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    Some people get arrested for lying.
    George Santos has just been arrested for a variety of alleged misdeeds, including lying.
    Adam Schiff Still Insists Trump Conspired With Russia

    WEDNESDAY, MAY 17, 2023 – 01:20 PM
    Authored by Mark Tapscott and Joseph Lord via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours),

    Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif), the past chairman of the House Select Committee on Intelligence who now hopes to be California’s next Democratic senator, remains unswayed by the newly released Durham Report in his conviction that members of former President Donald Trump’s campaign conspired with Russian intelligence operatives to steal the 2016 election against Hillary Clinton.

    Veracious Poet

    HARD TRUTH(s) for simpletons, fools & the recently roused playing catch-up 🙄



    Adam Schiff Net Worth is $60 Million US Dollars. Adam Schiff is a lawyer, author, and politician who has served as a U.S. representative since 2001. Adam Schiff chairs the United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence <sic>.



    When it comes to lying in congress there are two types of lies.
    If you lie for the uniparty, then you will be protected.
    If you lie enough for the uniparty, you will be promoted.
    If you just lie, then you will be punished for lying by the uniparty.
    Simple rules for when to lie.

    In the fog of the Ukrainian war, their is hopium, copium, and dopium, to help clarify things for you.
    Since both sides are issuing different summaries of Kiev’s latest and the world’s most expensive fireworks display, to date, one thing remains perfectly clear.

    Targets in the Ukraine, all successfully intercepted fireworks missiles, from both sides, at elevations of 0 feet.

    It is also clear the Kiev’s zoo successfully intercepted a Patriot missile. Unfortunately 5 two legged monkeys were harmed during the fireworks display.

    The pretty young lady, in Kiev, who posted the video of the missile fireworks, received a visit by the SBU and had to publically apologize.

    China has filed a protest against all of the involve parties, because they discriminated against China,!

    NATO reminder: Please send more mayonnaise!


    by not using Chinese fireworks!

    Veracious Poet

    Can you say Mad Max?

    I knew you could…

    More than 140 people charged in Orange County burglaries and robberies in past year…

    “We are seeing sophisticated burglary crews working to take as much property as possible in as little time as possible,” Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes said. “Then, when our deputies catch them and take them to jail, they are released by the courts back into our community and often go right back to committing the same crimes.”

    “These are carefully calculated and planned attacks on what should be our safe place – our homes. These crews are waiting, they are watching our every move, and when they think the timing is just right, they are smashing their way into our lives – and carrying out whatever cash, jewelry, and other expensive items they can find. And when they get it wrong – and someone is home – they do whatever it takes to terrorize their victims into telling them where the money is…”

    Spitzer added that (Uniparty) judges and the legislature have “failed” those in law enforcement. He claims people who already served time re-offend because there are “no consequences.”

    “That’s exactly why there are people with five, six, and nine strikes breaking into our homes instead of serving time behind bars. The criminals are getting a strong message – the reward is far greater than the risk – and crime literally pays in California…”

    #1 reason America is infested with & can’t seem to rid itself of the Uniparty:

    Have fun out there kiddos…



    Superb analysis from A.M.

    2 million Germans have left the German nuthouse and have relocated to Russia -where they are welcomed. What has been a trickle will sone become a ‘river’ (though presumably the neoNazis in currently control of Germany will take measures to halt the flow -the depopulation agenda not withstanding).

    US/UK/NATO stuck in1980s-1990s thinking.

    PS. Most of the wheels have now fallen off the Airstrip Five bandwagon and it’s careening into a ditch, as are the other criminal-clown nations of the ‘Oceania’ western alliance.

    My immediate problem is to reassemble the gear change mechanism of a bike I acquired for $8 a few weeks ago, the gear changer having seized up from lack of use.

    No such problems with the $15 bike I acquired a few days ago. Just a new inner tube and a bit of oil and paint needed.

    I am working on the assumption that roads and paths will continue to be usable for a while after the liquid fuels that drive the NZ economy stop arriving -maybe the end of this year, maybe next year. Who knows? We might still have liquid fuels for another couple of years, depend how quickly it all unravels.

    Also assuming the housing crash will accelerate, as food and other essentials become increasingly unaffordable and unemployment surges.

    Much discussion about the collapse of the health system, currently noted as being in the worst state in many decades.

    Another storm system seems to be building, lining up for the next hit on the North Island. We knew the point would be reached whereby destruction via climate instability/overheating outpaces restoration.

    John Day

    Good luck with the $8 bike, AFKTT. You can always pick the best ratio for all around use, like the middle chainring of 3 up front (39-42 tooth) and something like 17 tooth rear sprocket, then take out chain links to make the chain fit. You’ll need a chain-tool.

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