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    Thomas Cole Prometheus Bound 1847   • Zelensky’s Legitimacy Has Expired – Putin (RT) • Betting on Armageddon: What is Zelensky’s Plan Now That Hi
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    Schumer’s words interpreted by a southern cracker:

    “The existing population of the United States are useless eaters and will be replaced. Build back better is not a slogan it is an inevitability. The commitment to family in the current wave of immigrants assures that the undocumented funds sent to family weathering in place can be laundered and serve dual purpose as offshored wealth and political power.”


    Eric Prince and TECH:

    everyone i know that is near my age has had to listen to me about information gathering since the dawn of Facebook. Everyone who had a child at that time had to endure being told Facebook was putting their child in danger.

    Then as now the response is, “but it’s so convenient”. Allowing someone else to think for you has ALWAYS been convenient, until it is not.


    David Allen Coe wrote and recorded 3 Biggest Lies which can be summed up in the following about NATO:

    ““……………..the bloc was created with the purpose of defending member states against aggressors, not waging wars outside its territory..”

    “defending member states” – 1
    “against agressors” – 2
    “not waging wars” – 3

    “This will only hurt for a little while….” – Coe


    covert proxy war
    fueled by
    plausible deniability

    the Executive Branch of the United States openly admitting the Commander in Chief does not know what the troops are doing being openly accepted as reasonable by the citizenry is the most blatant example of going along to get along from the 20th century. Keep that Credit Rating high!

    Dr. D

    Following bird flu, which CDC Director promised he would create for us, Dr. Nass, who was a congressional expert on medical bioweapons, says it’s the safest disease on earth. The number of people ever having it is like 40? The number of American is two? One felt “Slightly under the weather” for 4 days. There is zero transmission via cows, zero transmission to humans, zero transmission through milk or meat.

    …So when you see the CDC non-stop, cain’t stop/won’t stop talking about it and it’s why the WHO demands we create AND USE vaccines created in 60 days with NO STUDIES AT ALL, … AND… Redfield promises he can bioengineer it in a week if you want, AND there is the REQUIREMENT in the WHO treaty to collect all the world’s most dangerous discoveries AND to share them with everyone, not only every government and their bioweapons people, but the whole planet’s PUBLIC… then maybe we might wonder why?

    Okay, a disease that never existed, doesn’t exist now, looks like it never will, FRONT PAGE NEWS!!! Years running now.


    There are plenty of real diseases that are actually scary. Thousands. Hundreds of thousands. They pick Oooooooooooonly this one that’s impossible to get and won’t hurt you if it does, like Omicron.

    Uh huh. You tell me.

    Btw, there is good genetic evidence Bird Flu is already a engineered bioweapon from before. There are genes from all over spliced in, but I suppose that’s just when Pangolins have sex with bats.

    “Trump Suggests Nikki Haley Will Be ‘On Our Team In Some Form’

    Now I really can’t vote Trump. “But we were so far ahead” he’ll say, “What happened?” Well, you added 20 Haley voters and lost 20% of your other voters.

    “Putin Wants Ceasefire Which Freezes Current Lines In Ukraine
    Putin: Any fresh negotiations “must reflect realities on the ground.”

    Yeah, I heard that. Are you high? What is wrong with you reporters? Putin categorically said, “No ceasefire.” While we are negotiating. “Been there, dun that.” he said. And “The realities on the ground” are that “You have no army.” ALL Ukraine is his. Suck it.

    But I thought about it and it’s another level of Weasel “Genius.” Because they were taught to think like this since they were two, they can’t get out of the box and think it’s clever and works. REALLY, they want to SAY this – “Was this a lie, sir?” “Yes, your honor, that was a lie.” — because they’re going to run around like clown-midget and ARRANGE a solution – Oh wait! Like they just did in Switzerland! — And then have Putin reject it.

    See! See!!! Putin didn’t want peace!!! He SAID he did (lie) and yet he double crossed us and didn’t (lie). Daddy, Mommy, He was just tricking us, mean, bad Putin! Don’t you know Russians never want peace? We must have WAR, I tell you, and that more abundantly.

    Okaaaaaayyyy…. And you Midwits, too clever by a half, AND THEN WHAT? You still have no army, ANYWHERE, and Putin is still going to take all Ukraine before you pull your thumb out of your -ss and start sucking it while making shells. …Sorry I’m being so crass lately, as you can tell, I’m just fed up. So imagine how the Russians feel. They’re like looking at the chess board, the West have brought checkers and are leap frogging a skittle and an M&M and thinking they’re geniuses, and what do you think you can say to them? Nothing. I you say anything logical or comprehensible, they couldn’t understand you any more than a cow could.

    This is Patton Oswalt’s, “Retarded Trust Fund Kid with Nukes” clip I post sometimes. No literally: Look at Blinken. Retarded. Rich kid. Yesterday requested to bomb all Russia. Therefore, with nukes.

    “Blackstone CEO Steve Schwarzman Endorses President Trump, Says Nation Going “In Wrong Direction” Under Biden

    So they got to flip another “Go” chip? I hear they’ve been trying to get BlackRock to flip, where they are directing a trillion in assets (Although having only like $10B of personal capital). According to theory, BlackSTONE bought up all the mortgages, pricing out all Americans with 0% money, counting on a U.S. collapse and capitulation. Instead Powell jacked rates 500% and put him in a squeeze box. If he wants to survive, he better cop with the program and “Do what he’s told”. …Looks like he just did. Dimon too. Dimon may be running this initiative, the fiend, but it could keep America intact. This is the same kind of bad compromises we took in the Revolution and Civil Wars.

    “Biden Meme Manager”

    Lots of hilarity here, but the POINT was, you can’t hire memes, AT ALL. They are not centralized. No one White boards them and distributes them to the minions. There is no, never, any central office. That’s the real difference of Right and Left right now: “Left” is Centralized, Soviet Socialist State, being daddy, running everything. The non-Republican Right is just us, a bunch of guys running around ignoring you, having fun doing whatever we do that day. Crowdsourcing Vs AI. Who seems to be winning?

    “For some reason, a lot of people think this [immigration] is a crazy conspiracy theory”

    You could actually do it, have it done, post it on the NY Times, then kill 10 million of them in public and it still wouldn’t be noticed or happening. Then Chris Cuomo could go on Rogan and say it was a mistake and people still would say it isn’t real. Ask me how I know.

    “• Zelensky’s Legitimacy Has Expired – Putin (RT)

    Russia has plans for this issue, although I’m not sure what they will be. Putin can be too careful as well, too much believing in law as he has shown. My guess is, ultimately he is positioning that, like Switzerland, THEY will also have a conference, and THEY will also say, “This is what is real.” Then just do it and let the West pound sand.

    What is that? Well Yanukovych’s plane is in Belarus. That’s a “Signal” to someone, so let’s all remember, Ze is not legitimate president now. NOR WAS HE EVER. The last legitimate president was Yanukovych in 2014. Yes, honest, yes, by all International law. Putin has been playing along with “Realpolitik” since then, the “Realities on the ground” as set by NATO ‘til now. But what’s the Fact, Jack?

    YANUKOVYCH is President, or at least we need to elect a president that will follow him, with honest elections not run by the CIA/MI6 and their $200B dollars, (Yes, really, $200B minimum, no joke)

    So he gets together at this time, says “Welp, whatever happened before, I think all Ukrainians can agree we need to vote on a new President” and All Ukraine says, “YESSS!!!” An Russia can “Control” the country in one way or another to achieve this real election, and all Ukraine says “YESSSS!!!”, and then we vote a backsies as if none of the war happened, just like Quisling and Vichy governments were literal, UN, Occupation governments under all international law. Right?

    To me, again, this is too smart by a half, but it IS LEGAL. By every possible measure. And it IS do-able. Especially when they’re in Belarus to enter that nation into a war, take Kiev in a week (they’re right there and also took Kharkiv) and tell them “How it’s a-gonna be.” And how it’s gonna be…is to have elections. Who can argue with that?

    Suppose this doesn’t “Work”; So what? Is anyone any worse off? But it will demonstrate to the world AGAIN the legal adherence of the Russians and the legal violations of every man, woman, and Chihuahua in the West. So apparently that’s his plan. Roughly. The West is going to have WWIII to PREVENT elections? Rlly??? (of course.)

    ““It’s no secret that the alliance is forming an entire network of cyber laboratories along the perimeter of the Russian borders in Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Romania, and in the future – in Georgia and Moldova. Under the auspices of the Pentagon, cyber exercises are being carried out on a systematic basis”

    Whut? Dummkopf, UNLIKE US, the Russians are not so retarded as to put all energy, oil, and critical infrastructure on the open internet. Where EVEN I can hack it. Because then it would be attacked and collapse like it does here. So what are you attacking? Their ad bots? That’s the reason for the elaborate word soup in the former paragraph: like all long-winded things, it’s all bulls—t.

    ““What is happening today in Brussels and Washington… looks like warming up for a possible direct military conflict. We can safely call it the preparation of Europe’s entry into the war,”

    Again, this week they said “America can’t defend us, clearly”. Oh, so that means the EU commission – which is not, never, nor can ever be, elected – need to 1) sell bonds to, 2) Militarize itself an multi-national EU army? Like Macron said? Ohhhhhhh! I see!!!

    …And do the nations of Europe LOOK like they’re in the mood to either join that army or to pay for it? They JUST PAID, and guess what: Like Ukraine’s defensive lines, they have no army. It was all siphoned off. France can field 5 whole days of men? If they drive up there in a Yugo, themselves? WTF kind of army did they just pay for at $50B a year?

    “• Speaker Johnson: Ukraine Should Use US Weapons on Russian Territory (Antiwar)

    Yup, we’ll take him out like Nikki Hillary, and any other politician who supports them. Even if they’re tall blondes.

    “• Let Ukraine Freely Strike Russia With Western Arms – NATO Chief (RT)

    NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has argued that members of the Western military bloc should let Ukraine freely use their weapons to launch strikes deeper into Russian territory. “The time has come for allies to consider whether they should lift some of the restrictions they have put on the use of weapons they have donated to Ukraine,”

    Note this paragraph: “They are Ukraine’s weapons and war, we have nothing to do with it!”
    Also you, “We totally control Ukraine, their weapons and what they do with them, such that we can ‘lift restrictions’ on them!”

    Yes, that makes you a legal participant in the war. Again, noting, this is Russian Rev2.0 here. They need a world war, at which time they attack and flip the home nation to Communism, this time in the United States. …I have a feeling that plan and its timing isn’t going so well. The Americans look stupid, but they’re smart enough not to walk into ambushes.

    ““Bragg is expected to finally state with clarity what he is alleging … at the closing arguments of the case.”

    It takes ‘til the closing arguments to name the crime?

    “Now the military arm of Boeing gets its turn.
    • Boeing Sued Over Deaths Of US Marines (RT)

    Still no good theory why they’re after Boeing. How about this: The White Hats know they need to break it back up. Like we DO need a Marietta, Douglass, all that, but thanks to “We Follow No Laws Ever” they were allowed to monopoly under Sherman Anti-trust and put the national security in deadly peril. How do we do that? Like Putin, you have a war, a popularity, and anti-popularity for “The Bad Guy” This is the “They’re the bad guy/not run correctly” part. Then they’ll thrash around, try some stuff, only later eventually “Sell off” parts, Un-Monopolying them. We already seem to be winning on their DEI.

    “• The CIA’s Secret Effort To Seize Control Of Social Media (ZH)

    Like everything the CIA does, feckless and stupid, the least secret ever.


    Apparently associate with the Trump team, but Cheeto does not say or support this. That’s okay, neither one of these guys will be president in the election we’re not having.

    Dr. D

    Trivia: Black STONE, and Black ROCK, are all derived from the Nazi Occult beliefs like Black SUN, presently also a Ukrainian symbol:

    I’m not an expert on this, but I think it goes back to some 19th century occult belief that the world is hollow and there is a magic black sun inside like Jules Verne, who may be noting the same occult. Its entrance was in “Hyperboria” a mythical Northern land like Shangra-la, etc.

    A similar following exists in “UberMensch” we know of as “Superman”. This follows the Brill Maidens’ view of the world and the reason he gets his Power from the “Sun”. …Somewhat inexplicable to us, but was in pop consciousness in the 30s. Also noted that his is an Alien landed on earth, an alien earthling. This is the same as the “Watchers” who descended (or were cast out) on Mt. Hermon. The reason these maniacs and their weirdo death-cult follow genetics and blood line so much is because they believe they are the children of the fallen angels, i.e., these “Aliens”, superrace. The Aryans. Hitler’s plan (and probably still today) is to back-breed the human OUT of the polluted genetic core and leave only this Angelic, perfect, “Alien” race of superior beings.

    Yes, really. They really believe this. Look at their actions. Now that may be stark raving nonsense to the rest of us, but it doesn’t matter if they act on it and will kill you for it, for their religion and beliefs.

    Black ROCK. Black STONE. Black SUN. And the Black CUBE in Islam.

    Oh well. The s–t we put up with on planet earth. And why they all think we’re vermin to be exterminated. Even as we beat these “Supermen” time after time after time…

    Dr D Rich

    You mean to write the “CIA controls social media and where they don’t it’s the NSA” right?

    CIA indemnified Keith Morris in the Hunter Biden case. Hell not even Dr. D nor Dr. John Day claim surprise by this revelation. Keep the news coming!

    Can someone admit the CIA and quite a few Pro-Semites are an insurgency committing an Insurrection in Los Estados Unidos? That The People are not just simply being subjected to Constant Tension.

    In other news, The Osprey crashes again but not quite yet as much as the CH-53E.

    The article posted on The Osprey and these references although quite detailed miss the fact a prototype crashed around 1989 just before I arrived at MCAS New River.

    Brooks Gruber bunked next to me in the same GP medium during combat 1991. Brooks was unfairly and unjustly faulted for the 2000 Osprey crash but finally cleared due to his wife’s efforts.

    Brooks and Jordan Yankov out of all the Marines were my friends during my 3 years at New River.

    I found and recovered Yankov, Pryor, Smith and Singer from the crash site. I just happened to be the duty flight surgeon the day their 53E from our squadron crashed at Cecil Field. I assisted the autopsies on all 4 men guided by 2 pathologists from AFIP and wrote the Aeromedical Analysis.


    Things we forget. You made my skin crawl.


    White noise, static, buzz, sound of life, electronic sabotage,

    • The CIA’s Secret Effort To Seize Control Of Social Media (ZH)

    “Orban noted that the bloc, NATO, was created with the purpose of defending member states against aggressors, not waging wars outside its territory, NATO.”

    “If only the media was as energetic about promoting peace negotiations as it has been about promoting war. ”


    All surveillance systems have the same 2 top level performance measures. Missed detects and false alarms. A lot could be said here, but lets focus on big data. Its big. the only way it works is to have layers. with each layer passing its detects to the next layer. A detection pyramid. the fewer missed detects, the more data each layer must pass. The cost goes up quick. especially if the layer developers are glue sniffing morons. If the layers are well made the balance of missed detect to false alarm is pretty good. If the watched objects try hard to avoid detection the balance will also be improved. If the watched objects try to be detected the whole thing gets swamped with false alarms and high cost. since covid, both NYC and scotland (and others I believe) have tried snitch surveillance systems. both shit the bed when everyone called at once and said Bill Deblasio was giving blow jobs in their alley. Big data? Their only hope is the propaganda alone influences people. If every one turns it on it will crash. Ignore them. It will burn some of their ghost money and then they wont have so much. Even better, end every phone call with “did you set the bomb?”


    How to keep control with mislabeling/lies/diversion/propaganda
    Summit on Peace in Ukraine
    On 15 and 16 June 2024, Switzerland is organising a Summit on Peace in Ukraine at the Bürgenstock (Canton of Nidwalden). The aim of that heads of state and government meeting, is to develop a common understanding of a path towards a just and lasting peace in Ukraine. This should be the basis for a peace process.

    24.05.2024 – 70 States and organisations have already confirmed their participation in the Summit on Peace in Ukraine
    More than 70 confirmations of participation at Head of State and Government level and organisations have been registered so far. Half of the confirmations currently come from Europe and the other half from the rest of the world. 11 states have publicly announced their participation, including India, the President of the European Commission and Germany.

    Further information on the summit in the newsticker

    Following up on Ukraine’s request Switzerland has invited over 160 delegations from around the world to join for the first Summit on Peace in Ukraine on 15-16 June 2024 at the Bürgenstock resort.

    Maxwell Quest

    “Speaker Johnson: Ukraine Should Use US Weapons on Russian Territory (Antiwar)”
    “Let Ukraine Freely Strike Russia With Western Arms – NATO Chief (RT)”

    What’s with this latest NATO gambit: Giving their Ukrainian proxy regime “permission” to strike deep into Russian territory?

    Another escalation, of course. One that will certainly get Paul Craig Roberts squirming in this office chair again. Maybe in the end he will be proven right with his continuous urging for Russia to end the war quickly with overwhelming force, instead of allowing this game of slow escalation that could one day end in global thermonuclear annihilation.

    But I don’t think so. The purpose of this latest escalation is to try and provoke an overreaction by the Russians, thereby triggering all the anti-Soviet fears that lie latent in the Western psyche. So far, however, all the arm-waving and paranoiac anti-Russian propaganda pumped out by western media has been ineffective in rallying support for the war. Russia has been winning on all fronts, especially the PR front, which has long been dominated by the West. Since the beginning of the SMO, Russia has been perched nicely on the moral high ground, matching each escalation with the appropriate response. No crazy threats, no foaming at the mouth with bulging veins, no pounding of shoes on the podium. Nothing but controlled professionalism, both militarily and diplomatically.

    NATO is desperate to provoke an overreaction, but I don’t believe that Russia will give it one, just a slow grind until NATO comes apart at the seams from its own corruption and psychopathologies.


    Judas Goat Johnson Declares his Undying Loyalty to Zionism

    Orange Jesus loves this man

    If his shirt wasn’t buttoned up, you’d see the Star of David tattoo on his throat


    All members of Congress are also required by law to wear this dog collar under their suits when in session.

    Arf, Arf





    Biden’s $320M Gaza Pier Has Detached & Drifted Onto Israeli Beach

    Dr. D

    It ends in “Don’t worry bro: my chick’s ‘tarded and now she’s a pilot Boeing Engineer.”


    Israel as we know it (ex. 1995 – 2023, note conditions for Palestinians deteriorated throughout that time..) will no longer exist in its present state in 2025-6.

    ISR (before 7 Oct.) was dependent for its existence on the US in first place, UK – EU following, with aid (massive to obtain milit. mat. produced in US, etc ..), gifts, business partnerships, loans, tech transfers, banking privileges, forced favored spots in Int’l meets, etc. Plus prop’ like Eurovision.

    The ROW, as UNRWA *UN* funded the survival of kicked-out Palestinians, in Gaza, the W bank, Jordan and Lebanon. Badly and only partially, but enough – it was hoped! – to stop Pals rising up out of desperation.

    That dam broke.

    Without foreign support, ISR cannot survive. It is a mini-stamp sized territory with no-little ressources, no-little industry (that counts), no ppl that are soldered to work in, or for it (oppressed Arabs, Orthodox Jews with special status, foreign workers with ‘no’ status, urbanites scornful of peasants, oligarchs there for profit only, and of course the hate of Pals. and the hope they can be exterminated, etc.) – one might add an Army that everyone knows cannot impose itself, despite US aid, after Lebanon, 2006.

    — Typical ex. is ISR’s ‘biggest’ exports, diamonds. The crude stones are imported. (OK, a tough topic and just banging on in a short post won’t do it. In’tl trade is hugely complex.)

    ISR. has been not only oppressing and corraling its cheap labor, Pals., but has now moved to exterminating them, and for those still alive / functioning (W. Bank), cancelling their work permits. There are some reports of meets between Isr. and AFR. countries, Isr. might import labor from there – e.g. Sierra Leone. (no link.) A replica of the Settler Coloniast US model, kill off the original inhabitants, and import ‘black – slave’ labor. Won’t work, today (imho.)

    more later maybe…


    jb-hb said

    Biden’s $320M Gaza Pier Has Detached & Drifted Onto Israeli Beach

    God, the USA is embarrassing itself. Was this deliberate or incompetence … my money is on incompetence but many will be happy it happened. Watching the USA is like watching genocide Joe climb the stairs, are we sure that the whole of the USA don’t have dementure … a sort of group dementure?


    UCLA Med School Prioritized Racial Diveristy, Leading To “Shocking Decline” In Medical Knowledge; Report

    A professor said in the article that while there are “good graduates” from UCLA, “a third to a half of the medical school is incredibly unqualified.

    Lucero’s committee “gives black and Latino applicants a pass for subpar metrics, four people who served on it said, while whites and Asians need near perfect scores to even be considered,”

    “All the normal criteria for getting into medical school only apply to people of certain races,” an admissions officer said. “For other people, those criteria are completely disregarded.”

    The story also alleges Lucero (pictured above) has “lashed out at officials who question the qualifications of minority candidates.”

    In one instance, she reportedly “chewed out the committee and made members sit through a two-hour lecture on Native history delivered by her own sister,” AFTER THE COMMITTEE REJECTED A NATIVE AMERICAN APPLICANT.”

    George Mason University law Professor David Bernstein suggested there could be legal problems for UCLA.

    “You’d have to go pretty far for me to say that a medical school should either be sued entirely out of

    existence or denied any additional federal funds, which would amount to the same thing,” he wrote on X.

    “But if even half the allegations in this article are true, UCLA Medical School should cease to exist, and should be replaced by a new institution that (a) obeys the law; and (b) cares about the competence of the students it graduates.”

    They’ve found a way to do a religion as “justice.” This is brilliant. You can propagate a totally relentless authoritarian dogma while bypassing the 1st amendment, freedom of belief, freedom of religion.

    I guess the same needs to be done with medicine. Humanity needs to start fighting back with the same kind of language trickery. Find some way to create a parallel system that practices medicine without being called medicine, change all the language. Call it gardening or stamp collecting or regrouting your tiles and then practice real medicine with the purpose of healing people competently. But call it re-tarring your driveway.


    NATO/Russia, same money, same team. It’s about stealing money and grinding up goyimeat. No different than the world wars, smaller scale. The rest are injected, chemtrailed, fed poisoned food, water, etc. Satan must be very proud of his jews, freemasons, traitors , child molesters and psychopaths.Very proud indeed.


    Putting the Duh in Duh’merica….

    This school produced these people….


    And lead to need to announce…


    But this one child from that same school escaped with a real brain….



    Grayson Murray, professional golfer, dies at thirty. Felt bad, didn’t finish his second round at the 16th hole of the Charles Schwab Challenge, went to the hospital. Died the next morning.


    It’s a crying shame.
    World total populations are still growing.
    Births are still outpacing deaths.
    We’ve seen nothing yet.
    Wait for when more factors to start to comes into affecting depopulations.
    Illegal to have abortion.
    Crime to take birth control pills.
    Green energy.





    Smells like hypocrisy

    Walks like hypocrisy

    Talks like hypocrisy

    Men taking jobs from feminists, the ‘Be All You Can Be” kind….(as long as it’s safe and not too dirty)

    Incredibly dangerous job


    Greta rein-car-nates

    You’ve Stolen My Future!





    I am here to announce that Canada will procure a new fleet of eighty‑eight F-35 fighter jets, through an agreement that we have finalized with the United States government and Lockheed Martin with Pratt and Whitney.

    This investment is estimated at nineteen billion dollars – making it the largest investment in our Royal Canadian Air Force in thirty years.

    This acquisition will occur with funding set out in our 2017 defence policy, Strong, Secure, Engaged, and delivers on our commitment to ensure that our Air Force has the equipment needed to protect Canadians.

    The F-35 is a modern, reliable, and agile fighter aircraft used by our closest allies in missions across the globe. It is the most advanced fighter on the market, and it is the right aircraft for Canada.

    The F-35 fighter will now cost more than $2 trillion

    The eye-popping price tag has not fixed the maintenance issues plaguing the program, a government watchdog says
    Military Industrial Complex F-35
    APR 17, 2024


    Purchasing an F-35 Lardbucket is like getting a nose job




    Dr. D

    Wow Canada, embarrassment like that sort of leaves Turdeau in the dust. You were flying for 100 years, but time to leave all that behind.

    Dr. D



    Political interference/influence/conflict of interest by Freeland
    Canada urges G7 to provide financial aid to Ukraine using seized Russian assets
    Is Chrystia Freeland A Fraud Or A Nazi Sympathizer?
    Freeland is supposedly a credible voice on Ukrainian history, and yet she has applauded the country’s Nazis on multiple occasions.

    Davide Mastracci
    by Davide Mastracci
    September 26, 2023
    Is Chrystia Freeland A Fraud Or A Nazi Sympathizer?
    On Friday, a Ukrainian Nazi veteran was introduced before Canada’s parliament and received two standing ovations from seemingly every MP in attendance.

    The Nazi in question, Yaroslav Hunka, 98, was invited before parliament as part of a visit by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. After the session ended, people online began pointing out that Hunka served as a member of the SS 14th Waffen Grenadier Division, a period he described in a 2011 blog post as the happiest years of his life. Outrage spread, and the story quickly became international news.

    The Liberal government scrambled to put together a narrative as to how and why this happened, while admitting that it was, according to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, “deeply embarrassing to the Parliament of Canada and by extension to all Canadians.” The party eventually settled on blaming Parliament’s speaker, Liberal MP Anthony Rota, claiming it was his mistake alone and not a broader failure. Rota also apologized and supported this framing. Multiple high profile Liberals have since called for him to resign.

    Meanwhile, many MPs, from several political parties, have tried to justify their applause for Hunka by pointing out that they assumed he’d been vetted by the government and didn’t know he was a Nazi.

    This argument is suspect because while Hunka was not introduced as a Nazi, the description given of him should have made it apparent — Rota said that Hunka was “a Ukrainian Canadian war veteran from the Second World War who fought for Ukrainian independence against the Russians.” Anyone with even a basic understanding of the Second World War, which should include MPs, would intuitively understand that this meant Hunka was working with the Soviet Union’s mortal enemy: the Nazi regime.

    But, for argument’s sake, let’s take these MPs’ claims at face value. Let’s assume none of them have a primitive understanding of the war, or that it’s not a problem that they’re willing to clap for anything and anyone framed as being against the Soviets or Russians. There’s at least one MP, who has (to the best of my knowledge) yet to say anything on the issue, for whom this excuse can’t apply: Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland.

    Freeland is the most powerful Ukrainian nationalist in a country full of them. She speaks Ukrainian, owns a residential property in Kyiv, has lived, studied and worked in Ukraine, has edited at least one scholarly article pertaining to Ukrainian Nazis during the Second World War, and is often positioned, by the media, government, and herself, as a knowledgeable voice on Ukraine, at least relative to other politicians and public figures in Canada.

    If we are to believe the frequent and lavish praise of Freeland’s supposed deep understanding of Ukrainian history in the 20th century, then she should have absolutely been triggered by Rota’s description of Hunka (assuming she didn’t know of him before the invitation was sent, or even at any point before he made his appearance before parliament, which also seems unlikely). And yet, despite that, or perhaps because of it, Freeland joined the rest of the MPs in offering a standing ovation for Hunka, beaming as she did so.

    Chrystia Freeland Must Account For Her Nazi Collaborator Grandfather
    It’s not only fair to criticize Freeland for how she’s handled her grandfather’s past, but of the utmost necessity.

    The Maple
    Davide Mastracci

    I don’t accept the excuse MPs have offered as to why they clapped, but no such excuse can even be attempted by Freeland unless she admits she is a fraud. She knew, or ought to have known, what sort of person was being paraded, and clapped anyway.

    This, of course, isn’t the first time Freeland has either actively supported or at least associated herself with historical Nazis and Nazi collaborators. There have been many such cases, which indicate she either is lying about understanding Ukrainian history or is simply comfortable with supporting the country’s fascists for one reason or another.

    For example, in February 2022 Freeland appeared at a pro-Ukraine protest in downtown Toronto and held up a red and black banner that is associated with the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA). As I wrote at the time, the UPA “was a fascist paramilitary group that operated during the Second World War, and collaborated with the Nazis at times throughout this period. In 1943, according to researcher Terry Martin, the UPA ‘adopted a policy of massacring and expelling the Polish population of Volhynia and Eastern Galicia.’ Researchers estimate that members of the group killed around 100,000 Polish civilians over the next year.” After the protest, Freeland chose to tweet a photo of herself holding the banner, attaching a caption including the phrase “Slava Ukraini,” which itself became popular due to Ukrainian fascist groups. She ended up deleting the photo after much critique, but did not directly address the matter.

    Canada’s Deputy PM Posed With A Ukrainian Fascist Symbol
    Journalists shouldn’t ignore what Chrystia Freeland did, or the many other fascist flags at that rally and others throughout Canada.

    The Maple
    Davide Mastracci

    So, which is it? Does Freeland, contrary to media reports about her, and her academic and professional career, actually lack a basic understanding of Ukrainian history, which should disqualify her from her prominent role in formulating Canada’s approach to the country and Russia? Or does she have an understanding of the history and choose to sympathize with at least some of the range of Nazi-collaborators, Nazis and Ukrainian fascists that make up a significant part of it?

    As the deputy prime minister, minister of finance and former minister of foreign affairs, among many other roles, the media and other politicians have a duty to hold Freeland to a higher standard than even other MPs and political figures. And on this matter, given her purported knowledge on Ukraine and lack of an excuse for applauding a Nazi, the pressure should be even more intense.

    Freeland should be asked direct, repeated questions about these matters by the sort of reporters she’ll actually respond to. They’ve mostly failed to do so up until this point, despite years of Freeland applauding or excusing Ukraine’s far-right. Enough.


    The US’s Acme Gaza Pier was designed to fail.
    It failed right on schedule too!
    Now the Gaza Palestinians can nicely starve to death while the pier is (never) repaired!
    Aren’t you entertained?

    The US’s D-Day Mulberry pier only failed because the US elected to not install the designed cross anchoring lines like the British did.

    Not sure how the CIA can lose control of the internet?

    Since MoA is closed, the war in Ukraine is now on hold.
    All is quiet on the northern, southern, eastern, and western fronts.
    Peace has broken out!
    Our elites are busy trying to get the war restarted again.

    NY prosecutor Bragg will remind the Democrat jury of their duty and that they won’t have any police protection if they vote the wrong way!

    US Osprey airplane trying to be a helicopter, what could possibly go wrong?

    Canada buying 88 DEI turkeys from US.
    Before it was only supposed to be 35 turkeys!
    I wonder what the expected yearly turkey crash and burn rate is?
    But hopefully the long term lack of maintenance money and women, should help keep these turkeys mostly safely on the ground!
    Obviously no money for DEI turkey drones or drone turkeys?


    In Canada no one working in the Canadian media, owned by the liberal government, and wanting to keep their job, is ever going to ask either Trudeau or Freeland any embarrassing questions.
    Trudeau and Freeland can do no wrong. Period.

    This degree of 100% media control was evident when Trudeau last visited India and his air force plane “broke down” due to the lack of cocaine. The air force was forced to fly a second plane down. But no one told the truth so most Canadians still have no idea what really happened.


    WES said

    Since MoA is closed

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer vaccine Nazi and censorship authoritarian. The real Nazi German came out at MoA during the Covid. Today was my first time back since banned for questioning the Covid vaccine and the mandates, I will not be going back again, I was cheered to see that the Nazi that runs the place got his comeuppance, and yes I hope it is a direct result of taking the Covid shot; Covid taught us a lot about our alt media hosts.


    Grayson Murray, professional golfer, dies at thirty.

    Thankfully he was vaccinated or it could have been much worse.

    Mike Johnson-

    “the Zionist dream has become a reality…”

    Libtards meme themselves, but Republicans suck tiny jew dicks way harder.
    Slurp that jew dick Mike Johnson, you fucking retarded Republican faggot, save some for Donald.

    Since MoA is closed

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer vaccine Nazi and censorship authoritarian. The real Nazi German came out at MoA during the Covid.

    Hahaha. Spot on.

    I vividly recall “B’s” Dr Mengele post telling everyone to get ‘vaccinated’-

    I told him to fuck off, eat shit and die… Safe and effective eh B ?

    The covid cult retards will never admit they were wrong or apologize. No sympathy for the devils – they went full vaxtard psycho- so die evil fuckers, die. The cult members are all so fucking smug… Play stupid games like arrogant retards- win the ultimate reward.

    Never forget how these assholes behaved… fuck every one of them to Death.

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