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    Francis Tattegrain La ramasseuse d’épaves (The Beachcomber) 1880   • Frontline Health Workers In England To Get New Vaccine Guidelines (RT) • Whi
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    Field Able

    Dr John Campbell with some info on ivermectin efficacy studies with links to papers;

    New Pfizer drug and ivermectin

    John is amusingly understated throughout no doubt on purpose to avoid being struck off Youtube.

    Dr. D

    “These veterans swore to defend the Constitution; now they’re facing jail time for the US Capitol riot”

    Facing? They’ve been in jail for a year without charges. The charges some do have is misdemeanor tresspass. They cannot even get Defense evidence (cameras) because it proves their innocence. I’m pretty lax on “Speedy trial” but this is clearly unconstitutional, and for the exact reasons the British used to do and made them expressly put that line in there.

    “Winsome Sears is the first Black woman to win a statewide election in Virginia, but Democrats by and large have preferred to focus on the campaign ad with her proudly holding an AR-15. In fact, Saturday Night Live’s Michael Che declared that the picture was actually good news for Democrats, because “nothing will get Republicans to support gun control faster than this picture.”

    Since Republicans voted for Winsome 80-20% in some counties, comments DNC? Comment SNL? I remember that time they said if only they knew most abortions were black they would give up being Pro-Life. Not so. They know full well. And they think it’s racial genocide. Is there any level of disproof that would be adequate to give up and adjust their beliefs? Not so far anyway. They are still going with “Everyone who disagrees with me is a Nazi racist.”

    Now this is the 2nd Amendment, but the 1st Amendment is winning on several fronts (both speech, press, AND religion), and others are gaining ground too. Speedy trial and therefore 4A is, as well as Civil Forfeiture. Certainly 10A is all over the place. Even Nancy Pelosi is looking to buy a house in Florida where life is both free, and several times safer than California – for crime as well as Covid.

    Kind of in the same field, Antifa clashed not-quite-violently with police and pro-freedom protestors in Boston. In the usual #AntiLogos lack-of-irony anti-awareness, they attacked the people in SUPPORT of Government, authoritarian rules, against free assembly and free speech for un-passed, un-elected, and apparently unwanted government mandates for medical experiments on children. That is to say, Antifa are raging, violent, Fascists. Pro-State, pro-corporation, pro-billionaire, pro-violence, anti-people, Fascists.

    Why bother saying it? Does anyone not know? Will anybody change? Antifa were always supposed to be the police replacement, only more violent and more mentally ill, for capricious terrorizing of the population on behalf of their billionaire donors while their Socialist leaders buy multiply empty houses and don’t share. And that’s why a huge portion of Democrats suddenly bought guns and flipped their states red.

    “Mastercard Launches Bitcoin Payment Cards in Asia-Pacific”

    Getting closer to the top. And for upcoming attractions, Robinhood shut down and locked traders in. This will happen when Crypto crashes, or rather it helps MAKE the crash. A similar approach to the metals markets where they keep raising margins 4, 5, 10x until it breaks like the Billionaires demanded and planned. Some third Tuesday on schedule. Free will, free choice!

    While not true, meme going around “$15/hr wages: congratulations, that now buys nothing.” These are not A=B but they are related and went exactly as we said. Because: History. Ignorance is no defense to Law, Natural, Economic, or otherwise.

    Speaking of ignorance of law, is it illegal to NOT pass a law, enforce it anyway, then when the courts shut you down, you order people to defy the COURTS and obey you anyway? Asking for a Depends. Seems like total abrogation of Separation of Powers to me. Rule by dick-tat. Hey, when a President becomes a dictator, enforces laws that aren’t passed, doesn’t refer to Congress, defies the courts, is that impeachable?

    “We must avoid preventable harm and protect patients in the NHS, protect colleagues in the NHS and of course protect the NHS itself.”

    Explain? You are fully contagious and fully able to be infected. A: Shut up and do what you’re told. If I want your opinion I’ll beat it out of you.

    Is this “avoidable harm” like cutting your workforce 10-20% for no reason whatsoever? That kind of “we kill people on purpose” kind of harm?

    The deadline set for next spring – April 1”

    Because as we’re seeing worldwide, they lost. Canada, Que reversed completely. Mandates extended for months all over. Because they have to pretend they are working and they have power and people aren’t just saying no. Like Biden’s mandate: hey Joe, if you have +70% compliance, why so furious for mandates? Sounds to me like you already have herd immunity and won. That’s because like every other time they inhale or exhale, they are lying. They do not have high uptake rates, although no doubt way over the 50% level. So they lost and are buying for time, hoping something happens, making a mess of the Monopoly board like the nit-wit, spoiled, cheating brats they are.

    Singapore To Start Charging Covid Patients Who Are ‘Unvaccinated By Choice’ (G.)”

    We strangle and kill anyone who doesn’t do what they’re told. Of course. In this case, anyone who doesn’t strangle and kill themselves.

    They have to block anything that might work. It’s in their Pfizer contract.”

    Not really. They never followed the law before: why this time? “The lucrative merger of corporation and state” is what form of government again? They COULD do whatever they want and tell them to pound salt. They do every day, when they’re subpoenaed for FOIAs or sued for 10A, whatever. Drag it out for 10, 15 years, to the USSC then say oops. But thiiiiiiiis time, they won’t.

    Because they already have natural immunity, there is no coherent purpose for the federal government to require them to undertake a medical procedure”

    Good start but perhaps bad precedent. There is no reason if they do NOT have natural immunity either.

    Doctors Will Never Regain The Public’s Trust After Covid (Huffman)”

    This is what I feared and in the long run will kill many more people. I mean, we already know EVERYTHING they did killed more people than doing nothing because: Sweden. But at this point, they don’t deserve the public’s trust until every existing doctor dies of old age. Perhaps breaking open medicine to home care and self-remedies will create a structure that will ultimately save more in the very long run. If we’re right about withholding remedies that is very true.

    Durham clearly seems to be making a meticulous case that the Steele dossier was a political hit job orchestrated by Clinton operatives.”

    That is the easiest case in the world to make. We all knew it in 2016 without a subpoena. Still no one important arrested. England still election tampering, not even discussed.

    “‘Out Of Control’ Pandemic Waste Spewed Into Oceans (RT)”

    And according to them saved lives which is also anti-green.

    “The researchers warned that as “the pandemic will not be completely controlled in a couple of years,”

    So the masks didn’t help then? At all? Anywhere they are tried? Huh. Well, let’s keep doing what two years and 200 countries say don’t work ‘cause we can pollute the oceans too! Love! Caring! Logic!

    Mister Roboto

    Feds Seek to Block Promotion of a Nasal Spray Against COVID-19.

    Malone (mRNA science guy)
    McCollough (Cardiologist)
    Links connecting Fauci to GOF research.

    And now xylitol. I have found this stuff works well in general. Keeps the bad actors from attaching and replicating in the sinuses. Great prophylactic if entering poor ventilated crowded space. Snuck deep and you will cover the regions where your smell receptors. Lots of ACE2 in this region.

    Mister Roboto


    And you can make your own.


    @ chooch

    Even after repeating a + 2,000 year old message/advise …..Still hasn’t happened

    “….. I want them to love. …… God wanted a man of peace…..”

    Must overcome the Bread and Butter issues …… Examples from TAE

    1. Francis Tattegrain La ramasseuse d’épaves (The Beachcomber) 1880
    2. The Mandate/Passport/SNOB Directive ( Deciding on the winners and losers)
    3. Supply chain disruption by the manipulators trying to maximize their profits
    Be careful – Mountain passes have dangerous amount of snow


    So (very unprofessional from a legal investigations stand point, though also very intimidating) Victorian (Australia) Department of Health officials in black jackets yesterday walked into a pro-early treatment doctor’s rooms and made off with patient files and appointment book. No warrant, no receipt for items taken. One of the patients whose files were taken was apparently Craig Kelly from the United Australia Party (one of the minor parties seeking to stand up to vaccine mandates and general Covid crazy). He sounded pretty ropeable in the video I saw. Link to video:


    On the plus side, Coles, one of our two super-dominant grocery retailers has apparently announced a small back down on its staff vaccine mandate – they will only enforce it where required by law as opposed to universally. Not enough to win me back, however, now that I have discovered the wonders of the local farmers market and the delights of mystery ingredient shopping at the Asian and Middle-eastern mini-marts.


    German Newspaper Highlights “Unusually Large” Number Of Soccer Players Who Have Collapsed Recently

    Yesterday, they would have look to see if the cause was performing enhancement drugs. Today, they will need to add more drugs to their list. ( the vaccines)

    The article lists a large number of recent cases of footballers who have had heart problems or collapsed on the field, in some cases leading to death.

    That list is republished here; …..

    As we previously highlighted, other professional athletes have also recently suffered similar health problems,…..


    Hi zerosum,

    When the prodigal returns, one of the things the Father gives him is shoes for the rest of his journey. Maybe I will get some snow boots. What I am becoming conscious of is that the path I was on pre-Covid pales in comparison to the path that I believe I am on now.

    Don’t get me wrong, I still haven’t found that peace. Never been so anxious, stressed, uncertain. At war with family and friends. All that means is that I need to dig deeper. Thanks for comments, I enjoy the things you share.

    Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.


    From Holocaust to Holocough,


    A winning strategy – call your opponent a liar before (s)he/they calls you a liar, and keep repeating.


    Strange obsessions in Spain. Food wastage at schools. Campaign to stop this GDP destroying practice. Pizza crusts, bread crusts. Hang on we can use the waste for the most disfavoured in the community. Also the idea is to get kids used to being careful of wasting food. Fair enough. But the kids don’t have much say in what they get from their grand and parents. Chocolate bar sandwich ha ha ha
    at the end of the school day. Well the old folk grew up hungry and worried about their grandchildren.

    Hunger Games ahead?


    @ Django
    Around here, the school lunches are paid for with federal funds. As a result, the kids are required to take items from each food group, and to throw them away before leaving the lunch room if they are not consumed. Saving food till later is not permitted, food waste is (inadvertently) encouraged.
    I always found this stupid.


    Nope, not creepy at all. /sarc


    They turned off replies, obviously.


    Thanks Phoenix. It’s difficult, to understand the plan

    Mr. House

    Idiots are mirrors of each other

    Obama: Hope and Change!
    Trump: Make America Great AGAIN!

    Democrats: Robert Mueller is finally going to nail that dastardly trump to the wall!
    Republicans: Durham is going to nail that dastardly clinton to the wall!

    Democrats: Trump stole the 2016 election!
    Republicans: Biden stole the 2020 election!

    Democrats: RussiaRussiaRussia!
    Republicans: Qanon

    Mr. House

    If you’re sitting at the poker table and ya don’t know who the mark is, surprise its you!

    Mister Roboto

    @Mr. House: In the immortal words of Mr. Natural, “‘Twas ever thus.”


    <i>German Newspaper Highlights “Unusually Large” Number Of Soccer Players Who Have Collapsed Recently</i>

    didn’t deflationista have copious examples of how this has been going on for years and is totally normal tho
    i mean have we got year on year data or something

    Mr. House

    Then again, are we even sitting at the table anymore? Or just watching and listening to the poker players play with our money while devising strategies to make our lives worse?


    If one wants to envision a demonic figure trying to mastermind some kind of global something-or-other, this seems a good example:

    Gates Says Ooga-Booga!
    “The founder of Microsoft has warned of bioterrorist attacks and has urged world leaders to use “germ games” to prepare for them. Bill Gates said governments must get ready for future pandemics and smallpox terror attacks by investing billions in research and development.”

    Smallpox, the # 1 success story for vaccination aside polio, no longer exists in the wild, only in government bio-labs.

    It should be a piece of cake to manufacture a bunch of smallpox vaccine and innoculate people if bioterrorist smallpox pandemic is a concern. But Gates wants a billion dollars for the World Health Organization.

    I wonder what Gates’ daily drug regimen is. THat much cognitive dissonance must require serious medication.

    Mister Roboto

    didn’t deflationista have copious examples of how this has been going on for years and is totally normal tho
    i mean have we got year on year data or something

    What would be the cause of this problem pre-2021? My guess would be the abuse of performance-enhancing substances.


    I’m honored that commentators finally see what I saw.


    Biden – I have directed my National Economic Council to pursue means to try to further reduce these costs, and have asked the Federal Trade Commission to strike back at any market manipulation or price gouging in this sector.

    laughter overheard throughout lalaland

    Hilariously, all this is happening just as Biden is still trying to shove trillions in additional, and quite inflationary fiscal stimulus down the country’s throat which, make no mistake, will lead to even higher prices but not to the White House, which continues to claim that a plan that will require trillions in funding is actually, don’t laugh, deflationary!

    those darned kids

    “I wonder what Gates’ daily drug regimen is. ”

    all he needs is a mirror to get his fix.


    Wait, so Newsome went trick or treating WITH COVID? Wonder how many innocent kids he infected.


    Ah well, what’s a little vax side effects to stop anyone from going trick or treating.


    ‘I wonder what Gates’ daily drug regimen is.’

    “all he needs is a mirror to get his fix.”

    On a good. On a bad day, he might need a horizontal mirror with a few lines of cocaine/MDA/heroin along with the many prescription drugs that I simply can’t imagine him not taking.

    Mirror Mirror


    adrian 144, this might be useful?

    Sudden Death in Athletes StatPearls Publishing; 2021 Jan. 2021 Aug 1.

    Especially this page: Etiology

    Mister Roboto

    If Newsom was positive for the Coof, he wouldn’t have been able to travel on a commercial airliner anyway.


    I think we’re the chips.
    Salted, unsalted, fat-free, or clay.
    Newsom trick or treating? What did he go as- the Hunchback of Notre Dame? (ala the great Charles Laughton)

    Mister Roboto



    “Evergrande, the second largest real estate developer in China, has officially defaulted on its bonds. It was unable to make the required interest payments in time.”

    Thank god, said Bosco facetiously. I’m weary of the incessant covid conversation.

    John Day

    Keep up the serious work, Brother.
    The embarkation upon the spiritual path first reveals to the seeker…
    all of the seeker’s own baggage!
    Ha,ha,ha, hahahaa!
    I “accidentally” this, and it was laughingly explained to me about 20 years ago.
    It’s not over…
    You still get to do other work, while you are working on that “beam in your own eye”

    @ All-Y’all: I am marginal/ambivalent on several Myers-Briggs categories,
    more so than 20 years ago…


    John Day

    Oops, how’d that get deleted?

    Insert “discovered” after “accidentally”, please.


    Veracious Poet

    Human refuge (this time products from COVID profiteers) is clogging the oceans.

    You don’t say?

    Just like all the western civ proglodyte harpies screaming about plastic in the ocean killing innocent lives, except 90%+ of the pollution is coming from Asia (ie China).

    #MostFavoredNation #WeLoveCCP #Quislings

    Isn’t it time for the herds to self-corral into their local WalWart to buy #XMAS excrement?

    So much #WIN I want to barf!

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