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    Dr. D

    Walden: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…houses. From Irishmen. Wear it out.

    But to make lockdowns happen in a large way, it was necessary to compensate…”

    It’s not about compensating or profit: it’s about GETTING THINGS DONE. No workers = no food = national death. No plumbers, no mechanics, no mask manufacturers? It’ll look like Texas during the freeze. Okay, add all the “Essential” workers back and what do you have? No lockdown.

    Forget about money, throw it out the window. All that matters is if “essential” X – food, paper goods, medicines, clothes, heat, repairs – reach the end user. You can’t do that if things are real shut down. Only if they’re F – A – K – E shut down. So a shut down would kill everyone, or at least as many as Covid did. Maybe someday you have a disease that makes that logical. But this is a FAKE lock down, with full WalMarts, full Amazon trucks, full Uber cars, full pizza drivers, where every service still happens, only with half a mask that doesn’t work, is never washed, is put on sometimes. The only thing not open are restaurants that clocked at a big 1% of all transmission. …But they’re small business. No Senator = not essential. Own a Senator, boom, you’re “essential.” Easy.

    Fake, non lock downs, THAT was the problem. But I agree. I can’t say there are no conditions where it couldn’t happen, although it would be illegal in America, we would still tolerate a window of that while it runs through the courts, and we long since did.

    Besides, wasn’t US needed the bailout. 99% of all bailout/stimulus money went right to the top. Bezos now could now pay every employee half a MILLION with the money he’s made JUST ON THE (fake, voluntary, illegal) PANDEMIC. And THEN today got ANOTHER bailout for Amazon while he was buying MGM James Bond. So the U.S. just paid him to buy MGM. Tough life. Sounds important. AND pays no taxes. AND has no minimum wage. AND has ambulances for his collapsing slaves. Weren’t nothin’ for us, m’dear. And you wonder why I perceive a MOTIVE.

    “It was necessary to compensate”??? How? When? He wouldn’t have noticed, and the rest of us are still owed $10,000/pr to even make the POVERTY line UBI of $12,000. $18k now as it’s been a year and a half. Clearly it was not “necessary to compensate” since no one was compensated, everyone was destroyed except Bezos, Musk, and the mainline to the Fed, now direct monetizing.


    Cool story.
    Where'sMy Money?’s+my+money#&gid=1&pid=2

    And the sad part is, even WITHOUT the money, DEVASTATING, screwing the American people white, there is STILL enough inflation that will probably end the dollar. (On schedule, or just two years late)

    Ah well. I know: I just want my money. I’ll trade you for my country back though.

    Yeah I don’t know if you were lurking back then, we knew the games and it was said to be nicely timed release to get it to spread international to every military. I mean, heck of a coincidence, right? We were on it, but nothing could be proven, and still don’t have new information, esp considering trickle-cases in Maryland first. And the unusual Chinese population in Italy too. Great: we have jobs for Italy! That’s why we’re importing our friends back from Zhengzhou. All Italian unemployed now ha ha! Big joke!

    Dr. D

    Try that add:


    Dr Mercola interviews Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D., and Judy Mikovits, Ph.D., a dream-team in terms of deep insights into the scientific details, to explain the problems they see with gene-based COVID-19 vaccines. These substances evidently stay in bodies for the rest of their lives!


    Michael Reid

    The western world is about to be checkmated by the billionaires. People need to reclaim their lives and ignore this pandemic


    Beyond shocking.
    Very sad …

    absolute galore

    Children With Covid Inflammatory Syndrome May Overcome Most Serious Symptoms
    A small study found that six months after hospitalization, most children with MIS-C did not have debilitating health issues.

    So even the extremely extremely rare case of kids being impacted by Covid is… not a big deal. The teeny tiny percentage of the afflicted quickly recovers. But what the hell, lets vaccinate every last one of them in case they have to hug Joe Biden. Makes sense to me.


    This is what I see happening with the virus and vaccination.

    Those pushing the vaccinations are being dishonest about the risks of taking the vaccines. Further these same people are doing everything g they can to hide or prevent accurate information from being assembled for future study. They are doing this by ensuring any official collected data are corrupt.

    Those questioning the risks of taking the vaccines are currently unable to find accurate data to prove or disprove their questions.

    This how the elites want it.


    Regarding Canada and Ivermectin.

    In Ontario, it is forbidden to mention any knowledge of Ivermection. Doctors are afraid to proscribed ivermectin. Pharmacist are afraid to talk about Ivermectin. I discovered this talking to my doctor and my pharmacists. They all cut the conversation short. So this is a fact.

    That Canada Customs will not admit any packages with ivermectin into the country tells me this directive comes from the very top.

    Canadian media never mention ivermectin.

    That all of the above is happening is no accident! It is coming from the very highest levels of Canada’s federal government.

    The lives of Canadians is being traded for money.

    Michael Reid

    It looks like the billionaires have captured the governments. We the pawns have to remember we don’t have to move just straight ahead. We can move diagonally to take out offensive things to living our lives freely. Mind you it is easier for me because I rarely go to civilization anymore. But I went recently and decided that I would not wear a mask anywhere. It worked out fine.


    DeSantis vs. Big Tech:

    I don’t really see the reasoning for a violation of the first amendment given Section 230, which defines Tech as a platform, not a publisher. So if the challenge on first amendment grounds is as a publisher, then anti-trust is called for under Section 230 (or fines for each violation of such). If they are using the definition of a platform to avoid being sued for censorship under Section 230, then a court case would make 230 null and void, allowing users to sue.

    Am I getting close? And yes, it should be more than DeSantis pushing this type of consumer protection. Forget the feds though because the techies are too deep into DNC pockets.


    The whole thing just seems like the techies, along with the institutions, want to have their cake and eat it too. But then, we don’t have the rule of law anymore.


    It is highly ironic that the West is unsure to declare sars-cov-2 virus as natural or manmade.

    The Moderna and Pfizer “vaccines” are lipid encased human engineered mRNA and the J & J, AstraZeneca and Sputnik V “vaccines” are human designed DNA genes inserted into an incompetent adenovirus that takes over human cells to produce mRNA that directs the assembly of spike protein to induce immunity.

    Corporate media completely ignores that all regulatory approved coronavirus vaccines are manmade substances that direct human cells to assemble an artificial spike protein.


    I would have thought we had learned from the oil embargo that “we” shouldn’t annoy those who supply us with necessities.
    The Dragon provides us with necessities. US politicians set it up that way. Poking The Dragon seems like a bad idea- lest we find ourselves the laughing stock of history. St. George will not help us.

    Michael Reid

    If there is no law you can do what you want within reason


    Yesterday was my 28th wedding anniversary. We had a little chocolate cake to celebrate. Honestly it seems hard to believe. It has been quite the journey!

    I got married when I was 40 and my Wife was 35. We are both hard of hearing. In addition I am going blind, as I have Ushers Syndrome which combines RP with hearing loss. (The cells in the eye and ear are the same cell, thus the connection.)

    I have always wanted to get married and have a family. But I never thought it would prove to be so hard! I couldn’t entertain getting married while I was working and travelling around the world until I lost that job at age 30 and returned to Toronto. Finding a woman who wanted to raise a family turned out to be very difficult as by 30 most women already have kids or don’t want any. So I found myself looking for a needle in a hay stack!

    For our honeymoon, we went to Maryland, DC, and Virgina. We did a mix of motels and camping. We also toured many of the Civil War battle site parks, Jamestown, etc. From the battle site guides I learned that the Civil was one of the first wars in history where the technology of warfare changed so quickly that how the war was fought changed dramatically from the early battles compared to those at the end of the war. They don’t teach that in history books!

    I also got more non-book insights as to how the American battle for independence came to be and why it succeeded. During the latter stages of the 13 colonies, many states had fairly advanced legislator assemblies in place to advise each state’s King appointed governors. Yes, of course these assemblies were nicely rigged so only the local rich and well educated could be selected (elected) to the legislator assemblies. (This rigged business, in my opinion, turned out to be the very key as to why independence succeeded.)

    It is from these rigged state assemblies that the 13 colonies acquired it’s highly trained political leaders. The British could not have done a better job of preparing the 13 colonies for independence than if they had planned it from the very beginning! The rest is history!

    As some of you know I have some family history on both sides of the US/Canada border. An early ancestor, Bridget Bishop, was the first witch hung in Salem in 1692, only pardoned in early 2000. I have other ancestors who were on the wrong side of the war of independence, were empire loyalist, and fled to Ontario in 1776. My family cottage is located in the 1000 Islands in the St. Lawrence River between Ontario and New York, for that very reason.

    I also worked and travelled extensively in the US, being in 42 of 50 states. My brother lives in the states and has seen nearly as many states as I have. I have a few long lost cousins in the states too.

    Anyway getting back to our honeymoon. It was during our tour of the Smithsonian Air and Space museum that my Wife and I decided not to wait a few years to start a family. We were sitting at some outdoor tables on the south side of the museum when we made that decision. The Wife went off the pill. I happily did my part! Sadly nothing happened!

    Next visits to fertility doctors. Four years and tens of thousands, our son 25 was born. Then four more years and tens of thousands, our daughter 21 was born. Our 2 mericle children! My Wife had to make getting pregnant her full time job during all those years! That meant driving downtown Toronto every morning, 3 out of 4 weeks, every month! We wore out a car doing this! Not to mention the stress of it all. Disappointments month after never ending months! None of this could have happened if I had not had the money saved before hand.

    Then less than a year after my daughter was born in 2000, at age 47, I lost my job, and never worked again. Soon after I lost both parents to cancer. Then I learned I had Ushers Syndrome and was legally blind. The doctor asked me how I got to his office? I said I drove! He was appalled and immediately took away my pilot’s license! You need over 130 degrees of vision in one eye to drive. I had less than 5 degrees of vision in both eyes!

    The only thing I am still allowed to drive these days is a grocery kart. I get very nasty faces from any women when I accidently “T – bone” their grocery karts! Yeah, I know, I am supposedly making a pass at them! My desperate “pick up a woman” line! Yes, cave man with a club, drag stunned woman back to cave!

    The one thing I am very grateful for is my parents teaching me to how save and how to manage my money at an early age. During my 8 years of travelling, in my first job, I saved every penny I made, after taxes, and let my Father invest it for me. I didn’t make great money but as my Father said, I could save 100% of it. I lived off of my company expense account for those 8 years. I did not drink to make the bar owners of the world rich.

    Why I saved so hard, I can only attribute to being hard of hearing. Something inside of me told me that some day I would need those savings very badly. At 47, I found out why!

    One of the ironies of all of this, is I got to stay home and raise my 2 kids and spend the entire summer at the cottage with them! Neither of my kids can ever remember me not being at home while they were growing up! When they are hungry, they ask me what there is to eat! Both are still living at home! (Clearly, I must be doing something wrong here!)

    These days in our old age, I do what I need to do as a husband to keep my Wife in a constant of state of agitation! She does likewise! Somehow 28 years has gone by pretty fast.


    @ WES
    ” Doctors are afraid to proscribed ivermectin. Pharmacist are afraid to talk about Ivermectin.”
    I got lucky.
    I got an ivermectin from a doc and pharmacist.
    Just keeping it for “just in case”
    I have had a rich and fulfilling life.
    However, for my whole life, I heard that “its better on the other side.
    I’m ready for whatever will be.


    Happy Anniversary, WES, to you and your wife! It is delightful to be acquainted with you.


    @ WES – great story, and pleased to know you better 🙂

    My anecdote de jour (in keeping with TAE’s economics focus)… the NZ Reserve Bank today released it’s auditor’s public report on the significant data breach which happened to the bank around last XMas.

    I was contracting to the bank on a related project at that time, and have been holding my breath as to what the public record would say. So it’s a huge relief that no shade has been cast in this general direction, and that – although anodyne – the report is targeted pretty fairly.

    Although from personal and direct experience I knew the facts to be true, it’s weird how much external judgements can create doubt and uncertainty, and it’s a relief to be done with them.

    Once again, I credit the TAE community (amongst others, but probably primarily) in helping maintain calibration of “real” and “unreal” in the face of public noise.


    WES, happy wedding anniversary! Congrats.

    Now here is a strange thing. For reasons local, and re. long interest in waste, I keep my eyes on rubbish bins, and the like. When I walk out of my flat, up a small road, I face a large wheelie bin (Brit terms, idk US, garbabe container?), it is very dark grey, and it has on it side, in caps, in white spray paint, WES.

    It’s graffiti, and not municipal tagging. It has been there for about a year and was not removed, I suppose because it isn’t ugly or insulting (as opposed to TUER LES 1235 – Kill the guys who live in x district), and it was only last week I made a link with a poster on TAE. I have no idea where this WES sign comes from / what it means. Anyway there it is, someone in the world somewhere has made a link between graffiti on a garbage bin, and you, one person living in the US.

    The intertubes, man. 🙂 🙂

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