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    Henri Matisse The pink studio 1911   • Biden Seeks War With Russia To Boost Approval Rating – Seymour Hersh (TASS) • NATO Training for Nuclear St
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    on the service economy:

    Upstairs Downstairs was a chronicle of the service economy of an earlier time.

    Upstairs Outdoors is the service economy of today.

    here in the South there was a name for the ones in the upstairs plantation service economy. The difference today is the complexion of the house servant, and the servants voted to secure that social position. What is the same is that the house servant and the field hands still occupy the same social position and the field hands are looking to become house servants.
    Then as now the folks upstairs are the niggardly.


    and the house servants are still uppity

    Dr D Rich


      Blinken did not get it, nor did Trump. They want the allure of rock and roll, but not the acidity of its lyrics. They do not understand that Neil Young’s 1989 song is the soundtrack of the resistance to the US wars that followed ….

    No it wasn’t.
    Anyone else who ascribed lofty notions to Neil Young’s songwriting is trippin’ on the same shit as good ol’ Neil
    Who’s bamboozling with this attempted hagiography on that angry crank?
    Could Neil’s motivation to write such lyrics have been to sell more records to both confused sides of the political spectrum?

    Better yet, watch the new movie “Civil War ” starring Kirsten Dunst and Wagner Moura then tell me who the Entertainment Industry is targeting for vilification with the movie’s depiction of a United States President?

    Joe Biden or Donald Trump or Robert Kennedy jr?

    A timely release, don’t you think, amidst the 2024 Presidential election campaign while one of those candidates endures multiple trials under the prosecutorial eye of his opponent.


    and there remain a few runaway slaves
    just call me Jim

    Dr D Rich, Young named an album after where i live – “Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere”

    Dr. D

    On British radio: “Britain is already at war with Russia, they just haven’t told you.”

    “They’re determined to get us into a war with Russia, but thankfully we have a leader in Putin who [won’t, shows restraint]”

    They believe not only that’s why Sunak called elections, but he wants to lose the election and not be a war PM, perhaps he disagrees on the direction. So who’s calling the shots? “Well it’s not Sunak and Starmer….”

    “I’ve seen a report that we have nothing (NOTHING) against Russian air missiles.” (UK)

    Next problem: So we already see Sunak isn’t PM but Cameron is. It happened just one day, and they are already holding elections to make it official. Also because Cameron is clearly radically veins-in-my-teeth pro war. So in what sense is this an “Election” at all? Nope, it’s not one.

    “Can Trump be trusted after he said ‘I love Wikileaks’, and then proceeded to try and imprison Julian Assange for 175 years?”

    No, he can not. Are we getting the point that Trump is not the solution yet? Are we getting the point that POLITICS is not the solution yet? You’re not going to vote your way into or out of this. In fact, pretty sure we have NOT been voting our way IN to this: the EU for example is decisively NOT voted – they are appointed. We just DID have an election…and both the former president everyone simply refused orders. Just refused. AND refused to be fired, removed, re-assigned. AND the Speaker of the House supported that AND the Speaker presently took only two seconds to reverse all his positions that voted him speaker…just like the Speaker before him. They also “refuse orders” … the orders being their own signed promises.

    But we’ll just vote in a NEW speaker? Number 4 or number 130? Biden isn’t running things now, clearly, but for different reasons than Trump wasn’t running things 4 years ago. WHO is running things both times? The Permanent State.

    So there’s your answer: can we “Politick” or vote out all past and present CIA directors, FBI directors, State Department heads, DoD, Education, environmental, health ministers? All at once? Apparently not. Well they’re your government, anyone we see by name is a mere illusion. Buttigeig didn’t even know the budgets, the numbers, the rules. Why? He doesn’t do any of that, NOR ANYTHING AT ALL. He can stay home for a year on maternity, no one notices.

    So here we are with Trump, we’re going to “Vote him in” … for what?

    Anyway, yes, they’ll make up finding him guilty, he’ll stage a plane crash, and we’ll have neither candidate running. Can we expose this yet? YOU are the government, not them. YOU are responsible, not them. THEY aren’t supposed to be doing basically anything: YOU are. Now I know the problem right now is, if you try to do anything they’ll stop you and arrest you, that is, you’re one government and they are another, both claiming to be primary. And yes, having a Trump doing this to them is helpful and better than not having it. But if they don’t follow orders – about anything; about elections, about Commander-in-Chief war withdrawals — what’s the point of giving orders?

    …The point is to have US see that they don’t follow them. That’s why. To have US see that they are a completely rogue, extractive, extortive, unaccountable cartel with no practical purpose or legitimacy. In fact, they are ANTI-Practical, getting us into wars we not only don’t want, but can’t even understand, destroying people, ruining the country. …And even destroying themselves, as per Hunter as example. If you love the Bidens, cut them off. Stop the money. Ashley will thank you.

    Can Trump be trusted? Who cares? Don’t you see these other problems have to do with YOU running yourself, believing yourself, and being moral and practical yourself? If you individually do that, maybe, but if we ALL do it it’s fixed. With or without Trump. That’s why the government is US, We the People, and if we the People are immoral, shiftless, lying, lazy, criminal louts, you can’t ELECT your way into someone better than “we” are to hit everyone with a bat and make them better than they actually are. We inevitably elect some of the WORST of society to government, never the best that anyone in history has seen even once. …And that’s the American Principle and the American Way. You can go the other way and establish Kings if you like, but I’ll fight you on it.

    “Trump outside New York courthouse ahead of closing arguments”

    More astonishing, BIDEN outside NYC courthouse. Hey, wait: you said you had nothing to do with this. It wasn’t political at all, Trump had committed a crime-that-no-one-can-define. And that’s a STATE law. So why are you down here as if it’s political and you had everything to do with it?

    “a president of war always gets better ratings than a president not at war..”

    Like inflation they are misunderstanding this. At cycles UP that might be true, at cycles DOWN it’s the opposite. Just like IF “inflation” is caused by speculative demand (passingly true as people stacked inventories in 1970) THEN higher rates will stop it. However, IF “inflation” is caused by money printing, or a shortage of goods during war, then higher rates do nothing or aggravate it. Same here. IF the society is in a trusting mood, THEN you can betray their trust like a 2-bit con man. IF THEY ALREADY DON’T TRUST YOU, — AND – you try to hook them for that extra $100 grand, THEN they will call the policeman on you and chuck you out, come what may. …Even if they don’t want to and could slide by otherwise.

    “US President Joe Biden may want to go to war with Russia to raise his approval rating”

    Okay, next problem: how can this be true if we already know we’re already at war with Russia, already since 2022 or even 2014? Then it therefore has nothing to do with Biden or elections. There’s some local weather, but that’s just them popping an umbrella and has nothing to do with anything. It can’t, right?

    Why? As above, PRESIDENTS DO NOTHING and don’t matter. Therefore their election or not doesn’t matter. Even the election SEASON doesn’t matter. What they discuss MIGHT matter, but usually doesn’t. Like the DNC is on abortion when they had 50 years to pass a law and right now have full ability at State level. All a diversion.

    “Near the Russian border, NATO’s reconnaissance activities are increasing, the intensity of operational combat training of the alliance’s troops is growing,”

    Okay, THEY ARE KNOCKING OUT ALL RUSSIAN ICBM RADAR. I heard they just hit a second site, not double-checked. Also said that these radar stations are not able to be of use for the local theatre in Ukraine, only for over-the-horizon, and that may be true. Therefore, the ONLY purpose is to blind Russia for a ICBM first strike.

    Or to make Russia so alarmed something terrible happens naturally, which isn’t much better. Thankfully, behavior of Russian ministers show they are NOT alarmed by this but feel it under control, which is barely reassuring.

    They are daily bombing Russian cities by all means at their disposal, and Russia is sanguine about it because it’s a war, but I wouldn’t get complacent. They think “Well, we bombed them with one hand grenade and a $50 drone, so what’s the difference with a 2,000lb ICBM on the Kremlin, right?” No, those are different. Maybe they shouldn’t be, but they are.

    From Mish and elsewhere: 10% effectiveness of Western missiles because of jamming. So it’s a crap shoot, they’ve got nothing where there’s air defense, so they’re shooting where there is no full air defense: the vast expanse of open Russia. As that clip above, as Alistair, as Ritter say, everyone agrees, FRANCE is bombing Russia. Directly. BRITAIN is bombing Russia. Directly. They have the weapons but not only, provide all the men, teams, targeting, from the warehouse to the Boom. No Ukrainians anywhere, nor can there be. Too much training and risk.

    a considerable number of Ukrainian troops, and maybe a very considerable number, are now effectively in mutiny against the AFU’s high command.”

    They are brave and gruesome, but dumber than a camel. EVERY order from Kiev makes no sense. EVERY time they hold on to everything, get surrounded, and kill every man. This mutiny is about Syrsky AGAIN keeping men East of the river, merely so he can say they’re defending, were AGAIN they all got cut off and surrounded. Who are you talking to? Who are you trying to convince? It’s as if, if they can just show some brave Custer’s Last Stand, the entire U.S. will fully mobilize in 6 hours and drop a million men on the border. No, they called it his “Last” stand for a reason. The West has been abundantly clear they are offering and supplying nothing but certain death. You apparently are abundantly clear you like it and like losing. So? Lose then, I don’t care.

    “There is now a vigorous debate inside the administration over relaxing the ban,” our David reports, “to allow the Ukrainians to hit missile and artillery launch sites just over the border in Russia”

    “WE are already at war with Russia” They’re just now telling the public, June or July.

    Hey, Javelin, NATO training, that’s WWIII Jack. Abrams tanks, that’s called WWIII, Jack. F16s, that’s called WWIII, Jack. Having a No-fly zone with Russia, that’s WWIII, Jack. Sending long-range missiles to Moscow that might be nuclear-tipped. ….That’s NOT called WWIII, Jack, we don’t know what you’re talking about.

    In good Nazi fashion, they call for us “Not to be afraid of our power” and to “Have the WILL to Power” have enough WILL, (in good occult, New Age style, “Power of Positive (magical) Thinking”) to Dream of Winning. It only takes WILL.

    No, it takes GUNS. And I’m not “Afraid” of war or anything, I’m happy to go to war but you’re just a psychopath who is also a moron and will lose. I neither prosecute psychopathic wars of aggression, and if I do, I most ESPECIALLY don’t lose them. But that’s what Nazis like you guys do. That’s why you are mentally ill and should be arrested and committed, although I fear your existing crimes preclude that and will be sentenced to prison or death instead. Have a nice day.

    “• A Pervasive Fear Settled In: Dems Are Absolutely Freaking Out Over Biden (ZH)

    WHICH Dems? Yeah, the foot soldiers on the ground are, but that’s only because they’re not being told we’re not going to have an election. There is no election, therefore, nothing to worry about. If there were, you would see action at higher levels. We don’t, so there isn’t. The End.

    “Polls Show Biden Still Has Sizable Lead Among Those Who Will Be Counting The Ballots” –BBee

    Let’s put it this way: Alistair says UK news is that Israel is running this genocide because they feel “We’re already at war with Russia”, that is, “We’re in World War Three” and therefore history will show their behavior to be minor and a footnote in the big scheme of things. Same here. IF we’re in WWIII – and THEY control whether that’s true or not – THEN not having an election or erasing American Democracy altogether is a footnote, a minor issue, don’t you see? We’re about to have MUCH bigger problems than that.

    …They’re going to make sure of it.

    ““will likely prove increasingly effective against the recently supplied extended range US ATACMS [Army Tactical Missile System] missiles as well.”

    …Yeah, we don’t have any of those. We stopped production years ago. Also Patriots, which is just as well since they don’t work away, even against the SCUDs the were designed for.

    ““All the [NATO] countries would have to switch their economies over from a service economy to a full production wartime economy. And they’re not capable of it..”

    Same comment, Alistair, I think. Europe has zero support for SITTING, much less for fighting a war. How do you define “Way-below-zero” for conscription? They don’t have oil, coal, steel, intelligence, skills, but the FIRST thing you need is WILL. Remember, wars are about making the other person give up. Not WANT to fight. Well, problem solved: Russia already won! On that count at least. Europe has no will for ANY fight of ANY kind. And the U.S. either, although slightly less as although we’re probably less into it overall, the force of the coasts and the ability to raise x100k men in the ranks is slightly higher. Depends how you count: we’re less into it but can field more death anyway.

    Point is: none of this will matter, you can’t make the populations of the U.S. and Europe fight a war. They’ll fight you instead.

    “• Judge Aileen Cannon Denies Jack Smith’s Request for Gag Order vs Trump (ET)

    Cannon is astonishingly generous and maybe she should be, but even she can’t go that far.

    “Judge Merchan has ruled that the jury does not have to agree on what that crime is.”

    Well, I guess this is a popularity contest then. No crime? No problem! Find him guilty anyway! Of what? Who cares? And as we saw a few months ago with the “Fine” on Trump, inc, How much? What’s the sentence? If his “Crime” is jaywalking since you won’t define it, does he get life in prison? If his “Crime” is murder and insurrection, do we give him 30 days? You have to know the crime to know the sentencing.

    N. O. P. E. “We Make S—t Up!!!”

    “• Trump, Biden Escalate Attacks on RFK Jr (ET)

    As above, RFK’s purpose in life is to confirm there is no political solution. So we get him and he’ll start wars with Russia, Israel, and a host of other nonsense. Nope. I can get raped by the other two candidates just fine, thanks.

    “• Israeli Spy Chief ‘Threatened And Stalked’ ICC Prosecutor – Guardian (RT)

    Amazing article, nothing to add. Totally true I’m sure, and even more. Now why is it in “The Guardian” the most useless, most lying, most MI6 papers of all MI6 papers? Because the West is actually throwing Israel under the bus and cutting a deal with … someone else… which is why Soros is paying ANTI Israel protests?

    Hard to imagine, and will burn the endless line of “Joos run da world” people here, but: Oil. Gas. Transit corridors to the East. The End. Newsflash: THEY’RE NOT RELIGIOUS. They’re atheists or Satanists. THEY’RE NOT JEWISH. They sacrifice the Jewish population at every turn, whenever they can, with perfect glee. “Those were the best times of my life” George Soros said, “a Jew”, about rounding up and killing Jews for the Nazis as a child. “Ah! The good old days!”

    If you’re a Dallas Cowboys fan, you don’t round up and kill Dallas Cowboys fans. Because that’s YOU. …You only do that if that’s THEM; somebody else, a group that you’re not. Soros and all these guys pretend they are Cowboys fans because they can infiltrate, murder the fans, steal their stuff, and have a nice alibi.

    And here with all Israel. It was fun stealing that ship and killing all those people. But, all good things come to an end: there’s more money in Leviathan and pipelines to India, with a 2nd Suez canal surrounded by Gazan beach condos, so oh well. Doesn’t mean we don’t kill all the Palestinians first before destroying Israel and handing it all to Jordan tho’.

    “Pistorius has repeatedly stated that Germany should become “war-capable” and “get used to the thought”

    They cannot. They are too small and have no resources. They can take the nearby nations and get larger, but that would take multi-decades with huge internal conflict. That’s actually what the Euro-project is, for Germany to finally conquer Europe, but same thing happened: no control, internal conflict, gridlock. Germany fought a diplomatic, paper war this time, so they won a merely paper victory. That Mark II transfers (I always forget the name) aren’t going to be paid. Italy is never going to pay that to Germany, just like the last 20 centuries, nor is anybody else. You Germans worked hard and sold them that for nothing.

    “Military service itself would last 12 months, according to Der Spiegel.”

    Hahhahahaha! Sure, pal. And first to be called up and shot for the rest of your natural life. How about no.

    “• Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World (Prashad)

    Maybe they or their staff DID understand. That’s more interesting.


    Donald Trump tells @Timcast that he is giving “very serious consideration” to pardoning Julian Assange

    Ha ha, Trump won’t pardon Assange, we went through this last time he was elected, he was riding the coat tails of Wikileaks, but in true American form, didn’t deliver. Trump is a liar and a fraud, he is Israel first and will sell the USA down the river. Why fall for the same trick twice, it just makes you look stupid.


    Trump outside New York courthouse ahead of closing arguments: “Make no mistake about it, I’m here because of crooked Joe Biden. The worst president in the history of our country is destroying our country. This country is being destroyed rapidly, not slowly, rapidly, on…

    And it started with the 2 trillion you handed out, then the Covid shite you did, then all the tarifs you put in place to tax the people of the USA. America first, you are Jew first. BUT, I will be pleased to see the USA destroy itself, couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of people, so I give you my useless support, me not being a voter, thank god, here in China we have serious government, not Noddy government.

    Michael Reid

    West Collapsing On Itself, Rest of World Moving On

    Dmitry Orlov discusses the state of the world
    and that we have passed the turning point.

    The West is collapsing on itself
    and the rest of the world is simply ignoring it
    and moving on.

    The U.S. elections are a clown show
    and the U.S. is going to slowly collapse.

    He doesn’t believe there will be a Third World War.

    He comments on Russian sanctions
    and the West’s confiscation of Russian assets,
    the shuffling in the Kremlin’s cabinet,
    the future of Ukraine, the multipolar world,
    and how Washington’s strategic initiative to dismember Russia will FAIL!

    His biggest fear is China losing access to cheap energy which would affect the entire world.

    Dmitry Orlov: West Collapsing On Itself, Rest of World Moving On


    Everything is different this morning.

    Did the gov just admit some secrets?

    • US Endgame in Ukraine — War Without End, Amen (Patrick Lawrence)

    Any allowance for expanded use of U.S.–made weapons against Russian targets, which will require American personnel on the ground in Ukraine, will unambiguously escalate the proxy war into a direct conflict between the U.S. and the Russian Federation. Quagmire, anyone?


    Go. Away. You are nuts.

    You really need to have total belief in the NATO rulers and their desire to avoid nuclear war to make that statement. I wonder where that confidence comes from, certainly not from what they say or do on a regular basis, so it must be “Dr D spiritual”?


    • NATO Training for Nuclear Strike on Russian Territory

    Presidementia Pedo Jo-Jo needs a Big Bluff

    The Russians don’t bluff

    The entire Pedo Jo-Jo cabinet are war criminals and should be hung from the lamp posts down Pennsylvania Ave in front of the White House.

    But the Duh’merican Sheeple are retarded beyond redemption and Orange Jesus isn’t going to make much difference.

    The die is cast, the West is the result of Incest.

    Intellectually, culturally, psychologically and spiritually Inbred Cretins and Morons who are circling the Drain of historical irrelevance and ignominious disgrace.

    God shed His Disgrace on thee…..

    RIP (not)

    Duh’merica in a Nut Shell



    Hollyweird Perversion

    Can’t be unseen once seen



    Duh’merican Military Industrial Mafia prototypes new SuperDuper Secret Combat Truck to fight the Russian Menace

    The Empire of Lies Lies Lies flexes it’s muscles


    Stop, yer killin’ me



    They/everybody, knows what to do to win.

    “It’s not the votes that count, but who counts the votes,”

    Hurry up and do it.
    electronic warfare systems

    Russia knows how to make US smart bombs/defense shield/iron dome, become dumb.

    • Russia’s Unmatched EW Success Against Western Weapons in Ukraine (Sp.)


    The result of the jury will upset 50% of the population.



    “All the [NATO] countries would have to switch their economies over from a service economy to a full production wartime economy. And they’re not capable of it..”

    • US Military Experts: NATO Can’t Take on Russia or Prevent Ukraine’s Defeat (Sp.)



    • Zelensky No Longer Legitimate Leader of Ukraine – Putin (RT)

    (therefore, who will respond/talk/negotiate/represent the proxi leadership? NATO OR USA?



    Typical Empire of Lies incompetence on purpose



    You Will Own Nothing… And Be Happy



    The Next Step in this progression will be the Police getting Russian FPV drones and just blowing up the “problem”


    Just another grease spot on the side of the road. JAGSOTSR



    Maybe transforming Eurotardistan back to the Middle Ages has some pluses


    Dr D Rich


    Hey! One or two degrees of separation.

    I’ll give Neil Young credit for one “hey, hey my my”
    thing…..deliberately ambiguous lyrics.
    Cryste the man howled with a voice residing somewhere between Bob Dylan’s unfortunate warbling and these two Bobcats engaged in a polite discussion.

    Bob and Neil’s greatest contribution to Mank (kind) is the high hope they gave the uniquely disabled singing impaired humans out there.




    Well, I guess this definitively answers the question: Who is smarter, men or women?



    Rock on in the Free World Duh’merica

    Rock on……..






    Woketard insanity headed for a Rendezvous with Destiny ….






    Robert Dinaro rants against Trump.
    Afraid of “People Power”
    Afraid of losing his “democracy”


    Should “fact Check” or some gov agency do something about the lies/misinformation (ie. Biden, Denaro, etc.), gonna lose your democracy if you vote for Trump


    parallel universe

    “Welcome to the Best President Fan Club! Here, you, John Q Citizen, will get a chance to participate in a non-binding vote by paper ballot, hand counted. Results will be published the first week of November in our monthly newsletter. Our curated list of candidates is no limit to your desires. Write in whomever you wish! And we’ll actually publish those results, too!”

    Let the statistically significant results flow.


    Trump says, “System is rigged, Legal system is rigged.”


    The system is rigged to favor those in power. The legal system, the police system is there to support the laws made by the rich in power.


    Unanimous guilty decision required for each count/charge.

    Jail time can be applied for any or only one guilty decision.

    Make everybody happy that they/their opinions won


    Punishment for hate crime is more than murder of 36,000 committed by Israel


    Interesting thing I noticed on Youtube.

    I was commenting on a video about boomers vs migrants (it is coming down to a choice of who we budget for)

    I explained to a GenXer who was worried that benefits would be cancelled right as our generation is about to start receiving them — uh, didn’t the S&L bailout in 1990 clue you in where we were headed? Weren’t we ALL saying to each other about social security and pensions “we’ll never see that” starting in like 1987-present???

    It kept getting deleted – rather quickly.

    This only motivated me to see what was going on, so I tried a few more replies, rephrasing what I had to say in different ways.

    I’d been making a generational analogy, that GenX should be the Grey Champion, be Gandalf, pulling the Balrog down into the abyss with him so the rest of the party can go on. An analogy to choosing to lead or vote for the benefit of future generations instead of siding with the Boomer policies in hopes of sharing their benefits.

    Soon as I omitted the Gandalf analogy, the new post didn’t get auto deleted.

    Thinking about this, I figure it’s because I’ve downvoted and shitposted the hell out of all Amazon videos regarding their Lord of the Rings of Prime abomination, so Lord of the Rings keywords get my replies autodeleted on Youtube now.

    So anytime I make a statement by analogy involving Lord of the Rings, it is deleted because I am on a list as a tiny mosquito like annoyance to Amazon, I guess.

    Somebody out there thinks of EVERYTHING as 5th gen warfare. Petty, petty petty idiot assholes.

    As far as countries having to decide between boomers and migrants, it’s irony turned up to 11. The boomers, wanting to heap themselves with trophies and medals for being the Bestest Evar Generation You Bigots, have shown their total full spectrum superiority over all past and future generations through MAXIMUM openness and MAXIMUM generosity. There’s no way to beat preferring infinite strangers over your own people, especially over your own children and grandchildren.

    But now there’s a material decision to make – will the Boomers, in their last hours of being at the driver’s wheel, choose benefits for their own generation or maximum virtue signaling, not only at other generations’ expense, but their own?

    Boomers, you’re down to deporting 20 million people OR having Z’ers dump you still alive in a ditch or gutter with some newfangled re-definition of “care” being mouthed. (who did we learn from? we learned from you!) All these costs simply cannot be borne by your society. It’s either free walking-around money, cellphones, housing, medical care, and education for infinite strangers or retirement and nursing homes for yourselves – what’s it going to be?



    Canada has announced an $11.2-billion contract to improve training platforms for the military, including the purchase of 70 training aircraft for the Future Aircrew Training (FAcT) program.

    Defence Minister Bill Blair made the announcement at the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries’ annual defence industry tradeshow (CANSEC) in Ottawa. According to a news release from the Department of National Defence, the training aircraft will be split into fleets including two-seat turboprop training and aerobatic low-wing aircraft, helicopters and Dash-8s.


    “This Is Insanity”: Judge In Trump Case Issues Unbelievable Jury Instructions

    “there is no need to agree on what occurred – and can disagree on what the crime was.. this means that they could split 4-4-4 and he will still treat them as unanimous.”

    I’m still trying to figure out what the crime is. I guess the jury is too.

    Like, look, just please imagine a crime FOR us and whatever crime you think there was, just say yes, okay? Then I’ll just tally up anyone who says yes and call that unanimous.

    Shouldn’t the specific crimes committed be blazoned everywhere, unavoidable, on every news channel, in every anti trump article comment? Why can’t I find a basic, concise, clear-cut explanation of wtf this is about?


    Just to make this clear: Unanimity does not require agreeing on what the crime was


    Whenever I get in an argument, I try to state where I stand clearly and plainly.

    For instance, if I am in an argument about Ukraine, I say

    “Look man. The US overthrew the Ukraine govt back in 2014. I watched the US State Dept do a press conference about the leaked recording about spending 6 billion to overthrow the country, the recording in which they said which people they wanted to put into power. Cosmic Coincidence, those people were the very people who DID end up in power. Any understanding of the Ukraine conflict that ignores this is seriously flawed out of touch with reality. I saw it with my own eyes. You can watch it too, bro. It was on fucken Cspan, bro.”

    Right? I state my case. My case is, after all, the strongest part of.. my having a case.

    I am glad I didn’t follow this Trump Trial before the past couple days. What a total waste of time and attention. There are PLENTY of anti-trump posters in zerohedge comments – they’re everywhere – and the closest I could find to a clarification of wtf is going on was:

    “The felony in question is falsification of business records. That is what they unanimously have to agree on. What they don’t have to agree on is what crime, if any, Trump wanted to cover up”

    Wait, the business records that said “legal expenses” that should have said “hush money”? Misdemeanors that are out of statute of limitations? Those are the felonies that the jury is being asked about, and collusion to cover up the misdemeanors/felonies, which would constitute the felony aspect of this, are off the table? Wait, what???

    What. The Fuck. Are. The. Specific. Things? I am super lost here. The idiocracy trial is absolute genius by comparison, because they have a specific charge “bro didn’t pay the hospital bill”

    If someone was like Alan Rickman in Die Hard – lay a pistol on the table in view of the person answering the question, asked calmly one more time. Seeing the pistol, one should be able to formulate a coherent answer, surely?

    This is like in 2016-2017 on the 100th day of waking up to NPR saying 17 intelligence agencies have Trump redhanded, gotta trust us, we have sources. Lifetime of loving and listening to NPR. Cannot take it anymore. Don’t care what you say anymore. Double don’t care after it went to impeachment and was a nothingburger. Got to assume everything you say from now on is just meaningless gibberish. Voting for Trump in his orange suit and 6×6 cell I guess because you cannot or will not speak actual English.


    Can Trump be trusted…?

    Trump, Epstein’s buddy Trump? Oh Sure.
    He can be trusted just like the Democrats can be trusted to continue sending Billion$ of dollar$ to the Jewish Dictator Zelensky to ‘save Democracy’ through never ending proxy war$.

    Something- something about a limited hangout pretending the two party system is not a uni-war-party.
    Because, you know, Donald really really cares. Trump had nothing to do with the lockdowns, inflationary free money, the ‘vaccine’ warp speed, or assasinating Qasem Soleimani.

    So pleased to hear Trump has denounced the safe and effective jabs, the injuries and deaths from it, and the ensueing insanity he helped perpetuate. Has Trump ever apologized and said “I was wrong and I’m sorry”? About anything?

    Trump the Messiah, saving retards daily.

    we went through this last time he was elected, he was riding the coat tails of Wikileaks, but in true American form, didn’t deliver. Trump is a liar and a fraud, he is Israel first and will sell the USA down the river. Why fall for the same trick twice, it just makes you look stupid.

    Yep, apparently retards just want to believe…

    Who is smarter, men or women?

    US college degrees by gender– hahaha- now define “a woman” – never a dull moment from retarded Liberal bleeding Feminists.

    Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World

    Kneel Young- the cancelling hypocrite who made a parody of himself ?
    Time for Kneel to wear another mask, get his 20th booster, and begin his Vaxxine Aids tour eh ?
    Aboot time for Justine Turdoh and the Waffen SS to join along on the Global Tour for the Freedumb Vax injured. Because there was never a forced mandate. No Rape by Vaccine. My body my choice.

    Like it never happened.


    His lifeless eyes-

    COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Mandates Continue to Kill First Responders at a Frightening Rate
    72 firefighters have died recently

    Colberts lifeless eyes… Liberal sub-human scum cult Leader… true propaganda…sickening.

    COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Mandates Continue to Kill First Responders at a Frightening Rate

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