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    Veracious Poet

    V. Arnold

    Pablo Picasso The first communion 1896 (he was 14-15)

    Given his age at that time; I find all of the facial details and expressions remarkable.
    Picasso’s maturity was well advanced for one of that age…IMO…


    not part of some grand diabolical scheme..

    Sez the cross dressing woketard from Portland who also posts under multiple fake accounts here…one being madamski…his/her cross dressing multiple personalities..pretending to be a gay woman…for his/her famous novel soon to be released. hahaha

    I’m happy to hear about jb-hb’s one-man mission to be at least one man.

    yeah you should try it yourself.

    He calls this ‘writing’. “Writing protects me from reality,” he said. “Readers protect me from my creditors.

    uh huh- so you continue to spew your bs here, a haven for truth and reality…not a place to avoid your reality assclown

    I told you you’d be back because you just can’t stop…some narcissist never die or go away. How many times have you ? – “I’ll never be back….”

    3 days of your own vomit spewing so you can avoid reality eh?

    Dr. D has numerously said that we do it to stay sane, but I feel that pounding your head against the wall, to provide temporary external cranial distraction from the painful mentation within, is not endurable in the long run. All that broken glass inside our heads only makes things worse when we shake it around like this.

    I often sleep with a stuffed plush gorilla named Thad. And two dogs. EVen a wife. The parrot sleeps in the cage at night lest she be crushed, otherwise she’d be in the pile too.

    The truth, said a snaggle-toothed old man, is not a condom ribbed for his or her pleasure, although lubrication can, indeed, turn painful truth into ecstatic enlightenment.

    You might have to forgive someone. Maybe even yourself. Life’s like that. “He who would lead would follow” said some god slumming in human drag. WTF do dat mean?

    Facts are useful in their direct correspondence with reality. Bukllshit is useful for its indirect corresp0ondence with reality. Facts will steer a direct course. Bullshit meanders all over the place leaving a brown smelly trail.

    Is this me? Must be. Hey, y’all. It’s me. Absence from the net is good for the soul.

    Endless f’n drivel. Just keep loving on the vax cult and trannys to make yourself feel better… it’s all about you and your multiples robin/bosco/madamski and however many other sock puppet accounts you have here…

Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)
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