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    “@jb-hb: I think it is safe to dis Scientology, too, Bro.”

    But… but… it’s a patented technology!

    Yeah, Scientology is perhaps the ONE other religion they’ll sneer at with as much glee as Christianity.

    Probably make more sense to sarcastically argue for it in the interests of openness.

    “Coexiist man. I agree for you that a man can be a woman trapped in a man’s body and you agree with scientologists that a dude a zillion years ago can kill people with volcanoes and then catch their souls with long strands of magnetic tape dangling from a helicopter. (not to mention believe that souls of the dead literally rise through the atmosphere…) That’s just basic civility!”


    “If you were an American like myself, who is not inclined to go out and protest and hold signs and disrupt things, man, we have to wake up,” he explained. “I have to wake up. We have to join these students one way or another and join their cause in letting the government know that we will not stand silent in the face of police oppression of the right of American citizens to speak out, to assemble, to hold their government [to] account.”

    Good luck with that, the American people are not sleeping, they are comatose.


    Aside from a calculated insult to the dignity of the United States, the move indicates Xi Jinping is making clear that the accepted norms of diplomacy will not be respected by China anymore.”

    Why should Xi respect the USA? The country that gave weapons to apartheid Israel so that they could bomb an Iranian embassy for helping Israel’s second class civilians in Gaza to defend themselves from the murdering first class citizens, the evil Jews.

    Now the USA moans – very much in the same vein as the Jews moan – about how hard done by it is and how nasty Xi did not treat Jew-victim Blinken like a king. It is pathetic, the USA as crying baby, the child who didn’t get the most attention is now going to make everyone’s life a missery.


    “We will NOT eat the bugs” has become reality.

    Notice how the stuff containing the bugs is the heavily processed food, the stuff that comes in plastic, the stuff that has profit written all over it and personal health care is absent. I would never buy that shite anyway, the Germans need to rethink more than their food choices if it takes an insect app to tell them not to eat crap.


    Why would Ireland allow an Israeli citizen to stand for election in their government? Do they really want their country to be run by the Jews, as is the case in the USA? Looks like Ireland has more sense than their friends in the USA, they dropped her and, on queue, the spoilt victim-child emerges.


    Over 2,100 arrested on charges for calling/demonstrating for peace in US universities.


    How useful?
    Using tear gas in trench warfare.


    Tear gas is used for crowd control
    the web
    Yes, you’re correct. Tear gas is often used for crowd control. Here’s some information on how it works:

    Chemical Composition: Tear gas isn’t a gas but a powder that billows into the air as a fine mist1. The most common compounds used as tear gas are chloroacetophenone (CN) and chlorobenzylidenemalononitrile (CS)2.
    Effects: Tear gas causes severe pain in the eyes, skin, lungs, and mouth, or anywhere it touches1. It activates pain-sensing receptors, leading to tearing, choking, coughing, nausea, and vomiting1.
    Purpose: Unlike weapons designed to kill, the purpose of tear gas is to repel crowds through maximum discomfort1. It temporarily makes people unable to function by causing irritation to the eyes, mouth, throat, lungs, and skin2.
    Risks: While rarely lethal, deaths have occurred in cases where tear gas has been used improperly, such as when a canister is fired directly into a crowd causing head or body injuries, or into confined spaces where people cannot escape1. Children are particularly at high risk for injuries from these agents1.
    It’s important to note that while tear gas is used by law enforcement for crowd control, its use in warfare is prohibited by various international treaties3. Despite its common use, the effects of tear gas can be severe and long-lasting, leading to ongoing debates about its ethical and humane use in crowd control situations.

    There are many types of ‘tear gas.’ Here’s how to tell the difference.

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