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    Roy Lichtenstein Crying girl 1963   • Assange Secures Big Win In US Extradition Hearing: How It Happened (RT) • Vladimir Zelensky: No Mandate, No
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    Dr D Rich

    Second oldest profession. Beekeeping?

    International Criminal Court (ICC) Prosecutor Karim A. A. Khan K.C. Accuses Palestine of Waging War against Israel

    In order to avoid the appearance of “double standards” and “imbalance”, Karim Khan hands down indictments against both parties, the aggressor and the aggrieved, the bully and the abused, the victim and the oppressor.

    Sounds like the Vietnam War Redux when and where the defenders of Vietnam were treated as equals to American belligerent invaders, murder, mayhem, targeting of the civilian population notwithstanding. Yet Israel cannot be considered to hold equal stature to the United States or perhaps it’s a matter of similar ratios.

    Other than the law can really be an ass, what accounts for kharim Khan making the decision all about his and ICC’s image of balance and avoidance of double standard?
    Or does Kharim and the ICC know for a fact the accused Hamas “operatives” were acting under control/direction of Mossad and other western intelligence on October 7?
    Then the false flag operation becomes attributed to Hamas/Palestinians

    those darned kids

    how come you never feature one of hunter’s paintings?!

    Dr. D

    Apparently there are no good guys, good guys always lose as ICC sends out arrest warrants for starvation. Hope our guys causing starvation here get the memo. Certain people always win, that’s why this can never happen. So it didn’t. These are not the droids you are looking for. It’s a secret double space clone Nutty that they indicted. The real one is in the Vatican church basement with Elvis.

    Same thing in Cohen trial, he just said he embezzled — I guess, stole, he’s outside contractor — $30,000. In one go, a year’s pay for the rest of us. Of course this is the ONLY time and he never had before or since, right? What does this mean? Trump never authorized anything. Accounting just pays fake invoices all the time. And he did this on his own. (And he’s a f**k up and a moron). AND he admits it…IN COURT!

    “Your Honor, I would like to enter into the record, that I am a felon, guilt of Grand Larceny.” “Yes, is this in addition to being a serial perjurer and disbarred attorney?” “Yes, your honor.”

    Uh huh. But there are no Good Guys and there are no wins. Might as well give up now! Everything’s under total control. (Pssst: Everything. They’re under your bed listening. Right. Now.)

    “London Mayor Khan Says He’s Calling Trump Out For Being A “Racist, Sexist Homophobe”

    Wow. Explosive. Has anyone else said anything about this? And Khan isn’t black apparently, as the Black voters have doubled. Why does Khan hate black people so much?

    “Court Ruling Means California Schools Can Violate Students’ Rights When Following Public Health Orders

    …Then they’re not Rights, they’re Permissions. This is the core essence of all disputes. Are YOU sovereign? Or are you OWNED by a Sovereign? If you’re property of the King he can do what he likes. Hard to believe this is still going on or anyone would believe it at this time.

    “Maybe We’re Closer To “You’ll Own Nothing” Than We Realize” CHS, OTM.
    “Maybe we should rephrase the slogan to “you’ll appear to own things you don’t actually control and be happy.”

    Yes, The State CONTROLS the means of production. Under certain definitions, the State “Owns” it. Under others, you “own” it. But this is all eyewash, re-definition: IF YOU OWN SOMETHING, YOU CONTROL IT. They have it the #Opposite. You can “own” a 1,000 acre farm, but you pay $2,000/mo in taxes on it. If there is a mud puddle on it anywhere, that’s a “Wetland” and we can tell you what to do with it with even finer granularity. We can incentive or punish what crops you grow on it, what tractors or trucks you buy, the shape of your house. We can allow or prohibit what wood you can cut and how far that wood travels. Etc. If you violate ANYTHING, you lose all 1,000 acres in just a year or two, and maybe somebody will have a lawsuit and you’ll lose it anyway just for the lols.

    Yeah, you don’t OWN it. It’s all centrally planned.

    What’s the conclusion, like all Socialist systems? Why Bother? Their “Orders” are idiotic and say, cause you to grow corn, in the wrong area, at a loss, to create ethanol that is a new energy loss, at a loss. For which they build by paving more farmland and consuming valuable water, then close and becomes a rotting heap, which ALSO can’t be bankrupted and re-allocated to something useful, because somebody would have to take a loss. Multiply by 100 Million idiotic decisions like this. Why bother? You’re just going to randomly do what you like anyway. F– it, I’ll retire and go to the beach. …Say all talented people everywhere, Doctors, Farmers, Entrepreneurs… “But I ORDER you to work for nothing so I can steal it all, then blow it on more money and energy losing projects!!!” Hahahaaha! Yeah, good luck with that. “You may even be able to make me work if you point enough expensive guns at me. But you can’t make me be competent about it.” — Ayn Rand.

    The State CONTROLS the means of production. Right down to which car I’m allowed to have in my driveway, what cell phone I’m allowed to make business calls. (Hint: not a fully-secured, Canadian Blackberry. We need the back-door keys, back door Santa will be around shortly)

    “Given our dependence on software / digital rights and the phantom wealth of credit-asset bubbles,”how much do we actually own?” is a fair question. Consider the recent New York Times article Why Tech Companies Are Not Your Friends: Lessons From Roku,”

    Or lessons from John Deere, which is in like 20 years of expensive lawsuits over the Right-to-fix and somebody had to laboriously back-engineer how to get into their cab computers. It’s not even the FIXING. It’s that at harvest, I can’t have you finally get around to fixing my million-dollar Combine in January. It’s MINE, I’ll fix it. GFY and get out of the way. Let the real men work, little billy.

    “Given the valuations’ dependence on phantom capital asset bubbles, we might say that “ownership” of a mortgaged house is more an option bet on future valuation than actual ownership, for should the Everything Bubble pop and the house value drops below the mortgage owed,”

    And insurers can leave at any time, or the mortgage holder can call the loan. That’s not all.

    “If the house is in a high property tax state / county, “ownership” includes a hefty annual payment which may well have no upper statutory limit. If the “owner” owes $20,000 in annual property tax, the “ownership” is in effect a lease,” Already discussed.

    “New Florida Law Roils Its Condo Market Three Years After Surfside Collapse:
    But because of a recent state law that requires older buildings to meet certain structural safety standards, the condo board recently proposed a nearly $30 million special assessment for repairs, … $134,000 per unit owner.
    Rodriguez, 76, didn’t have the money. … After originally listing his unit for $350,000, he kept marking it down until finally it sold for $110,000 last month, or 42% less than what he paid for it.”

    OTHER people “Control” all aspects of your property. Including if you can live in it at all. (Unsafely). THEY decide what is “Safe” and since they’re not paying, no price is too high for safety! When that causes a run on the market, they don’t take the loss! In fact, they’ll buy up all the “distressed” properties – that they themselves CAUSED to be distressed – and then change the rules AGAIN to have only half the repairs. Lo! This is bad for business! Suddenly I see the light! In this case, buy up the whole block, convert it with a new developer, and sell at $220,000/per. Genius! (Or more accurately: open theft and extortion. Who knew you could make money using open robbery and extortion? Show of hands?)

    This is what happens when you have no control over your own Property. It ain’t property. The King owns it, not you, and he can get a bug and re-allocate to the Lannisters at any time. Like: whenever he’s in $36 Trillion in debt and his bills are due. Property rights are the foundation of Capitalism. No Property rights = no Capitalism. That’s where we are now, past-tense. And it’s working about as well as usual, killing EVERYONE and causing misery-spread-widely-as-possible. Everyone’s attacking and beating each other, making a living stealing instead of working and utterly miserable. All human love dies. Birth rates plummet. Drugs are premier. Death and #AntiLogos. No “Life, and that more abundantly.” Go ahead, keep going. You can stop any time. No do I own my property or don’t I? If not, I stop working. For 1,000 years. The End. If you want to be like Holland in 1600 and re-install property rights and equal justice, then that’s the day I start working again. Simple.

    For today’s here: Cohen. Yeah, all that’s left is to find he stole Trump’s money to pay Stormy to sleep with HIM, not Trump. This may not be true, but it would be a good endpoint for this plotline.

    “German MEP Christine Anderson: “We are on the verge of slipping into totalitarianism.”

    Yeah, if we don’t look out something might happen. And we’ll be arresting Greek ministers for SPEAKING about Genocide. …Remotely On Zoom. Not DOING a Genocide – heavens no. Not STOPPING a genocide, however small being a few men, no. But merely TALKING ABOUT IT, thinking about it, and opinions whether it’s right or wrong. Than then arresting doctors, playwrights, other people…planting evidence and arresting whole wings of the opposition party…stuff like that. Stuff like that MIGHT happen. …IF we’re not careful. Wouldn’t want that to happen someday. Might start an aggressive war on Russia and then we’d be hosed.

    “• Assange Secures Big Win In US Extradition Hearing: How It Happened (RT)

    Aha! But you see, Assange is locked in Maximum Security solitary in ENGLAND, instead of having any actual trial in AMERICA! #Winning! The risk is: he’d be murdered in the wrong place. Heavens no: we need to murder him in the RIGHT place. That’s the most important thing.

    “He retains power, however, because no elections can be held in Ukraine due to the current state of martial law.”

    I bet they CAN…it’s Martial Law! You just SAY “we’re having elections now.” Problem solved! Oh, they don’t WANT to? Yeah, that’s totally different. I love how they constantly point at “The Rules” and then say “The Rules Say”. While ALSO just MAKING UP the rules, hour by hour, minute by minute. Yes, this is narcissistic sociopath behavior. Only abused codependents would tolerate it. Or more importantly, credit it at all. Like, I can be trapped in an abusive house and family, that’s just a situation and common one. Then you just respond rationally, practically, same as if you’re in a sea-storm. Whatever. S—t happens. You’ll get out eventually or you won’t. That’s tooooootally different than buying in, participating in the drama trauma, becoming part of, an extension of their ego and lies. No. This is a lie. You are a d–k and you can hit me but you can’t make me respect or believe you. Tomorrow you’ll still be a d–k and abuser and we’ll both still know it.

    THERE ARE NO RULES. THERE ARE NO LAWS. They just “Make Them Up.” Stop pretending they don’t.

    ““He is the first obstacle to any peace negotiation. If he comes to Switzerland, it would be for receiving the support of his Western supporters and to get more aid for the war.”

    Switzerland is no longer neutral, which is disgusting. I’m sure the people are as annoyed about it as the rest of us. Correct me if I’m wrong here, but if Putin showed up he’d be summarily arrested by the ICC and put on Trial in the Hague, for a crime that has already been extensively debunked as very questionable? (Moving kids out of a war zone. Safely, where all ICC inspectors can get a list and visit each one.).

    So a meeting where they’ve already decided, already chosen support? “Well, you can meet if you give us a full surrender not just of Ukraine but liquidate all of Russia….”

    ““He spat on the Constitution of his ‘country,’ ignored the Constitutional Court, and did not even extend, but usurped the supreme power..”

    Sorry. I thought he was talking about Biden. And Student loans, although there are many more pressing issues. Supreme Court said NO!, so Biden just “Made some s—t up” and re-NAMED the same actions, and it’s all legal now! Amazing! If I reNAME your murder into your “Accidental rapid, uncontrolled disassembly” then you’re not dead and it’s all good now! Like yesterday, if I pay SOMEBODY ELSE to kill my husband, then I didn’t kill him, did I? Huh? Huh? Can’t argue with that logic!

    How about: “EVERY country, spat on their Constitutions, Ignored all their own courts, and usurped all dictatorial powers…” France. England. Germany. Canada. Australia. “The ultimate question it comes down to will be: The PEOPLE vs the BANKS.” It’s the Lords vs the peasants. They want a fight, remember WE didn’t start this. But we’ll sure end it. We have no choice. YOU made sure of that so don’t go cryin’.

    “..Galushchenko urged Ukrainians to prepare for outages during spring and summer, and advised the population to stock up on electricity generators and power banks..”

    You are kidding, right? Maybe it has not come to your attention that generators run on GASOLINE? You f—ing moron, if YOU have a generator, for YOUR very-special, important house, YOU can find the fuel. If EVERYBODY tries that, there is no fuel. YOU’RE THE CENTRAL PLANNER, it’s literally your only job to know that rather than have Ukraine collapse trying. Newsflash: that’s why we have power plants. That’s why they exist. Because it’s so very MUCH more efficient we can generate 100 miles away and put power through a billion dollars of high-power transmission lines, THAT is how much more efficient a central grid is than a 5,000kw generator.

    Congratulations, you’ve just re-invented the horse. We’re now back 150 years.

    “There Is No Genocide In Gaza – Biden (RT)

    That’s not what the ICC says. But Joe is only Vice President when this was going on, so…

    “New York is a bubble, Paris and London are bubbles” – geographical, as well as ideological bubbles. Yet Pinkas does not ‘get’ the paradox he creates: Is not that the core of the problem? The ‘Techie-obsessed’ Metro-Élites of America versus the Rest (i.e. ‘flyover America’)?”
    “any ‘complicit’ civilians (which is extended by some to include all who live in Gaza). The two worldviews share no common perception.”

    Yes, and what is this division of worldviews? Collectivism. Are you owned by the King? Or are you a sovereign individual? There are several levels that tie onto this, but once you choose “Individual” or “Collective” they all follow. Are you a mammal, or a hive-wasp? They act different. Not that they’re against freedom and individual choice, but ultimately they always value the “Collective” higher. …The “Collective” as – I – see it, choose it, control it. Me. The reason American AWFL Midwit, middle management apparatchik PMCs Support all this is, ultimately they think THEY will tell others what to do. THEY decide. THEY have the power. They are not the powerless. So giving up the power to the “Collective” seems fine because they’re just claiming their own power for themselves, to do what they like and run over anyone who doesn’t agree. Who doesn’t, right? That’s only logical, you’re well-intentioned, so obviously they must be violent, hateful, neanderthals or they would be the perfect, enlightened helpful beings that you are.

    …It never occurs to them – because they’d be out of a job in seconds – that THEY don’t have the power. The OWNERS do. And the Owners will make the PMCs peasants and trod-upon in ten seconds if they don’t likewise do what they’re told. That is: they DON’T have the Power.

    But that, — Power-Over – is the dividing line here between City and Country, Socialism and “Capitalism”. If – I – do something make something, is it mine? Or is the minute it’s made and done, it’s no longer mine but stolen? The other parts, tech, violence, “Progress” are just CONTROL. They are merely ways to CONTROL the extraction, as the COLLECTIVE can only steal from the INDIVIDUAL, who will inevitably resist as sure as the sun rises in the morning. They ALWAYS resist, and they MUST resist. That is “Natural Law”.

    So we’re still fighting the Kings as the “Anointed by God” vs the Enlightenment of Man. Sadly. You’d think we’d have f-ing grown out and solved this by now, it’s 300 years. And you’d think they’d notice THEY are the religious extremists, not us. THEY are the ones directing us to Religion, not us.

    “• The President Whose Voice Must Not Be Heard (Turley)

    Following this script, where every time Trump trips, Biden has to trip HARDER, this follows the “Must release Ukrainian phone call” script. I’m bored. Don’t care already. Release or don’t release, but arrest somebody.

    Musk, who is barely a programmer, doesn’t do rockets or electric cars, is ALSO an expert on water? Why don’t we have Gates instead? Oh well, at least he has the sense of any other normal guy about it.

    His comments are common and have all the same common dead-fallacies every other moron has for the last 50 years. The problem isn’t ENERGY. All MATTER is made of energy. The whole universe is made of energy. The problem is to CONCENTRATE that energy, which is deeply, fundamentally diffuse. The state of solar power is equal to the heat-state of the end of the universe when nothing moves. Very pleasant, mild, and universal.

    Okay, can you collect ANY amount of that solar power? About 10%? Okay, then stop with “Gigawatts”, you’re already at megawatts. How much does it “cost” (in energy terms) to “collect” that heat? More than the heat you collected? So marginal as to be wavering above zero? Okay, you installed and collected it. How long does it last? A year? 500 years? This is the problem with geothermal which is very obviously high-energy and very obviously free: the process itself destroys the machine, the drilling, pipes, etc, tears them utterly apart, molecule by molecule. Same as the sea, with tidal or wind. Might as well toss it in an acid bath on Venus. No I am not kidding, what is the life-span for extremely well-made, well-tended ships?

    This is the problem with all machines on YouTube and elsewhere, “You can get 100x the power from this new tiny engine they never built!!!” (PS. “This is what — THEY – won’t tell you.” Who is “they” though?) No, dips—ts if you’d ask anyone they’d tell you: I CAN, caaaaaaaaaaaan, get 1,500hp from an 1.5l Acura engine. …For about 30 minutes. Then it blows the f—k up. Racers don’t care, they rebuild it for next week as long as the money’s flowing, but that’s the fact, Jack, it’s a money-energy LOSER, in the biggest possible way.

    The other one is best demonstrated by the Stirling Engines, which are indeed real, workable, and superior. WHY don’t we use them? They don’t even claim “THEY” have been suppressing them. Sooper-secret UFO space alien Tesla technology. Why? Because they are always 30% larger, heavier, and more expensive than any comparative engine, steam or gas. That means they are always 30% more expensive AND larger, power-to-weight ratio. They need 30% more copper and Iron mines to be dug up with 30% more railroad cars to get it to you. Because: Math. Because reality exists.

    Green energy has BOTH of these problems in the biggest possible way. IF ONLY solar gained 80%, not 20%. IF ONLY that power was 24h. IF ONLY those panels weren’t so anemic as to be impossible to high-voltage transmit distances. IF ONLY they weren’t so expensive. IF ONLY they weren’t so large. IF ONLY they weren’t so fragile. IF ONLY they didn’t wear out immediately and need the same constant maintenance of a regular power plant, only harder.

    Yeah, IF ONLY each of those things didn’t steal 5% from your math, THEN we’d have 80% of your math. BUT THEY DO. And if a frog had wings he wouldn’t bump his -ss on the ground. You can’t solve ANY of them, much less ALL Of them. Like all solar fields are being hail attacked, one by one, decades before their payback and end of life. Then all the giant earthmovers, 1,000 miles of copper wire, a shipyard of aluminum posts oxidizing in the rain, all useless. The entire 1,000 acres ruined FOREVER as topsoil and farmland, covered in broken glass and toxic rare earths.

    Good plan. Now would you like to test it and see if I’m right BEFORE you plow $40 Trillion into it? Or would you like to destroy all topsoil, mis-use all ore, burn up that last gallon of diesel fuel before you say “Oopsie! I dropped a zero in this equation”? That’s what “MONEY” is supposed to do. Interest rates. Rate-of-REturn, proxy for EROI.

    We already know. Musk knows too, but he’s a bulls—t artist, a technofuturist, that’s what he sells is hopium and bulls—t. Has anything turned a profit yet? Or is it all free money-printing in 0% interest rate bubbles?

    Headline: “The Algorithmic Radicalization of Taylor Swift: We’re all on the Eras Tour, forever.” The Atlantic

    Wow, headline: algo word, algo word, algo word. Algo word: clickbait. That’s like “Flapjack Whack Rap Claptrap” “Whacko Jacko Backo” or other famous headlines. Actually, come to think of it, maybe that’s an AI headline. All of the other news is written by drones and robots, why should this be different?

    Oh I love this! Star Trek on Logic: False Premise:

    And that’s one to Grow on!

    Other takeaways? With a presentation like that, people used to have really, really long attention spans.

    Next up? Logic by gaslighting.


    Astra Zeneca clinical trial data. 1 in 34 serious Adverse Reactions
    Eu trial data website. Shove it in everyone’s face and they still won’t see it. PROOF they new it would kill and injure. Shows negative efficacy compared to placebo against Covid.
    No one cares.
    It’s a cult.
    What the fuck dudes?


    Check it out. Right there on the goddam website.


    a kullervo

    How many bad deeds, all for goodness sake?
    “The ends justify the means.”
    Is there an end? A discernible goal? An effective purpose?

    Truth is elusive – Lies are real.

    Can the janitor at the landmines factory ever have a good night sleep, knowing innocents will get killed/maimed as the result of his doings?
    “Weapons are tools, it’s upon us to use them wisely.”

    Wisdom is subtle, foolishness concrete.


    how come you never feature one of hunter’s paintings?!

    They’re all hidden in private collections, waiting to accumulate value


    Star Trek. I managed to watch 60 seconds. Do I get a Klondike bar?


    Complexities – The chances for peace are slim. How slim?

    Since the creation of good and evil

    Since the first time man lied.

    Since god’s finger wrote the 10 commandments

    Let’s count the ways.

    Fugazy Land

    ( learn what truth or consequences really means)

    Autonomous Unit

    The Joe Rogan chemistry dude obviously went to Wakanda University. Total B.S. double talk.


    Kunstler writes:

    ” The consequences await. Any way you slice that — bond market blow-up, raging inflation, bank failures, stocks cratering, a “great taking” of collateral (your property) — the effect is the same: a crashing standard of living. ”

    Random musings: The Dems keeping Biden propped up as the candidate might be a way to make sure there’s a GOP president in the White House to take the blame when the chickens come home to roost. Neither party’s establishment likes Trump so he could be the perfect political bagholder for them.


    Trump is the Chump

    It even rhymes


    Picture it on highway billboards coast to coast.

    The Perfect Patsy

    That also rhymes


    CEO of Corp buying up America’s homes says Gen Z doesn’t want to own homes, they’re renters

    Corporations Are Buying More American Homes.

    Tricon CEO Says Them Buying Homes Is Good For Society & You Don’t Want To Own A Home

    Tricon Rental Housing is expanding To buy 800 houses a month”

    They’re young

    They’re ‘dynamic’, as all the young are.

    They like moving around a lot, especially when the rent doubles overnight.

    They’ll own nothing and be happy!

    Very predictable


    Russian Volunteer tells the difference between Putin and Zelensky

    Simple but true


    Ukrainian prostitutes are having a very hard time during the new mobilization in Ukraine

    A prostitute from Odessa complains that after the tightening of mobilization law in Ukraine, she has to visit her clients at their place.

    All the conscription aged men (her customer base) are too afraid to go out anywhere, even to get laid, so she’s forced to do house calls!

    “After May 18, I have to drive myself so that someone can f*ck me»


    Go UkroNaziland!

    Dr. D

    So the hookers are braver than the soldiers? More willing to do their jobs?

    Well that’s no surprise.


    A Ukrainian mobilized soldier, surrounded by his dead comrades, tells a horrifying story

    The other dead soldier were literally walking the streets less than a week ago before being given a uniform, a gun and dropped off at the front.

    No training, just days ago to this

    Ukronazi ‘leadership’ are truly monsters

    600K killed like this


    Russian MLRS (multiple Launch Rocket Systems) pound Belogorovka

    Day and Night


    Battle Hardened Russian soldier uses bow & arrow to shoot grenades at the enemy

    Russian soldiers are very clever and inventive.

    Sometimes using old techniques is the best solution

    Dr. D

    Maybe the song should be Go Back Jack and “Do It Again”:

    I know what people say to me: I’m not a (real) Doctor, they’ll slash all my children and dies a thousand deaths before they look at any data (and “What are you doing in my house?”) but I’d like to hear what DOCTORS say, who are talking to the public, or other doctors. Anyone?

    1 in 36. They stopped vaccines for having 36 PER MILLION. Not EVERY 36.


    A PATRIOT battery (i.e., the basic firing unit) consists of a phased array radar, an engagement control station, computers, power generating equipment, and up to eight launchers, each of which holds four ready-to-fire missiles.

    According to a December 16, 2022, Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) article, “Patriot to Ukraine: What Does it Mean?,” a newly produced PATRIOT battery costs about $1.1 billion, including about $400 million for the system and about $690 million for the missiles.
    The Patriots are the most capable and expensive air defence systems that Ukraine has. Each Patriot battery costs around $1bn (£800m), and each missile costs nearly $4m.

    A PATRIOT battery (the basic firing unit) consists of about 90 soldiers, but three soldiers in the engagement control station are the only personnel required to operate the battery in combat. Raytheon Technologies manufactures PATRIOT radar and ground systems, and Lockheed Martin manufactures the interceptor missiles.

    If its not the whole truth, its a lie
    Canada to purchase U.S. missile defence system for Ukraine

    Richard Raycraft · CBC News · Posted: Jan 10, 2023 10:39 AM PST | Last Updated: January 10, 2023

    Canada to purchase U.S. missile defence system for Ukraine
    PMO announces President Biden will visit Canada in March

    Richard Raycraft · CBC News · Posted: Jan 10, 2023 10:39 AM PST | Last Updated: January 10, 2023

    The release said the donation would cost approximately $406 million and would come from $500 million in aid to Ukraine that Trudeau announced in November 2022. The release did not say when the system is expected to arrive in Ukraine.

    (Its not a donation. Canada borrowed the money and the people will payback the loan with interest)


    Error: Duplicate reply detected
    If its not the whole truth, its a lie
    (Its not a donation. Canada borrowed the money and the people will payback the loan with interest)

    John Day

    Dr. D Rich inquired at to where I heard the term “scutboy”.
    It was med school slang.

    This is what the Mayo Clinic says about how CJD looks, and it won’t get you anywhere:

    Spring 1985, Hermann Hospital, Houston: The 60ish female patient with CJD was admitted to Internal Medicine in the afternoon and Psych Consult was called. I was doing a Psych Consult elective late in my third year.
    We saw and evaluated the patient before any sedating medications were given.
    I went in and evaluated the patient with the intern, then the resident.
    The chief resident supervised and met us in the hallway.
    “What is it”, he asked. We hemmed and hawed and tried to come up with something it could be, but we said we didn’t know and asked him what it was… “I don’t know either, but it sure as hell isn’t psychiatric”, he said. The patient would have every possible consult in the 5 weeks before she finally got a brain biopsy she didn’t consent to. She could not be made still enough for MRI. In those 5 weeks she was the fascinoma that nobody could diagnose, none of the august heads of departments. To a non-psychiatrist she looked something like a chronic psych patient with bad tardive dyskinesia and badly uncontrolled on meds, but to anybody who spent time on psych wards she did not look like that, or even a Bizarro World version of that. The involuntary movements were extreme and bizarre, and the thoughts expressed contained something like a cognitive analog of that staccato sharpness and irregularity of the spontaneous hemiballistic, writhing and other involuntary movements, without self-awareness. Speech was fluent, despite that, and did some kind of partial self-integration of the verbal eruptions, seemingly automatically, just as the patient mostly kept her balance.

    The “recognition” that one might have for CJD, without ever having seen it, could be a recognition of the shocking appearance, even to medical personnel, and having never seen anything else like it.

    John Day

    @Dr. D: “Do it Again” might be about the wheel of karma and reincarnation…

    John Day

    The musical-harmonic-circular-chemist on Joe Rogan has the specific ability of creating a novel model of a known and accepted reality, a model that is internally complex and intricately interwoven, mesmerizing to the listener as it is being explained from his internal vision.

    This is the kind of internal-structuring ability that people like Newton and Einstein brought to the world, and also the rare group of people known as “Highly Organized Paranoics”.
    The complexity of the vision and the fluency of the vision holder in explaining what he absolutely sees, make it difficult for the outsider to break-into the world of that vision, which may be very internally consistent, but have some sharp discontinuities with the world experienced and known by others.

    I am not saying this man is a highly-organized-paranoic, but that is the talent he is displaying, the talent for re-synthesis of reality.


    If you reside in the West, you’re about to get the jew2for1 special. Weimar hyperinflation and a Bolshevik murder spree. Orangejesus is’nt gonna save you, he’s gonna fuck you over harder than Pedojoe, the mongoloid king. ZOG is creating hell on earth to please their master. Will good folks wake up and understand the severity of their situation, the culprits behind it? Comes down to the money system and its debasement into slavery for 99.9 % of us. It goes or we go, we’ll soon find out, won’t we?

    Dr D Rich

    Celticbiker is proven correct almost minute by minute.
    The following two articles demonstrate two clear observations about the United States.
    1. We are at war. Call it Civil war Redux or a domestic insurrection. The house is divided. It cannot stand.
    2. Jews, as Celticbiker astutely and routinely reminds us, run the show with no benefit to Americans. We’re gonna reward Mercenaries with United States Active Duty military benefits???. My fucking God. That IS a logical step from putting enlisted personnel in leadership positions over commissioned officers. What the hell!

      Leaping headlong into 2024’s frenzy of Israel-catering legislative activity, two House Republicans have introduced a bill that would extend credit and employment privileges enjoyed by US military service members to American citizens serving in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). 

      This latest affront to American patriotism is brought to you by Pennsylvania congressman and Chief Deputy Whip Guy Reschenthaler, along with Ohio Rep. Max Miller.

      “Over 20,000 American citizens are currently defending Israel from Hamas terrorists

      operations plan for the raid of Mar-a-Lago in southern Florida stated that should President Trump arrive at Mar-a-Lago during the period when agents were there, FBI agents would be prepared to “engage with” him and U.S. Secret Service (USSS) agents who protect him.

      If the Secret Service agents “provide resistance or interfere with FBI timeline or accesses,” then FBI officials would contact certain individuals—their names and positions were redacted—the documents stated.

      The documents also stated that if Mar-a-Lago employees refused to provide a list of occupied guest rooms, FBI agents would “knock on each guest room door to determine occupation status.” Agents would request a map, list of rooms, and a skeleton key for all rooms, and were preparing to bring lock-picking equipment with them.

    Biden Drains Entire Northeast Gasoline Reserve In Bid To Lower Gas Prices As He Trails Trump By Double Digits

    The entire US 1 million barrel Northeast Gasoline Supply Reserve will be required to be sold and closed in fiscal 2024, according to bill text of government funding legislation unveiled Sunday
    March 3, 2024 (12:48 p.m.
    U.S. Department of Energy Announces Sale of Northeast Gasoline Supply Reserve as Americans Hit the Road for Summer Driving Season
    DOE Office of Cybersecurity, Energy Security, and Emergency Response sent this bulletin at 05/21/2024 12:00 PM EDT

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Petroleum Reserves announced a solicitation for the sale and liquidation of 1 million barrels (42 million gallons) of gasoline in the Northeast Gasoline Supply Reserve (NGSR). This solicitation is strategically timed and structured to maximize its impact on gasoline prices, helping to lower prices at the pump as Americans hit the road this summer.

    “The Biden-Harris Administration is laser focused on lowering prices at the pump for American families, especially as drivers hit the road for summer driving season,” said U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm. “By strategically releasing this reserve in between Memorial Day and July 4th, we are ensuring sufficient supply flows to the tri-state and northeast at a time hardworking Americans need it the most.”

    The awarded entities, likely made up of retailers and terminals, from this sale will have the fuel transferred or delivered no later than June 30, 2024, just in time for the July 4 holiday. In 2024, in accordance with the Consolidated Appropriations Act, DOE will sell close to 1 million barrels of gasoline from the following NGSR storage sites:

    Port Reading, NJ (900,000 bbl)
    South Portland, ME (98,824 bbl)

    Bids for the solicitation are due no later than 11:00 a.m. Central Time on May 28, 2024. Revenues from the sale will be deposited to the Treasury.

    Department of Energy
    Strategic Petroleum Reserve Project Management Office
    900 Commerce East
    New Orleans, Louisiana 70123
    Pursuant to the authority and direction of the Secretary of Energy, the Department of
    Energy is conducting a sale of Northeast Gasoline Supply Reserve (NGSR) petroleum
    for June delivery of 998,824 barrels of Gasoline CBOB/RBOB as provided for by
    Section 308 of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2024. “SEC. 308. (a)
    Notwithstanding sections 161 and 167 of the Energy Policy and Conservation Act (42
    U.S.C. 6241, 6247), the Secretary of Energy shall draw down and sell one million
    barrels of refined petroleum product from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve during fiscal
    year 2024. (b) All proceeds from such sale shall be deposited into the general fund of
    the Treasury during fiscal year 2024. (c) Upon the completion of such sale, the
    Secretary shall carry out the closure of the Northeast Gasoline Supply Reserve.”
    Contracts resulting from this sale shall be subject to contract price adjustment as set
    forth in the Supplements and Amendments to the Standard Sales Provisions (SSP).
    This Notice of Sale contains the terms and conditions of the sale and specific
    instructions for preparation and submittal of offers.
    Date: May 21, 2024

    John Day

    Zerosum beat me to the Biden selling strategic gasoline reserve just before July 4th story.

    John Day

    Klaus Schwab Steps Down As World Economic Forum Executive Chairman

    He has not been seen in public for 7 weeks now.


    Next stop … CRASH!!! …. Haiti


    The Future is sooooo bright,

    I gotta wear shades……

    Brainbridge” allows AI Bots toGive You a Head Transplant


    Just what the doctor ordered while….Rome burns.

    Better than uploading your consciousness to “the Coud”

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