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    Edward Hopper Summertime 1943   • Trump Vows to Stop ‘Biden’s March to WWIII’ (RT) • US Strike On Russian Targets Would Be ‘Start Of World War’ –
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    Michael Reid

    Mathew Crawford discusses his research
    into Covid-19 and bacteriological warfare,
    his discovery how some in the Medical Freedom Movement (MFM)
    don’t seem to be fighting for freedom,
    and how this led him to discover links
    between alternative media,
    fake opposition,
    the occult,
    and military-intelligence.

    He looks into theosophy,
    Falun Gong,
    1960s counter-culture,
    the Office of Naval Intelligence,
    and the plans for a New World Order.

    He believes independence movements (e.g. India) were steered.

    He questions Bitcoin and says that
    the military-occult-banking-syndicate virtually has all the power.
    We are in a pickle!

    Mathew Crawford: The Military-Occult-Banking-Syndicate Has All the Power

    Dr. D

    “UCLA Med School Prioritized Racial Diveristy, Leading To “Shocking Decline” In Medical Knowledge; Report
    “One professor said that a student in the operating room could not identify a major artery when asked, then berated the professor for putting her on the spot…”

    Like this. We fire 100% of the former group, and replace them with competent people who can do their jobs. Students berating professors and grading and failing them instead. #OppositeLand. #AntiLogos.

    “Deflation Never Happens, Except Right Now
    Walmart, McDonald’s, and Ikea are all reversing some price hikes, but the trend is far from universal.” –New York Magazine

    See? Under Biden prices have been going down! Haven’t you noticed? Did you write him a thank you note?

    “Limited Testing of Raw Milk for Bird Flu Leaves Safety Questions Unanswered
    An avian flu outbreak in dairy herds has stoked tensions between the federal government and raw milk advocates.” — NPR

    These guys are very clever and that’s why they’re dangerous. You mean the Bird flu that isn’t there? And has no effect when it is? Like Covid, a disease so bad you could have it 20 times and not notice once? The clever here is the 2nd order article that pre-presumes the existence of a 1st order reality/article. This works extremely well on clever people, so it used to work on me. That’s why I get so cranky about it. It’s a bald, bold, raw lie. Poured right over my head.

    “All the critics were wrong. The government won’t ban it, they’re embracing it.”

    And it’s going straight up. I forget but BTC is like the best rate of return of any asset ever in the universe, like 750,000%? Even finding a gold mine has limits: land was worth something before and it costs (more) money to get it out. Why shouldn’t they allow it? It’s a first-order type of CBDC that allows tracking, and they now have it under control with Tether and the ETFs. SMH. If humans WANT corruption, have two options and just choose the fraud 9/10 times, what can I say? Now I know why traders get like they are.

    “Jury Instructions”: “You are to find Trump guilty. Any questions?”

    “Trump, for all his faults, may be the only way to avoid WWIII.”

    Oddly that is probably true. And his backers, team, are America people. If money is outlawed (no banks, replaced with IMF/CBDCs) or Americans are broke and in pods (WEF), or run by Europe (Ukraine) then Wall St goes broke. Stopping WWIII stops this and America persists. You’d think it wouldn’t take this kind of rocket science but it does.

    And “March to WWIII”? Actually yes, BIDEN said so, not me. Tanks? “That’s called WWIII, Jack.” F16s? “That’s called WWIII, Jack.” Sending all the men, all the long-range weapons, all the Intel, all the radar, all the air defense, all the missiles, then sending all the targets and ordering them to go hit central Russia. Uh, Joe? If NOT attacking Moscow was WWIII Jack, what is missile-striking Moscow with 500 pound bunker bombs? Downtown, in the market/Main St like Belgorod?

    No, that’s not an exaggeration of “March to WWIII”. I’d say they’re taking a circus of clowns, with a specially modified turbo-bus, but…

    “..compliance – that everyone piles into the clown car on command so these bozos can take everyone on a joyride down Dystopian Highway..”

    We’re all going to hell, and the clowns are driving the bus! (I’ve got to get off these drugs)

    “Take, for instance, the idea that Ursula Von der Leyen, the European Commission president, is running for re-election when in reality she’s just publicly squabbling with a few other establishment hacks to be handpicked”

    Clown world. Honk honk. Does anyone believe she’s an election, or anything in the EU is remotely “Democratic”? No, they are less representational than the CCP, where you could actually get, or afford, a hot croissant. Not in the EU. In the German-run EU, they get the doughnut, you get the hole.

    “she’ll defend Europe with a “Democracy Shield.™”

    That’s really just a re-branding of the “Beam in my eye” invisibility shield, the most powerful force field known to man: It Denies Everything.

    Good news is, Marsden and everyone are now openly talking about it all, and all 300 million are mocking her as a joke, honk honk, perhaps suggesting she retrain as a $5 prostitute. Oh wait! No retraining necessary! She’s got deep experience! With Gag orders!

    ““But the goal was to get a down and dirty … along with a gag order, and keeping him in…”

    “• US Strike On Russian Targets Would Be ‘Start Of World War’ – Medvedev (RT)

    We already have. EVERY attack on Russia is essentially directly from the U.S., U.K., or France. (Those are the weapons systems in field.) PCR is slowly becoming correct in his view that Not nuking D.C. for these attacks is “Emboldening” the West, and they now think they can get away with anything. I said, “Great, and? And your solution is for Russia to aggressively respond and start WWIII INSTEAD of the WEST doing it?”

    The ATACMs haven’t been in production in years, the West is already sapped if that war starts. Weasel-central, the discussion is “We’re sending HIMARS.” Yeah, HMARS ARE ATACMS missiles, they’re parts of the same thing/system. But we billed, “Signaled” that HIMARs are smaller and lesser. WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO? You think Russia doesn’t know this or cares? They don’t know where babies missiles come from?

    These guys are slowly getting me in favor of them nuking D.C. to make a point to us. Luongo had a better idea like the trucker’s protest: All flatbeds in America take a truck strike to D.C. but they’ll be arrested, so carry 1-5 of those concrete barriers, drive up, drop it off on the road and ring-fence all D.C. Then make it the third John Carpenter movie, “Escape from D.C.” Shoot anyone who tries to leave and ignore them all. We already know they’re felons and were self-selecting. Problem solved.

    “Sikorski expressed skepticism regarding a hypothetical Russian nuclear strike in Ukraine. “The Americans have told the Russians that if you explode a nuke, even if it doesn’t kill anybody, we will hit all your targets [positions] in Ukraine with conventional weapons, we’ll destroy all of them,” he claimed, describing the presumed warning as a “credible threat.”

    …So they’re going to try for Nukes again. Got it. Alexander points out they are incapable of acting on this threat, NATO has no such power, and both sides know it. …That’s in ADDITION to how Moscow would nuke London for it.

    ““apart from not using nuclear weapons, [Moscow] does not limit itself much.” According to Sikorski.

    Supporting all those dumb Polock jokes, what planet is he on? Should Russia turn the full force of their military on Krakow to disabuse him of the notion that Russia hasn’t been holding back, immeasurably? This is the problem with poodles and two-legged chihuahuas being NATO at all: they all get into fights, then walk off and make us fight them. How about no? You’re kicked out of NATO, good luck.

    The only people dumber than Poles are Ukrainians who just got a million 1.5M killed and STILL want their country to be “Western”. Ritter just enveloped those numbers again last night: IF Ukraine started with X, there are this many police, border, etc, IF they are out of men and mobilizing, IF there are this many in the lines right now, then what? Yes, envelope says 750,000 dead, +1M adding the critically wounded, crippled-for-life.

    And we’re STILL not talking total loses, which is all Russian oblasts, AND all Euro-flight. Ukraine has ceased to exist, which is why they can’t raise men.

    “I’m afraid we are heading towards a great world conflict, and few want to stop it.” –Serbia

    Is he acting like it? Maybe more than most, but if I were him, I’d set up my country like Switzerland and arm every adult with orders to shoot anyone who tries to involve them in the war.

    There is background static that U.K. made a vague, listless warning of “Preparedness”. That’s probably activating the realization Russia will bomb them. No one has any sense of reality, so no one worries or acts on it, but it was says to U.K.s response from the people (the 0.5% who saw it) go, “Huh?” WTF are you talking about, mate?” We don’t have hurricanes here, the Bobbies are a minute away with food, police barriers if anything happens.

    ““Both have had enough of being “polite”. You want confrontation? Confrontation is what you’re gonna get.”

    Me too. I’ve had it with these m—-f—ing snakes. Nuke away, Russia! We don’t like them either. The American people are not your enemy, just these guys. Btw a version of this was in the “John Titor” internets fun. (I suspect that was a DoD computer projection program, someone wanted to release and get into the attention of the public)

    As Aspnaz, what’s the American view, of American violence? Americans are smart enough we DGAF, leave me alone. Ain’t got no fight with people we never met. Not my circus, not my monkeys. No dog in this fight. We would leave not just Ukraine and China alone, but the WHOLE WORLD alone, and vote for that, every time. Problem is: those guys just STEAL our money and MAKE it happen against us, not that we care if anyone outside the U.S. gets killed other than being pretty sore about it. Those FEW get in a position where the only way to stop them is to go up there with guns and shoot them all, which we’re fully willing to do, but they ride this threshold between us being pissed about it, and us needing to get shot over it. …Just like your kids, or any kids. What’s the point between “Don’t make me come up there” and “Coming up there”? Okay, now what is it when 30 Million Americans – including you — will die if we “Go up there” and put a stop to it. Are we REALLY all that stupid and complicit now, or does your perception look different? Ultimately, we’re practical. We wrote that down fors ya so you don’t forget:

    “Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed”

    Spoken like true morons, right? They’re pretty far away and they haven’t pissed me off adequately quite yet.

    “• British PM Promises To Bring Back Conscription (RT)

    “Vote for me! I promise to kill you all! Hahahahaha! I’ll make you all pay.” Question: did he say only the white ones? Just asking.

    Newsflash to Sunak if he can get off the glue-pot long enough: Soldiers cost money and are not productive at all. Pulling them out the economy is a dead-loss and you’re already over the Event Horizon of bankruptcy. If you’re planning to go full Soviet (and they are) this might head you there, but that’s already proven it doesn’t work and will make you even poorer and more miserable than now if any such thing is even possible. You and North Korea: Neck and Neck!

    “Ukraine’s Vladimir Zelensky has urged the global community to work together against Russia, stressing that no nation can single-handedly survive a war with Moscow.”

    Sounds cool, bro’ but one problem: that’s just a translation of “Let’s all nations on earth join a coalition and attack Russia in WWIII”. Literally, there is no other way to interpret that. Aaaaaand, how long would the world last then? One day? One week?

    Their goal is “Misery spread widely” – as widely as possible. Then the whole planet can look like Avdiivka. #Winning! (If you’re Satan and all his minions)

    “• US World’s Only Superpower – Biden (RT)

    Sir? Superpowers don’t usually lose to goatherders, over and over, wherever they are found.

    “worst president in the history of the United States,” with even former head of state Jimmy Carter “being a brilliant president by comparison.”

    That’s objectively true (Carter was really the Kissinger administration) and Carter could also walk up stairs and not rape people.

    “• Republicans Winning Voter Registration Battle in Battleground States (ET)

    None of it will matter if they rig Texas as they are doing right now. They’ll say, “Golly, all those California people moved in and voted. Aw shucks. You can’t look at the ballots and you can’t look at the machines. You lose, good day sir.”

    “• “The Laptop is Real” (Turley)

    Uh, whut? Why are you saying this? Somebody actually has to say this at this late date? We knew the laptop was real in like 4 days – it’s cryptographical fact.

    “The response from the media has been a collective shrug.”

    That’s ‘cause it’s true. You never get in trouble for telling lies in service of power, only for telling the truth. (Assange). This is a Jimmy Dore standard. “The reason it took so long to impeach Trump was they had to find a crime he did but the rest of Congress hadn’t.” That’s true of all the cases, including Clinton. They have to find something FALSE to accuse, when there are 100,000 TRUE indictments for each man. That’s difficult indeed. To which the rest of us stand there, arms crossed, W.T.F.? We’re not really that stupid, we’re just really figuring out why you put on ridiculous shows rather than make us go up there.

    “A longtime DOJ apparatchik having served as former FBI Director James Comey’s special counsel and alongside Smith in the DOJ public integrity unit during the Obama administration,”

    Say no more. And like all the rest of them, like that BBC reporter with Elon Musk, no one has ever opposed them instead of cooperating (Skull n Bones) to “Help a ‘pal’”. A ‘pal’ with the old school tie. They literally have never seen it and fall out of their chair in hebephrenic spasms. Cannon is not giving them what you’d call a “hard time” at all – she’s being extremely generous to some pretty dumb systems and allegations. Even now she’s not dismissing them EVEN WHEN they are discrediting themselves. Anyone whose whole face wasn’t smeared in glue and Ukrainian hookers would thank their lucky stars for her astonishing generosity. But being raised this way, lacking any reference to morality from birth, they don’t even have the sense of what SHOULD happen, so they can imitate in simulacrum of it. Translation: they’re so crooked they can’t even lie straight.

    They’re “But I win! That’s the way the game works. We sit down, and whatever moves I make on this board, I win.” …Always happened before. Born on 3rd base and thought they hit a triple.

    Anyway, all this shows: PLANTED EVIDENCE. HID EVIDENCE. MISHANDLED EVIDENCE. Evidence proves nothing, was never illegal or irregular. NO CRIME. MALICIOUS PROSECUTION.

    Now, the JUDGE is supposed to play along, like they do in every other U.S. courtroom to railroad all the rest of us. It’s UNTHINKABLE that a judge would ever allow LAW to exist. Never in his career, clearly, has fabricating and planting evidence NOT been met with the highest support and accolades.

    No? Then explain this. That’s what Mueller did his whole career, running a personal hit man like Whitey and railroading innocent Doctor, and he got to be Special Prosecutor, adored worldwide. So why you pickin’ on poor Jack? He ain’t even half as crooked as his bosses.

    “• Biden Marketing Team To Make Trump a Mega-Martyr (ZH)

    Carville said the same thing before he shed his snakeskin and slithered away.

    “Nothing we do is working you little s—ts! Now why don’t you come home!?! I order you!” Come home? To the Democratic Party? Um, have you tried DOING ANYTHING? At all? Giving the voters ANY. THING.?? No: because that is inconceivable. The job of the Party is to SCREW people, not to give them what they want.

    As above, so immoral they forgot they are supposed to at least LOOK like they’re not soulless, murdering, criminals.

    So they already know prosecuting Trump has most seriously, quickly flipped the black vote. So they keep doing it more harder.

    “• Congressional Candidate Smiley Pushes For Better Help For Veterans (JTN)
    “It’s time to stand up for our country,” Smiley said

    Well soldiers are on food stamps. Maybe you’d like to start with that. AFTER d—king them raw with Gulf War Disease (so many causes there, vaccines, D.U.) AND the vax mandate, no religious exemptions?

    Gee, we seem to be 40,000 recruitments short, while Russia is signing 40,000 a MONTH. I wonder why. Don’t you want to fight for a tranny flag officer after being raped in the ranks? (Both of those are true, btw).

    Food stamps AND both legs blown off, AND uranium poisoning for your wife’s cervix. What’s not to like? #Army Strong.

    “House Panel Approves Measure To Rehire Troops Fired For Refusing COVID-19 Vaccine

    Great plan! Will they come back? After this? Ever? And will you make them wear high heels if they do? I don’t think they’d come back if you FIRED THE ENTIRE OFFICER CORPS who did this to them. But I’d like to offer that to them and find out. Every person who was fired now takes the chair of every person who “Just following orders” fired them.

    those darned kids

    under u.s. “eua” “””””””””laws””””””””””, no clinical trials are necessary as these countermeasures (“vaccines”) are not medicines.


    • Remember: you might die one day
    • Remember: you might be recycled one day

    Ukraine’s bankers cannot print/lend/leverage without secured assets.
    “If the US will not provide the money, Europeans on their own will not be able to finance this war, and then the war will end,” Orban
    Bravado . arrogance. attitude. swagger. boastfulness.
    We are heading towards a great world conflict, and few want to stop it – Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has warned.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin reiterated that Moscow’s readiness to engage in meaningful negotiations must be based on “common sense” and an acknowledgement of “realties on the ground.”
    A call for war not a call for Peace

    Ukraine’s Vladimir Zelensky has urged the global community to work together against Russia, stressing that no nation can single-handedly survive a war with Moscow.
    von der Leyen’s “societal resilience” here really just means compliance
    • Russia and China Have Had Enough (Pepe Escobar)

    Call for Peace and Cease fire …
    Putin and Xi,
    each in their own way, have already warned the collectively imbecilized West: if you want confrontation, you’re gonna get confrontation. In spades. And at your own peril.


    So, Rishi floats the notion of bringing back conscription – is he looking for an excuse to lose? – or compulsory community service – i.e. more slavery.


    What are you going to do Trudeau?
    Israel is bombing the tenting in Gaza.


    Trump trolling the Libertarians was pretty amusing.

    The mockery would SEEM to be inappropriate… until you discover who the Libertarians DID nominate as their candidate:

    An Open Borders pro Child Castration pro Grooming pro Climate Change candidate

    Seriously who the Libertarians are going with, not a Babylon Bee thing.


    @ dr d rich

    A few weeks back I went to my daughter’s PCP practice to get a note that stated an obvious conclusion from her symptoms and positive-for-mono blood test results: her need for sleep may interfere with school. I brought the blood test results (test was ordered by an urgent care.). The doctor office wanted her to fill out questionnaires about depression and anxiety. I declined. (She had had a full physical two months prior and had discussed behavioral health specifics with a female doctor that I liked. This visit was with a newly-minted male NP. I wasn’t going to tolerate my daughter being grilled about depression and anxiety unnecessarily. Plus, due to her over-bearing father, my daughter tends to be uncomfortable around males, especially ones that she does not know.). They wanted me to write “declined” on the papers so that they could scan them in and prove that they had tried to get them filled out. I was incensed, but complied — I needed the note. The NP wanted the records from the urgent care and ER (she had gone for abdominal pain, spleen wasn’t enlarged enough to cause concern, just enlarged enough to hurt significantly.). I pointed out that I would need forms to fill out, as I had declined her data being put into the online health exchange. The MA got me the forms…pre-filled out to include every medical record under the sun and with no start or end dates. I was disgusted, and asked for blank forms, which I filled out in spartan-like fashion to include only the relevant data and I wrote in start/end dates. I asked, when are we going to get this note? Because I knew that getting medical records from the forms I filled out would take at least days, and I needed the note before the end of the school year so that her absences wouldn’t cause problems with the school. The NP did the exam, just at the end he stated that he needed to check one thing, moving her legs in a specific fashion, not telling us why, then telling us that it was to rule out appendicitis. But she/I has/have no appendix!, my daughter and I chorused — which showed that the NP hadnt looked too deeply at the medical record, because that had been reported in prior visits, under hospitalizations. The coup de grace was when the nurse came in with the coveted school note, (I *know* the NP didn’t view the records that I was required to request before writing the note,) giving us a lab req, pre-assigned lab appointment, and asking us to make a follow-up visit in 2 months. The NP had said nothing to us about follow-up labs nor a follow-up visit. I was disgusted that these steps would be taken without the provider bothering to speak with me about them. I made the appointment — with no intention of keeping it, knowing that I can easily cancel it online — went home, called the urgent care, (that also offers primary care one day per week,) and made an appointment for my daughter there, to initiate that office being PCP for my daughter.

    I also now understand better what the online health exchanges mean — full access for *any* health care provider to the individual’s complete medical record with no start/end dates. I do not find that idea reassuring — I find it terrifying. The patient/individual cedes all control of their health data to the medical industry.


    Your and others’ accounts of their recent medical experiences makes me think of an NPD thing – Induced Conversation. Force there to be an interaction, questioning, committing to giving info you did not want to give or failing to give an answer. Like creating a permanent record of “declined” if you don’t want to answer irrelevant questions.

    For example – and this may still be going on – doctors started asking people if they owned firearms and would follow up with a battery of psychological questions if they did – and if you decline to answer, you end up on a list that declined to answer. What business does a Doctor have for creating a database of people who declined to say if they own a firearm?


    (…and the masking, notavax documentation requirement and critical theory “training” in corporations also had that feel of Induced Conversation to it these past few years as well)

    a kullervo

    Centuries upon centuries of conditioning…
    all Pavlov’s dogs, infatuated with words, inflated with pride.
    What are we looking for?
    The next shot of pleasure?
    The next fix of hope?
    Overwrought hearts obfuscated by quarreling minds.

    Have a pleasant week.



    For your info
    I experienced getting transfered, by ambulanced, to another hospital, and the first aid ambulanced attendant spent her time scanning my medical records that was accompanying me.
    I just put it down to her being a bored “nosy bitch”

    John Day

    @Phoenixvoice: Good Work, “Warrior Mom”.


    Jews controlling the news media.
    It’s not a mountain.
    It’s a mole hill.

    How do recent pro-Palestinian encampments compare to major campus movements in history?

    Experts say major political protests on university campuses aren’t anything new.


    @phoenixvoice re: “I also now understand better what the online health exchanges mean — full access for *any* health care provider to the individual’s complete medical record with no start/end dates. I do not find that idea reassuring — I find it terrifying. The patient/individual cedes all control of their health data to the medical industry.”

    Almost immediately after Bush Jr was elected, we had ‘universal default’ rushed into the credit card industry. If you are having trouble with one creditor, that creditor is now free to share your delinquency with all your other creditors…who are now also free to act upon such information in any way they see fit.

    I performed a harsh exit from that pool.


    Calling Israel liars is antisemitic


    Trump- me me me I’m great, me me me I’m great

    What’s with all the Trump propaganda worshipping here at TAE ?

    Americans and Westerners actualy believe that Daddy Govt, a politician and Western medicine will save them ? Delusional fucking retards much ?

    Equivalent to looking at your own pile of shit thinking it will tase just as good and provide a quick bite of nourishment, again and again.

    The total truth is that no politician or western govt will make American “great again”, your health is your own responsibilty and Western medicine is a fraudulent killing machine. Then again, you can’t “wake up” retarded zombies stricken with cognitive dissonance.

    3-5 years – vaccine deaths and organ failures? Bring it, that would be the best event to shake the West out of its stupor.

    What do Democrats, Jews, Fags and Republicans all have in common ?


    Telling the truth is a dangerous activity.

    John Day

    Weeks ago, two individuals in a box truck attempted to breach the gates at Quantico Marine Corps Base in Triangle, Virginia. Armed guards immediately stopped them, and the base’s top brass quickly covered up the incident.

    The reason for burying this incident? It’s an election year for President Biden – and this type of news is politically explosive. The suspects were two Jordanian nationals, one a known terrorist, raising suspicions that they entered illegally through the Biden administration’s open southern border, as one report says, adding this could’ve been a dry run for a potential vehicle-borne improvised explosive device attack.


    This comics graphics is for Oroboros! (safe for work and kiddos)

    (my comments, Note the ‘diversity’ of the protestors, and the mask wearing, showing adherence to subservience to Big-State-Pharma….this all shows some splits or fissures in ‘Dem’ type opinion in the US…)

    Jewish Currents is or purports to be anti-war, anti-Zionist, pro equality, etc. Idk, not familiar with it, just the comic was sent to me.


    To get rid of camping/demonstrators on University grounds, use bombs just like Israel did on Gaza.


    A t-shirt with “Z28-310” would make a nice statement.


    Israel are “the good guys”.
    I hate to think what the bad guys are doing.

    (# are +36,000 murdered.)

    Mister Roboto


    The cutest part of the database medical records is that they are inaccurate. Amendments disappear; deletions return.

    Mister Roboto

    <i>What do Democrats, Jews, Fags and Republicans all have in common ?</i>

    They all laugh at people like you, would be my guess.

    Dr D Rich



    Few folks in healthcare will advocate for your child or family like you have. And as you detailed, very few listen or pay attention. Then Controllers, they were controlling you and your daughter by making you hoop-jump to obtain the school note.

    Of course it’s NPs, narcissistic personality disordered individuals in healthcare. Add psychopaths with their sadistic ways. Hervey Cleckley’s The Mask of Sanity described the phenomenon in many professions years ago and Medicine always figured prominently.

    Their tool is Corporate Governance.

    Contemplate this question. Why would hospitals adopt a corporate Governance structure (board of directors, VPs,, managers, rank and file) when a hierarchy of authority already exists?
    You know, doctors and surgeons give orders and nurses/technicians/pharmacists follow those orders. Executive Committee of the Medical Staff used to run the show and now ECOMS doesn’t exist. Doctors and surgeons are rank and file. RNs went from clip-board-commandos to all management, the managers and directors. Managers and directors have authority over rank and file and therefore nurses rule……over doctors. That’s why VA healthcare is rated the best by customers Regarded as children and hostages.
    Military hospitals also adopted the same corporate structure despite having 3 layers of existing hierarchy.:
    1. Medical hierarchy previously described
    2. Chain of Command, superior subordinate backed by UCMJ, Title X US Code and JAGMAN
    3. Military rank structure, Captains and Colonels don’t take orders from enlisted, enlisted salute all commissioned officers on their post)

    Corporate Governance IS the perfect embodiment of Narcissistic/Antisocial Personality control AND distracts from patient safety, accurate diagnosis abd quality of care.

    Dr D Rich

    Lastly, beware the all so helpful medical staff, apparatchik slipping ‘NONCOMPLIANCE” into your family member’s Problem List.
    Protest it.
    Have it removed.


    Sunak argued that compulsory service would help revive the “national spirit” and “provide life-changing opportunities for our young people,” according to manifesto pledges published by British media on Sunday

    Yeah sure, all those white people are just itching to die for their immigrant neighbours. Sure, let their Indian PM tell them how to get back their national spirit. Just another war monger puppet refusing to push back against his owner.


    Deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitriy Medvedev said Poland should understand that an American strike on Russian troops would mean the beginning of a world war.

    Russia would only have the nuclear option against the combined militaries of the west. Is this what the Rothschilds and the other rich families want for this earth, do they want all the people massacred in a nuclear war? What a bunch of useless eaters they are if war is their only profitable business idea. We need a new bunch of oligarchs, the ones we have brought us WW2, all the intervening wars, and now want to bring us WW3, all so they can have a few more sheckels in their bank accounts. Elite humans really are disappointing, they have flooded our politics with puppets, with people who are basically useless obedient retards, unable to lead or improve our world and now this. The best we can hope is that the nuclear war destroys all these elites and their offsping, that is not much in return for having our lives taken from us by some retarded oligarch without the brains to work out a decent solution to his problems.


    “When the war machine starts to heat up, then there is a military lobby and a military industry lobby who want it to intensify, and then there will be no more [peace] effort, it is difficult to stop..”

    But democracy, aren’t these countries believers in dehmocracy? Should they not ask the people whether they want to fight some useless aggressive war on behalf of the country that they lost to immigration? You know, like they do in Ukraine by kidnapping civilians and forcing them to the front lines to die. You would think that in a democracy there would be a vote on such a policy.

    God, the people who tell me they hate China because of the CCP yet cannot see that their own democracies are a thousand times worse than any Chinese CCP. There has never been a representative democracy that implements policies that match the will of the people, democratic government is theatre, the real rulers hide in the shadows. In China, the real rulers are in the CCP and everybody knows where and who they are, not like the cowards of the west.


    The US is the “world’s only superpower” and the “leading democracy,” which is playing a critical role in supporting its allies around the globe, President Joe Biden said on Saturday.

    But the USA can be destroyed by Russia should it come to a nuclear conflict, and then by China in the second wave, and then by North Korea in the third wave etc. So how are you going to defend yourselves when the nukes start flying? Open your big mouth and hope to catch all the incoming missiles in your brainless gob? All this talk about being superior is not going to look good when your homeless numbers reach 300 million starving sofa boys all glowing green with radioactive poison. What sort of retard would brag about such an outcome? A US President, the dumbest kids on the block.


    NONCOMPLIANCE in some mysterious permanent record somewhere was probably the sole material result of my visiting a GP during the pandemic. I’ve no idea how to get a look at that record let alone get it amended.

    The doctor (well, not doctor – Betrayer Of Oaths) kept saying he had to follow strict guidelines. So when I got home, I pulled up the FDA guidelines for the notavax, read through it 3 or 4 times, revisiting some sections more times, highlighting and taking notes after the 1st time through.

    Realized he had done things the guidelines said not to do and failed to do things the guidelines required. Totally in violation of FDA guidelines. Following strict guidelines from his corporate employer. His administrators. Who apparently didnt GAF about FDA guidelines.

    Nor did my own corporate employer in the required notavax trainings they made me take, “informing” me that the notavax changing peoples’ genetics was a debunked conspiracy theory – right around the time it was verified in a peer reviewed scientific study that it was reverse transcribing into DNA. Who is a $%&$^ing wireless service provider to proclaim medical truths to me as if they were my infallible god-doctor anyway? Same sort of interchangeable administrator-managers in both corporate hierarchies.

    So no trust to medicine at this time. Same reason I clicked the No Donation option at Ace Hardware when getting tile adhesive and grout today. Because, nice as the children’s charity sounded, most of the money would have gone towards administrators or for all I know grooming and castration activities. I suddenly realize I think of charities trying to get close to children like I would have about individuals trying to get close to children 20 years ago.

    How does an adult male citizen help children nowadays that are not their own anyway? …other than maybe, while driving past as fast as possible and covering one’s face (having smeared mud over one’s license plate) shouting “IT WASN’T ME!!!” while flinging matchbox cars and cash at them, hoping one’s aim was reasonably good? (but not too good) Certainly not by handing money into the care of administrators. I guess it was middle managers propagating the idea that ANY man standing within 10 ft of a child is probably a sex offender while it’s middle managers posing the greatest threat to children from within corporate ngo and govt organizations these days.



    I am puzzled by your view of TAE on Trump.
    First great doubt remains that he will even be elected.
    Second great doubt remains that tgere will even be a fair election.
    Then if Trump is elected, the Uniparty will select his cabinet for him just like in 2016.
    The Uniparty is the one putting show trials on center media stage.
    They want this to further their interests, not ours.
    So all we can do is observe helplessly as the law now has no meaning anymore.
    In many ways we are watching a slow motion horror movie of what the deep state will do to us if we don’t do as we are told.
    The ultimate proof of their total control over us, will come when Trump is found guilty.
    It is not a show trial of Trump but rather of us!


    Notice nobody lobbies for peace.
    There is no money in it.


    Remember AI stands for artificial intelligence.
    AI can and does spy on you!
    AI handles information very well.
    AI is very good at controlling the information you get.
    Ai couldn’t load your car with everything you need for a get-a-way weekend.
    AI couldn’t clean up and repair the damage the raccoons did.
    AI couldn’t fix and repair the Baltimore bridge.
    AI couldn’t fix the Gaza pier.
    AI can’t handle everyday reality because there is no money in it nor enough electrical power to do so. AI do Does AI do “Poop and Scoop” after your dog?
    AI in most cases, is simply not cost/energy efficient.


    JFK saying he would free Julian, etc.
    JFK is just reminding us of how powerful the deep state is and how powerless we people are.
    That is his sole role in the 2024 election.
    He is big brother’s messenger.


    In other news, the Man Vs Bear meme, in which women say they prefer to encounter a bear than any random man in the forest, seems to be petering out.

    In its place? Woman vs tree.

    Would you, as a man, prefer to divulge your emotions, your feelings, your vulnerability, to a woman or a tree?

    Lots of “I choose tree”

    Everything from

    “the tree will not think less of me for having emotions, nor gossip my thoughts and feelings to others nor will the tree use them against me later”


    “the tree can actually, honestly be the table if/when I ask it ‘what do you bring to the table’ and it answers ‘I am the table'”


    Take, for instance, the idea that Ursula Von der Leyen, the European Commission president, is running for re-election when in reality she’s just publicly squabbling with a few other establishment hacks to be handpicked and confirmed by the establishment itself, not by popular vote.

    Don’t blame Von Der Lying, she is an amoral puppet hand picked by the real owners who are too afraid to show themselves, so they hide behind the coat tails of this woman and other feeble minded wannabe leaders promoted into positions of power to represent the owners’ demands. Unlike the leaders of the past, our historical leaders who led from the front, we now have cowardly owners who connive and plan our lives while hiding under the bed. They expect the same obedience and loyalty as real leaders, even though they refuse to show themselves, refuse to put themselves in harms way, even refuse to admit who they are in case the crowds they own turn on them. A cabal of cowards.


    Washington state GOP congressional candidate Tiffany Smiley said that one of her main focuses is getting veterans the help they need when they come home from serving the country and to cut through red tape.

    I thought they were all serving Israel’s interests, so apart from being the paymasters, and home to the richest Israel supporters, what do veterans have to do with the USA; they did nothing for the USA so why should they be treated as if they served their country? They served Israel. Americans are so subservient, yet their POTUS gobs off about being the indispendible nation … retarded, they should all just get back to their sofas.


    Organ failure

    Everyone who got the vaccine is screwed

    They were already screwed, their self-preservation instincts did not protect them from what was a pretty obvious threat to their health. They would rather obey their government than save themselves, they even fought against the anti-vaxxers to tell them how irresponsible they were being, they were already screwed and are now more screwed and will be even more screwed in the future when the next scam comes along and they eat it up, like retards. They can’t change their brains, they are on the way out.


    you nailed it

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