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    They were already screwed, their self-preservation instincts did not protect them from what was a pretty obvious threat to their health.

    Agreed, by 2020, society already lacked self-defense instincts to a wide variety of cultural and political cognitohazards. No antibodies. Like native americans suddenly confronted with eurasian diseases.

    notavax was sort of the test of where we are at – are you going to inject mystery juice with bad stats coming back on adverse reactions, negative effectivity, inject your children, or do you have some shred of resistance?

    cultural/social/managerial weight outweighs physical dangers of this injection in decision making (has a physical danger all its own?)

    But what if they are either not wrong or not far off from being wrong on that? What if, in a general sense, this is a dynamic correctly identified, instinctively perhaps, but correct nonetheless?

    Everybody knows, nobody can quite articulate, nobody quite wants to articulate, the current “rules”-based “order”?


    If you want to see/visit your grandkids, take the vaccines.
    Now, I live with the consequence of that decision.
    What I had/lived will be gone by 2050.


    One thing I noticed with many small web sites like Wolfe Street, CTH, MoA, they were all put under tremendous pressure to toe the covid line or they would be shutdown.
    The CTH was forced to set up their own servers to return to the internet.
    Smaller one man operations often don’t have the money, resources, time, ability, and energy to fight this kind of pressure.
    So they had to go along with policing the pro-vaccine narrative.
    But it says a lot about them, and not in a good way.
    Once trust is broken ……. .

    John Day

    Nuclear Chicken

    A way to look at history and politics is that a few people who wield power in our world through money, and the influence it can bring, do whatever they foresee to further their power going forward, and politicians find ways to explain why it all had to happen for other “complicated reasons”. I have seen no evidence that oil + natural-gas-liquids, net-of-production-costs, ever matched its high point in late 2018, and net oil production has a 90% correlation with real economy. What we have seen since then is what peak “oil” looks like, just as what we saw in 2008 was what “peak oil” (2005-2006) turned out to look like. The interests of the powerful now involve drastically less resource use by their managed-populations. Dead people don’t use anything, for instance. Dead retirees are a particularly good outcome in wealth-management.
    The over-leveraged global financial system will soon “discover” massive losses. They need to be somebody else’s fault. Putin will do, and Xi, too. War-time!

    Alex Krainer, Downfall: the empire’s destiny , As impressive as empires appear in their zenith, without exception, they all collapse.
    I was recently introduced to “The Great Red Dragon,” by L. B. Woolfolk, published in 1890. In broad strokes, the book documents the takeover of the American economy by British banking interests. Their methods entailed periodically flooding the economy with credit and generating a boom. Then, when the bankers’ nets were full and everyone was in debt, the bankers would abruptly withdraw credit. The practice was simply predatory.
    The triggering event usually involved a high-profile bank failure, which would cause an economy-wide avalanche of bankruptcies. Large, politically connected banks would then take over choice businesses, farmland and real estate for pennies on the dollar. Within our lifetimes, the Lehman Brothers’ failure in 2008 would have been a typical example of this, but Covid pandemic response in 2020 served the same predatory purpose…
    ..But even by the time “The Great Red Dragon” was published, British bankers’ colossal empire was already well past peak and had begun its irreversible decline. The gushing, self-congratulatory 1864 pamphlet about the unassailable British hegemony was a reflection of that era’s groupthink about their own version of “full spectrum dominance” and the “end of history.”
    But then as now, as impressive as empires appear in their zenith, they are always unsustainable. The whole business model just simply doesn’t work and without exception always leads to failure.

    Professor Anthony Hall, The Puppeteers Running Biden and Velensky Arrange Attack on Russia’s System for Detecting Nuclear Attack
    Zionist Psychopaths Transgress Another Russian Red Line in the Escalating Effort to Provoke a Global Nuclear Holocaust. Essay by Mike Whitney.
    The Biden administration, using its proxy forces in Ukraine, launched an unprecedented attack on “a key element of Russia’s nuclear umbrella” on Thursday effectively blinding the Russian military from detecting incoming nuclear-armed ballistic missiles. “Satellite imagery confirms” that multiple drones severely damaged “a Russian strategic early warning radar site in the southwestern end of the country” leaving Moscow more vulnerable to enemy attack.
    The western media has largely blacked-out any coverage of the incident which should have been presented in headlines across the country. According to Russian nuclear doctrine, any attack on Russia’s essential nuclear first-alert system provides a justification for nuclear retaliation. Given the gravity of the situation we must assume that Washington’s frustration with Ukraine’s performance on the battlefield has precipitated a dramatic change in policy that includes high-risk provocations aimed at triggering an overreaction that leads to direct NATO intervention.

    The Great Atomic Power, 1952 song by The Louvin Brothers, performed as Rockabilly Armageddon Anthem by Southern Culture On The Skids (Great lawn mowing song!)

    The Great Atomic Power Lyrics
    [Verse 1]
    Do you fear this man’s invention that they call atomic power?
    Are we all in great confusion, do we know the time or hour?
    When a terrible explosion may rain down upon our land
    Leaving horrible destruction, blotting out the works of man
    Are you, are you ready for that great atomic power?
    Will you rise and meet your savior in the air?
    Will you shout or will you cry when the fire rains from on high?
    Are you ready for that great atomic power?
    [Verse 2]
    There is one way to escape it, be prepared to meet the lord
    Give your heart and soul to Jesus, he will be your shielding sword
    He will surely stay beside you and you’ll never taste of death
    For your soul will fly to safety and eternal peace and rest
    Are you, are you ready for that great atomic power?
    Will you rise and meet your savior in the air?
    Will you shout or will you cry when the fire rains from on high?
    Are you ready for that great atomic power?
    [Verse 3]
    There’s an army who can conquer all the enemy’s great band
    It’s the regiment of Christians guided by the savior’s hand
    When the mushroom of destruction falls in all its fury great
    God will surely save his children from that awful awful fate
    Are you, are you ready for that great atomic power?
    Will you rise and meet your savior in the air?
    Will you shout or will you cry when the fire rains from on high?
    Are you ready for that great atomic power?

    Andrew Korybko, The US Is Playing A Dangerous Game Of Nuclear Chicken With Russia
    Essentially, the US wants Russia to stand down from its signaled intent of possibly using tactical nuclear weapons if NATO’s reportedly 100,000-strong invasion force crosses the Dnieper, which could occur if Russia achieves a military breakthrough.
    Polish Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski revealed in his latest interview with The Guardian that “The Americans have told the Russians that if you explode a nuke, even if it doesn’t kill anybody, we will hit all your targets [positions] in Ukraine with conventional weapons, we’ll destroy all of them. I think that’s a credible threat.” If true, and there’s no reason to suspect that he simply made that up, then this amounts to the US playing a dangerous game of nuclear chicken with Russia…
    ..If this sequence of events unfolds – the front lines collapse, NATO conventionally intervenes in Ukraine, its reportedly 100,000-strong invasion force crosses the Dnieper, Russia drops tactical nukes on them, and then the US hits all of its forces in the newly unified regions – then World War III would break out. There’s no way that Russia would sit back and let the US directly attack any target within its borders since it’ll either respond in a tit-for-tat fashion or jump to the chase by launching a nuclear first strike.
    The only way to avoid this worst-case scenario is for NATO to eschew its invasion plans under any circumstances, including a potential Russian military breakthrough. If they still go through with them, however, then they should keep their forces on the western side of the Dnieper and ideally rely on a neutral mediator like India to convey to Russia that they don’t intend to cross even if they approach it. Anything less is a dangerous game of nuclear chicken that could literally provoke the apocalypse.

    John Day

    European leader warns world ‘heading for disaster’
    The Ukrainian conflict could spiral into a global war that would be a “greater tragedy than World War II,” Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic warns
    “I am afraid that there is little time left for the war in Ukraine to be stopped. I hope it’s still possible, but I’m afraid it’s actually not. I’m afraid that the train has already left the station, started moving, and no one will stop it,” he said.

    Simplicius 5/25/24, SITREP: Situation Turns Critical as De-legitimized Zelensky Dangerously Escalates
    A narrative overload has swelled around the topic of allowing Ukrainian strikes on Russian soil. It has suddenly become the top coordinated focus for the entire deepstate establishment…
    ..You have to really read between the lines to understand the hidden layers of what’s going on: such heavily coordinated campaigns are never spontaneous but almost always part of a deeply thought out strategic shift to veer the war in a new direction.
    The reason is obvious: Ukraine is at a crossroads and a potential breaking point. The political situation has hit rock bottom, with Zelensky’s authority and legitimacy quickly unspooling; the manpower issue is reportedly very bad and is not being addressed by the newly announced mobilization…
    ..There are increasing signals that the covert plan from the globalist controllers is to get Ukraine to leave Russia with no choice but to escalate drastically and bring NATO in some form, whether limited or not, into the fight. British MP Andrew Bridgen stated that this is the real reason why Rishi Sunak has called an early election—he refuses to be a ‘war time president’. [“We’re already in a war with Russia; they’re just not ready to announce it yet… July or August.”]…
    ..“Taurus missiles are already in Ukraine, their combat use is a matter of time. Berlin is just waiting for instructions to announce this,” said the author of the expert analytical project “Rybar”, assessing the statements of the British Minister of Defense.
    Previously, military experts reported that deliveries of weapons (including ATACMS and Storm Shadow | Scalp missiles) are always carried out before talk of “quick deliveries” begins. Also, a colossal scandal was caused by the leak of negotiations between the Bundeswehr leadership about the launch of “dozens of Taurus across the Crimean Bridge by the hands of NATO military.”
    In addition, Western military analysts noted that Taurus missiles will be able to fly from the Sumy region of Ukraine to the capital of Russia – Moscow and other cities, factories, etc. [Russia has just begun a military theater to take the Sumy area.]…
    ..You might be thinking this is all just speculative hearsay and threadpulling thus far. But Russia has clearly read the tea leaves and signaled in kind, as the defense ministry announced they would be conducting an unprecedented series of tactical nuclear exercises… Russia may have no choice but to bring much more devastating weaponry to bear…
    ..But why should Russia suddenly worry about this? Ukraine has been attempting to strike Russian targets for a while now without much success. Well, because now Ukraine is having serious success… Russian S-400’s troubles against the ATACMS missile: the problems have gotten much worse for Russia. S-400s are now being regularly taken out to pasture by the barely stoppable ATACMS… Three S-400 air defense systems, one S-300 air defense system, and several radars were lost. Also, more than 20 pieces of equipment that were being prepared to be sent to the SVO zone were damaged or completely lost. There is information about the loss of two Su-25 aircraft, but we do not have one hundred percent confirmation of this information; it still requires verification. As a result of the strike, 29 soldiers were killed and more than 35 were wounded… this comes after another ATACMS strike hit Sevastopol port and reportedly sunk another Russian Corvette…
    ..But the mother of all provocations is that Ukraine has now attacked and damaged a strategic Russian early warning nuclear ICBM long range detection radar in Voronezh… This has the potential to cripple Russia’s ability to respond to nuclear threats, and effectively triggers 19c of Russia’s nuclear response doctrine:
    Paragraph 19c of the Basic Principles states: “attack by an adversary against critical governmental or military sites of the Russian Federation, disruption of which would undermine nuclear forces response actions”…
    ..Ukraine is now carrying out the slow de-arming and neutralization of Russia’s nuclear triad on behalf of NATO, which is an extremely existentially dangerous position for Russia to be in…
    ..All hell could break loose as Russia has not demonstrated the capability to stop the ATACMS reliably, and Ukraine could very well hit extremely sensitive targets that would put Russian command and control at a historic crossroads…
    ..The goal is clear: Zelensky and co. likely want Russia to respond with tactical nukes…
    ..Any Russian tactical nuke use would be merely demonstrative, anyway, and would not have much battlefield utility. Ukraine’s forces are not concentrated… I should say, one area where nukes would do wonders is taking out Ukrainian airfields. That may not kill many soldiers but would totally devastate large fields which almost no amount of conventional missiles can take out, preventing their future use not only for Ukraine’s own remaining air fleet but the planned F-16s…
    ..Russia could escalate without nukes, for instance finally clamping down on NATO surveillance flights and threatening to shoot down the drones over the Black Sea. This is actually a much larger deal than it seems: given that the U.S. has no real way of militarily responding to this, it would be a big humiliating black eye for NATO…
    ..Putin landed in Belarus with Belousov in tow, as well as some very interesting ‘mystery’ characters. Allow me to set the stage:
    First, Putin did invoke peace talks and settlement from Belarus, but he very specifically affirmed that Zelensky is no longer legitimate and that the Ukrainian parliament would have to essentially first find “someone” of legal constitutional repute that Russia can deal with…
    ..Putin is merely reaffirming that Russia will be open to talks with someone other than Zelensky, and as long as all of Russia’s aims are fulfilled…
    ..Interestingly, it is rumored that Yanukovich, Ukraine’s last legitimately elected leader, was brought to Belarus—for the first time since the start of the SMO… It is reported that Zelensky has lost legitimacy and now he is on a par with Yanukovych, who is also conventionally “president”…
    ..Will Yanukovych really offer the Ukrainians peace, negotiations, the creation of a federation out of Ukraine and money from the Russian Federation in exchange for lost territories? Yanukovych will also hold elections in Ukraine. A referendum is also possible. An interesting scheme is emerging…
    ..Russia is now cleansing its entire military general staff structure in preparation for what is clearly a long conflict ahead…
    ..And countless governors and other officials have been arrested for various corruption charges over the past month or so…
    ..This is an unprecedented anti-corruption purge that is clearly the start of a new era and seriousness by Putin and Belousov in cleaning up the armed forces and country’s leadership in general… Many such generals and officials are carryovers from the 2000s era where corruption in the Russian military ranks was de rigueur. Not necessarily high level corruption, per se, but what was common was for instance generals simply utilizing the men from their units as free labor to build their dachas, and taking smallish bribes from construction companies for favorable deals, etc…
    ..Russia continues conditioning the ground for Zelensky’s illegitimacy. Lukashenko even said at today’s talks that “a lot will happen this year….there are plenty of people in Ukraine both in military and government who would like to take the leadership position.” It’s clear the hint is that Russia is preparing the ground for an amenable party to wrest control by way of military coup or otherwise and depose Zelensky…

    Big Serge, Russo-Ukrainian War: Widening the Front , The Fifth Battle of Kharkov
    There are certain regions of the world that seemed destined by the cruel caprice of geography and chance to be perennial battlegrounds. Often these ravaged lands lay at the crossroads of imperial interests, as in the case of Afghanistan or Poland, which have been so frequently trampled by armies going this way or that, or else they are simply plagued by perennially unstable governance or roiling ethnic conflict. Sometimes, however, it is the peculiar logic of military operations that brings violence to the same place, again and again. One such notorious sufferer is the great industrial city of Kharkov, in northeastern Ukraine…
    ..No major city changed hands as many times in World War Two as did Kharkov, which became the scene of no less than four substantial battles… History does not repeat, as they say, but it does rhyme. Kharkov’s strategic position, as the great urban center blocking the inner bend of the northern Donets River, has not changed much in the eighty years since the Soviets and the Germans last fought in the forests here, and Kharkov Oblast is once more becoming the rope in a deadly game of tug of war…..In sum, the reopening of the Northern Front does not signal a qualitative change in the conduct of the war, but it does create a major stress on the AFU. Russia is not going to suddenly unlock the front and begin slicing mobile operations. This is still the same war that it has been for the last two years, with methodical positional fighting and paralyzing strike capabilities…
    ..The locus of Russian operations continues to be their grind towards Kramatorsk and Slovyansk, notwithstanding the new extensions of the front in Kharkov (and potentially Sumy). By stretching the front, however, Russia is powerfully synergizing two of the critical asymmetries in this war – namely, that Ukraine has to defend on every front (Russia does not) while the Russian army has substantial reserves on hand (while Ukraine does not). The AFU simply does not have the luxury that Russia enjoyed in 2022 of being able to withdraw from large sectors of the front. They are obliged to respond to everything, at the cost of denuding their strength and hollowing out their positions elsewhere…
    ..The headline move, of course, was the removal of Defense Minster Sergei Shoigu with Andrei Belousov. Belousov is a technocratic economist by trade, who formerly held the economic development portfolio in the cabinet. Shoigu was shunted over to the secretariat State Security Council, which is still a meaningful role, responsible for the coordination of Russia’s security organs. The fact that Shoigu retains a prominent role means that his removal from the Defense Ministry is not entirely a rebuff, but Belousov is clearly being brought in for a particular reason…
    ..Putin’s team is clearly aiming to put the war economy on a sustainable footing, which means controlling costs, economizing resources, and cracking down on corruption. There are, however, some conflicting signals as to what this will look like. Belousov is known as a believer in the state’s role as the driver of industrial policy – some have taken this to mean that he will lead the transition to a perennial war economy, with military spending as a critical economic driver in the long run. I rather think it’s the opposite. Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov noted that Russia’s defense spending had soared to levels not seen since the late Soviet era, and pontificated that this needed monitoring. Peskov noted that “it’s very important to put the security economy in line with the economy of the country” – in effect an official statement that defense spending is much higher than the government would like in the long run.
    The mental picture that I have is one where defense spending ramped up in a somewhat uncontrolled manner as Russia kicked its war economy into gear, with Shoigu overseeing a sort of binging phase. Belousov is now being brought in to trim and economize; as a civilian technocrat, he is not connected to any of the military-industrial cliques and will have the political standoff required to manage the cutting phase…
    ..The track record shows that the American government will inexorably yield to every Ukrainian ask, given enough time. Abrams, F-16’s, ATACMs – Ukraine always ends up getting what it asks for. It seems likely that before long, the formal American blessing will be given to accelerate strikes on prewar Russia. Facilities inside Russia will be hit. The Kremlin’s response will underwhelm and infuriate its supporters on the internet.
    The problem for Ukraine is that they tend to maniacally focus on token “big ticket” items that do not ameliorate their broader strategic crisis. License to hurl ATACMs at targets inside Russia is not a panacea for Ukraine’s bigger problem. Ukraine has already showed the ability to hit Russian strategic assets – sniping naval installations, radar, and air defense batteries. Ukraine’s successful strikes on such assets have continually trickled in as the west has propped up their strike capability with Storm Shadows, ATACMs, and more. And yet, Ukraine continues to give ground in the Donbas amid an increasingly dire shortage of basic war making necessities like infantry.
    The trajectory of the war suggests that the NATO bloc will do everything in its power to prop up Ukraine’s strike capabilities, and that Ukraine will continue to hunt for high profile strategic assets, even as it continues to be ground down in the critical theater, which is the Donbas. When the AFU is finally ejected from their last toeholds along the line – losing Kramatorsk and Slovyansk, being squeezed out of southern Donetsk Oblast, and forced back on the west bank of the Oskil, the temptation in Kiev will be to blame the west – that they gave too little, too slowly, too late. This is one lie that they must not be allowed to get away with. The NATO Bloc has, virtually without exception, given Ukraine everything they’ve asked for. It just didn’t matter.

    ​ Gilbert Doctorow, In this morning’s interview on WION, India’s premier English-language global television channel, I was given the opportunity to comment on two of the key issues in yesterday’s international news: the latest statement to the press by Hungarian premier Viktor Orban that Russia has no intention of attacking a NATO country; and President Putin’s offer to conclude a cease-fire and negotiate a settlement with Ukraine based on the present line of contact between the warring parties.
    ​ Doctorow: The escalation that is pending will be the introduction of F-16s into Ukraine, which is now talked about for July. And I think that we’re going to see some decisive moves by the Russians to prevent this happening, because it would be precisely a kind of trigger for a serious escalation and the risk of direct conflict with NATO countries.
    ​ The remark you made a few minutes ago that Russia could conceivably attack a NATO country, this coming from EU representatives, you have said that that is not in the cards. I don’t agree. It could very easily happen, but only if Russia is provoked in a way that demands a response. If, for example, the F-16s are flying from Moldova, from Romania or from Bulgaria into Ukrainian airspace and are attacking Russian positions, then I think it is entirely thinkable, entirely feasible that Russia would attack a NATO country.​..​
    ..Well, I think it comes back to what the war is all about. And a couple of minutes ago, you said that such a settlement would fall short of Putin’s objectives from the start of the war. I disagree. Putin’s objectives from the start of the war were not territorial gains for Russia, and that is still the case. So I think his statement, his assertion yesterday– this took place during a press conference at his meetings with Lukashenko in Minsk– he answered a question of a journalist in the way that you described, that he would accept a settlement at the present line of conflict, that yes, indeed, that would mean that Russia accepts a solution that falls short of retaking or taking the entire Donbass.
    ​ However, territorial ambitions were never part of the Russian game plan. They had two objectives, and they are still underway. And that is denazification and demilitarization; to put it in other words, regime change in Ukraine. That remains the primary Russian objective. And if that means that they stop their offensive and freeze the conflict at the present territorial situation, that will be perfectly acceptable to Moscow.​

    John Day

    ​ Simplicius, 5/27/24, NATO’s Yipping Chihuahuas Strain Their Leash as Russia Gears Up for Next Wave
    ​ The ongoing effort being coordinated from the highest offices of the shadow deepstate of the Atlanticist West sees a major campaign of European/NATO pressure against Russia with threats of boots on the ground.​..
    ..Der Spiegel writes that the Baltics and Poland “will not wait” for Russian troops to be “deployed on their border” and would send troops to Ukraine if Russian forces achieve a major breakthrough…​ They continue to seed the ground with potential falseflag justifications for some type of war against Russia. This week, the new claim of ‘threat’ is Russia allegedly seeking to capture Finland’s Aland Island​… This is of course all part and parcel to the longstanding 3SI or Three Seas Initiative, the cabal’s plan to extend the Empire’s hegemony over all the Baltic, Adriatic, and Black Sea…
    ..Sure, it’s Russia that’s sabotaging everything, not the guys who did Nordstream.
    ​ The U.S. in the meantime has stepped up provocations of its own by flying nuclear bombers over the Baltics in a clearly threatening continuation of the campaign to pressure and rattle Russia…
    ..Do you see how these gangsters operate? Is it any coincidence that just as their global cabal begins crumbling at speed we witness them resort to the furthest scale of desperate tactics? Iran’s entire ruling government taken out, Robert Fico shot, now Georgian PM being openly threatened with assassination; that’s likely just the tip of the iceberg we can see—many other resistance sphere leaders and politicians most likely face quieter threats which they don’t make public…
    ​..The ​(Russian) president also touched upon the civilian crowd-funded military manufacturers that have emerged amid the hostilities. The solutions they offer – such as radio-electronic warfare devices or sophisticated drones – must be fast-tracked for adoption by the military, the president said.
    ​ “We must also be effective when using assets supplied by the so-called grassroots defense manufacturing sector. We must enable it to develop and expand its manufacturing operations, and introduce a fast-track procedure for supplying its most effective solutions to the army,” Putin stated.
    ​ In essence, when independent Russian teams innovate and create something functional and effective, there will now be a much more fluid pipeline connecting their designs directly to the MIC which will allow the instantaneous scaling and mass production of the product. This includes the things which Russian engineering teams are cobbling together on the frontline itself.​.. Now, Russia has identified this precise pipeline as critical to future development and will do everything possible to nourish and support its actualization and growth; this is what a major part of Putin and Belousov’s new initiative is all about.​..
    ..In fact, this was part of a huge new initiative already launched, according to Manturov, which will entail a program for the years of 2025-2035. Critical to this sweeping initiative is the inter-marriage of Russia’s more ‘insular’ defense contractors with outside civilian developers that will loosen the innovation bottleneck.​..
    ​..If you watched the end of the Zelensky presentation posted at the outset of this report, you’d note that he reveals that Russia is building a sizable force “90km northwest of Kharkov”. This would put that force precisely opposite Sumy, slightly to its east…​ This may be the first time Zelensky has openly declared Russia’s intention to strike in Sumy region, which means that time is likely nigh.​

    ​ Pepe Escobar, Russia and China have had enough
    ​ Something very important happened earlier this week in Astana during the meeting of the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).
    ​ Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi went straight to the point: he called for SCO members to “maintain their strategic autonomy”, and “never allow external forces” to turn Eurasia into a “geopolitical arena.”…​
    ..After a series of extraordinary “coincidences” these past few weeks, from “lone gunman” assassination attempts to engineered coups, outright threats and mysterious disappearances, the whole BRICS-SCO ecosystem has to be on very high alert.
    ​ After the epic Putin-Xi summit in Beijing and the stranger than fiction Raisi helicopter drama, the renewed solidity of the interlocked Russia-China-Iran strategic partnerships is pointing to Russia-China about to take their velvet gloves off.
    ​ Putin and Xi, each in their own way, have already warned the collectively imbecilized West: if you want confrontation, you’re gonna get confrontation. In spades. And at your own peril.
    ​ The impeding Mother of All Tests, coming this summer, is how far NATO will go when it comes to directly attacking the Russian Federation. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban warns that “Europe is preparing to start a war with Russia”.​

    British PM promises to bring back conscription​ , Rishi Sunak claims compulsory national service would revive the “national spirit”​ (but he won’t be a “wartime PM”)​

    ​ Orban Foresees Dire Consequences If EU Militarism Continues Unchecked
    ​ Budapest is against having decisions on the service of Hungarian citizens made “in Brussels or Germany,” Orban emphasized.​ “We don’t want anyone else to be able to make decisions about conscription and sending our young men of draft age anywhere. We have to forget about a European army with compulsory conscription, this is a crazy idea,” the prime minister stressed.
    ​ Earlier in May, Manfred Weber, the leader of the European People’s Party, the largest one in the European Parliament, suggested reinstating compulsory military service across the entire European Union.​

    John Day

    ​ ‘Israel’ commits gruesome massacre in Rafah alleged safe zone
    On Sunday evening, the Israeli occupation forces committed a new massacre against dozens of displaced persons by bombing their tents set up in UNRWA warehouses in Rafah, southern Gaza Strip, an alleged safe zone.
    ​ The Government Media Office reported that the Israeli occupation committed a horrific massacre through the concentrated and deliberate bombing of a center for the forcibly displaced, established in UNRWA barracks in the northwest of Rafah Governorate. The center was bombed with more than seven missiles and large bombs, each weighing more than 2000 pounds of explosives.​–commits-gruesome-massacre-in-rafah-alleged-safe-zon

    ​ Gallant In Rafah Vows To Advance Deeper Despite World Court Demand For Ceasefire​ (A straightforward pretext to murder Palestinian families in ​UNRWA tents)
    Rockets sent from Gaza rained down on Tel Aviv for the first time in months on Sunday, with Israeli media saying they were launched all the way from Rafah.
    ​ It also came as Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant visited IDF frontline positions on the outskirts of Rafah and vowed the military will forge ahead deeper into the southern city despite the Friday UN World Court order (ICJ) to implement an immediate ceasefire and to halt the Rafah offensive.​

    ​ War on Gaza: Hamas says it captured members of Israeli force in ambush
    Israel denies any soldier was abducted in what Hamas said was a special operation in Jabalia refugee camp

    ​ TWITTER FILES – CIA​ , Inside a secret effort by the US Intelligence Community to seize control of social media​ , Michael Shellenberger, Matt Taibbi, Alex Gutentag
    ​ The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is the most famous of the 18 US government agencies that comprise the Intelligence Community (IC) of the United States of America. Unlike the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), the law strictly prohibits CIA employees or contractors from spying upon or running clandestine operations against American citizens on US soil.
    ​ But now, a new Twitter Files investigation reveals that a member of the Board of Trustees of the CIA’s mission-driven venture capital firm and ostensibly “former” IC and CIA analysts were involved in a 2021-2022 effort to take over Twitter’s content management system.​..
    ..According to “thousands of pages of Twitter Files and documents,” these efforts were part of a broader strategy to manage how information is disseminated and consumed on social media under the guise of combating ‘misinformation’ and foreign propaganda efforts – as this complex of government-linked individuals and organizations has gone to great lengths to suggest that narrative control is a national security issue.

    ​ Von der Leyen proposes ‘vaccines’ for minds and a ‘shield’ for democracy​, Rachel Marsden (Sounds more like “lockdowns” ​than “vaccines” to me​.)
    The European Commission president‘s campaign features an unprecedented preventive crackdown on wrongthink
    ​ She promises that if she’s re-coronated, er, “re-elected,” she’ll defend Europe with a “Democracy Shield.” The whole idea, she says, is to “detect disinformation and malign interference… remove content, including [artificial intelligence] deepfakes, [and] to make our societies more resilient.”​

    John Day

    Meryl Nass MD, Some good news: the Treaty negotiations failed to reach agreement and are done. WHO bureaucracy will still try to move something forward next week but the worst should be gone. CONGRATULATIONS!

    Dr. Nass had this on Saturday, setting that stage: The Netherlands Government finally bows to its parliament and announces it will not vote Yes, although it will not vote No for any treaty documents that come to a vote at the WHO today

    More from Dr. Nass on Saturday: Neither the Pandemic Agreement nor the IHR amendment process was able to produce a final document yesterday
    What happens next? My guess is that the WHO will attempt to create new, carefully handpicked committees and claim they will move forward. We shall see. For the globalists, a lot is riding on this.​

    ​On Sunday, Dr. Nass protested outside with friends in New York, NYC Freedom Rally yesterday outside the UN
    A beautiful day. A celebration of a successful campaign to throw a wrench into the globalist plans to take over global pandemic healthcare, for starters.​

    ​(Er, maybe it’s something about their drivers’ smartphones…) EVs Twice As Likely To Hit Pedestrians As Gasoline Vehicles
    The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine has found that pedestrians are twice as likely to be hit by an electric or hybrid car than by a gasoline- or diesel-powered vehicle.​..​ (Researchers) have hypothesized that the relatively quiet operations of an electric vehicle as well as high pedestrian density in noisy urban areas could be major reasons, with pedestrians almost three times as likely to be hit by an electric or hybrid car in these areas. Dr. Edwards suspects that demographics could also play a role, noting that “Younger, less experienced drivers are more likely to be involved in a road traffic collision and are also more likely to own an electric car.”​


    Superb analysis


    Don’t worry Jew-lovers, the vast majority of Jewish Israel still support this mass murder campaign. They are in turn supported by the vast majority of Jews elsewhere. The Jew is the devil’s child, in this case the devil is telling you that the murder of Gazan civilians has all been a mistake …. what is Mr Satan talking about …. in a few minutes he will start telling us that him and his fellow devil-Jews are the victims.

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