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    Herri met de Bles c1510-after 1555 Saint Jerome medidating   • Fed’s QE Unwind Accelerates Sharply (WS) • The Root of It All (Batnick) • Tesla Is
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    V. Arnold

    Herri met de Bles: c1510-after 1555 Saint Jerome medidating
    What I find so fascinating is the treatment of light and the detail, such as the pages of the open book.

    The Root of It All (Batnick)
    Batnick has bats in his belfry; the 90 – 100 million not in the workforce are also invisible. There is just so much institutional bullshit; nothing can be believed.
    The academics? Oh please; their ivory towers are at altitudes, well above reality on the ground.
    The fact is, it’s every man, woman, and child for themselves; social services are a cruel joke. The very poorest have no idea how to navigate the maze; queue the homeless.

    Dr. D

    Like I said, if China buys Brazil beans, then whoever used to buy Brazil now has to buy U.S. beans. It may be short-term disruptive, but there is X food on earth and Y people. One way or another, those people are going to eat that food.

    V. Arnold

    There is a food surplus worldwide; this has been true for decades; the problem is distribution.
    Those people, may not eat that food, or any other. Yemen comes to mind as does Greece.
    That was a rather flippant comment, IMO.


    • Jacinda Ardern Pledges Shelter For All Homeless People Within Four Weeks (G.)

    My observation
    Every week, I see municipal workers, volunteers, security guards police and other contractors doing “maintenance” around the homeless shelters.
    Soup kitchens and other aid organizations are also providing services.
    It must cost a fortune to society.
    It must supply a living income for many guilty feeling “do-gooders”.

    Most recreation vehicles are used only for a few weeks when new, then only for a few days, then for an occasional seasons or occasional event.
    Eventually, those RV end up covered with broken branches, moss and turning into a rotten eyesore to be enjoyed by their neighbor.
    There are enough used campers/RV sitting in backyards to house all the homeless people multiple times.
    Therefore, why do we have social structures that allows homeless people to live on the street when there are multiple used, cheap alternatives that could solve many problems?


    “Not only are the president’s personal credibility and capability diminished; such an investigation discourages talented people from serving in an administration, further undermining good governance.”

    “talented”? “good”? McCarthy misspelled “corrupt” twice.


    “…lack of new construction…”

    Right…because we really need more of our precious farm land paved over with McMansions.

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