survive.

    John Day
    UVB Recipients,

    This is a really limited message today, which is to obtain and take 5000 International Units of vitamin D per day until you croak from old age. This is a simple and obvious public health measure, which you can do, yourself, and you can give “cheap and safe” vitamin-D tablets or gelcaps to people you would like to help.
    I’m trying to buy 5000 doses of 5000 units today. The online interface says I’m doing it, but I have my doubts.
    I have gone through several rounds of buying vitamin-D bottles and giving them to people for themselves and their families in the past 3 months. This time is bigger. I really feel that this is a moment of crisis, where power fations are at each other’s throats, and with no common ground for repair.
    Vitamin-D for everybody can be that common ground.

    Let’s say it reduces morbidity and mortality by 50%.
    That’s what is speculated here, but I think it would do better than that.
    Let’s do the experiment!
    10,000 IU/day”for a few weeks”, followed by 5000 IU/day thereafter is what they recommend, and it is exactly what I have recommended since early February, except I would say “a few” is 8 weeks.

    Vitamin D determines severity in COVID-19 so government advice needs to change​ ​by Trinity College Dublin
    Researchers from Trinity College Dublin are calling on the government in Ireland to change recommendations for vitamin D supplements

    Low vitamin D levels could explain why African Americans and even African immigrants in Sweden appear to be disproportionately hard-hit by the coronavirus, regardless of socio-economic factors, researchers have suggested.
    Vitamin D can protect against getting a severe case of COVID-19, a group of Swedish researchers and doctors have suggested in an article in the medical magazine Läkartidningen.

    “Sunshine Superman”​


    @ john day: do you have any suggestions for enhanced recovery in patients who are two or three or more months post-infection? many of these suffer from fatigue, body pain, and shortness of breath.

    are there any home-based/inexpensive ways to improve oxygenation?

    Doc Robinson

    kimyo99, I found this info which might be helpful, in addition to whatever John Day may recommend.

    “Breathing exercises are actively encouraged post operatively and could probably be advised to recovering COVID-19 patients as well. If we look at the types of breathing exercises that have been used after major surgeries, no difference in benefit has been found when using an incentive spirometer – essentially a game-like device to blow a ball a round – or simple deep breathing exercises5 with either approach giving a benefit to the patient in recovery. Thus, it would be quite reasonable for similar advice to be extended to the post coronavirus patients, in the hope of producing a short term benefit in improvement of their breathing. Many surgical departments have freely available breathing exercises on their patient pages which can easily be accessed by patients6.

    “As for nutritional support in recovery, simple advice ensuring consumption of five fruits and veg a day should be advised, along with increased intake of high quality protein to provide resources for the repair of muscles which will have been taxed considerably during the course of the COVID19 symptoms. As the focus in the post-acute phase is going to be on the recovery of a patient’s respiratory function, cessation of smoking should be encouraged along with avoidance of ibuprofen where possible.”


    @John Day – thanks for the Vit-D advice. Can you share any leads on where to source 5000IU caps, as 1000IU seems to be all I can find in NZ?

    If everyone would have listened from the start it would be all over now. Instead the freedumb fighters have managed to make it a two or three year crisis. good job.
    You assume that complete lockdowns are extremely effective, and that not locking down causes excess spread. NZ locked down completely, Australia allowed businesses to remain open. Both countries have similar outcomes from similar starting points. The data just doesn’t support the notion that extreme lockdowns are the best and only solution.

    At what point will we have reached the “we destroyed the village to save the village” moment? Because lockdowns result in excess mortality from foregone medical operations, suicide etc, they should only be used where and when they can be justified, and for the absolute minimum efficacious period of time. Anything more is not caution – it’s abuse. Emotional abuse. Physical abuse.Psychological abuse.
    You could make a case for lockdown in New York perhaps. But not in sparsely populated areas (as Dr D consistently points out).

    Yesterday the NZ government presented the annual budget – $50 billion to be spent trying to support and restart the economy. Some economists are saying that may eventually rise to $200 billion. For a country of 5 million people! Much of that is required due to the international slowdown from Covid, but a goodly chunk is also from the excess of caution in locking down the entire NZ economy, as opposed to the less stringent lockdown applied by Australia.
    And when you go through the advice to government looking for the rationale for the stringent lockdown, it simply isn’t there. As in, literally doesn’t exist. These decisions are being made on whims, on feelings, for political purposes, not from sound analysis. They’re being post-hoc justified by obfuscation and the insane thing is most people don’t seem to care. Herd thinking. Reality denial. Sticking fingers in ears and going “la la la, can’t hear you”.
    There should be an international chorus of condemnation towards the shit-fuckery that was the Imperial College epidemiology model and advice stemming from it. It was a closed, buggy, poorly constructed model, funded in part by large sums of self-interested private cash. It predicted vast deaths not just once in the current crisis, but in every previous time it’d been used. It’s a total disgrace the way it’s influenced world opinion and actions.. a complete and utter disgrace. So why is it so hard to find this condemnation – loud and strong and clear?
    It’s possible (and sensible) to hold two truths concurrently – that sensible precautions against controlling excess spread and deaths from Covid are essential. And that most Western governments have done a pretty average job in terms of analysing and responding to the data as it arises. There’s been far too little transparent debate, far too much capture by industry experts and consequent herd thinking. Ginormous, earth-shaking decisions such as blanket suspension of civil liberties for arbitrary periods of time, and vast, vast debts being rung up with negligible oversight. And yet, most people don’t seem to really care. Are they asleep? We’re living right now through probably the most profound and consequential event of our lifetimes. And we’re going to continue to passively watch as relatively talentless and accountable middle-managers advise politicians to make these vast decisions, based on what? On a feeling? Off the back of grotesquely flawed modelling?



    The Maritime provinces, like BC, have done well in the fight against the virus. In this particular case you should be glad that you don’t count!

    Sadly, Quebecoise and Ontario, were most of the people in Canada live, have not done so well.

    The one good thing about having 10 provinces in charge of fighting the virus, at least some of them got it right!

    Can you imagine the disaster we would have had, had Trudeau been the only one in charge?

    During the beginnings of the virus, Trudeau was too busy visiting Africa and campaigning for a UN Security Seat! Also Trudeau was more concerned about not offending China than protecting Canadians from the virus.

    He repeatedly refuse to shut down air travel from virus infected countries until it was too late. That is a major reason Montreal and Toronto have been hit so hard. Those are the places most travellers went to (plus Vancouver).

    P.S. I was almost born in Labrador, but my Mother had to leave and go to Montreal, because there was no hospital at the time! Been in Labrador City many times. I have only been to the Maritimes once but really enjoyed the driving trip. Haiifax WW2 Corvette plus Bluenose. Cape Breton was nice. PEI’s beaches. NB blueberry area and Bay of Fundy. Not sure how you can swim in that cold ocean! My brother in Detroit can speak Newfie!



    Is the vehicle traffic on your US/Cdn border cam still pretty quiet?

    I think last time you said it was mostly trucks.

    Ontario opening up hardware stores, so my daughter wants to buy some drywall compound, paint, and moulding to redo interior of house! Wife not too happy about it though! Energy wins over no-energy!


    The Virus

    The more I read about the virus, the more certain I am that everyone should be wearing masks. Throwing in vitamin D per John Day would probably have greatly helped too.

    One place you don’t hear about is the Czech Republic. When the virus struct, they immediately all started wearing masks! I don’t know if they did any other things to help fight the virus but they probably did.

    Their slogan was: “My mask protects you! Your mask protects me! A very simple and to the point message!

    Too bad the message in Canada and the US, was masks don’t work!


    The curve has been flattened. We will not stop the virus. That wasn’t the point, it seems. We want to drag it on and on until millions- billions- die in other awful ways. Fauci is a new Mengele, torturing people with untried nostrums (antivirals are known kidney killers), instilling in health care workers such terror of the virus that ghastly machinery is used instead of nursing back to health (or simply dying peacefully); instead of welcoming a cure that works for many. The lonely, unwitnessed deaths are the worst part. It’s such unbelievable cruelty considering the younger, and healthy are at micro- risk. Could it be he has a hand in the profits? (Sanders asked if “the vaccine” would be free or cheap to those who couldn’t afford it- the answer was a vague “no”.) I’m thinking if we will ever be able to look back at this (I have my doubts) we will see it as a mass murder. If you were a sadist, which profession would you take up? (I have known some very bad doctors, and some really wonderful ones- and the latter knew exactly who I meant by the former)
    There is so much more going on here than a virus which is blamed for killing ONLY 300,000 out of nearly 8 billion. This is the end of the world as we know it, and the really bad stuff hasn’t even begun yet.
    My computer died last night. I bet it was covid19.
    This was a bad day.


    Yes my boy! Nothing changed. Closed until end of June.
    Online ed, distant learning, etc. is going to be in a major transition/revolution.
    Sell the buildings, land, dorm. etc to pay professors to do research.

    End of foreign student fees.

    I see a big problem —- to get employers involved and getting them to accepting the online learning and to hire the students.

    Doc Robinson

    Huskynut: “It’s possible (and sensible) to hold two truths concurrently – that sensible precautions against controlling excess spread and deaths from Covid are essential. And that most Western governments have done a pretty average job in terms of analysing and responding to the data as it arises. There’s been far too little transparent debate, far too much capture by industry experts and consequent herd thinking. Ginormous, earth-shaking decisions such as blanket suspension of civil liberties for arbitrary periods of time, and vast, vast debts being rung up with negligible oversight.”

    I would agree with this. And I would readily admit that I don’t know what the best approach would be. Covid-19 falls somewhere between scary Ebola and ho-hum seasonal flu.


    @ doc robinson

    thank you.

    John Day

    @ kimyo99
    I’m sorry to not know about what to do when people have ongoing symptoms of fatigue and damage in their bodies. This virus does attack the blood vessel linings, and vascular organs like kidneys take a hit. Vitamin-D is specifically good for the endothelium, but I have no knowledge about how specifically it helps recovery from COVID. I think nobody does yet.


    I’m sorry not to know the laws governing vitamin dosages in New Zealand. 5000 Iu per dose is the max we see here in the US, though somebody found 10,000 IU somewhere. I’m not sure about that. You can buy a big bottle and take a lot. Not sure what else to say. A whole tablespoon of cod liver oil has about 5000 IU of vitamin-D, but yuck, and it’s easier and cheaper to take 5 little pills.

    I currently see that economies and people cannot be in lockdown/quarantine much longer, that masks seem to be good, and handwashing, avoiding big crowds in enclosed spaces, and vitamin-D normalization in all of our bodies.
    If we drop the morbidity and mortality by half, taking vitamin-D, and protect the most vulnerable, then the inevitable spread of this family of viruses to almost-everybody can be far less traumatic.


    I rarely respond to your posts, but I always read them with interest, and I have taken much of your advice. Keep posting.


    My bottle of 5000IU is from Pharmagen and marked “Made in Canada”. I wonder what you think of the NZ vs UK viral video . . .


    The calls to end the lockdown might have been more persuasive if there had been more effort to get people wearing masks, taking supplements, using hand sanitizer, and taking sensible precautions. But instead many people frame it as a political issue of my freedom vs your safety.

    @my parents
    I think the point was to slow down the spread until we can understand more and work out a reasonable treatment protocol. We do not need a vaccine or a cure as long as we can work out a decent treatment to manage the disease. But that takes some time. Probably not as much as many people fear, but it does take time. The calls to end the lockdown and send people back to work will be more persuasive when backed up with data that shows that we have learned to manage the disease. It would have been better to start clinical trials immediately to determine the effectiveness of hydrocholoquine (alone or in combination with Azithrmycin and/or zinc), chloroquine, Remdesivir, Ivermectin. But the Wanker had an agenda to promote Remdesivir, so we are still missing the data. Thankfully the standard of care had already improved pretty quickly, and we have figured out that we do not need so many ventilators.


    Thanks John Day. I figure it’s worth sucking it up and choking down a few 1000IU pills a day! Cod liver oil.. urgh!

    Boogaloo – I didn’t watch the video – I figured it’d make my blood boil 🙂 Is it worth watching, or more of the same? Honestly, the UK response is just unbelievably bad. *shakes head*. I posted a comment on OffGuardian where I was careful not to criticise too badly, not being a UK citizen. I had poms responding – don’t worry, our govt deserves every criticism from anywhere. What a train wreck..

    I see one of the virologists whose part of the CovidPlabB group has uploaded a video of his findings to date. It’s likely to be pretty pedestrian and covering old ground for most readers here. But if you fast forward to around the 12:40 mark, he has built a model of the stats comparing outcomes from the various US states. His key point is that lockdown has a very minor correlation on outcome, but population density is strongly correlated (as you might expect from first principles).
    The model itself is also online here if you’re interested in exploring it.


    Also a quick thanks to everyone who participates in this forum (both regularly and occassionally).

    Having somewhere to rant, protest, discuss, argue has helped keep me sane these past few weeks, and particularly this week. I’d expected that coming out of full lock down as NZ did on Thursday morning would be a happy experience, unfortunately I discovered new depths of rage that I’d been suppressing. Sometimes the only way through hard times is screening off the intensity of emotion until it’s over, and then it comes out.

    I came back to work on Jan this year and was promptly and unexpectedly made redundant. Spent several weeks engaged in legal wrangling with my old firm, then was out. Then Covid/lockdown hit.. no job, no jobs advertised.. watching my redundancy payment ebb away, with no certainty as to when the arbitrary restrictions would be lifted.

    I still have my house, and a little money left in the bank, but shit it’s being hard, having so little agency over my own life, when I’m used to being self-supporting. And yet I know there’s many thousands of people worse off than me.. the stats on how few people in the US have even $500 spare.

    Anyway, thanks all – we may not always agree, but you’ve really helped me “survive” this so far..


    @ john day: thank you. an un-imagined benefit of the pandemic could be that health organizations get serious about addressing vitamin d deficiency. correct this and aside from reducing death from flu/covid respiratory issues you’d likely see a significant reduction in colon cancer incidence / improved survival from same.

    Vitamin D and colon cancer

    Several studies confirmed that increasing vitamin D3 lowers colon cancer incidence, reduces polyp recurrence, and that sufficient levels of vitamin D3 are associated with better overall survival of colon cancer patients.

    if you scan the guardian for articles on vitamin d supplementation you’ll find one with recommendations on how to ‘boost your immune system’ which mentions vitamin d but ends the paragraph ‘Eating your five a day of fruits and vegetables is the best way to maintain necessary levels’ (appears to be discussing vitamin c, elsewhere no mention is made of d3 supplementation. in great britain!#$%^!!), another promoting the falsehood that mushrooms are a viable source of d, and yet another with this to say ‘The evidence so far suggests (with the possible exception of multiple sclerosis and some cancers) that low vitamin D levels are either irrelevant or merely a marker of the disease.’, which also pushed the ‘omigod vitamin d overdoses are going to kill everyone’ meme. you know, cause it’s fat soluble.

    in almost every circumstance, if the guardian provides any sort of health advice, i will be certain to do exactly the opposite.


    in almost every circumstance, if the guardian provides any sort of health advice, i will be certain to do exactly the opposite.
    lol. It’s been extraordinary how the Guardian has morphed from breaking the Snowden files to the current Luke Harding state.
    I remember enjoying George Monbiot on the environment – passionate and informed (though not always 100% correct). Then he morphed into Monbiot the nemesis of Assad and started attacking Vanessa Beeley et al. O.M.G. That’s a zombie movie screenplay right there..

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