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    Jacques-Louis David Coronation of Napoleon in 1804 in Nôtre-Dame Cathedral, Paris (10 metres wide, 6 metres tall) 1805-7   • US-led War On Russia
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    V. Arnold

    Jacques-Louis David Coronation of Napoleon in 1804 in Nôtre-Dame Cathedral, Paris (10 metres wide, 6 metres tall) 1805-7

    I’m gobsmacked by those dimensions…
    The immortals are greatly impressed…and, so am I…


    Well, it took him three years

    V. Arnold

    Well, it took him three years

    I don’t even want to imagine how much of those 3 years was devoted to paint on canvas…

    V. Arnold

    I say the above, because I know how hard it is to stop (whether you’re painting or metalsmithing) and in the groove…


    How appropriate! Napoleon!
    Napoleon knows all about annoying Mother Russia!
    I think Napoleon would say never march on Moscow!
    Hitler would probably say don’t March on Moscow too!
    Biden is determined to March on Moscow!
    After seeing what happened to Napoleon and Hitler, Biden will fail too!
    Russia can retreat forever.
    Can Europe and the US survive this coming winter’s discontent?

    V. Arnold

    There is this:
    The Best time to Attack Russia

    This past September, in one of his regular interviews with the newspaper Parlamentní Listy, retired Czech Major General Hynek Blaško commented on the possibility of a conflict between Russia and NATO with a following anecdote:
    “I have seen a popular joke on the Internet about Obama and his generals in the Pentagon debating on the best timing to attack Russia. They couldn’t come to any agreement, so they decided to ask their allies.
    The French said: ” We do not know, but certainly not in the winter. This will end badly. ”
    The Germans responded: “We do not know, either, but definitely not in a summer. We have already tried.”
    Someone in Obama’s war room had a brilliant idea to ask China, on the basis that China is developing and always has new ideas.
    The Chinese answered: “The best time for this is right now. Russia is building the Power of Siberia pipeline, the North Stream Pipeline, Vostochny Cosmodrome Spaceport, the MegaProject bridge to Crimea; also Russian is upgrading the Trans-Siberian railroad with a new railway bridge across Lena River and the Amur-Yakutsk Mainline. Russia is also building new sports facilities for the World Cup and athletics, and has in development over 150 production projects in the Arctic … Well, now they really need as many POWs as possible!”


    I think the real reason the painting took 3 years is due to a shortage of paint!
    Britain had a trade embargo on all of Europe held by Napoleon!
    Britain was still trading with Russia.
    That is why Napoleon marched on Moscow!

    Joe is marching to Moscow!
    No need to worry about winter clothing Joe!
    You should reach Moscow before winter sets in!

    Dr. D

    “ the United States stands squarely behind Ukraine and will sustain our support until Ukraine wins this war.” ….And conquers Russia? I guess when “We create our own reality now”, everything’s possible.

    “The EU finds ways to circumvent its own sanctions.”

    That is so “Europe”. I don’t know who the audience is for the line Europe is selling, but apparently it works perfectly. Remember how 1,000-year offenders Greece and Italy suddenly became solvent, fiscally responsible entrants to the Euro? There are no human rights problems with Irish, Basques, Roma, or Assange, Turkey is an upstanding moral member, and Sweden is not the hand grenade capital of the world.

    America has problems we won’t fix and seem to like too, but we just say Baltimore and Chicago are third-world shooting galleries and admit it. We say, Sure we went into Iraq on false pretenses and killed everybody with depleted uranium, but the 500,000 dead Iraqi children were worth it. As an American, my preference is to admit it because then we can change it. If you deny, then you have to breach that first, then act, an additional obstacle to peace and reality. Still, doing the ruble is building bridges. Russia knows, they’ve been dealing with feckless Europe a long time.

    These are warnings not to our politicians, but to us”

    Kind of, but they know we have no real power, because WE know we have no real power. Even marching locks you in solitary without trial, and questioning gets you investigated by mental health professionals. They are communicating to the few people that DO have power: mid-upper-level military.

    It’s clear to any serious observer of EU politics is that they are not interested in what their people have to say” See?

    “Hungary is using the need for unanimous consent within the European Council to block any ‘gas ban’”

    They’ll just change the rules again. Remember EU needed to be passed in a referendum? Yeah, so they just changed the rules so the EU wasn’t voted on since the people didn’t want it. Remember Greece couldn’t join because of finance? Yup, just changed those rules so they could. Remember sovereignty and non-interference before they removed Italy’s PM for no reason whatsoever and installed their own with no legal premise? Remember no North-South transfers? Just changed both halves of that the instant it appeared.

    There are no rules in the EU. No laws. No property rights. No human rights. No safety for anyone. You’re a party member or you’re not, and you sir, are not.

    Men who gather at Davos,”

    That’s ridiculous, only a year ago Davos and the meeting of the world’s powerful was a conspiracy theory, as wealthy men with aligned interests would never coordinate and work together as they do every day worldwide, in stock markets, deals, buyouts, product purchases, and agreements. Have to admit transferring this from theory into the news took longer than 6 months even though it’s been obvious for 100 years that rich people talk together and make deals that impact the rest of us.

    The point about damaging Russia by permanently damaging their wells and their order, while also damaging the rest of human life on earth is well taken though. I can see why Europe would take a short-term hit to, again, topple Russia, then go in and steal everything forever. That makes political sense. Being inbred glue-sniffers though, this is not a surprise attack.

    “ NY Times Op-ed Warns of ‘Fantasies of Regime Change’ (Fox)”

    Two logical Op-Eds back-to-back? They had one yesterday asking WTF is up with all DNC and all Squad going violently pro-war. Contrasting the article on “no attempt at peace talks” is Lira’s talk, above, where Austin finally calls Russia. Now it was to make demands like giving up Crimea at the edge of losing the entire war, but talking is god to these guys. Signaling is life. As they lie 100% of the time, their actions are the real message, and he called. Which also means, as Lira said, Ukr is on the brink of military collapse.

    “At present, the only message to Russia is: There is no way out.”

    Pothead comedians, high before 9am pointed this out. If you want a war, the best way to keep it going and kill people is to say there can be no peace ever, if you stop, we’ll only keep the embargoes anyway and try you for war crimes. What’s your leverage over Russia then? If they stop it is then worse than if they don’t? Wow, amazing sales work there: NO. We’ll finish here and call you when we’re done.

    “the most outwardly racist President that we have seen in generations and African Americans voters aren’t blind to that.”

    That’s why the support for Trump doubled among those same African Americans. Article comment, but we’ll all pretty used to all words in the dictionary, all math, all science, and all history being racist. Her boss signed the ‘94 crime bill though, said “we don’t need to no n—-r mayors” and is handing out crack pipes on the basis of race right now. I don’t care for that and will not just let it go. Also: just making things up. No contact or association with the truth at all. No doubt there are racist people and things: why don’t you talk about them instead of random flow of whatever goes through your head the last few minutes? I do. Targeting black babies and black voters with abortion clinics is racist, and eugenics. If you love them and believe they are equal people with their own choices and free agency, then don’t do that. It’s embarrassing, and embarrassing you don’t notice.

    “Biden Phrase “Ultra MAGA”

    “In Brutal Takedown, Biden Calls Trump ‘Majestic Super God-Emperor of the Universe’” –BBee

    “Trump Crowned MAGA King after Pulling Rittenhouse’s AR-15 from Stone” –BBee

    Like “Racist”, “Ultra-MAGA” has no meaning, so it means “Whoever I don’t like,” want to hurt, or gain a slavemaster’s power over to “Do what I say”. That’s me, so I don’t appreciate it. Nothing personal to this word, if it weren’t this, they’d make up something else, like “How often do you beat your wife” or Cenk saying Rogan non-stop sleeps with trannies. The less true it is, the more I like it and the better it works.

    Ultra-MAGA is good stuff, worth paying for. Means nothing, familiar, clearly extreme, and you can target anyone at all while still claiming you only meant the actual fringe group, of which there is always someone. Top Marks on the Bernays’ Booby Prize, no doubt we’ll hear a lot of this for the election. If you want to kill people and start a civil war while getting nothing done, this is definitely the way.

    “Dangerous Nonsense”: Larry Summers Warns Democrats’ Price-Gouging Bill Could Backfire”

    Stop the presses: Larry Summers is NOT for something stupid? Is that the first time?

    So much to say here, but let’s repeat yesterday again:

    “Only two months ago, those who observed that this was not a war between Russia and Ukraine, but really a proxy war between Russia and the U.S./NATO, were vilified as Kremlin propagandists. Now, U.S. leaders openly boast of this fact, and go further, claiming that the U.S. is actually at war with Russia and must secure full victory.”

    Difference between news and a conspiracy theory? About six days. Don’t worry. When pumpkinhead shows up, he will merely say “we have always been at war with Estasia.” Naturally, whatever we say today, about censorship, wiretapping and police visits to school moms, crashing markets, constant power outages, frozen houses, empty shelves, no choice, and literal state CIA and DHS directors being literal news anchors on Pravda, they’re all super-silly overreactions, and nothing to do with what we’ve been saying for 50 years, or at least since the Patriot Act.

    Are we missing literally anything at this point? A single thing compared to the Soviet, Stalinist era?

    In other news: Would anyone in America who has NOT visited Ukraine, during a so-called war, please raise your hand?

    Thinking: Biolabs. Why “Bio”? The CIA/Derp funding out of F-Stan was shut down. This is the thing that makes them supra-national entirely outside oversight and control of the U.S. government and people. So wouldn’t they just switch to fund using fentanyl? We just saw fentanyl appears to have tripled(?) in America during that time? Data still coming in, but doesn’t that make sense? What did they do, just say “Oh well, so much for the opium trade, I guess we’ll surrender to actual democracy now”? Or maybe double up in Ukraine, their last hold, and the Steel mill? Where there was no bunker, although it’s well-known and Wikipedia that the Soviets made an underground city and all accouterments for 100,000 men? Underground places with people in them are a conspiracy theory, although hundreds of thousands of people work in lit basements every day. You may be in one now. You, therefore, do not exist, and are only hypothesized and not a proven being. Like Sasquatch. Being = Not Being. Things everyone has and uses, like basements, are unproven conspiracy theories.

    Is a wonderful map yesterday:
    Running war map of Ukr. I see they have essentially closed the river now, half of Europe is presently under embargo. The other half embargoed themselves? Truly this is the strangest war ever. Like a “why are you punching yourself?” war.

    However, the (some) old rules of war still apply. If Russia can move and Ukr can’t, that’s the end of the Ukr army. Ze is asking for siege lifters, which is the need going back to castles of the middle ages. However, that means another army is inserted and appears.

    If today were Russia’s final position, they probably have everything they need: Donbass, the Crimean land bridge and water, control of the river. Odessa is a good city and port, but on the other hand, what does it control and they have a port on Crimea. Letting Ukr debark materials by rail to Kiev still? They don’t even own all the Russian sections of Ukr to say nothing of the Polish ones, so there’s a kind of buffer, a kind of line where they don’t have all that many “enemy” (i.e. Ukrainian) speakers inside Russia to cause trouble. Meanwhile, isn’t the rump state getting smaller and smaller? Russia takes 25%. Maybe Poland takes 25% as “Peacekeepers” when Kiev falls. Kiev is landlocked and bleeding, needing endless support from Brussels, or as we see since Brussels went bankrupt supporting them, they are now offering all the free money left in the whole United States and then some.


    There was a British General and someone asked him what the key to his success was.
    He said 3 things were key.
    1. Never march on Moscow!
    2. Never march on Moscow!
    3. Never march on Moscow!

    Poor Joe doesn’t know he is marching on Moscow!


    Export deals agreed to before the directive issued Friday could still be honored, but future shipments need government approval, it said.”

    “could” not “will be” According to wiki the total world wheat production in ’19 was 765.8 billion metric tons, of that 311.7 is produced by the top three which are in order China, India then Russia. The rest of the world produces the remaining 454.1 metric tons. Next three in descending order US, France and Canada combined total 125.2 with the Ukraine coming in fifth at 28.4 but I believe we can scratch that from the shipping manifest for now. These numbers don’t flesh out well when you start looking into consumption globally! The coming winter is going to be something.

    Micheal, cloudhidden have a look at this for a maybe?

    How to Make Acorn Flour



    Just one slight problem for Michael. He lives on the island of Newfoundland. I would be very surprised if there are any oak trees growing in his neck of the woods! So obtaining some acorns might prove difficult! And if there are any oak trees growing in Newfoundland, I seriously doubt the local squirrel population would be willing to share any acorns with Michael!


    Takes you on. Virtual tour of the painting, pretty cool.


    Thanks for the Guy Mettan interview. I appreciate anyone making the effort to get into the history of things. I might not always agree with the conclusions but that’s ok.

    The one thing that got my hamster hustling upstairs was his reference to early Christianity, comparing it to those fighting for free speech online. I am sorry but, theologically speaking, pagan Rome was a very free society. People where allowed to believe in whatever they wanted to. it was the 4th century Christians who shut that down the moment they came to power. The early Christians remind me more of the Woke, Cancel Culture crowd of today.

    Taking that a small step further: where did all these Christians live? In the cities. The Pagans – especially the ones who took a century or two to be persuaded to convert – lived in the countryside(Fly Over Country?). There goes history trying to repeat again.

    I’m not sure the Christians created so much internal conflict that they brought down the empire. Too much time passes between their rise to power and the fall of Rome. Nevertheless they did survive that fall then built something which expanded and endured for over a thousand years. I’m not sure it was a case of “build back better” however it was a pretty neat accomplishment.

    Is this the blueprint for the next thousand years? It’s hard to believe the Woke or the people controlling them can create anything besides destruction. They’re all urbanites busy breaking the supply chain, while living in cities which can’t feed themselves! Not very bright.

    The Thousand Year Reich lasted 12 years – the life of a dog, as Gunter Grass pointed out. So we’re in for an entertaining dozen years! I’m not sure the ratings will hold up to last that long. Cancel Culture ultimately cancels itself.


    Yes Newfoundland would put a bit of a ripple in it. Sorry Micheal, I’m in Nova Scotia lots of oak here and I’m just seriously considering acorn flour this season.


    TAE highlight some of the “War Game planning”.

    Fool me once with C19. Not twice with “War Games plans.”
    @ Figmund Sreud
    re.: Extending Russia – Competing from Advantageous Ground
    I did not read it.
    It seems to me that Russia did not play the “Game” as modelled by the USA
    Peace was possible

    The Real Reason Behind the EU’s Drive to Embargo Russian Oil

    In the years leading up to this conflict they would have worked to implement the Minsk Accords. They would have lifted the economic sanctions on Russia and come to an agreement about Crimea and the Donbas politically, and let the U.S. and the UK twist in the wind.

    How to hide a “false flag operation” ….. start, early to talk about
    “…. accident and miscalculation cannot be discounted,” wrote Tom Stevenson. The op-ed, titled “America and Its Allies Want to Bleed Russia.”
    …..fantasies of regime change ….
    At present, the only message to Russia is: There is no way out.”

    Let them eat cake won’t work
    “food insecurity” is being used as a war tool.
    If you don’t like the word, “Nazi”, then chose another to indicate that you are a white supremacists,.
    Going into a shopping mall and killing people is not the right way.
    Instead, use Ukraine as your proxy.
    “If it walks like a racist, talks like a racist, acts like a racist, it is a racist and we have a racist ”
    anointing became symbolic of blessing, protection, and empowerment.
    ” …… divide people, spew racism, and give cover to white supremacists,”
    The chosen people have the divine right to rule


    Figmund Sreud

    @ zerosum – Peace was possible

    Peace is possible only if both parties desire it. One sided desire, … not so.

    Anyway, … I just read following, it’s sort of fitting. The concept, that is:

    Norman Finkelstein : Russia has the historical right to invade Ukraine

    … interesting bit in ( I was not aware of this before ). The concept of negotiating, … or not! Yuuge snip:

    “Norman Finkelstein: I’m going to give you a historical analogy, probably the details which you’re unfamiliar with, but just allow me to just sketch it out. So in 1967, Israel launches a war, it occupies the West Bank, Gaza, Syrian Golan heights, and then it occupies this huge area, the Egyptian Sinai. And after the 67 war, about three years later, when Anwar Sadat comes into power, he says “I’m willing to sign a peace treaty with Israel but they have to return the territory they acquired during the 67 war”, because that’s the law : under international law, it’s inadmissible to acquire territory by war. Israel acquired the territory during the june 67 war, so these territories belong to Egypt. Israel says no, we’re not leaving the Sinai. Sadat says “Look, I’m offering you a peace treaty, I’m offering you peace, just return what’s not yours, the Egyptian Sinai”. Israel says no. Then Israel starts creating facts in the ground in the Sinai, it starts building settlements, those same settlements you’re familiar with in the West Bank. And then it announces in 1972 it’s going to rebuild what’s called the old jewish city of Carmel. Egypt says you’re not going to do that. You’re crossing a red line. Egypt says if you don’t stop this we’re going to attack, we’re going to attack. Everybody ignores Egypt because Arabs don’t know how to fight wars. The Arabs were nicknamed after 67, the term of abuse for an Arab was they were “monkeys”, they called them monkeys. They don’t know how to fight wars. Okay? And then come october 1973. Guess what: Sadat attacks. And the Israelis were so shocked they thought the whole thing was over, they called it… Moshe Dayan who was the Defense minister at the time, or the Foreign minister I can’t remember which, I think Defense minister at the time, he says… he made this panicky phone call, he said it’s the end of the third temple. This is it, we’re finished. Well it wasn’t the end of the third temple but it was a significant, heavy loss to Israel, they lost between two and three thousand soldiers, which is the largest number except for the war in 1948.

    Now here’s the point: the point is no country in the world, none, including the United States, no country in the world condemned Sadat for aggression, none. And you know, for Israel it was a close call, or it seemed to be. In retrospect it turned out not to me, but it seemed to be a close call. Nobody condemned Egypt. Why? One, its demand was legitimate. Return the Sinai, it’s not yours, it’s our territory. Number two: Sadat tried negotiations for six years. And number three, as hard as he tried to negotiate, Israelis kept provoking and provoking and provoking until they announced rebuilding the old jewish city of Carmel. And Sadat says it’s over and then plans with Syria the attack which happens, what’s called the Yom Kippur war, the october war in 1973.

    So now fast forward to Putin: the man was reasonable (neutralize Ukraine), negotiates over 20 years to fighting over this NATO expansion in the East, and then they start provoking them even more, they start pouring weapons into the Ukraine, they start carrying on joint military exercises between Ukraine and NATO. And then all of these swarmy Nazis start to surface. No I’m not saying Nazis control the government but they play an outsized role in the government, in the military. And I don’t see what’s the difference between what Putin did and what Sadat did. I don’t see the difference. I think it was the same thing, and nobody condemns Sadat for aggression. No one.




    @ Figmund Sreud
    Maybe, ….
    Russia can succeed in having a cease-fire and peace by using the Israeli model and gain the approval of the world.
    (Let’s call it a peace plan /s)


    I could not dope out what the main point of the Luongo article was. Maybe I need to read it again and take notes?

    The Real Reason Behind the EU’s Drive to Embargo Russian Oil

    The real reason for a (potential, partial) embargo on Russian energy products in Europe is because the Eurotrash (EU Commission, but several leaders/gvmts. of indiv. countries, Germany in first place) are bowing down to their American masters. The pols are bought and ignorant, and hanging on to their positions for self-esteem. Like teens in a KreepY KlubY.

    So Russian oil and gas shouldn’t !! be bought, at least not publically, shunting it around and doing reverse moves, paying more, finding other suppliers, that’s OK, it will work out fine. … Hypocrisy melds with idiocy.

    And: In any case, some sacrifices are needed to vanquish the Beast! (aka Russian Bear.) It is WAR! Plus, we need to go GREENER and this mess will force ppl to consider getting away from FFs! It is all GOOD! Embrace! All need to participate!

    I kid you not, this is what many believe. Top, Powerful ppl. Of course those adhering blithely to the mantra set aside or forget whatever little they knew about industry, complex systems, energy, deeper economics, or history.

    The parallell can be seen in Cancel Culture and Cancel People, ban Russian music, cats, tennis players, trips to Russia, etc. etc.

    Prevent Russians and Ukrainians in France from accessing their bank accounts or opening French ones (the banks can’t tell plucky Ukrainians from dastardly Russians as they have similar slav names and often originate from same places / banking circuits..). (see two links, in F.) Low-level spite masquerading as being politically correct!

    It is basically a flat-earth view, where all stays the same except for temporary social condemnation, criticism, ostracism, implemented to make others ‘behave right’ (like nasty parents who ignore, and then smack, their children) because, well, just because, bad is bad. And buying ‘same goods’ from others is a just punishment…

    I really can’t see any deep analysis or 10 chess move thingie in Europe at present.


    ^ The Neil Oliver editorial is in the text, not in the video. The video plays as a sort of background noise.

    Figmund Sreud

    @ zerosum – (Let’s call it a peace plan /s)

    Er, … Russia registered its details for security demands with the U.S. and NATO. Following is a link to MoA regurgitating this better than I ever could ( I posted it here in post # 95746 and said: “Hopefully, … hopefully this is just a start of serious negotiations.”

    That was a serious start, …a start to a serious negotiations! U.S. and NATO ignored it, refused to such process, … plus, they – instead – intensified poking a stick into that proverbial ant pile.

    What’s so “/s” about that? Or am I missing something, …



    Figmund Sreud

    @ Noirette – I could not dope out what the main point of the Luongo article was.
    Puzzling content, indeed! Mostly gibberish, …

    The indisputable fact is ( … recall Dick ”Deadpan” Cheney machinations in the ‘90s) all this ”Drive to Embargo Russian Oil” is, … is to ultimately make ‘current Russia’ into current ‘Canada-like’! All will be swell then, …

    … in Hegemon we place our trust!



    @ Figmund Sreud
    That didn’t work. Let’s try again for a cease fire and peace. Let’s not wait.
    Maybe, something new
    ….Russia can succeed in having a cease-fire and peace by using the Israeli model and gain the approval of the world.

    December 18, 2021
    “Hopefully, … hopefully this is just a start of serious negotiations.”
    Russia Details Security Demands To U.S. And NATO
    On Tuesday, December 14, 2021
    I wrote about the serious security demands Russia is making towards the U.S.
    Ukraine – Russia Makes Serious Demands, Warns Of ‘Confrontation’

    Russia has put its cards on the table. It is now for the U.S. to show that it accepts talks on a equal level. To get to real treaties will take some time. There will be a lot of resistance from the Republican side against such an ‘appeasement’. For a Democratic president it will be nearly impossible to get such a treaty ratified by a soon Republican controlled Senate. So the whole thing may have to wait for the next president to get it done.
    17 December 2021 13:36
    Press release on Russian draft documents on legal security guarantees from the United States and NATO

    On Friday both drafts were published on the Russian Foreign Ministry website.

    The first treaty would be between the U.S. and the Russian Federation while the second one would be between Russia and all NATO member states. The drafts detail and formalize the demands made previously.


    Think about it
    Currently, about 20,000 tons of weapons and ammunition are stored at this warehouse, of which 57% are obsolete and cannot be used or transported, and access to the area is strictly prohibited, being controlled by Transnistrian and Russian peacekeeping forces. A possible explosion of these deposits, which cannot be transported, would cause an ecological and human disaster.
    After the explosion, a crater with a radius of 1.5 kilometers and a depth of 75 meters would form. However, given that Cobasna is located in a rural area, the range of the explosion can reach 40-50 kilometers. Therefore, the effects of the explosion can be compared to the damage caused by an earthquake of 7-7.5 degrees.

    Michael Reid

    Sean Stone discusses where we are in the New World Order and how the elites are now openly showing their hands full force. America and the world have always been at war with this imperial faction. We’re at the dawn of a new age where he’s optimistic and thinks people will not go along with The Great Reset. The NWO system doesn’t have the energy behind it and is collapsing. He feels the human spirit is so powerful that it’s overthrown every empire that’s come our way. His documentary series Best Kept Secret looks at the black economy and underbelly of geopolitics and empire (e.g. drug and human trafficking, pedophilia, occultism, mind control). Sean discusses the war on Russia via Ukraine and doesn’t feel we’ll end up with nuclear war, rather that Russia is the vanguard for the new alternative and multipolar world order.

    Sean Stone: The New World Order System Doesn’t Have the Energy Behind It to Succeed


    Nord Stream 2: A Key to the War in Ukraine

    Nord Stream 2: A Key to the War in Ukraine
    May 1, 2022
    Daniel Miguel López Rodríguez
    In an interview given by Jacques Baud, a Swiss army colonel, military intelligence expert and deputy to NATO and the UN, he said: “I am sure that Putin did not want to attack Ukraine, he said this repeatedly. Obviously, there was pressure from the US to start the war. The US has little interest in Ukraine itself. What they wanted was to increase pressure on Germany to shut down Nord Stream 2. They wanted Ukraine to provoke Russia, and if Russia reacted, Nord Stream 2 would be frozen.”


    “Bans Off Our Bodies”???? That’s the sign the protesters are carrying? What the actual hell does that even mean? Except the acronym is BOOBS – and I’m sure whoever came up with it thinks they are being all feminist and woke and shit. No wonder the assholes in charge don’t take us seriously. It’s a repeat of the very stupid “pussy hats”, which, by the way, (speaking as one who happens to sport a specimen of the particular piece of anatomy in question) didn’t look like any part of the female body I’m so familiar with.

    And may I add that it appears to me that everyone has simply given up. All this talk about living off the land, stock-piling firewood, making bread from acorns (ugh), learning how to trap squirrels, etc. is all very Mother Earth News and shit, but I gotta tell you, it doesn’t work if one is handicapped, or alone, or unable for other reasons to make such drastic changes to their lives. For some of us, this is just early death. And why should we be settling for this anyway? They want us to eat bread made from moldy acorns scavenged from the woods and we’re all like, “Yeah, okay. I guess that’s just what I’m going to have to do. Who’s got a good recipe?” (Heavy sigh.)

    God forbid we demand that we get to keep something that we freaking earned after working for over 50 years. God forbid we quit calling each other names and degrading each other for our political leanings the way Biden and Trump egg us on relentlessly to do, and actually team up with each other to get these freaks and grifters off our necks. God forbid we stop shooting each other and actually threaten our “leaders” – make them straighten up or face the pitchforks.

    Richest country on earth, yeah, with the wealth all going to a handful of people who think it’s amusing that most of us don’t know who the enemies really are. They got us blaming “socialist blue states” and those “commie socialist Democrats” (which is about the funniest fucking thing I’ve ever heard – clearly, few US’ians can actually define socialism). They got libertarians who think nobody should be able to tell anyone else what to do, except of course, in the case of abortion, where that clump of cells just has to be carried to term no matter what, and then the mother and father and the already-born kids can try to survive as best they can in a mean world with yet another mouth to feed. You won’t help them out then, because Ayn Rand, one of the ugliest-spirited humans to walk to and fro on this earth, said that’s not how real men, the Übermensch, build a wealthy society.

    They got white people hating on black people, they got democrats hating republicans and vice versa, they got us shooting each other. They got us writing ‘please, please let us have some rights’ in chalk on the sidewalks in front of their houses and picketing with signs that say ‘BOOBS’, although it’s not clear if that refers to us or to them. Yeah. Got freaking AOC sending out fundraising letters two days after she voted to send $40 billion to those Nazis in Ukraine. That’s some woke shit right there, boy. Can’t even get rid of those Trump tax cuts for the wealthy or those 19th century tariffs he puked up one day, but we got boodles of lucre for the ass-clown running one of the most corrupt countries on the planet. Got Biden with his black eyes – seriously, are my brother and I the only ones creeped out by the way his eyes appear to have no whites in them? – stumbling around like a golem and clearly suffering from the beginnings of aphasia if not something worse, who seems intent on killing off not only his own fellow countrymen, but a whole lot of other people as well.

    They are going to pick us clean. They are picking us clean. Vultures gobbling chunks of our flesh off while we’re still twitching beside the road. But we’ll have our bellies full of dandelion salad (with a light glyphosate dressing) and our hatred for our neighbors who voted the ‘wrong way’ and our signs that spell BOOBS. We’ll feel all righteous and shit in our death throes. Yeah.

    Figmund Sreud

    @ Michael Reid – Sean discusses the war on Russia via Ukraine and doesn’t feel we’ll end up with nuclear war, rather that Russia is the vanguard for the new alternative and multipolar world order.

    Naw, I don’t buy that! I feel we’ll end up with a nuclear war, sooner or later, … and this war will reach North America, … this time around.

    Neither Russia nor the U.S. is going to surrender. Neither one of them can! And so, that’s why I’m trying to source a set of Parks Canada red chairs:

    … so my wife and I can feel comfy, … sitting at the ocean front – place at our frequent holidaying place:

    Oohing and Aahing as the nuclear explosion eventually takes place beyond a horizon.

    Seriously, though, … we are facing a Thucydides Trap – a war when an emerging power threatens to displace an existing great power as a worldly hegemon. No question about it, …



    Dr. D

    Why stop NordStream though? We can supply nothing, and Germany can sit in the dark. MacKinder surely, and we’d LOVE to kill all Europe, but unless WE conquer Russia like Cheney demanded, we can’t make anything useful of it. I just assumed they always meant to get back there but are useless, idiotic, violent, inbreds with no game.

    Empire of Lies opens a new front on Russia, as expected. In the long border with Finland. Finland is of course breaching all former treaty obligations without notice. Of course WWIII has begun and is working slow, but…

    Being slow, we still have nothing but ships, worldwide, doing nothing. Not filling, not unloading. Clogging all major ports for no reason with no purpose while parts slowly stop and people starve in their houses.

    Maybe that wouldn’t be a problem, but we are not, say, getting that penicillin factory and hospital tubing factories running either. No fix on that blasted fertilizer plant that went down. We are shutting down our own drills and pipelines. So we have a war where perhaps Russia and China are shutting us off, trying to kill us, but our own leaders are trying to kill us too. There is a more complicated relation between China and Russia perhaps we should be looking at. Start here: although Russia must join with China and has, should Russia be the only one left, China will walk in and take over the world (and all 12 times zones) instead with their billion people, while Russia has none. So do you really want to do that if you’re them? Or do you need a balance of powers? Russia NEEDS China looking always at the Pacific, not north.

    China has stockpiled the year’s food going way back. They were planning this war, either as an action or reaction, and given reality: both. For military strategists they are the same. Russia did the same stockpiling, bunkering, reducing almost all US$ – I know it doesn’t seem that way – and preparing for embargoes as if the West was nuked and ceased to exist. Literally. They had internal reports on an “Asteroid strike”.

    So how about this: China wants Taiwan, no secret. The West will force a war, my guess. Due to the overdue financial collapse. Russia knows they are indeed in the full, unlimited war, 100-year gunsights of the West. Yet what? They go full-in with a city-murdering, organ-harvesting maniac like China? Like that can’t turn out badly. Yet time ticks and you must do something.

    Russia then has coordination with China. We know long-term slowdowns, China selling out Fannie Mae, changing bond durations (Operation Twist) buying Morgan’s gold vault basement, buying Harvard, Facebook, the news and all our leaders, etc. But also stopped exports of fertilizer, stockpiled food, shut off masks and supplies, did a slow-walk of critical goods this last two years, with all plausible deniability.

    So China-Russia does this: The West thanks to Bzrezinski, who got to see his dreams collapse in a heap, and MacKinder, the West has not merely telegraphed, but put out billboards in Time’s Square the last 50 years declaring they will start WWIII in Ukraine and nothing’s changed. They will MAKE Russia do it even if they don’t want to, and have. China coordinates action, as well as pressure on the U.S. and West. The ships are ready. Flyovers of Taiwan happen daily. They can sink any fleet within 100 miles of shore. What’s to stop them with everyone busy? I’ve already described China’s situation: they MUST take, occupy, a vacant United States or starve and collapse. That’s Deagle. That’s either (modern) nuclear or biological. We can see they tried bio. They are trying financial in a tug of war of titans, seeing who will collapse first due to the Pacific embargo.

    Back to Russia. What can they do? The minute they hit Ukraine, NATO borders, China opens the 2nd front, Taiwan, and probably WWIII. Shouldn’t they want that? Keep the U.S. busy so they can do whatever they want with the manless morons in Europe? Wait: shouldn’t Russia WANT WWIII with a global nuclear exchange? F’ NO!!! Russia does NOT want that. It may be hard for these psychos to understand, but only maniacs and idiots want WWIII and a phyrric victory with half the world dead. All Russia wants is not to lose their country. So maybe they DON’T want China with a second front that starts WWIII? But they need China’s pressure to collapse Western Financial house of cards? Luckily every other nation on earth are such bloodthirsty psychos it never occurs to them Russia might not be.

    Ah: all that to get here. Russia coordinates with China. They cannot possibly do otherwise, or else die. If nothing else, China would side with the West and cut up Russia together. China says, “Okay, you roll in with the tankskis, your massive army will be in Poland by morning, while their pants are on fire mobilizing NATO against your battlefield nukes now 40 miles away, we’ll take Taiwan and sink every ship in the Pacific, maybe shell Long Beach for sport. We also have coordinated with NoKo for deniability, and they’ve been shooting missiles again on command.” Russia: “Got it. We regret that we must attack Ukraine, but it’s better to have the initiative, and we can’t afford to have them kill 100k Russians in Donbass.” These emails or motions are read by Biden and he indicates the Invasion of Europe right out to Paris, headline: CNN.

    Russia invades, China is completely braced for impact on all fronts…and the impact never comes. Russia isn’t at the NATO border. Tactical nukes are not in range of Berlin. Russia is “bogged down.” They met “tougher resistance than they expected.” Oopsie! Given they put in 1/3 of the Army we, and perhaps China, expected. Then did no Blitzkriegski at all. But the Russian army is notorious, inefficient. NATO trained those Nazis! Hidden secret bunkers! Whachagonnado?

    As Ukraine is now a slog, Russia informs China they may not make it to the border in time for winter, keep the engine warm for us. China is in a holding pattern for offloading goods, working factories, and buzzing Taiwan. The season closes, winter comes: no invasion.

    Outcome? Russia takes the critical territory, does NOT start WWIII and the mutual exchange that would kill 200 million in Europe, +1 Billion worldwide, making Deagle and all Davos orgasm with glee. China then does NOT start WWIII in the Pacific, and if they take Taiwan, it’s now on them, not related to the Russian front. Yet the pressure was/is applied on the U.S. that China would not have risked if told the truth. The West likely collapses anyway, but that’s not Russia’s fault and the West can make the best of it or die in a hole, their choice: we sold them the oil. Everyone lives to work it out another day, we can always start WWIII tomorrow if need be, but today is not that day.

    See what I mean? Just saying, Where’d China go and what’s with all these weird, super-weird, illogical behavior in Long Beach and Shanghai that no one believes?

    If this IS a story – and that’s all it is right now, a story – then will China feel double-crossed? America just said directly they are attacking China, come to heel or else. So China can see the U.S./West has every intention of nuking China one minute after they nuke Russia. China needs the food and energy, badly and that can’t come from the U.S. Taking out the U.S. is no small feat, even if they already own all our leaders and institutions. No, I think they’ll just take it as a thing, no approbation, and continue their highly successful work in other channels, especially starting an American civil war. Our job is to resist that war with brotherhood, even if we are under foreign occupation and a Vichy government which is killing hundred thousands at a pop.

    Our job? How does that help us predict markets and food? Does that direct us which government layer to apply our attention to? What can we isolate to reduce system shocks?

    Dr. D

    Teri: lo siento. I feel it/you.

    Every day THEY get up and do the same thing. So what are WE going to do either in response or in ignoring of them?

    Somebody said we’ll lose to the WEF and transhumanists because we don’t have a vision for our future. What would that vision be?


    Ah, the young, not Woke enough to save themselves.


    Veracious Poet


    D Benton Smith

    Government censorship is a boxing match in which the Referees get to smack whoever they want, however they want, whenever they feel like it, and the boxers can only hit certain designated opponents in arbitrarily approved ways when the Refs say they can.


    A lot of people go camping to learn how to “rough it”.
    To experience nature like the natives. ( From a tent, to a 40′ RV with a TV, etc.)
    To get a taste of how hard life can be sleeping on an air mattress and a foamy.
    (I’m going to teach my grand kids how to start a fire with a lighter and how to light the BBQ)

    Veracious Poet

    Dr. D,

    You & I both know the time to hinder the indoctrination of the masses from accepting rigged Faustian bargains with “The Owners” long since passed, 30+ years ago…

    It’s not our fault everyone was enamored by the mindfuckery of the Pathocracy 😕

    The absolute Zero Sum Game part of the Op officially launched in 2008, where only “The Owners” + their “special” servants survived intact, with any semblance of modernity + a “decent” std. of living.

    The current crop of “humanity” is totally lost, without a clue, unable to form a cohesive “unified” movement of self-preservation, even if their next fix depended on it…

    The West is sooo deep into The Reckoning, we’re rooting for Putin to save us (up-is-down) from the very governments We the People supported with votes, ideological addictions, finances & even our children.

    You KNOW this is true.

    You KNOW the best we can do is enlighten, perhaps prepare, the small remnant awakening from their self-centered trances ~ SCREAM the truth, in a CAT 6 hurricane of lies…

    The advent of COVID was The Reckoning’s event horizon, Ukraine the gravitational collapse of the modernity 😕

    All blessings to you in your affront to the black hole of NPD mass psychosis, but I’ve chosen to harden my inner circle for the unimaginable challenges soon to be endured, as the cataclysm of sociopaths unleash their scorched earth insanity upon us all…



    Veracious Poet

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