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    Ivan Aivazovsky The Ninth Wave 1849   • This Is Insanity: Trump Case Judge Issues Unbelievable Jury Instructions (ZH) • Trump Tells Donors He’d B
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    • Robert De Niro Court Presser Turns into a Sad Spectacle

    What a Maroon


    Dr. D

    “Judge Merchan just told jurors that they DO NOT have to unanimously agree on what crime Trump is guilty of…”

    Pick a crime, any crime… You can pick 12 crimes, or you can pick crimes we didn’t even mention. We won’t ask.

    You see, this is a perfect example of how these guys work and it’s subtle and clever, I don’t know how, by some sort of demonic instinct, I guess. You see, they work and operate by WEAKNESS. It’s early so I can’t remember but there are CONSTANTLY laws passed on this basis. They put pressure on someone, a few they can target, who need to escape, and so they leave an out that this law is so patently illegal and ridiculous that that House/Senate/Supreme Court will toss it out. No danger for YOU to pass it. Then it passes, (or even doesn’t) and they just SAY it passed, they ALSO have the others in a box, and it becomes-the-law-that’s-illegal-and-no-one-passed. For 100 years, like the Fed or Income Tax.

    The Guildford Four comes to mind. Yes they resisted, but why did they finally break and sign confessions? Because the confessions were ridiculous, illegal, and would be thrown out of court if only they could GET to a lawyer and a court. …Spoiler: they weren’t. They served 15 years. And everyone knew it was illegally done.

    Same thing here: what we do is allow the Jury an OUT, a loophole. Rather than be shot and have their house burned down in NY, or worse, have to admit Trump may not be innocent, but these charges are delusional, THEY know, WE know, EVERYBODY knows, he’s just going to get off on appeal. What’s the harm? Charge him now, he’s a rich guy, he’ll get out in no time. …And AFTER he’s in jail for the election and loses. Win-Win, amirite? Just play along, pal, and no one gets hurt.

    This is near-universal in life or at least American life. Any time you go to traffic court and plea “I was not drunk, your honor” (a lie, you were) and you SHOULD take the required consequence, instead you have to plead, that is, avow legally, to the court, that you ran a stop sign instead. That was a lie. There was no stop sign, nor did you run it. You are committing perjury at the express DEMAND of the court. Occasionally someone realizes this and gets disoriented by the entire court, all the “experts” and entire American legal system is telling them committing a crime makes them innocent while telling the truth makes them guilty. Yet that’s how it works. That they can swim in this and think nothing of it for 100 years tells you were their minds are.

    So the Judge DOESN’T CARE. This is how it always works. His job isn’t to hang Christ on a cross, just say “I see no fault” and wash his hands so the NEXT guy can do it. …And then, collectively, he’s hung on a cross somehow when no one said to do so. No ONE person signed the orders. Magic! No ONE can be blamed. Because they’re all cowards and weasels. Because they DO know right from wrong or they wouldn’t be so shy about it. Then there’s also no appeal, as each appeal rests on tiny, meaningless arcana as we see with Assange. What jurisdiction? What timing? Which appeal? You know, ruling against this miniscule point of law isn’t REALLY that bad…and Assange and the Guildford Four die in prison. …It’s law as created by the Screwtape Letters.

    What is it really for? WEAK MEN. If you have any weakness, won’t fight like a badger to the death, they can find some dishonorable out, some loophole you can tell yourself when Assange is tortured for 20 years, or one Judge in one minor court flips and decides the Presidency of the whole nation. This is why you need RELIGION. Because they will ask you to die for your cause and one of the other entertainments in court is when you have a guy like Ron Paul who will take a principled position. ANY principled position. “They” can’t stand this and will immediately set to work proving he’s a unprincipled, self-serving scoundrel like they are. You see this most commonly in Preachers. They just send every temptation, tireless, year after year, political alliances, honey pots, young girls, money, cars, power, anything. THEY CAN’T STAND IT. They can’t stand the thought of anyone even THINKING, even TRYING to be honest. It keeps them up nights and no price is to high nor campaign too long to “Get one” of these guys. Who-Think-They’re-Better-Than-Us. Huh. (Narcissists at work. Cluster B. No: — I — must be better than YOU.)

    Yeah, well, FIRST they DON’T think they’re better than you, and second, the rest of us don’t have 50 multi-millionaires paying to have temptation drop-shipped to our door. When it may not even be happening, like “I’ll mail you drugs and when you take theminto the house to open the mystery package the police show up. Boom: Front Page news, Caught with a pound of coke. With the background threat that “I’ll kill you and everyone you know” hovering in the background like we just saw with the ICC. Thankfully as above, because they are cowards they are cowards and don’t egg themselves on over the line very often.

    So IF you can find a SINGLE principled man, who has sense and can compromise, but just says “Heck no, you’re crazy if you think I’ll flip my support to John “Veins in my Teeth” McCain,” this system of weaseling doesn’t work on them. So generally after a while, they just shoot them dead in a ditch. They can’t stand, cannot abide ANY such honest men to tread the earth. Union or workers rights people who won’t corrupt have a very high mortality rate for instance.

    Anyway, that’s back to Merchan and NY. “What’s the harm?” Right? “YOU know it’ll all vanish on appeal, it’s not really your fault. Just play along…” …As then they use the opportunity for your KNOWN setup to assassinate a U.S. President in Rikers. “But I didn’t know.” Oh yes you did. You knew what you did was wrong, and you were taking the sleezeball route out. You just didn’t realize it was MURDER. You thought it was just toppling democracy itself and ending the American Experiment forever. And you said yes because that wasn’t your guy. Then I, the guy who setup and arranged it, will BACK-Blackmail you because of your internal guilt about it, who-knew-you-were-doing-wrong. Win-win.

    This is the true banality of true evil. “Play along” that we need to build a dock and not just open the gates. Play Along that SAYING something about Palestinians is a 6-month sentence but killing 30,000 of them isn’t a crime. Play along that we’re a little bit hard on outsiders and a little bit nicer to our friends. Play Along. “Go along to get along.” Be a “Pal.”

    …And so with all of you here, you’re so super-cool. Just like the evil working in this example YOU can’t stand for any man to TRY to be good. They all have to be bad, and not just bad, but totally super-baddie bad, with an icing of “Never did anything good and never will, never can.” Why? Emotionally you can’t stand it, just like them. You can’t stand somebody, somewhere might be FIGHTING, doing something, getting involved. Because IF there is some good you can do or support, then you’re a coward and weak sitting on your couch doing nothing, saying “There are no good men, we already lost, what’s the point.”

    Yeah, and you are. No war was ever fought by GOOD men. Because they were all fought by FLAWED men. That’s the American Story, that’s what’s really told in our myth of the Founding Fathers, that they were NOT good men, and did NOT agree. At all. Then shot each other. But you can still DO something, and make something great, redeem something lost, create something moral. And it’s pure weasel weakness if you don’t, you fear, lying awake at night.

    But you get out of all that if you just say the other guy is wrong. He’s no better than you, he’s a no-good lout and deserves what’s coming to him. What’s the harm? What’s the difference?

    Yes, that’s EVIL. That’s the evil in all of us we fight badly each day and generally lose. That’s the dividing line that runs through every mans’ heart. BUT WE TRY. And in trying, become better and make the world better too. There are only two directions: Up, and Down. TRY to move up, or don’t TRY and slip down.

    That’s why we have the famous quote:

    “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.” ― Theodore Roosevelt

    Or maybe this one: “In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.” –Theodore Roosevelt

    You may be worse than nothing. You’re doing the thing that discourages OTHERS from helping and doing something. Don’t give in and do that. If you’re not going to do your part, at least don’t stop others from doing theirs.

    “France’s Macron Backs Ukrainian Strikes Inside Russia

    Russia is openly saying that France is at full, declared war with them. British MPs are saying this, that Britain is at open, declared war with Russia. Biden has openly said we are at full war with Russia.

    But this is #OppositeLand, where we are BOTH at war with Russia and the #Opposite and not at war. All things and their #Opposites are equal. (Says the perfect definition of sheer raving madness)

    “Democrats To Virtually Nominate Biden To Ensure Ohio Ballot Access

    Biden is both nominated and not nominated as he’s nominated BEFORE he’s nominated. Got it? Great, now how do you get sheer madness into a court on appeal?

    “Seattle Squatters Smug As County Swamped With ‘Enormous Backlog’ Of Eviction Cases

    Great idea! What does this do, you anti-capital communists? IT CRUSHES ALL THE SMALL LANDLORDS, and? Then it GIVES ALL AMERICAN REAL ESTATE TO FACELESS MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS and d—k rocket billionaires. Nice going! Can you think at least ONE move ahead? This is like pigeon chess, and trust me, BlackStone and Larry Fink won’t mind. When every small landlord is dead, they’ll roust you out of the squats having no allies, and lock you into a concrete block house as there will be no “Neighborhood Diversity” left. …Having nice things costs money and they’re not into that. Like your 1890s 3rd floor stained glass Victorian apartment, only a small landlord would ever do that. Blackrock would burn the place down, and have.

    “Japan’s Largest Nuclear Reactor Remains Idle, Despite Nation’s Energy Crunch

    Killin’ some folks. The only bad thing is humans. Must be killed everywhere, at every time, for every reason. Gee, I wonder why life is so hard down here?

    “Kash Patel:” Stop being a child. You have to make compromises. You don’t win every battle. Boy, good thing our founding fathers never disagreed or made compromises or we wouldn’t be here today. That’s why they never lost a fight! Yessirree, that’s why there’s no America today!

    Eric Trump: Yes, that is the goal for NYC and everywhere. Now we can all see it. This is what they WANT, they have ALL the power, they make ALL the choices, and they WANT $5k for every felon and crime up 500% while every billionaire leaves. This is greatest, bestest for the poor and minorities of course.

    Jeffery Sachs is indeed a centrist, and he actually believes these things. I guess we need people like that but to me he’s a midwit who can’t conceive there are criminals anywhere who are up to something. When you have more a few criminals, then your master plans won’t work (as Russia 1990s he was in on) but when we’re 80% criminals now it’s ludicrous.

    Oh well. He’s smart and means well even if he’s in some kind of rarefied air tupperware box.

    “• Et tu, Trump (Paul Craig Roberts)

    Don’t believe everything you read, Paul. It was WaPo who published it. Good thing they haven’t had any retractions since 2020 or 2016 right? Good thing they picked “WMD and Ties to Al-qaeda” right and that “They’d greet us with flowers.”

    “Compared to the emphasis on reducing tensions that characterized the long Cold War, I can only conclude that the West has gone insane and is incapable of recognizing reality and behaving responsibly.”

    Ya think?

    “the Russians are not playing games,”

    Let’s just quote this part out. Russia isn’t bluffing. Russia doesn’t bluff. Why should they? Why would they? As above we just SAY that – like “Bulls—t” uncaring if it’s true – to give YOU an out. Nobody cares if it’s real or not. Your “Out” is, “I didn’t know; you told me they were bluffing.” Well that’ll be fine consolation when we have a worldwide nuclear exchange and you can hold all your children’s withering bodies as they starve to death, taking in toxic radioactive dust with each breath. You’ll really sleep well at night. #Winning! Tiger Blood!

    This is a few other things. They won’t HOLD THE LINE for Truth. Stand on principle. So that the Big Lies are built out of the little lies. It’s “Putin, Putin, Putin”. One man. “Putin is a dictator” not honestly elected at an 80% margin with huge turnout. “Russia is a gas station” but ALSO “Russia is running the world and fixing all events and all elections worldwide.” Etc.

    These “little” lies culminate in mis-apprehending, misunderstanding, miscalculating to your own perfect destruction and death. So that some OTHER guy – the billionaire ministers and reagents who whispered in your ear – wander off into the sunset with your nation and your fortune, raping your daughter. What could be a happier ending than that?


    It’s hard enough to not be wrong all the time even if you DON’T tell lies, much less if you do and swallow them all day. Stop it. Hold the line and cut off the people who are weak and do this. Don’t cooperate with them. It’s a codependency that works to both of your destruction. Even if you love Biden, don’t tell lies to protect him so you can save his son from madness and death. Right? Is that Love? Or hate?

    Don’t tell lies. ‘Cause here we are.

    “Yellowcake. WMD and Ties to Al-qaeda. RussiaRussiaRussia. Dominoes of Democracy. We had to kill the village to save the village.” Don’t tell lies.

    “Austin: no, also he’s indisposed.” Meaning, dead? Blown up in Ukraine? And what new NATO general did they blow up in Lviv attack last night?

    Yeah, I think Burns might be the guy President.”

    “• Ex-Ukrainian Prime Minister: Zelensky is Nothing But Impostor Since May 21 (Sp.)

    He was always an impostor and puppet, he’s an actor set up for years by Kolomoisky. He never ran anything and doesn’t now either.

    “• Zelensky is ‘An Outlaw’ – Russian State Duma Chairman (RT)

    Putin gave a speech following this legal minutia as well. So you see the plan, such as they don’t believe it will be followed: Ze is out, power is now in the Rada, so their Speaker of the House is now leader and can do what he wants. So he can ignore or UN-pass the “No negotiations” law, and he can stop the war. Putin mentions this as they are raising a conscription that may topple government right now and suggested the West is getting ZE to do all this dirty work first, blame him for it, then dispose of him. Probably. Doesn’t mean it’s the only Plan tho.

    Will Rada stop the war? Meh, probably not. Nor does Russia care. Better if they don’t, as NATO and Europe will collapse more explosively.

    “• Western Experts Realizing NATO Expansion Was A Mistake – Lavrov (RT)

    A hundred Western experts always said this, including Clinton and Obama. So who overruled them?

    “The F-16 CAN carry nuclear loads, so Russia must presume that is what they do. Can’t afford to wait and see.”

    CoDependents, actually they’re saving YOU. An F16 or two won’t topple Russia. However, suppose they nuke a city of 120,000 like Belgorod. Then Russia would HAVE to ICBM Nuke Long Island. See? They’re saving Long Island and Malibu by not LETTING you get started with your meth-addled plan.

    Bad guys swim in this world of using codependents to always save them. Use them up, throw them away, their stupid, laughable, “Weaponized Humanity”. Because they have purged all love and humanity from themselves and think that makes them strong. It makes them stupid, with the same, predictable, stupid weakness if you wish to exploit and stop them. So? Do it. Diabolic Narcissists all do the same thing. They’re mentally ill. If you care about them, stop them. As mentally ill they CAN’T HELP but do the same thing, over and over, in a loop. That’s what “Mentally ill” means. Cluster B has one game plan and you can even read it in Pop Magazines. So stop them.

    “by the people for the people shall not perish from the earth. Under Trump this kind of government will perish from the earth. “

    The derangement is, if only Trump had been President already so we could know what would happen: NOTHING.

    Time EXISTS, Robert. You might have noticed. That happened in the PAST, not the future. …And 100M Americans actually don’t notice. Doesn’t occur. They are in their minds, that’s why it’s the “Smart” people. “We had to kill the Democracy to save the Democracy”. Same pitch as Bush, actually, and working just as well. “If only you give me Reichstag Nazi Powers 2.0 Act, I’m sure America will be great and there’ll be less war.” How’s that working out for you that you didn’t Hold the Line? You all thought it would be overturned, unconstitutional, reversed, not obeyed? Don’t do evil. Don’t tell lies.

    “• Evidence That President Raisi, FM Amir-abdollahian Were Murdered (Helmer)

    Different story: they are blowing up Russian over-the-horizon ICBM radar. But WHICH radar? Yes, that blinds Russia to American first strike, but it blinds Russia to IRAN. So that ISRAEL can first strike and Russia can’t warn them. Yes. Is that related to removing chess pieces of competent moderates in helicopters? MANY sides want the Eschatological End Times, the Messiah to come back, etc. Iran and Israel are BOTH deep into it, or factions are. That is their “out”, their weasel explanation weak men can use to do evil. Because it makes, forces, demands, Christ come back. The Madhi.

    You see, Christ is our little B—h and he does what we say. We actually DO know the day and hour he will come, and order around God almighty. …That’s not anti-religious at all, right? (Not if you’re a psychopath. Seems normal then.)

    See why Israel doesn’t care about Raffah and war crimes? They’ll be a footnote. Just gotta bear with a bad week or two, then POOF! WWIII, and I called Christ like Uber Eats, made him show up, whacked him on the back of the head and told him to GTF out of here. Right?

    “Geert Wilders’ Party for Freedom (PVV) won bigly in the elections. But he’s considered unacceptable as prime minister.”

    Winning = Losing in #OppositeLand. When you’re President, that means no one follows your orders. Logic! In #AntiLogos, it’s always the #Opposite of reason, or better yet, no reason at all! Then I’m the super-smartest! You can’t tell me what to do! “We create reality now…”

    Jimmy Dore is following the USS Liberty yesterday, with a spokesperson. Then Kurt points out using a joke, that they always launch their wars with a magical blood sacrifice. You’d be proud. Go subscribe today.


    Sachs on the Gain of Function… It still lends credulity to the idea of a ‘Pandemic’. I’m not gunna start screaming “CONTROLLED OPPOSITION”, but it is starting to irk me that neither Rogan, nor Carlson (no one actually) will touch the idea that there was no scary-arse virus. Cov19 REPLACED seasonal flu. NO ADDITIONAL DEATHS EQUALS NO PANDEMIC.
    Yet Sachs (an academic/money man – with his finger on the pulse – a man of insight and great merit) can’t see this. And he is OUR expert.

    Sasha Latypova’s advice for bird flu is to shove earplugs in your ears.
    Fear is the mind killer.
    The silent invisible killers of carbon, and misinformation, viruses, nuclear war. SAVE ME DADDY.
    Take a chill pill everyone.
    Our last 4 years of training was in learning to not give a shit about invisible monsters. There is plenty to do just dealing with the visible ones.

    Dr D Rich


    I expect Dr D to pick the meat off the bone of this crock of horse manure:


      Zelensky] is not a specialist, not a patriot of his country, he is just a random person in power, a puppet.”

    Random, that is Mr. Random would have selected the 99.7% of the population of the The Ukraine before someone ot Zelensky’s religious affiliation.
    Hell there’s about double the chance Mr. Random would have randomly selected A Ukrainian affiliated with Islam before Zelensky, you know, all things being equal. Randomly, Mr. Random’s selection dart landing on any Orthodox Christian and Catholic would be roughly 180 times more likely than the The Ukraine’s height impaired Impostor president.

    So why did the The Ukraine need a Jewish president?
    Were the The Ukraine people demanding it….leadership by a fringe religious minority?
    When your worshipers measure half of Islamists in your otherwise Christian nation that defines the word fringe, doesn’t it?


    Let’s get rich on genocide, it’s the American way

    Yeah, would be believable in the 1950s, but now you would need twice the dick because the bitch is a purple haired land whale. Now going to happen; totally possible if Putin was building the rocket, not possible if current Americans are building the rocket. Good job the USA has so many munitions made by previous generations that they can drop on children in Gaza, how else would they keep their people happy?


    Donald Trump helped Construct the $60 Billion Dollar Ukraine Military Spending Bill with Mike Johnson , Turning it Into a Loan… — Trump’s Playing 3D Chess

    No, Americans think he is playing 3D chess because Americans don’t know what chess is, whether it is a book or something else, but they read it somewhere, so it must be cool. Trump is a terrible administrator and an even worse minder of the budget, he is a dick who wants to be king, a bit like Charles of the UK.


    Professor Jeffrey Sachs is the President of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions

    Wow, that title “UN sustainable development solutions” tells me that basically he had a hardon some time in the past and he believes he can get it back. What a guy, he obviously loves his life of failure, I must follow him …. not.


    The Empire of Lies is such a Pathetic Sack-o-Shit: PSS

    “I don’t think Lavrov wants to negotiate with somebody who’s such a lightweight,” he claimed, apparently unimpressed with Blinken’s guitar playing abilities……

    Blinken the Buttplug

    “We are the hollow men
    We are the stuffed men
    Leaning together
    Headpiece filled with straw. Alas!
    Our dried voices, when
    We whisper together
    Are quiet and meaningless
    As wind in dry grass
    Or rats’ feet over broken glass
    In our dry cellar

    Shape without form, shade without color,
    Paralyzed force, gesture without motion;

    Those who have crossed
    With direct eyes, to death’s other Kingdom
    Remember us—if at all—not as lost
    Violent souls, but only
    As the hollow men
    The stuffed men……”

    TS Eliot

    So the Empire of Lies shows it’s true colors

    So if Blinken is a WiFi controlled vibrating Buttplug that leaves the Intel Mafia, the Military Mafia aren’t that smart

    “William Burns actually might be the person,” [to go toe to toe with Lavrov] referring to Biden’s CIA director…….

    “He used to be an ambassador to Russia, if I remember, and he might have the adequate gravitas to negotiate….”

    Burns is the One-eyed Man in the Kingdumb of the Blind.

    Duh’merica is at the precipice

    The Sheeple are concentrated on finding a decent hamburger for less than $20 and simply have no mental computing power left for “higher pursuits”

    Orange Jesus will not save the Republic



    Larry Ellison to journalists: “You’re telling me Elon’s an idiot? Well, who are you!?”

    You telling me that Musk is not prostate to the Jews? You Ellison, you know the game, so stop fucking us around. You think that a Jew worshipper like Musk is more than just a tool being used by govrnment and other money to fuck the rest of us over? Bullshit. He even got a visit from Genocideyahoo, his new mate, who stopped by to give him a talking to, even Trump, one of the biggest Jew lovers, didn’t even get a visit from Genocide devil. So, tell us the story Ellison, how did Musk make his money, he didn’t make much out of ebay, so where did it come from Ellison, was it the same place that Gates and your money came from, government? No, Musk is not an idiot, but he is also not your friend and will support mandatory implants in your brain if it suits his owners.


    How is “the news” any different from Sesame Street? Muppets entertaining/indoctrinating children. You’re in a 1 world system. The bankers running it want you sick/dead/broke, under constant surveillance, a fuckin slave on a plantation. Heaven for the jew, Hell for everyone else. In between pharma ads, let me know when 1 TVfuckface comes close to mentioning that.


    Economics 101 in Duh’merica

    In a nutshell


    those darned kids

    “why do what’s right when you can take what’s left – it’s the american way.” ~ tdk


    Who is listening.
    You can decide.
    (Not all those in control/power. )
    Did you ever hear of Jeffrey Sachs

    A lonely voice


    I’m going to try to ignore further lawfare news, as it is essentially spam.

    But maybe someone else can sum it up – Can someone who wants trump found guilty and understands this log in and explain?

    I keep seeing exchanges like:


    Which law is that? What is the crime? Conspiracy to promote or prevent the election of any person to a public office by unlawful means? It doesn’t define “unlawful” does it?

    What did President Trump do that was “unlawful?”

    Nobody seems to understand the charges, not even on the MSM.


    Are you incapable to read?

    Falsifying Business Records in the First Degree

    It’s stated all over the document.

    Always this weird evasive generalization

    Let’s say I was pissed at Trump for a crime. Want him found guilty. Person who disagrees with me asks “WTF is even the problem?!?!?””

    I answer: “Trump went down to Steve’s Bodega around 9:05am on 5/18 and pistol-whipped Steve because Steve refused to put trump campaign posters up in his window, saying he’d pistol whip him every morning until he did it. It was seen by 3 witnesses and the security camera footage. How the hell are you saying trump is innocent? How do you not get that he assaulted someone in order to promote his election?

    My irresistible instinct is to say hey you dummy, here’s the things he did! The person pretending innocence of trump in this scenario exasperates me to the point where I take their nose and rub them in the specifics. LOOK you dumb fuck. Calculate 2 + 2 for god’s sake.

    Yet every argument I find everywhere cites the wording of a couple laws, says “falsifying business records, you bigot” and stuff like that. Nobody, nobody anywhere, tells me a coherent tale to me about wtf this is all about. So it’s spam and I’m done with it after this, other than noting the verdict.

    That said, while laying tile yesterday, I had time to think about the hour or so I spent trying to get my head around the charges, procedures.

    The jury can disagree on what crime was committed and still find him guilty….

    Is this really the way it works?:

    Count 1 – 8 to 4 Not Guilty
    Count 2 – 8 to 4 Not Guilty
    Count 3 – 8 to 4 Not Guilty

    Judge: That’s 12 Guilty verdicts!

    How’d they get 34 counts off one payment from a lawyer to a porn star? Did they pay her 34 times? Did the one expense show up 34 times in the accounting books?

    Judge Merchan – also was judge on Steve Bannon’s case. I guess he was… hand-picked for his demonstrated expertise in impartiality?

    1. Porn star swore in writing the sex never happened
    2. It’s legal to have sex with a pornstar anyway
    3. It’s legal to pay hush money
    4. It’s normal to account for legal payments as legal expenses
    5. It’s legal to promote yourself as a political candidate

    however, if you’re State of NY and mix them up together in your test tube, then it turns into 34 time-expired misdemeanors which transform into felonies?

    So Hillary Clinton, in slandering Trump with the fake dossier, then using it for the purposes of swinging the election, needs to be in jail? By first committing the felony of destroying 40,000 subpoenaed records to avoid negative press (which counts as promotion, per the trump trial) for her election, needs to be in jail? When she worked with her husband to silence a bagillion women accusing Clinton of sexual harassment, assault, etc, for the purpose of helping win an election, she went to jail for that too? She’s been in jail since the 90’s? Or no, those expenses got line-itemed as hush money?

    Worst of all, Clinton’s campaign probably spent 100’s of millions on opposition research. The equivalent of what, BILLIONS of dollars have been spent across various 3 letter agencies, legal teams, bureaucrats, billable hours, etc working on trump from within the government… and THIS is the best they can come up with to charge him???

    We know there were various secret court approvals to spy on him. It isn’t like they went around with kid gloves and averted eyes – they had, and probably still have, approval to spy in pretty much every way they can imagine, with the resources of various 3 letter agencies at their command – yet THIS is the best they can do? He’s the most moral, most squeaky clean president ever in history, apparently. I say that with incredulity and a sense of absurdity, but unless I assume the entire thing is a contrived, fake show, there it is.


    My greatest sense of outrage is the same as my outrage at new Dr Who, Star Trek STD, Star Wars, Rings of Prime, and all the other garbage skinsuit productions of the past 10 years.

    Why such bad writing? YES, it could all be kabuki theatre, and I always try to keep that in mind, but in one sense, that makes it even more outrageously bad.

    Why such totally brain dead, like your entire brain is just a cancerous tumor, retarded anti-human consciousness writing? Can you not construct a single coherent thought in your head, writers? Chain a few sentences or a few words into a coherent chain-of-events story involving causality and continuity of character?

    Sonar in space? The creepy old lady following you was you all along, but even after you become her via aging and realize you are her, you don’t know why you were following yourself around? (that was the latest Dr Who episode) Strong, powerful women maim men who try to be helpful and steal their clothing and vehicles because they’re superior, they’re heroes? What?


    i am going to break my New Years resolution again and be nice for a moment.

    for those who berate and belittle my fellow citizen’s of the United States of America please stop.
    from Sachs/Carlson

    Sachs – “How could they know?…..What exactly is wrong?
    this has been the case since 1945.”
    and most importantly – “I’m so naive”

    Mr. Sachs should wear the interview with Carlson as a badge of honor, the man courageously de-selected himself. That degree of intestinal fortitude is humbling.


    cracker is back

    can we now put the Wuhan – CHINA, CHINA, CHINA bullshit to rest?

    as Bob Denver sang -oops- John Denver – “Rocky Mountain High”


    the only time Mike Pompeo spoke the truth on camera – “it’s a live exercise”


    I wonder how long it will take for the 12 jury members to figure out, if they want to live, that their only option is to find Trump guilty on all counts?

    Dr D Rich


    Do you think the 12 jurors recognize Juan Merchan holds them all hostage and in contempt?
    That their release only comes from following his orders as to outcome explicitly??
    That Merchan runs his court as a business and a criminal enterprise first and foremost???

    When you got it then why not flaunt it?


    Thinking about the trial for just one more minute here….

    Okay, so let’s take as a given that there was a payoff to Stormy to not say her negative story about trump. Let’s theorize that if she actually kept to her agreement after being paid off, then the payoff could have been “election promotion” in the sense of not getting bad press. Let’s say all of that is true.

    Then that would be a simple matter of payoff > influence election. Now just prove the payoff is illegal.

    But no, the accusation is confined to Falsification Of Business Records.

    I’m gripping my head with a huge headache trying to understand the stupidity of this, but my best guess as to what this means….

    Labeling the expense as Legal Expense instead of Stripper Hush Money on an accounting ledger, NOT the payoff itself, promoted Trump’s election campaign illegally?

    This is the accusation if I am not mistaken? Calling things names on accounting ledgers causes election promotion?


    HOW did the naming of it as a legal expense on the piece of paper in and of itself promote trump in the election? Can we get some voter testimony that it influenced their voting decision? Witnesses, affidavits?

    Because that’s what the 34 charges are for, if I’m understanding correctly?

    What was the line item SUPPOSED to say for a legal non disclosure agreement? I went to ABC, NBC, CNN, Reuters, and the Washington Post, read through yards and yards of article comments with people arguing about the trial. Nobody knows what the correct name was that should have been used in the accounting?

    Does the prosecutor know? Does the court know? Did they say what he failed to call it?


    Like, if I shoplift a blank journal, then write in it “Dear diary, I’m the bestest presidential candidate evar. I’m a nobel prize winning scientist, pulitzer prize winner, and medal of honor recipient. I invented electricity. I’m a police officer, here’s a picture I took of myself in a police officer costume” and say to myself “There, I have positively influenced my election”

    and the journal goes to sit on a shelf that no voter will see.

    No, but you see, I THOUGHT it would influence the election. My INTENT was to influence the election. I premeditated it and then did it!

    Sub $20 value theft > Lies to the public for Election Influence Intentions > Felony

    Like, ANY American citizen can produce this felony guilt for themselves by going through these same steps????


    Sachs/Carlson interview

    Sachs one message is “stay away from The Cliff”

    The Empire of Lies Lies Lies will not speak with Russia

    The Empire of Lies Lies Lies has NO DIPLOMACY

    Like: ZERO

    It yells and commands and dictates to every nation on Earth.

    That is not diplomacy

    The world is approaching The Cliff as we speak, the Event Horizon

    Putin has said that if nuclear war happens, the Russian will ascend to Heaven, the West will go to Hell

    I agree

    You can say your ‘leaders’ do not speak for you until the cows come home.

    Your wrong on the face of that position.

    They do speak for you on the world stage, that’s why why call them leaders..

    They suck, but that does not excuse a population from being responsible for the fact that those people are in the positions they are in doing what they are doing.

    It’s not complicated or nuanced

    It’s right there, in your face

    I sincerely believe that Duh’merica can’t do the math and add the numbers on this one up.



    Too many people can’t do the math that they need to make a living. (living wage?)

    Dr. D

    Sorry to say, correct. IF we want Ukraine to survive, what do we say to them? “Well, you’re there, you better overthrow your government and replace it if you don’t all want to die in a horrible war.”

    Aaaaand us, America? Who are about to get nuked from orbit for f’ing around and finding out? Yes, history is going to say the same thing: “You Knew all this was going on, Or most of it. Most of it was in the papers, even if the headlines were bent, it was there. Did you rise up and general strike and toss them? No you did not. Guilty as charged, sentence stands.”

    Even though I know all that and tell everyone, that’s all there is. We’re not better than we are. We know them by their ACTIONS.

    “Orange Jesus will not save the Republic”

    No he will not. Nor should he. He can get out of the way, that’s OUR job. Why are any of you mentioning him, or as if he SHOULD save the Republic? I feel like I’m talking to myself out here.

    “No, Musk is not an idiot, but he is also not your friend” and he can stay out of my way and leave me alone in a long line of people who are going to get chewed up if they want to tango.

    Dr. Rich is making a roundabout allegation. In that case, it’s pretty funny that he’s not Jewish and his kids are baptized. What does that mean that he’s not, not born that way, etc. So what does it mean that Lo! Suddenly now he is for some reason?

    It’s almost like it’s eyewash that means nothing, it’s trollop for the rubes so we can say “See? He’s not a Nazi! How can he be?” (Some proportion of the Nazis were also Jews. Believe it or not. Top papers that got them into power were Jewish. Believe it or not. Strange world, how can that be?)

    JB: Yes, all true and I hadn’t considered writing it on a ledger is non-public. But none of it matters because he’s ‘tarded and talks like a fag n’ sh-t. Commancho Mountain Dew says so. Expect the 7/5, 7/5 7/5 verdict (of charges we still can’t name) to be decreed unanimous shortly.


    Wait, wait, I’ve got it now.

    When you pay someone to sign a non-disclosure agreement, you HAVE to, it’s like a RULE… you have to report that private info, the info you just paid to keep private, in a way that the public can discover.

    You cannot be so vague about it that it stays private. That would be WRONG.

    Like, if you pay a mugger to not shoot you, then you have to borrow his gun and shoot yourself in the foot. Obviously.

    Why anyone has ever paid for non disclosure in the past, I cannot explain. Shrug. That’s how non disclosure works, you stupid bigots.


    Poor Trump he will have to hear, “Guilty as charge”,
    … Becoming a politician and telling a White lie to get elected.
    This will be the end of democracy.


    A false flag operation is an act committed with the intent of disguising the actual source of responsibility and pinning blame on another party.

    Another Jewish school in Montreal was also hit by at least one bullet Wednesday night.
    “I’m, of course, relieved that no one was hurt. I’m disgusted by these vile and despicable acts of antisemitism. It needs to stop now,” said Trudeau.

    “To Jewish parents and students across the country, we stand with you. We will always work to safeguard your right to live proudly Jewish lives in Canada.”

    Trudeau said the federal government is working with local law enforcement and will use “all available federal resources to ensure that the perpetrators are held to account.”

    “We cannot and will not let this antisemitism stand in Canada,” he added.

    Ford said he agreed with Trudeau and promised that the province would “throw every single resource” to catch the perpetrators, and “throw them in jail, throw away the key.”

    Can our leaders count? Or Maybe they know that most people cannot count
    A well balanced argument from our leaders
    One bullet in a window vs bombs on 36,000 Palestinians


    Here we go.


    Guilty, etc.

    Dr D Rich


    “Trump is Mandela 2.0”

    Oh, Christ….almighty.
    It’s the same brain worm that clouds the minds of Scott-Ritter-Prof. Jeffrey-Sachs-Tulsi-white-forelock-Gabbard aficionados.

    Nelson Mandela isn’t even Mandela 1.0. Now Winnie….there’s a baller!


    Trump Found Guilty On All Counts In ‘Hush Money’ Case


    Which has no effect on me to not vote for him, since nobody has taken the time to help me comprehend the crime.

    He’s never been charged, let alone found guilty of paying for the stripper to shut up AS A CRIME.

    So he wrote “Legal Costs” on a ledger, which was criminally lying to cover up a NON criminal act???

    And nobody can show me how listing it as Legal Costs on the ledger influenced the election? How it could have been expected to influence the election?

    Can anyone even show me a timeline of when the Stormy Daniels story broke nationwide vs when the accounting info became available to the voting public? If everyone was already aware of it, then concealing it in your accounting records is not a clever trick that can fool the public, re-ignorantize them of the event.

    How can writing Legal Costs in a ledger be reasonably expected to influence an election? How can concealing matters already made public conceal them?

    If you’re going to gaslight me, nudge me, whatever, okay, can you PLEASE construct a coherent narrative for me to grab hold of? If something bad really was done, all the more reason. wtf WAS this?

    There’s plenty of out of work writers in hollywood and from TV. I know, because you’ve got inexperienced woke hacks writing everything today. Geez, you’ve spent what. a billion or two? Surely hundreds of millions on this. Can you pay a seasoned writer 50k to write you a decent script?


    I end up with the same question I had after The Last Jedi – who was this FOR?

    It’s so incomprehensible that anyone on the fence has no narrative to grab hold of and believe.

    Anyone pro-trump certainly isn’t won over by this. Anyone anti-trump enough to believe in its significance was already going to vote against Trump.

    It’s not only that I cannot comprehend the narrative, I cannot comprehend the meta-narrative.

    Who was this FOR?


    That is why the “democracy is on the ballot” claims border on defamation against our Constitution. We have the most successful and stable democratic system in history.

    What a joke, why do Americans repeat these tropes without even engaging their brains; there was a time when the brainwashing was not important, today it reveals that people like Jonathan Turley are simply morons, who cannot engage their brains, who will never regain the “good old days” because their “good old days” never existed. America has never been a democracy, it has been a bloodthirsty superpower, that is it. Most European democracies are way more democratic than the USA, where only billionaires get to decides who stands; not much of a democracy if you have to beg donors for money so that you can stand. That is how the USA got bought by the Jews, and Turley really ought to introduce some facts to his brain. Being run by the Jews is not democracy, voting is not democracy, work it out Turley.


    oxymoron said

    (no one actually) will touch the idea that there was no scary-arse virus. Cov19 REPLACED seasonal flu. NO ADDITIONAL DEATHS EQUALS NO PANDEMIC.

    Exactly my thinking as well; where did flu go if not being renamed Covid? Why did they use such useless tests, if not to use flu as Covid? The whole thing was based on tests and PR, there was no Covid and the people who complain of “long Covid” actually have “long flu” and a heavy need for sympathy.


    oxymoron said

    Sachs on the Gain of Function

    Looks like Sachs is the latest deep state input to the alternative media. He is everywhere these days, but what has hell has he ever done other than feed off the USA’s NGO system. He is as deep state as you can get, yet suddenly he is our new guru? Another fucking economics wonk. WTF.


    major reversal on the use of weapons – we have rocket surgeons in charge

    oxy and asp beginning in August and running through November 2019 there was some type of pathogen infecting citizens in Northwest Florida. Whatever the pathogen was it was not highly contagious but presented the symptoms that were noted about Sars COV-2. I cooked Thanksgiving dinner that year without the ability to smell or taste. I had been searching the internet for a month trying to find out what might have caused the crazy illness i experienced. Taking CRISPR into consideration i do not think the variant that first gained notoriety was the first variant released. No stranger to the flu, whatever it was it was not anything i had ever experienced.

    Dr D Rich


    Don’t expect the quality of their brainwashing and gaslighting to improve.

    Here’s an explanation why they appear nonsensical. Perhaps because they are….nonsensical.
    It’s confabulation.
    They are confabulating.
    Even if they ever held valid memories of an event, they’ll never again be able to recollect it correctly.

      confabulation is a memory error consisting of the production of fabricated, distorted, or misinterpreted memories about oneself or the world. It is generally associated with certain types of brain damage (especially aneurysm in the anterior communicating artery) or a specific subset of dementias.[1] While still an area of ongoing research, the basal forebrain is implicated in the phenomenon of confabulation. People who confabulate present with incorrect memories ranging from subtle inaccuracies to surreal fabrications, and may include confusion or distortion in the temporal framing (timing, sequence or duration) of memories.[2] In general, they are very confident about their recollections, even when challenged with contradictory evidence.

    tboc said

    I cooked Thanksgiving dinner that year without the ability to smell or taste.

    Loss of smell and taste is actually a common symptom of the common cold. I don’t believe any medical websites, but here is a link if it helps …

    I frequently lose smell and taste, in fact everything tastes like snot when I have a cold, maybe you are different. I see nothing new in the Covid infection, it felt exactly like the common cold that I now seem to get more frequently as I get older.

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