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    Harris&Ewing Oil for salads 1918 • 1 in 3 Americans Have Metabolic Syndrome (LiveScience) • France To Force Big Supermarkets To Give Away Unsold Food
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    Semi-serious thought on ‘metabolic syndrome’…. Are we accumulating fat because our bodies know a collapse is coming? Other animals and plants do this, why not humans?


    An interesting thought on weight gain. I doubt most scientists would care to try and make a connection, but in some larger sense it actually seems quite plausible. I wish it was actually a useful strategy, accumulating poundage seems to be easier than accumulating cash or hard goods.

    John Day

    I’ve had that thought.
    And maybe we are being fattened up for something by our herders.
    Maybe (more likely) it is just good for business. We are programmed to like certain combinations of fat, sugar and salt, which are addictive and don’t satisfy our craving for the nutrients in fresh fruits, vegetables and the flesh of naturally fed animals from the wild.
    It’s like the science behind making cigarettes more addictive.
    Still, it’s not one or the other. There is a Zeitgeist, I believe.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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