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    Edward Hopper Folly Beach, Charleston, South Carolina 1929   • Protests Spread Nationwide: Minnesota Curfew, White House Locks Down (JTN) • Unsan
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    when you have nothing to lose


    Here are key highlights of the just released study. The abstract follows, and so does the .pdf file of the study titled “Empirical treatment with hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin for suspected cases of COVID-19 followed-up by telemedicine.

    The elites enablers are in control of the club membership fees.
    Students upset as some Canadian universities hike tuition fees

    Published Friday, May 29, 2020 5:40PM EDT

    Some Canadian universities are raising tuition fees for the new school year much to the consternation of students, who argue their costs should be going down, not up in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.


    It is raining and our power is out. so a rambling I go.

    Watched the movie Joker last night. While it fails as a DC comic it succeeds in making a few relevant points about our society. Not the least of which is if we don’t elect a leader the streets just might. That will be a different kind of crazy. That kind of thing happens in poor countries it could never happen in the USA. ( oh wait that is how the usa started.)
    Does anyone really need a billionaire? just saying if money is their key to happiness and a thousand million dollars is not enough they need mental help and should not be allowed to keep anything over a billion. that kind of power leads to total corruption. 8 men own more wealth than 4 billion people let that sink in.
    If the government is paying most of the people is this socialism? I think most current socialist countries had a better plan.
    With automation socialism is more palatable. Free health care and education


    If the 2078 billionaires on the forbes list gave up .0042 of their wealth they could end world hunger. that is .4% After contemplation I think greed is the deadliest sin. I am wondering what the world could be like without it.

    Dr. D

    Well, their delicious civil war is on, going successfully as predicted and as planned. I’d run down the details, which cities, who’s in charge, but I don’t have time and you wouldn’t believe me anyway.

    But so protesters apparently are most mad at CNN and the Treasury? Healthy white military men dressed in black are methodically going down the block, breaking each window with an stadard-issue emergency glass tool? Protesters film them and post it online. They know. I mean really? Can’t you do better than this?

    But since they’re getting what they wanted, why bother? It works well enough.

    So here’s the year so far: not in 2018, not in 2019, but ONLY in the election year, we just HAPPEN to have a virus outbreak a few weeks after the treasury market, and therefore US Dollar, blows up. A week after China signed a trade agreement they see as bad and can now take force majeure on. Result: financial reset, no one will be blamed for either.

    The virus is attempted to have the President force lockdown, crack the economy, lose election, and also go for mail-in voting which the NAACP says is rife with fraud and must be recalled. That doesn’t work: his popularity rises, virus stops, he dumps the attempts on the States, but also gets unlimited nationwide emergency powers and martial law and doesn’t let go of it. Why? Nuttin’ happening. Why the “resistance”, who gave him the powers plus extra billion$$ for spying and war, no mention his hanging on these powers either. Huh.

    So after pissing off every body in the nation, getting them to wear camera-baffling masks, and insuring everyone is broke, desperate, and nobody has a job to focus and occupy them, we have a egregious, intentional incident in a DNC district run by Ilyan Omar and Klobuchar, where two guys who have known each other for years is pretended to be random police brutality. The next day, the healthy well-dressed white men in black are smashing, and a few hours later all the evidence is burned up in the precinct. Despite the police were instantly fired—unusual and notable success, AND the first one was charged with Murder 3, no questions, very high probability of easy conviction, AND the whole thing is being investigated by the FBI. All America, Minnesota, and Minneapolis agree. So everyone is united, winning on every front.

    Then without a pause the next targets are CNN, the Treasury, and all the same blue resistance cities where nothing has happened locally. I’m sorry – so since every single thing has gone well, exactly as demanded, can you tell me why cities with no association, no events, suddenly want to attack the kind of random targets generals and policemen pick, not the kinds normal residents would? Uh-huh. The same organizers, same usual suspects, same mayors, and same mysterious gym-going white non-residents in the crowd.

    So since they’ve been planning this for decades, and certainly adjusting plans since 2016, so has the Administration, and they been leaking this unrest would be staged, would happen, and how, and where, for years. Don’t have time to explain, go look it up. So both sides, in this oligarchic dispute are running 5GW, getting confusion and the people to get hurt and do the dirty work on their behalf, while they sit safe in gated communities and private islands. As usual.

    But this isn’t going anywhere. They can schedule, pay, agitate, lie, and perpetrate events, but all that does not a war make. Ultimately, they got nothing: essentially no shootings and no gun control. People black and white are coming out, armed rednecks are defending black parts of Minneapolis, and they support George, the protests, but not the riots. Despite 50 years of keeping race wars simmering and 10 years stoking on high with all the events and rhetoric they could manufacture, this is true nationwide. So what ya gonna do? If people don’t shoot themselves for you, there aren’t enough oligarchs and enough money to do it themselves. …I mean besides them being spineless cowards and weasels, idiot sons of idiots sons who’ve failed at everything since birth.

    So Cheeto can send in the Guard — or not — won’t really matter. The government’s not in control, never have been, as you’ve seen in the lockdown theatre-and-puppet show. Hey, where’d that go anyway? When it didn’t work, suddenly alllllllllll forgot, huh. People will themselves decide this is enough, the point has been made, and won’t allow further damage in their own neighborhoods. It is their right to be armed, and their right to defend themselves, and when their patience is ended, they will, and not much will happen. The bad elements will just know it and disappear. If they don’t, they’ll be so outnumbered they’re a joke. “We can drown them in our urine” as one guy says.

    After that, you have a mop-up operation and healing, which the media will attempt to prevent a few more ways with a few more made-up things for a few more pointless months. Then they’ll scream about Russians, election interference, fascism, and a bunch of other words they don’t understand and can’t define. And that will be that.

    …Just sayin’. From the ground here. Just like I’ve said, oh how long have I been here? 5, 7 years? Saying exactly this, exactly this attempt, exactly this way, because they’re all idiots who lack talent, imagination, and can only follow orders and think-tanks, books on 5th generation warfare, and CIA coup manuals. And that makes it so, so easy to know what they will do, and how to respond.

    8 men own more wealth? Their claims on wealth will soon be nothing. The thing has been going down since Sept 14, 2019. That’s why the world’s best-timed virus shuts off inflation when we print $6T, then the world’s best-timed Booglaloo. Always burn down the casino after you rob it to hide the evidence. Nice try. Don’t fret yourself: be patient. History will find them, these 8 men. And the men paying for the present excitement. Fix your own house and let your own preparations play out.


    The elites enablers are in control of the club membership fees.

    ” … idiot sons of idiots sons who’ve failed at everything since birth.”

    Therefore, let’s stop foreign , Asian students from coming to our university and stealing all our knowledge to go home and build up the Asian societies.


    ” … Healthy white military men dressed in black …”
    They were trouble makers
    They were not locals
    bused in to cause trouble
    Foreign agitators
    Not Americans
    Interference from abroad

    Tomorrow they will say operatives


    8 men own more wealth? Their claims on wealth will soon be nothing. The thing has been going down since Sept 14, 2019. That’s why the world’s best-timed virus shuts off inflation when we print $6T, then the world’s best-timed Booglaloo. Always burn down the casino after you rob it to hide the evidence. Nice try. Don’t fret yourself: be patient. History will find them, these 8 men. And the men paying for the present excitement. Fix your own house and let your own preparations play out.

    I hope you are right, alto I look not for vengeance not even for justice. I look for some measure of decency and with a question. How much money is too much? How much is not enough? somewhere in the middle is the sweet spot. Once one has enough the rest is not needed unless someone has figured out how to take it with you. Without the sickness of greed the world maybe could be healed. to your last sentence done and done.

    Trump has an interesting tweet. MAGA night at the white house(paraphrased) is he intentionally trying to start a race war? The people of color have a point if the roles were reversed there would be blood in the streets. Can you imagine the uproar of black cops were treating white people the way some white cops treat them? Maybe it is all a farce, a stirring to distract. They have already stolen trillions of dollars the future of america’s next generation and maybe democracy itself. Are we only left with a burning casino? If so a world government is not far off. It will not be a democracy as history will point to ours as the failure it is turning out to be. A republic if you can keep it. We could not we were too greedy.


    So the world is on fire!

    Soro’s thugs have been let loose again in Democrat controlled inner cities where the police are told by majors to stand down. Waiting for the President to step in. He doesn’t take their bait. So their inner city neighborhoods burn. Sounds like a great winning formula for the poor people!

    Moving to the big Apple, the Democrats don’t like the homeless poor, so it is OK to declare constant war on them atnd their tents! This is being done to help them re-pitch their tents somewhere else. The liberal press looks away and as usual says nothing.

    In the early days of the virus, the Democrats were eagerly hoping the virus would kill off a lot of rich conservative people. Yes, they got their death wish. The virus did kill off a lot of people. According to a PEW study, 75,000 of the 100,000 reported deaths, so far, occurred in Democrat represented areas.

    The truly rich don’t pretend to like poor people. Me thinks Democrats, deep down, really don’t like poor people either! They are just using them to further their ends.

    So in conclusion, everything in our world is perfectly normal.


    So the big drug dealers are declaring a war against HCQ.


    Because HCQ is stealing customers away from buying the big drug dealer’s more expensive drugs that work better at killing and extracting wealth from their customer’s estates!



    Universities raising instead of lowering tuiton fees doesn’t surprise me one bit.

    I have long noted that for government entities, they must receive increased budgets every year just to survive as they currently are.

    If they receive the same amount of money as the year before, they will die a thousand deaths!

    Hopefully by raising their student tuiton fees, they will get less students, and even less money!


    Yesterday, China fell from sixth last to fifth last on the virus charts.

    By Monday I expect that China will be third last from the bottom of the virus charts!

    At some point, China will simple disappear from the virus charts!

    This goes to show you how successful China has been at exporting the virus around the world.


    Did you see this. Maybe canadian university will get an increase of income from more foreign students.


    Forgot to say,
    The foreign students don’t even have to come here since all learning is on line.

    V. Arnold

    Edward Hopper Folly Beach, Charleston, South Carolina 1929

    Wonderful Hopper. Folly beach looks very inviting/mysterious…
    Interesting date.



    Yes, I knew the Chinese cheat.

    But then as my brother said, they cheat all the time!

    Cheating is their national sport!

    John Day

    WES said:
    Mentioning Hawks is enough to frighten Moki!
    Every once in a while, when she is in the open back yard with us, she will suddenly run back into her cage where she knows she is safe. The walk-in cage has a roof on it. Usually it is just an airplane flying over head.
    Usually when she isn’t hopping around, she will lay under a lawn chair near us for shade and probably protection from an air attack….
    Strangely the tomatoes never seem to get hit. Not sure why? But everything else like corn, peas, beans, lettuce, got hit hard! If it wasn’t the critters, then the insects!
    The trick is to grow extra, enough for everybody!
    Our squirrels will definitely eat tomatoes in Austin, and the birds peck them in Yoakum, but you did figure out the main trick of outproducing the little buggers.


    The freeways and major arteries into the city are closed. St. Paul has blocked the bridges from Minneapolis.
    Peaceful protestors were to leave at 8pm, but those who stayed are sitting down. The involved streets are all cops. In-city people I know are tense. The authorities are positive the agitators are outsiders- there are many “cars without license plates”.
    In the endless breaking news, it is clear the left/right thing is specious- the locals want the bad actors out.
    Walz is turning out to be a very shrewd politician. It’s a Minnesota thing- boring on the outside, ruthless on the inside. I think he knows the FBI knows what he needs to know but won’t tell him.
    That this has spread to other cities smacks of conspiracy- or the months of lockdown, alienating masks, and thinking your fellow man has cooties (or that he thinks you do) has made people twitchy. And it isn’t even summer yet- today was 67 with a dew point in the thirties- a beautiful blue day. Next week we get upper eighties.



    Are the riots in Minneapolis or St Paul?

    I suspect outsiders are there to burn the poor folk’s homes and neighborhood down. It has all been planned ahead of time. White folks dressed in black, so the locals get blamed. Sad.



    It wouldn’t surprise me if Congress told the FBI to stand down and not help the major or police.

    It is pretty clear from AG Barr’s behavior that the President has little control of the DoJ nor FBI. The gang of eight still retain control and want him out at any cost after repeated impeachments failed.

    Now with the lockdown hurting the economy, they see another opportunity to get rid of him.

    I suspect this time they will succeed.

    Then everything in DC can go back to the way it was before and the elites will be happy, even if the people aren’t.


    This morning, TV reports 22 cities have arrested demonstratorsactivists.


    As of my writing last night, there were about 150 buildings that had been burned- mostly small businesses, mostly in Mpls, some in St.Paul. St Paul kept their police force out in full force; Mpls did not.


    Before the internet …. I was ignorant.

    Now, I read the blogs, and I find that I’m not alone. I’m aware.
    I can make a better informed decision. However, It might still be a wrong decision.

    I’m still not among those that are the shakers and movers.

    Like most everyone, I was not invited to participate in any of the 22 cities that had people arrested.

    I’m not surprised by the events.
    I will accept the changes, (toward 2024), that are coming, to the best of my abilities.

    I find it obvious that there is no safe places, for me, to hide from the changes that are happening, the flue can find me anywhere and everywhere.

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