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    Leonard Misonne Waterloo Place, London 1899   • Why Trials Like Trump’s Must Be Televised (Alan M. Dershowitz) • Trump Lawyer “Dog Walks” Michael
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    Dr. D


    And $1 Trillion in interest. We can’t pay it? Oh yes we Canada! That’s what printing money is for, amirite, MMT? …Except there are CONSEQUENCES to that.

    Okay, now WHY did Yellen do that? She’s trying to collapse the United States to promote Davos/Europe, here real love and real masters. She’s thrashing around trying to rig the plumbing to overcome the rate differential. Why buy Euro bonds when U.S. is 5%? Can Europe tolerate 5%? They’ve been plugging gaps, but no, they’re sinking. Of course everybody is sinking, but Powell has better bilge pumps. Weird world.

    Powell’s just letting them run out. Not being the “Cause” of their collapse, therefore the “Cause” of WWIII. And look at the past: who was taken out in ‘08? Europe. Who robbed their people, with some Germans being more equal than Greeks? Europe. Who went to negative interest rates? Europe. Does that not show significantly more stress? Who has no resources, no oil, and no advantages? Europe.

    And this is part of it, what can you finance at negative rates? A: Everything. Every dumb, idiotic, counterproductive, #AntiHuman idea. It’s literally #AntiCapitalism, where we do the #Opposite of voluntary and the #Opposite of what the consumer needs. …That’s how it has to be in their system of top-down soviet central planning. Why? If the people would do it all voluntarily, you wouldn’t have to kill them all to MAKE them. That is to say, definitionally it MUST be bad for them or they wouldn’t be fighting you. So their negative interest rates got them to survive, to install terrible, collapsing ideas, and the dumbest waste of energy and effort on the planet so far: Green Energy. Can’t do that in a functioning system because it would demand we CHECK and PROVE this, by having Green Energy and their other fatal, murderous ideas PAY BACK, that is “show profit”, that is be BTU-positive before they got in deeper.

    Right. And then you raise rates from negative to 5%? NOW what can pay for itself? Yes, under the system, it all shuts down. So they’re having trouble with that, and here too. But for example we’re raw printing $250/day per 12 Million immigrants, then back-servicing the contracts with Blackrocks’ real estate rentals, and Tyson’s food-packing. So you have a problem in that the rigging and fraud is now many times larger than the free economy. Like all non-Capitalist, Socialist States. What “naturally happens” can’t. It’s all about the rig, so I can only imagine what Europe is doing.

    Back to the other day on this, what’s the limiter on all this fraud? A: The People’s Credulity. Unfortunately, that remains infinite so far. And that’s WITH all institutions, people, representatives, being exposed as untrustworthy. No one’s been there before, so turns out it’s hard to predict.

    “Predictions are hard, especially about the future.” Yeah, but it’s absolutely Impossible to predict the Past!

    Headlines: “Putin on the ropes after selling oil to China” Yes, they’re pumping 30% less and getting paid 30% more than 2021. Sounds terrible. There IS a discount in China, a deep one. What’s up with that? Pals? Prices set when they weren’t stable in Feb 2022?

    No, they and others are selling in Shanghai. Why? Because that’s the world’s new financial center, past tense. Bye bye. Then take the “money” they got in Shanghai and converting oil to gold as Shanghai contracts are the only ones worldwide with gold delivery (that isn’t a painted on fabrication, a sham, but can be delivered in size). So the reason they’re selling at a “Discount” is to get something REAL for the sale and not printed paper. Boy, what a pack of fools. If only they did it like us!

    “Putin’s Men being Hunted and Killed in Kharkov” – Times Radio

    Sure they are. Problem is 30x more of ZE’s men are being hunted and killed instead. Interesting headline. “We made 103 yards in the first half of this game” Sounds great! Except the other team made 403 yards on you and the score is 57-3. Also leads to the point: WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO??? Like, do you think this matters? Who are you convincing? Your own fart-bubble? They already believe or you’d have had then shot and airbrushed out of the pictures like you do everyone else. Like Varoufakis for instance. Or Corbyn. “We Make S—t Up!!!” (And you still always believe us) Works ’til you stop them, they won’t stop themselves, they’re mentally ill.

    “Peru Classifies Transgender Individuals As ‘Mentally Ill’

    Technically, this is true of the U.S. and everywhere else. It’s in the desk manual as they say, but that doesn’t mean anything – we all just obey or ignore “Official” sources however we feel like these days, maybe flip flop with each new patient! No, the REAL reason it’s officially and always a mental illness is, INSURANCE PAYS FOR IT. If it’s not a disease, why would insurers pay? You walk into the office and say “I wear spandex and I feel great”. Doctor says, “There’s no $100,000 job plus life-long critical amputation care I can sell you then.” Ah, but if you walk in wearing a spandex DRESS…. Well there you go! We all know wearing a dress makes you a woman. Easy! That’s why all the women who DON’T wear dresses are men. And vice versa. That’s Science! It took us 300 years of hard scientific research to get this smart, you know. So transgender = mentally ill. Both. Neither. Ai. Like everything else. Thing and it’s Opposite are the same and flip flop each minute. Reality dissolves, ceases to exist in a marinade of our inexpressible genius.

    “• Why Trials Like Trump’s Must Be Televised (Alan M. Dershowitz)

    Maybe, I listened to the CNN review of the trial and they said it was a joke. Cohen was lying, and pointed out new lies to Congress had surfaced only an hour ago. On CNN.

    Covering this, and we all knew, the thing went down like this: Stormy is doing an extortion racket (real or not, your choice) and as he and National Enquirer were in the biz, Cohen jumps in front, grabs the story, and pays her off. This comes from COHEN’s lawyer (wtf? Attorney-client privilege again? Are ANY lawyers behaving legally anymore?) who says he was getting him off Federal charges if only he could hand the Feds ANYTHING on Trump. Anything. Cohen said at that time, he had nothing. Not. A. Thing. So anything he has now must be made up, right?

    So anyway, HOW did he pay off Daniels? According to his lawyer, with a Home Equity Loan. What the what? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaatttt????? Why? A: HIS WIFE WOULDN’T LET HIM. What? Why? He didn’t dare TELL her even, and admit this was happening. What the what? Whattty-what-what? You just take it out of the business account, then say “Trump will reimburse us” and she says “Fine.” That’s his JOB right? …Unless it ISN’T his job; and Trump didn’t authorize it.

    Oh. So you KNOW this is a TERRIBLE idea. A really, truly, epically bad idea, so bad your wife might DIVORCE you if she finds out. Like, colossal, galactically bad idea. She already oversees all the home finance, because she ALREADY doesn’t trust you with your money. — Ask her why. And not from your business account. Why? Because he didn’t want anyone to know where the money came from. Er…whyyyyyyyyyyy? Paying off Daniels is NOT ILLEGAL. It’s perfectly legal and common.

    Does he talk to Trump about it? No. Apparently not. Er…why? Two reasons: One, he’s actually paying Daniels to sleep with her instead. His wife doesn’t need to see that check stub. Two, does Donald LOOK like the kind of guy who will pay Stormy? When she’s legally written that there was no event? No. He’s going to say “F—k that c—t I’m not paying her a nickel! I’ll burn NY before she gets a dime, you tell her that!!!”

    No cover, no job, no money. Cohen is uninvolved then. No profit, no self-promotion.

    So he takes his OWN money, pays her off WITHOUT telling Trump at all. Then, because of their standing arrangement, simply slips the money into accounting on a bill. Trump, being a billionaire who doesn’t sign any checks, pays it. It’s done down in accounting, he doesn’t see a thing. He’s unaware of Stormy, unaware of Cohen, and…unaware of the risk.

    Then he’s elected, Cohen pops up and says, “Hey, hook me up now for all I’ve done for you (that you never asked for and didn’t want).” Trump says “No.” or “No, you’re an idiot and a fool and I have too many of those already.” Cohen now CAN’T pay the HELOC, (since he was doing that on fraud and favors, guarantee you don’t get more paid for being a Fed employee than a Manhattan lawyer) AND is burned for being snubbed.

    …Then the Feds show up and shake him down.

    Now his wife knows, Stormy news is out anyway, and TRUMP IS PISSED. Like, Stormy was out there IN A CAMPAIGN, and you didn’t tell me?!?!?!?!??? Cohen’s like, “Help me boss”, and Trump had said, “Don’t ever mention a pardon to me again.” …That’s the day Cohen said he wouldn’t ACCEPT a pardon. …Which is such a weird statement no one believes it. Again, that is clearly a lie.

    For the old tar-and-feathers, (Round one) the Feds then jail him to paint Trump. He loses his law license, his only income, and his wife. Now it’s just “Tell me what to say, old Feds, and I’ll say it.”

    …And here we are today. That’s according to official statements of those involved. So…should have listened to your wife? Ya think? If you’re you, and you know you have these problems, I say run EVERYTHING by her first. If she’s with you thank GOD above and do everything that’s her plan, not yours.

    “You did not talk to President Trump that night,” Mr. Blanche said. “You can admit it.” “No sir, I can’t,” Mr. Cohen said.”

    He can’t because that’s not what Bragg and the Feds have commanded him to say. They were very clear elsewhere that they were coaching this witness. Oh wait: is that another felony?

    “The former president in 2020 made similar claims about a silent majority turning out in droves for him during that year’s election.”

    They did. They were the most epic numbers ever, both in raw numbers and % gain for an incumbent. But 10 million unregistered voters seemed to appear all at once at 3am, such that Biden got 10 million more votes than voters.

    “President Trump, notably, is ahead by 6 percentage points in Arizona, 11 points in Georgia, and 13 points in Nevada, the survey revealed”

    Biden said they just got another 1 Million immigrant “Voters” the other day. Let that sink in.

    “• Joe Biden Invokes Executive Privilege Over Special Counsel Recordings (ZH)

    Pretty sure that’s not what “Special Council” is. Let THAT sink in.

    WHY do we have “Special” Councils? Because a situation is so sensitive and so political everyone is afraid of partisanship, or the APPEARANCE of it, such that we pluck someone neutral out of retirement that the whole world trusts. Like Jimmy Carter or something. Then THAT guy does the whole job in the open with no APPEARANCE of favoritism.

    …Methinks maybe hiding all the evidence, with a Council that was never made “Special” by being agreed upon by Congress and the other party in the first place MIGHT be the #Opposite of the point here? Never stop talking. Let us all know how it is. Special Council who isn’t Special Council. Both. Neither. Ai.

    “They will use the recordings to smear Biden”.

    How? If the recordings are awesome, honest, and show intelligence and acumen, what harm can they do? Let them have them, like the Trump call to Ukraine. Oh you want to hide FROM your own record and actions, I understand. If you don’t want to be seen as a fool, don’t be a fool. I can’t save you from yourself.

    “The problem is that this is the people’s house and we all are harmed by the destruction of the impeachment process. Democrats were wrong in 2019 and 2021 to impeach Trump, but yielding to the same political motives now is no virtue.”

    Same everywhere and it’s OUR Bud and Disney they are ruining with their “Long march through liquidating the Institutions (that keep modern life alive)”. When you’re the Joker and like matches, that’s fun, but the rest of us have to live in it. That means you CAN’T “Defund the police” even if you want to. You HAVE to reform them which is harder and no fun. What’s the alternative? No police, no government, no modern life at all? I’m down for it, but are you? I’m for walking around armed and living in a bark hut, but my guess is if you run out of blue hair dye and Uber Eats you’ll die.

    “• Zelensky Blames ‘Whole World’ For Ukraine’s Failures In Kharkov (RT)

    Both. Neither. Ai… The UK reports “Some small towns in the north changed hands.” that’s it. They now say Chasiv Yar is nothing, inconsequential, just as they said Bahkmut and Avdiivka were. Budanov is out saying 1) It’s nothing. but ALSO 2) Ukraine is collapsing and they have no reserves.

    O—kaaaaaaayyy. Which is it? When you tell lies for a living, everything is a lie, when you’re in a pinch you just tell all of them at once.

    I say fine! YOU said the north is nothing, YOU said Chasiv Yar is nothing. I believe you! You win!!! You’re fine so don’t bother me about money or weapons since you’re winning, hunting down Putin and Russia is collapsing, walls are closing in. YOU said, not me. Bye.

    “Social media is full of “hateful comments” in the wake of the attack,”

    And every other time. No one waited for the attack, nor are the amount of comments different the day after.

    “Fico, a nationalist and euro-skeptic”

    Two crimes. First: a “Nationalist” works foremost for his own people, Serbia. Second, a “Skeptic” does NOT want to hand all sovereignty and wealth to the European center, a few rich guys in Brussels. How dare he. No literally, saying these things is supposed to be a slur. Translation: He’s a proud Serbian working for the people and defending them against rapacious outsiders.

    ““He is the leader of the greatest portion of the Republican Party. It’s a populist, demagogue portion of the party.”

    Same as above. “Demagogue” just means “He talks”. He’s capable of speech, that’s why Biden can’t be a Demagogue. “A demagogue, or rabble-rouser, is a political leader in a democracy who gains popularity by arousing the common people against elites, especially through oratory…” — Wiki

    AI “with the potential to be bigger than the internet.”

    …And therefore consumes more power than the whole internet, right? Yeah, Bitcoin is a rounding error.

    “Besides Druckenmiller, 13F filings showed David Tepper slashed his holdings in Amazon, Microsoft, and Meta Platforms. David Bonderman’s Wildcat Capital Management sold Meta stock, bringing his position to $23.7 million. Michael Platt’s BlueCrest Capital Management dumped Nvidia and Amazon.”

    That’s the right thing, and shows why he’s a better trader than me. I would have thought it was too high years ago. One thing: these are huge positions. Who are they selling TO?

    A: YOU. The Rubes, the public. Here, hold this bag.

    “US President Joe Biden’s cabinet has made a major policy mistake by driving Russia and China into a strategic partnership, Heritage Foundation”

    Not President Biden, it was long since policy, esp under Trump, but really starting with Obama. Just being fair.

    “Pillsbury has helped Washington formulate its China policy since the 1970s.”

    In the All-Alex, Three-Alex show (adding Alex Krainer) they are speechless that Congress just sits around saying they ARE GOING to attack and war with China. Like, you can do that: nations DO. BUT YOU DON’T TELL THEM before hand. Jesus on a stick. DNC whip just stands up and says, “Yup, we’re attacking China by 2025.” Like, so, have you picked the DAY yet? Maybe Wednesday is free? …This stupefying bulls—t is BEYOND the other problem in that we have only weapons to stand on the beach in San Diego and yell at them real loud. Like NO ships, no other means to get anywhere near there, while they have 50 counterattacks including lobbing shells the size of volkwagens miles into international waters from enormous standing guns. Plooop.

    You all are failures and there is NO WAY we won’t lose this war. Never even occurs to them, for reasons I can’t comprehend. Like, they’re more cautious about Russia, 1/10th the size and they’re not cautious about Russia AT ALL. China is in some sense THE ENTIRE PLANET. It’s like Canada trying to go Napoleon and take over the world. Like, I don’t care who you are, how good, what weapons you have, THAT AIN’T HAPPENING. Ever. You’ll all be killed, dead, and deserve it. And the U.S. is a Canada that lost to AFGHANISTAN and YEMEN. What does that make us on par with? Leichenstein? Grenada?

    “they would be stoned in the streets.”

    Nope. Don’t see it happening. They can kill millions not only don’t they care, they don’t even notice. 6- sigma death for a year. I see literally nothing, zip, nyet, de nada. No nay never, not happening. …Again, like markets, I can’t tell you WHYYYY people are willing to put up with it and not get alarmed at all, emotionally, but I can tell you they ARE.

    Their kids, their own son drops dead at 12 in front of them, no curiosity, no autopsy, no care. 100,000 cases in a row. Nada. We don’t know what it is, but we know it’s not the one thing. Blue Square says. So I’ll haul his blue, lifeless body off this field and rest fully contented.


    There was a leaked Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield document that said a typical doctor during the Plan-Demic with 1000-2000 patients booked to their panel could make an extra $250,000 ‘bonus’ if they injected around 70% of their patients with the Covid vaccine.

    So the question is: was Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield giving a complying doctor a quarter million dollar payoff or was Anthem getting the $250K from the government as a ‘pass through’ payment/bribe?

    Peter McCullough


    @John Day

    What percentage of doctors do you think would gone for the $250K bonus and Clot-shotted their patients.

    What happened to “do no harm”?

    A quaint ‘old school’ habit?

    John Day

    Religious freedom: Teacher Fired after Refusing to Use Preferred Pronouns Wins $360,000 Settlement
    A former high school teacher who was terminated for refusing to use students’ preferred pronouns has received a $360,000 settlement from the Jurupa Unified School District of California.

    The lawsuit, filed in May 2023 by Advocates for Faith and Freedom, stemmed from the dismissal of the gym teacher at the time, Jessica Tapia, who refused to comply with the school district’s requirements in 2022.

    It cited Tapia’s religious beliefs as her reason for not using preferred pronouns to cater to students’ gender identity.

    John Day

    @Oroboros: This vaccine-bonus program has been in place for decades for “completely vaccinating on schedule” in Pediatric practices. It’s “What’s For Dinner” every day of the week, all across the US.
    This is not a decision but a “goal”.

    John Day

    Is this the deal this time? What about Kennedy? Not Zionist enough? Sprint to finish?
    Report: Jewish Organization is Offering Record Financial Support to Help Trump Defeat Biden


    Another doctor horror show ‘tell’

    A pediatric practice cannot survive…without doing most of the vaccines, if not all of them [on the CDC schedule]...that’s the pressure that pediatricians are under…that explains [why] they…won’t…look at the fact that these vaccines are causing a lot of harm.”

    Retired pediatrician Dr. Paul Thomas describes during a Children’s Health Defense (@ChildrensHD
    ) interview how pediatric practices cannot survive financially without administering the CDC’s “vaccine” schedule to patients due to their reliance on federal dollars. For his own practice, Thomas notes that when he (largely) stopped “vaccinating” his patients, he lost more than a million dollars in revenue per year.

    Thomas notes there are multiple ways that pediatric practices earn federal dollars by “vaccinating” young children, including “admin fees,” which one can think of as “a ‘Thank you’ for giving [a] shot” and handing out an accompanying VIS, or vaccine information sheet.

    The retired pediatrician notes that for a two-month “Well Baby” visit, there’s a DPT shot—which is three shots (three antigens)—a Hib (Haemophilus influenzae type B) shot, a Prevnar (Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine) shot, a Hep B shot, a polio shot, and a rotavirus shot; all in, these amount to six shots and eight antigens. For the pediatrician, this amounts to $240. This figure can then be multiplied by 30 or 40, as that’s how many newborns a pediatrician can expect to see in a month. That number is then multiplied again, as those babies are coming in repeatedly at two months, four months, six months, nine months, 12 months, 15 months, and age two.

    “[I]t’s a lot of visits,” Thomas says. “And then there’s the older kids that need boosters…”

    Additionally, Thomas notes that “one of the main quality measures is how well you vaccinate.” He says, “It has nothing to do with how healthy your kids are,” and points out that when he studied his “vaxxed versus unvaxxed patients” he found that “the unvaxxed were so incredibly healthy—they rarely got sick. They rarely would end up in an emergency room or in an hospital with any chronic condition.”

    “So being unvaxxed results in very health kids who don’t use a lot of medical dollars—every medical system should want that, but it’s reversed…it’s bizarre,” Thomas adds.

    As a result of this payment scheme, Thomas says a pediatric practice in the U.S. “cannot stay in business if you’re not giving pretty close to the CDC schedule—it just doesn’t pencil out economically at all.”

    Thomas goes on to say: “A pediatric practice cannot survive using insurance without doing most of the vaccines, if not all of them [on the CDC schedule]…and that’s the pressure that pediatricians are under and…that explains the blinders that they just won’t go there and look at the fact that these vaccines are causing a lot of harm.”


    the video of Dr. Paul Thomas is especially interesting because he recounts keeping track over the years of vaxed vs unvaxed children in his practice.

    He states unequivocally that the unvaxed kids were far and away healthier than the fully vaxed kids.

    In addition he says that CEO of medical supply companies are payed bonuses on basically whether the general population is sicker, not healthier.

    Lots of overall ‘unwellness’ generates the most profits for the Medical Industrial Complex same way war & chaos generate the most profits for the War Whores in the Military Industrial Complex.

    Gangster Nation stem to stern, top to bottom.


    Elect Clowns….

    …Expect a Circus


    A Ukro position being over run by the Russian tidal wave

    Just a very brief glimpse of what is happening on the ground to collapsing lines


    while visiting Miami in November 2021 i referenced Geert Vanden Bossche to a family member and an acquaintance during a discussion about the mandated innoculation and the inoculant. My family member is a retired multi-medium professional artist and the other the son of an architect and a holistic physical therapist. The look of disgust engendered and directed in my direction when I rubbed my thumb and first two fingers together as the answer to why the people’s representatives and the medical establishment were participating in a fraud of such proportion was a highlight of my visit to Miami.

    watching today’s post of Vanden Bossche elicited a sense of the duality inherent in this physical reality. The horror of the possible, perhaps highly probable, reality came first followed by a sense of relief that i was not innoculated with the mRNA substance. The sense of relief was followed immediately by a sense of trepidation as i realized everyone i know has been innoculated then a sense of awkward relief.
    Should Vanden Bossche be proved correct there will be some indication of who took a placebo and then many of the world’s geopolitcal problems will be solved. Finally there might be an answer to the quip, “Suppose they gave a war and nobody came”.

    the fates have conspired to bring me an unanticipated birthday present this year. Two of the greatest serial liars of all time will be presented in a televised spectacle of lunacy, not to be eclipsed, on my birthday. I can wait.

    the fourth sign of The Zodiac promises “interesting times” this year

    D of course you don’t see any reaction to the destruction wrought by the innoculant – the balance of the western world is doing what one who posts here stated in a question, “isn’t that what we all have done?” Why would a people who accept genocide resist humanicide? after all there is a chance to achieve “limited policy objectives”. My advice to the mainstream is to double down and get another booster, be part of the solution. Position yourself now to profit from the coming debacle. Hedge your bet, BUY Nvidia!

    have a pleasant weekend


    M777 Wonder Weapon from the Empire of Lies

    One of hundreds to bite the dust in UkroNaziland.


    Russia is now making more tanks in one MONTH than the entire Collective West combined manages to produce in a YEAR

    The entire Collective West is a boutique chop-shop masquerading as an ‘economy’


    The Russian FAB retrofit of ‘dumb bombs’ into precision flying munitions that can be flown to within METERS of a target is a real game changer.

    The Russians have tens of millions of these older ‘dumb bombs’ to trick up.

    Enough to precision carpet bomb ALL of western UkroNaziland.

    A tribute to the FAB in rap beat


    I’m Dreaming
    Peace for all

    History repeats because human nature never changes.

    Governments need war because their debts are no longer sustainable. They will use the war as the excuse for defaults. (Jubilee)

    The Jubilee is the year that follows the passage of seven “weeks of years This fiftieth year deals largely with land, property, and property rights.

    What are the benefits of jubilee in the Bible?
    However, the Jubilee allowed for a new beginning in every generation.
    For people caught in the poverty trap, it gave hope and new opportunities as land was restored to its original owners, debts were cancelled and slaves set free.
    Land, slaves and loans were all to be valued-based on their nearness to the Jubilee year.

    Pope’s Letter announcing the Jubilee Year 2025

    Zelensky is dreaming
    Last month, Zelensky insisted that Ukraine needs 25 such batteries but later revised that number to “at least seven.”
    “All we need are two Patriot systems,” Zelensky said, suggesting that “Russia will not be able to occupy Kharkov.
    Each Patriot battery comprises a power plant, radar and control stations, truck-mounted missile launchers, and support vehicles, and costs around $1 billion. Ukraine is currently believed to possess at least three Patriots, one of which is stationed near the capital.
    Last year, one of these batteries was reportedly damaged or destroyed in a Russian hypersonic missile strike. (Not suppose to happen.)
    (Forgot to say/tell, an american crew of specialists is needed to set up and operate the system)

    John Day

    @Oroboros: Paul Thomas MD wrote a very well documented book about reducing the number and delaying the timing of childhood vaccinations to reduce vaccine-injuries, called “The Vaccine Friendly Plan”, which I have read and given (highlighted) to my daughter. His license was attacked for that and he lost his right to practice medicine.


    Wife told me this morning about a client who caught pneumonia in the hospital recently. She said off-handedly “They’ve got her on a respirator now.”

    She noticed my change in mood, so I explained that putting someone with pneumonia on a respirator is 100% the wrong thing to do.

    She replied that it’s a wealthy client, they certainly must not be using cheap medical care, so they’ve got good experts working the problem.

    So now they’re throwing respirators on people in ways that will be bad for them even when covid is not present. Or possibly they ran the test that finds covid in papayas and motor oil, found covid, and said “pneumonia plus covid.”

    That’s the trouble. You end up in their care for ANYTHING and you can suddenly “have” covid. Of particular concern would then be anything you can’t actually get out of bed and walk out of the hospital with, certainly anytime you’ve lost consciousness.

    John Day

    No More Pretending

    ​ THE REALITY OF EXTEND-AND-PRETEND​, Tim Morgan, Surplus Energy Economics
    ​ The great unspoken fact of the 1930s was that the world was drifting to war, a trend that nobody knew how to stop.​ The great unspoken fact of the 2020s is that the global economy is in the process of inflecting from growth into contraction, and, again, this is a process that no-one can halt, still less put into reverse.
    ​ Logically, countries, groups and individuals must strive to work out how to fare best in an economy that has become a less-than-zero-sum game. Their relative success or failure in this endeavour will be a function of how much they know about it, and how early they are in gaining that knowledge…
    ..As ECoEs (energy costs of energy) carry on rising, and as renewables prove incapable of providing a complete replacement for the energy value hitherto sourced from fossil fuels, aggregate material prosperity will fall, gradually in the balance of the 2020s but much more rapidly in the 2030s. In comparison with 2023, the world’s average person is likely to be only about 7% poorer by 2030, but fully 25% worse off by 2040.
    At the same time, the real costs of energy-intensive necessities will carry on rising, applying leveraged compression to the affordability of discretionary (non-essential) products and services.
    Where the financial corollaries of these material economic trends are concerned, we can assume that ‘extend-and-pretend’ will remain the only game in town, meaning that debt and quasi-debt will carry on rising – and the spending of this credit will carry on being presented as “growth” – until the credibility of money has been destroyed. The strategic aim isn’t to side-step this process, but to ensure that your currency doesn’t win this ‘race to the bottom’.
    The rate at which credit will rise will force the authorities back onto the path of QE, ZIRP and NIRP, because there’s no other way of maintaining the fiction that the economy is capable of servicing these soaring debts.​

    ​ Well, actually, there is another way to deal with the money supply, which is not extend-and-pretend, because extend and pretend will collapse without trust at some point, maybe this year or next…
    Jim Rickards, $27,000 Gold
    ​ I’ve previously said that gold could reach $15,000 by 2026. Today, I’m updating that forecast.​ My latest forecast is that gold may actually exceed $27,000.
    ​ I don’t say that to get attention or to shock people. It’s not a guess; it’s the result of rigorous analysis.One needs to make an assumption about the percentage of gold backing for the money supply needed to maintain confidence. I assume 40% coverage with gold. (This was the legal requirement for the Fed from 1913–1946. Later it was 25%, then zero today).
    ​ Applying the 40% ratio to the $17.9 trillion money supply means that $7.2 trillion of gold is required.​ Applying the $7.2 trillion valuation to 261.5 million troy ounces ​(held by the US Treasury) yields a gold price of $27,533 per ounce.
    ​ That’s the implied non-deflationary equilibrium price of gold in a new global gold standard. Of course, money supplies fluctuate; lately they’ve been going up sharply, especially in the U.S.
    ​ There’s room for debate about whether a 40% backing ratio is too high or too low. Still, my assumptions are moderate based on monetary economics and history. A dollar price of gold of over $25,000 per ounce in a new gold standard is not a stretch.​ Obviously, you get around $12,500 per ounce if you assume 20% coverage. There are many variables in play.​

    ​ “West’s Governments Need War” Warns Martin Armstrong “Because Their Debts Are No Longer Sustainable”

    ​ The sovereign debt crisis that we face has appeared often throughout history. It is unsustainable because governments act in their own self-interest and will always expand debt to retain power. Historically, these systems collapse when they issue new debt to pay off the old, and no one is there to buy the new debt. Once they can no longer continue to borrow new money, then inevitably, they collapse.​..
    ..It is unlikely that we can avoid world war. Governments need war because their debts are no longer sustainable. They will use the war as the excuse for defaults – as was the case for WWII. They will create Bretton Woods II with the IMF digital currency as the reserve.​

    ​ Hmmm, “40% gold backed…” The Unit: What You Need to Know About BRICS+ Decentralized Monetary Ecosystem Concept , Pepe Escobar
    The Unit offers a unique solution for bottlenecks in global financial infrastructure: it is eligible for traditional banking operations as well as for the newest forms of digital banking.
    ​ The Unit can also help to upend unfair pricing in commodity trading, by means of setting up a new – fair and efficient – Eurasian Mercantile Exchange where trading and settlement can be done in a new currency bridging trade flows and capital, thus paving the way to the development of new financial products for foreign direct investment.
    ​ The strength of the Unit, conceptually, is to remove direct dependency on the currency of other nations, and to offer especially to the Global Majority a new form of apolitical money – with huge potential for anchoring fair trade and investments.
    It is indeed a new concept in terms of an international currency – anchored in gold (40%) and BRICS+ currencies (60%). It is neither crypto nor stablecoin​.

    John Day

    ​ Leader of Slovakia Shot After Demanding Investigation Into COVID Vaccines​

    Slovakia, a nice country in the heart of Europe, is unique in one important respect: it is the only country, out of the whole world, whose leader denounced COVID vaccines and announced a COVID inquiry into excess deaths, corrupt influence of Pfizer, and ill effects of COVID vaccines.​

    Slovak PM Robert Fico Expected To Survive; UK Media Appears To Justify Assassination Attempt​

    Who Is Juraj Cintula?​ , Is the man who tried to assassinate Slovak Prime Minister Fico really a “lone wolf”?​

    ​ ‘Guns & Butter’: Putin Explains Reason Behind Major Cabinet Shake-Up

    ​ Russian President Vladimir Putin has for the first time explained the rationale behind this week’s major cabinet reshuffling, which for the first time of the Ukraine operation saw Sergey Shoigu removed as defense minister (and ‘promoted’ to head of the national security council), and former minister for economic development Andrey Belousov moved into the defense chief spot. He described the decision as due to the dramatic rise in the defense budget and military spending.
    ​ Putin said of Belousov: “He understands perfectly well what needs to be done in order for the economy of the entire security complex – and the Ministry of Defense as its key component – to fit into the overall economy of the country,” according to state media translation.​

    ​ ‘Brothers Forever’: Putin, Xi Agree That Deepened Ties Project Stability Against West’s ‘Unilateral Hegemony

    ​ ‘The two leaders again upheld the Russia-China relationship as fundamentally “based on the multipolar realities and international law” in a swipe at the West which both Putin and Xi have long deemed hegemonic.
    ​ At one point Putin also praised efforts of the two at bypassing the US dollar, saying “A powerful impetus to expand our trade flows was given by our timely joint decision to ensure that transactions are conducted in national currencies. As of today, 90% of all payments are made in rubles and yuan.”​

    John Day

    Gilbert Doctorow, Vladimir Putin’s state visit to China as reported by WION Indian global television
    Chanana:​ Doctor Doctorow, there’s also a closed-door meeting which is scheduled to take place with Xi Jinping and Mr. Putin. And this is going to be in the 1-plus-4 format. There isn’t going to be anyone other than the 10 diplomats there and of course, heads of state, inside that closed room. What do you expect in those talks? Because it is being said that they are going to be discussing Ukraine there.
    ​ Doctorow: I think the top of the agenda will be the Russians’ intentions for using tactical nuclear weapons in the battlefield. This is a new development, unprecedented development, and Mr Putin announced Russia’s readiness to do that and ordered that there be exercises, military exercises, with the units from the Central Military District operating near Ukraine to practice all kinds of delivery systems for these nuclear weapons. The Chinese have been very cautious, very wary about opening the Pandora’s box of nuclear weapons, and I think this will be a top issue for discussion between leaders.​

    Ukrainian Officials Ask NATO To Send Troops for Training Inside Ukraine​ , NYT reports NATO countries are ‘inching closer’ to obliging the request​

    Ukraine poised to sacrifice entire adult population as government warns of full mobilization​

    ​ NYT reported that NATO is close to sending troops to Ukraine, the Pentagon denies this
    ​ Deputy Pentagon spokeswoman Sabrina Singh said that the US authorities do not plan to send instructors to Ukraine to train the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Shortly before this, The New York Times (NYT) published material with the words of the head of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Charles Brown Jr. He called the deployment of NATO trainers to Ukraine inevitable.​

    The Armed Forces of Ukraine may collapse within three months, former US intelligence officer Tony Shaffer said on the Judging Freedom YouTube channel.​

    John Day

    (Still on the team) Shoigu: Russia’s army has created reserves for further offensive action​ (Always ready to fight NATO in-person)
    ​ The reserves of personnel and weapons necessary for further offensive were created in the Russian Armed Forces, Russian Security Council Secretary Sergey Shoigu said in a commentary to Rossiya 1 journalist Pavel Zarubin on May 16.​ Shoigu expressed confidence that the further advance of the Russian army in the zone of Russia’s special military operation would continue at the same pace.​

    ​ US Wars Are Making Türkiye’s Relationship With the West Politically Untenable
    ​ Turkish public opinion of the West dropped due to the Iraq War and has not recovered. There have been almost constant issues since, with both sides fanning the flames – the US with its arrogance and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for using the disputes for political gain. Beneath the surface, however, they continue to cooperate on a wide range of issues.
    ​ That might get more difficult. The fact is the US, by supporting Israel’s “plausible” genocide in Gaza, has managed to find an issue that could cause an irreparable break between the West and the vast majority of Turkish citizens, which could make it politically toxic for Erdogan or anyone else to remain partially aligned with the West.
    ​ For months after October 7, Erdogan paid lip service to the Palestinian cause while trade kept flowing between Turkiye and Israel. Voters forced him to take a firmer stand at the polls on March 31 when Erdogan’s Justice and Development (AK) Party lost the popular vote for the first time since 2002 – partially due to the government response to Israel’s war in Gaza (the other big issue was the economy).​

    ​ Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has held an emergency meeting with the heads of intelligence and the ministry of justice after his fellow party member, Nationalist Movement Party leader Devlet Bahceli, had warned of a possible coup d’état being prepared by law enforcement agencies, the Turkiye newspaper on Wednesday.​ The dismissal of several police officers in Ankara’s security directorate accused of links to criminal organization Ayhan Bora Kaplan has caused widespread concern.​

    ​ “Israel will not stop in Gaza, and if not stopped, this rogue state will eventually target Anatolia with its delusions of a promised land,” Erdogan said during a parliamentary group meeting in Ankara. “We will continue to stand by Hamas, which fights for the independence of its own land and which defends Anatolia,” the Turkish president stressed…
    ​..For the past several months, the Turkish president has harshly criticized Israeli authorities, accusing them of overseeing ongoing genocide in Gaza. However, his actions trailed far behind his words, as it took over six months for Ankara to end its highly lucrative trade ties with Israel.
    ​ Days after announcing a trade freeze, the Turkish government partially walked back its decision by issuing temporary approval for the supply of construction materials to Israel. Ankara has also refrained from obstructing the flow of oil from neighboring Azerbaijan to Israel.
    ​ For its part, Tel Aviv has been quietly returning diplomats to Turkey in recent weeks after withdrawing them months ago over “security concerns.”
    ​ Nevertheless, Turkish officials continue to send mixed signals, as earlier this week, Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan said his country decided to submit its declaration of official intervention in South Africa’s genocide case against Israel at the International Court of Justice (ICJ).
    ​ “Israel systematically killing thousands of innocent Palestinians and rendering a whole residential area uninhabitable is a crime against humanity, attempted genocide, and the manifestation of genocide,” Fidan told reporters.​

    ​ World demands that Palestine be admitted as equal UN member — Venezuelan official
    Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez stressed that Palestine is an example of the struggle for “self-determination, independence and sovereignty”​

    John Day

    ​ More than 15,000 children killed in Gaza since tensions escalated — Red Crescent
    According to the latest data from the Gaza Health Ministry, more than 35,200 Palestinians were killed and more than 79,100 injured during the Israeli military operation in the enclave​.​

    ​ Rumor ​is that this boondoggle will ​later become the entry to the Ben Gurion Canal, to bypass the Suez ​Canal under Israeli control. US completes aid pier at Gaza beach
    ​ The US military has completed work on a temporary pier to allow additional aid deliveries into Gaza, the Pentagon announced in a statement on Thursday. Meanwhile, the flow of aid into the besieged enclave is still being throttled by Israel’s refusal to open border checkpoints.
    ​ The pier was anchored to the beach in Gaza on Thursday morning, US Central Command, which oversees American military operations in the Middle East, said in a statement.
    ​ “As part of this effort, no US troops entered Gaza,” the statement read. “Trucks carrying humanitarian assistance are expected to begin moving ashore in the coming days. The United Nations will receive the aid and coordinate its distribution into Gaza.”

    Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said additional troops will join the Rafah operation in southern Gaza.
    “Additional troops will join the ground operation in Rafah. Several tunnels in the area have been destroyed,” he said in a statement released by his office.
    Gallant made the statement after travelling to an area near Rafah on May 15 to assess the situation.​

    ​ Netanyahu Could Fire Defense Chief As Public Spat Erupts Over Gaza ‘Day After’
    ​ Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is at odds with his own defense minister Yoav Gallant after Gallant said in a Wednesday televised address that the Israeli leader must take “tough decisions” on Gaza’s ‘day after’ the war ends. Gallant came out very strongly against any scenario that leaves Israel in charge of overseeing the Gaza Strip. He called for advancing non-Hamas Palestinian governance, which would of course mean the Palestinian Authority (PA, which is made up primarily of Fatah), along with international backing.
    ​ Times of Israel highlighted that “The public comments, seen as the most direct political challenge to Netanyahu from within his government since the start of the war, sparked an angry backlash among members of the coalition, who urged Netanyahu to fire the defense minister.”
    ​ What made matters worse is that just a few hours prior to Gallant issuing his direct challenge, Netanyahu asserted publicly that any discussions of the “day after” Hamas in Gaza are meaningless until the terror group is defeated.​

    Netanyahu Says Israel Can ‘Win’ Fight Against Hamas in Gaza Without US Help​

    John Day

    ​ Hezbollah carries out first Arab airstrike on ‘Israel’ since 1973
    ​ The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon – Hezbollah – announced that it had targeted the Israeli settlement of Metula, and an Israeli garrison and vehicles in the vicinity of the settlement’s military site through an attack drone armed with two S5 rockets…
    ​..In its statement, the resistance said that when the drone reached the designated point, it fired two rockets at one of the vehicles and the soldiers gathered around it, inflicting devastating damage on the Israeli forces before then carrying out a kamikaze attack on the designated target.
    ​ For its part, Israeli media reported that Hezbollah used, for the first time, a drone armed with S5 rockets, an air-to-surface missile, to attack Metula.
    ​ Reports said the Ziv Medical Center received three soldiers wounded by a drone strike near Metula, “one of them was very seriously wounded, and the other two were lightly wounded.”​–israel–since

    ​ South Africa provides evidence of Israel’s violation of the Genocide Convention at the ICJ
    ​ The International Court of Justice is holding hearings this week in a case brought by South Africa accusing Israel of genocide in its war on Gaza and seeking an emergency halt to its Rafah offensive.​

    ​ GOP demands weaponization of IRS to target Palestine freedom activists
    ​ Fifteen Republican senators have ordered the IRS to investigate whether the non-profit groups identified have in any way violated their tax-exempt status by supporting Hamas, a designated terrorist group.
    ​ One of the senators, Republican Joni Ernst of Iowa, picked the following non-profit groups to have the IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel probe to see if they “engaged in conduct warranting revocation of their tax-exempt statuses on the basis of their financial support of NSJP:​ National Students for Justice in Palestine (NSJP)​ , AJP Educational Foundation​ , Tides Foundation​ , Westchester Peace Action Committee Foundation (WESPAC Foundation ​.

    ​ Republicans introduce legislation to criminalize student protestors – if caught, they’ll become “terrorists” with No Fly List travel restrictions
    ​ Two prominent Republican members of the United States Senate have introduced legislation that would make it a crime for students to publicly protest.
    Sens. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) and Roger Marshall (R-KS), both Republicans, submitted a bill this week to designate all student protestors – and really just the ones speaking out against Israel – as “terrorists.” These two AIPAC-funded Zionists also want to add student protestors to the No Fly List, restricting them from air travel.
    ​ Blackburn and Marshall believe that your First Amendment rights no longer apply if you say anything against Israel, which they deem “violence against the Jewish people,” according to their proposed bill.​

    UCLA attackers exposed: ​Meet the violent Zionist agitators LA police haven’t arrested​

    John Day

    ​ New Delhi’s top diplomat has reacted to Washington’s threat of potential sanctions over its recent strategic agreement with Tehran
    ​ A long-term agreement between New Delhi and Tehran to operate the strategic port of Chabahar is for “everyone’s benefit,” Indian Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar insisted on Wednesday, reacting to a US warning against dealing with sanctions-hit Iran.
    ​ The Indian and Iranian governments signed the ten-year deal on Monday. The agreement allows Indian state-run operators to manage and develop the Shahid Beheshti Port terminal at Iran’s first deepwater Chabahar port.​

    ​ The Trouble With World Government
    A court in Australia has told the government’s own eSafety Commission that Elon Musk is correct: One country cannot impose censorship on the world. The company X, formerly known as Twitter, must obey national law but not global law.
    Mr. Musk seems to have won a very similar fight in Brazil, where a judge demanded not just a national but global takedown. X refused and won. For now.​..

    Unsold Tesla’s Pile Up in Mall Parking Lots, Big Discounts Likely​

    NIH Dep. Director Lawrence Tabak Admits NIH Funded Gain-of-Function at Wuhan​ , Testimony contradicts Dr. Fauci’s fiery denials to Senator Rand Paul three years ago.​

    Jessica Rose Ph.D. Batches for thee, but not for me​ Anther whistley-blowey piece in the puzzle of ‘batch variability’ ​ (Uh, “separate but equal”?)
    Pfizer undertook to import a batch of vaccines specifically for the employee vaccination program. Theroux and Hewitt – Pfizer reps.
    ​ The vaccine doses to be used for this program are separate and distinct from those committed by Pfizer to governments around the world and will not impact supply to national governments in any way. Pfizer ‘Whistleblower’​

    John Day

    Meryl Nass MD , Newest negotiated text of the pandemic treaty reveals *nations agree* about rolling out unlicensed vaccines
    While there is more disagreement (yellow highlights) than agreement (green highlights) in the draft, the plan to roll out untested or barely tested products got a pass​

    ​ Meryl Nass MD , Nations are also in accord on propagandizing their populations in the newest version of the Pandemic Agreement , And they promise to conduct research on factors that hinder trust in science, authorities and agencies

    Meryl Nass MD , Louisiana did it! SB133 passed the House. No WHO tentacles in Louisiana

    This may represent a new billable-diagnosis for Post-COVID-Vaccine-Syndrome, which is not billable. Medical authorities claim 90% of population suddenly has mysterious new heart syndrome that sounds like SPIKE PROTEIN organ damage

    William Makis MD, Winter of DIED SUDDENLY – Young Women suffering heart attacks 2-3 years after COVID-19 mRNA Vaccination – it’s not slowing down – 60 cases explored

    John Day

    ​ Rob Lewis , The Climate Beneath Our Feet​ (Rain won’t usually fall on dry land, but it would fall on a forest or marsh.)
    ​ Twenty years after reading Inadvertent Climate Modification, Millan was Director of the Mediterranean Center for Environment Studies, overseeing meteorological monitoring throughout the Mediterranean, when the European Commission asked him “to look into the matter of a perceived decline in summer storms around the Western Mediterranean Basin.” He had already been relaying the reports of local farmers about the lack of summer rains, with rivers drying up and farms failing. It had finally gotten the attention of the higher-ups, and he was given the assignment to “do something about it.”
    ​ Remembering Munn’s advice to listen carefully to locals, Millan recalled when an old-timer passed along a local saying: “Cierzo a las siete, Solano a las diez, agua a las tres.” Roughly, sea breeze in the morning at ten, rain in the afternoon at three. The refrain was revealing. For the sea breezes still came in off the sea each morning around ten, yet come afternoon, around three, the storms failed to materialize. The collapse, he reasoned, occurred in between.
    ​ Using traditional meteorological methods, he uncovered a key detail. When the morning winds came in, their water content was 14 grams per cubic meter of air, not enough to form clouds, which under those specific conditions would require a moisture level of 21 grams water per cubic meter. The rest of the moisture, 7 grams per cubic meter, would have to come from the land.
    ​ It’s important to realize, as Millan knew, that the Western Mediterranean Basin was once lush, with vast oak forests, springs and extensive coastal marshlands. That began to change two thousand years ago with the steady spread of the Roman Empire. Marshes were drained, forests cut, mountains mined. By the 16th century much of the oak forests were gone and lowland agriculture was spreading higher into the mountains, along with grazing and further land clearing. Then came the industrial revolution, followed by modernity. In the 1950’s, mass urbanization sealed yet more land as Spain industrialized. A booming tourism industry was particularly devastating for Spain’s coastal marshes, covering key links in the water cycle with parking lots and hotels. Then, in the early 1970’s, due to unrest in the Middle East, petroleum infrastructure was moved across the Mediterranean Sea from the Middle East to the shores of Spain, France and Italy, resulting in “intense industrialization of the coasts.”
    ​ Millan faced a basin-wide hydrologic system in the final stages of collapse. The midwives had not only been cut, but the womb desiccated. The climatological regime by which the oaks of old could live had long passed. In its place was a much dryer climate, supporting mostly pinyon and scrub. The soil was mostly eroded away, stretched in places over bare stone. A classic example of how badly things can go wrong is found in the nearby province of Almeria. In the 1850’s its dense oak forests were clearcut to stoke the furnaces of lead smelters. The collapse to desert was so profound that the area eventually became a film locale for spaghetti westerns. Millan fears the entire Western Mediterranean Basin is at such a tipping point, on its way to becoming an Almeria style desert, a point from which it is very difficult to return. “Once you hit rock,” he says, “you’re done.”​


    From Russia:

    In all, the following targets have been destroyed since the start of the special military operation:
    600 warplanes
    274 helicopters
    24,111 unmanned aerial vehicles
    521 surface-to-air missile systems
    16,053 tanks and other armored combat vehicles
    1,300 multiple rocket launchers
    9,607 field artillery guns and mortars
    21,753 special military motor vehicles

    The conflict is going over the same ground as WW2 but they changed all the city names, which is really annoying. I’ve read about events occurring over this ground many times and I can’t tell wtf is going on when reading stuff because of all the mane changes dammit.

    And the units they concern themselves with – BTG’s, task forces, etc – don’t translate directly to the units from WW2 so it takes away my frame of reference.

    But I guess let’s see what we can do by comparing paper strength of an average WW2 panzer division.

    They tended to be more like 80-180 tanks in actual practice, but on paper they were supposed to have perhaps 300-350 tanks. Halftracks were the closest they had to APC’s. Being generous (based on some knowledge and research) let’s say they have about the equivalent # of halftracks. And some armored cars in the reconnaissance Battalion.

    So 650 tanks and other armored vehicles in a WW2 division – paper strength, which is almost always more than they have in practice.

    “16,053 tanks and other armored combat vehicles”/650 = 24.69? the equivalent of 24 WW2 panzer divisions have been lost by Ukraine???

    Maybe artillery is the better gauge?

    WW2 German Infantry divisions had the more guns so I will go with their paper strength:
    Mortars – 140
    Infantry Guns 25
    37mm Pak – 75
    Howitzers & Cannons 48
    20mm Flak Guns – 12
    Total mortars, guns, cannons – 300

    “9,607 field artillery guns and mortars”/300 = 32 WW2 German infantry divisions worth lost by Ukraine??? (not even counting the 1,300 MLRS)

    For larger perspective, 38 divisions were in or with 6th Panzer Army at Stalingrad (and definitely not up to their paper strength even at the beginning of that battle)

    So total, a Stalingrad-ish amount of losses or more based on vehicles/equipment?

    I’m comparing paper strength divisions to claimed verified losses in the field in Ukraine. 250,000 is the oft-quoted troop strength # for 6th Panzer Army when it was encircled but they were understrength and they also had 18 Hungarian divisions… triple it then to think in terms of paper strength vs actual strength at that time (sounds about right, probably had, for instance, more like 120 tanks not 350) and you get 750,000 which is pretty close to the estimates we’ve been seeing for Ukrainian losses.

    So using Stalingrad as a unit of measurement, 3 Stalingrads?

    But how about vehicles?

    The division type with the highest complement of transport vehicles in WW2 Germany was the Motorized Infantry Division:
    Trucks – 1700
    Passenger Cars – 1000
    Motorcycles – 1300
    Total vehicles – 4000

    “21,753 special military motor vehicles”/4000 = 5.4 – well, that looks a lot better anyway. If you don’t count the motorcycles then it’s still only 8 motorized divisions worth. I’d actually expect to see a WAY higher ratio of kills on transport vehicles to tanks/armored vehicles. Should be a lot of attrition of logistics vehicles, right? So that number seems weird. Maybe it reflects the modern switch from trucks to APC’s.

    Anyway, that was my thought process trying to get my head around what those quoted clobber numbers actually mean.


    Maybe Special Military Motor Vehicles means specialized vehicles like command cars, bridge layers, radar vehicles, SAM ammo vehicles, tank recovery vehicles, minesweepers, bulldozers and stuff as opposed to just normal army trucks and jeeps?

    John Day

    @jb-hb: There are two kinds of bad medical care in the US, the kind that poor people get, and the kind that people with good insurance get.


    for further comparison – German losses 1941 and 1942:
    800,000 dead (approximately, estimated)
    5,406 tanks

    Some upper estimates of Ukrainian losses have been in that 700k-800k range.

    Have the last 2 years of the Ukraine war been as costly as the first 2 years of WW2 on the eastern front?

    May 17, 2024
    Russia, China Reveal Their Global Agenda
    There will be more to say about the nearly 8,000 words long

    John Day

    Kamala Harris accepts invitation to debate Trump VP pick
    The Biden campaign has offered two possible dates and is waiting for final confirmation from the Trump team

    So, we are all hoping to see a rematch with Tulsi, I presume.


    Re: Kamala accepting invitation to debate Trump VP pick –
    “Politics is the entertainment division of the Military-Industrial Complex.”
    — Frank Zappa


    “Politics is the entertainment division of the Military-Industrial Complex”

    Well ‘god’ must just love War Whores

    Humanity has been ‘blessed’ with them for at least 10,000 years with no sign of a pause in sight.

    Made in his image

    Forget about Baby Bejesus, let’s fight for another 10,000 years

    It’s too much fun to stop…



    The Empire of Lies hits another one out of the park…….



    A Mother’s wise advice he should have listened to….





    Voluntary Euthanasia

    It’s like voting with your life




    Bans the words ‘climate change’

    Most excellent


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