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    Vincent van Gogh Vineyards with a View of Auvers 1890   • The End of the Era of Justice (Paul Craig Roberts) • The Horror, The Horror (Chris Hedg
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    I see we have entered the celebrity endorsement phase of the regenerative agriculture scene. Must be a pivot to Agenda 30 or Environmental Sustainable Governance (ESG) or Natural Asset Capital (NAC). The shift is about the feelz and the money and making sure the land is managed top down – beginning with a focus on the serfs (farmers who make your food ethical for you) and the Brahmins (elite bureaucrats who profess the moral fables).
    You just have to back it – pay more and do nothing but work knowing you are part of a saving and caring collective who cares.
    You will own nothing and be ethically stamped.

    Call this old Permaculturalist cynical, but why now? Allan Savory and Mollison/Holmgren been bangin’ this drum quiet and loud for 50 plus years.

    Always had a mad crush on Rosario Dawson though. mmmm

    Dr. D

    RFK: Now you see why we have candidacy and elections, where we can discuss and investigate these people.
    He endorsed HRC in both elections. …That doesn’t bother me, so many were fooled by Obama, Hillary, heck Nixon “Won’t be fooled again” etc. …Problem is, he’s too close not to be an insider and not to know if he wants to. So he knows where the rest of us don’t. And the most of us knew about HRC back decades when she was unqualified, discredited 1st lady. (Watergate firing)

    If – I – know … if –We – know — and I’m an idiot — there’s no way he can’t know.

    So, he knew. Was this part of some strategy he had to pull, some master plan to stay relevant and position himself for change? Meloni for example is constantly trapped between the hammer and the anvil, looking for a breakaway option. Maybe, but I don’t see anything like that. Is he LESS Hillary than Hillary? Is the NRA/Fox news stuff fiery rhetoric for the base? Sure. Why not? But if he’s only going to fool around the edges, why bother? I don’t need a 80% Hillary, who won’t start WWIII in Syria on day 1, but waits until day 700. I need someone won’t do that at all.

    Well anyway, good thing there won’t be an election so I don’t have to bother about all this.

    “A public relations gimmick. There is only one goal – kill, kill, kill. The faster the better.”

    I don’t see how this won’t be the conclusion of the history books. Anyone who wanted to stop the Indian wars, the complete conquest and decimation of every tribe by every means? Now’s your chance. …And btw, why don’t you tell me all about how easy it is. If you’re a Quaker, or Pennsylvanian in 1840, or a Bostonite in 1890, or a Berkley Hippie in 1976 when they shot up Wounded Knee a 2nd time. “You” are responsible, because “You” could have stopped it so easy, right? Like we all stopped Covid by letting doctors speak and getting the information out? Sure, speaking up, meeting in Ottawa TOTALLY helped.

    “Israel has banned the foreign press from reporting from Gaza. It has killed over 40 Palestinian journalists and media workers.”

    Anyone have comments on how the media was all embedded in the Oct 7 attack? Ahead of time, it seems, with their good cameras? I’m not very alarmed by it. Anyone with a phone is a “journalist”, and it’s not surprising war reporters are commonly inside Gaza, a known war zone. There are sympathizers, and “they” pay them for the shots, which end up in Gaza and for the resistance/Hamas. And? And when you pay Brian Steltzer, you pay the status quo to keep it going too. CNN paid that embedded Antifa guy who climbed J6, jumped in a window, and said “I can’t believe we got them to do this.” No one cared about that.

    Anyway, like Kashoggi, what’s a “journalist”? He was a Muslim Brotherhood, an intel asset, working for CIA to topple MBS and install their preferred rival, and actually as most reporters are these days. It’s only a matter of “which side”. That’s WHY we tried to be non-partisan Red Cross, UN, or Journalist back in the day, which is now mostly been erased. As yesterday, all journalists here openly promote having all the bias and partisanship they can get away with.

    I guess I’m saying the word “Journalist” has changed like all definitions of all words change on command, and now means something completely different. Journalist = Intel asset, of the subdepartments of propaganda. Only question being, which agency is writing the checks.

    “• Israel Seeks to Appoint Tony Blair as Gaza Humanitarian Coordinator (ToI)

    What. The Actual…? As I commented late yesterday, there’s still time. We know the names and addresses of all the last 20 years of war criminals. We can put them all on trial and free the people from their collective responsibility (which is no responsibility) and charge the actual INDIVIDUALS who individually decided and chose war crimes from among their many options. Tony Blair is one of them. Top to put on trial to explain himself after Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Brennan, Gates, Woolsey, Tenet, Pompeo…

    Go ahead. Explain it to us in court. I won’t mind, take the whole year to make your full case. I got time.

    “Throughout its history, the United States has never allowed concerns about the civilian death toll to impact its warfare strategy”

    I can’t say “never” but this is true enough to make no difference. The very existence of their word “Collateral Damage” illustrates how remarkably uncaring we are of civilian death, and for generationally how long. I mean, if you’d never heard of “Dresden” or the “Bonus Army”. Or thought that, like Yellen(??) Russia is the one who bombed Hiroshima. (Article now in the memory hole, unsearchable)

    “Such actions, he believes, are pushing Russia and at least some of Ukraine’s Western backers to think that they need someone else”

    I’m sorry, but wouldn’t that be undemocratic? So the “West” (whoever THAT is) merely says WE want peace and a negotiation. So if we have to spend ANOTHER $6B to oust Ze and put in ANOTHER puppet coup government, we will. That’s “Democracy.” Right??? When leaders are yanked all the time from the outside? Like Italy? “The People” decide, but they don’t say which people. …They mean Davos, Kissinger, Koch… THEY choose and you don’t.

    “• Former NATO Chief Suggests Ukraine Joins Bloc Without Lost Territory (TASS)

    Apparently unaware this is illegal, or doesn’t care. Also that this is impossible politically, and doesn’t care. Okay man, this level of thinking is why you lose everything, everywhere, for most of my life and I couldn’t be happier about it, so carry on. Someday you’ll have lost everything and we’ll just be another average nation in a multi-polar world. Suits me, although it may not suit you.

    “imposing a no-fly zone over Ukrainian territory. Rasmussen insisted that the move would not freeze the conflict or force Ukraine to cede territory to Russia.”

    Soooo…. World War Three, starting today. That’s your plan. Got it. …You do know Russia held referendums and considers 5 oblasts in Ukraine to be sovereign Russian territory, right? And will nuke London, NY, and YOU personally if you try this, right? Might want to consider before you open your stupidhole again.

    “Ukraine Should Eye ‘Land-For-Peace’ Deal – Ex-NATO Admiral (Sp.)

    Astonishing. Still bargaining like it’s Feb 2022. Uh, no: Russia is going to do whatever they like, as long as they like, until Europe gets this little thing called “An Army.” The article further up tells you so. And now that you’ve made it expensive for them, Russia is going to take the coast to Odessa too. The more expensive you make it, the more they have to take to pay for it.

    And no conclusion of any sort has them in NATO or now NATO-Lite. They are rolling into Avdiivska as we speak, with our guys having accurate timing to change the subject and/or run away/abandon allies ahead of time again.

    “citing the example of South Korea, which holds Major Non-NATO Ally status with the US.”

    Again, it’s not 1959, it’s not 1979. YOU HAVE NO ARMY. Maybe you didn’t notice. That’s relevant to us American schoolkids who say, “Oh yeah? You and whose army?” Make me. You have no army, therefore your words mean nothing. You’re the same as Napoleon…the ones locked up in the funny farm. The difference between the real Napoleons and the fake ones is that the real one had an army.

    ““Ukraine has completed … well over 90% of the necessary steps that we set out last year in our report,” said European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.”

    …Except for the “corruption” part. 100% of that is still intact.

    “when corruption is so systemic and public trust in the judiciary is estimated to be in the single to low double digits, where’s the concrete proof”

    Oh he means in UKRAINE. I though he meant the United States there for a second.

    “Voters Dread a Trump-Biden Rematch.” The piece reads almost as a parody of a damage-control exercise.” –NYT

    Again, so where the heck did he come from and where did he go? And why? The Uniparty isn’t into him. The NYT and therefore (fascist) oligarchs aren’t into him (but I repeat myself). The people were open to being convinced but they weren’t driving it. So… ? ? ? Aliens? The Home-Office PAC of Alpha Centruri?

    “The media and public should brace themselves for the most heated phase of the civil fraud trial”

    Again, they are putting NEW YORK on trial. And NY already lost: everyone’s leaving. We also know that what Trump’s lawyer’s pitch: she said so openly, directly, in the Wordwide press conference outside the courtroom this week. She is calling on them: NY, Billionaires, Home Offices, to vote with their feet, their influence. “If they can do this to him, they will do it to you. You’re Next.”

    Like most things Trump-land does, they can be PERFECTLY OBVIOUS, like the sharpie cat-laser show, tell you DIRECTLY, to your face, and they STILL won’t get it. Because as liars, they only interpret everything other people say as a lie.

    “such testimony is beside the point given that the judge has already ruled that Trump is guilty of fraud.”

    Um…isn’t that what the trial is about? …That’s also not a trial? It’s almost like the media is lying about everything, all parts, all conditions, everything. Because they’re pitching to be Trump is on trial for fraud. The DA says that’s already over, there was no trial, he’s on trial for sentencing only.

    So the NY Times is calling the Manhattan DA a liar?

    Nevermind. We all know nobody cares.

    “Moody’s US Credit Warning Will Accelerate Dedollarization (Sp.)

    We apparently already had a(nother) failed auction, covered by a(nother) “And then a Miracle Happened” with CIBC “hack” from “Russia.” …Because key allies always hack each other. And because China very carefully and specifically said the CIBC had no effect on the Treasury Auction. Trust us. Like Russiagate it was RussiaRussiaRussia, and although it was a different, unrelated department, and the owner said and show it’s not related, it totally affected this different, unrelated thing. Right on time.

    Right? <Sigh>

    “Yellen, who assured recently that Washington could “certainly afford” to keep pumping tens of billions in taxpayer money to conflicts in Ukraine and Israel, has yet to comment on Moody’s decision.”

    She has to. If she doesn’t continually increase at an ever-increasing rate, the whole thing collapses on her watch.

    “EU Moves Forward With Digital ID Despite Security Concerns (AmG)

    Despite the people very seriously not wanting it. Despite taking heavy fire from all sides, in all countries. That’s how Democracies work! They always do the #Opposite of what the people like and need.

    German LNG
    : How is it every Green initiative does the exact #Opposite again? They cut down every tree, destroy every mountain, enslave every child faster than if we hadn’t bothered? And how is it after 20-30 years of watching this, no one is bothered and still wants more? They get lambasted daily for China’s emissions and Al Gore’s mansions, and every day issue more emissions and buy more mansions.

    As I say all the time, all our problems are great because we’re so screwed up practically any action will make them better. It really takes a lot of energy and effort to keep things this irrational, unproductive, unecomonic, and weird. So yeah, the soil thing is as simple as “Let’s not be AS stupid as we were last week.” Very slightly less. And yet it would still make an economic / Life boom. Will it happen? Not anywhere I’ve seen. You’ve got to break the money and the central control.


    Now for the importan news:
    alabama defeated kentucky @ kentucky!
    i wonder how much kentucky got paid to take that ass whippin

    yesterday evening human beings across the united states were abused by a family member as a result of a football team losing a contest, a game

    less important news, a head of broccoli was $6.00 a pound and turnips were over $3.00 a pound in the local supermarket. Stunningly, rutabagas were also above $3.00 a pound. Rutabagas $3.29 a pound!

    can we please put aside the BS that anything the insurgency seated within the Beltway does uses taxpayer dollars? do you have the same feeling about the US Federal Reserve Bank that came to my mind when i first heard of the musical Hamilton? where is Burr when you need him?

    Dr. D

    Bonds, which is the real battlefield, Largest Tail Ever. What does that mean? At auction, they open with a price, then if no one takes that price (rate) they sweeten the offer. (pay you more). So this means that they attempted a normal auction but not only had to raise rates, but raise rates UNEXPECTEDLY, and embarrassingly. …We already know they force the big banks to buy, or to pay off outside nations to buy for money and the FED will immediately buy back from them in a circle-jerk. (at cost).

    So that means, no buyers. AND no allies. No one’s willing to hold even for 30 days on a wash-cycle buy. AND they know doing that is a message to the world. AND that message will piss off the U.S. AND they don’t care because they see us as powerless. Is that all?


    So you won’t buy at say 4.6%. Then 4.7%, 4.8%, 5.2% and so on. And all did sell at some rate. But what does this mean?

    You could buy at 4.6% now and you don’t have to hold the full 10-30 years. That’s just the face price, you can sell any time. So people won’t buy and prices are going up? What does that mean?

    It means people don’t believe the Fed will be able to lower rates. Ever. Like not in the next 10-30 years. Which is true, but it shows the Market thinks so too. Otherwise, they’d buy at 4.6%, take a small loss now, and double their money when Powell cuts the rates back to 2% Right?

    Sorry I can’t cover all these details but I talk too much as it is. The world thinks it’s going down, and they think it’s going down soon.


    does it really matter where the phrase originated?
    “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche”
    “….and then they came for me”

    US population – 336 million
    government employees – 24 million
    312 million citizens defeated by 24 million government (local, state, federal) employees

    did you notice neither Hedges nor Noh took the position that the citizens of the west should actively join the resistance? gotta keep the brioche buttered


    “..we pledge to you that we will root out the communists, Marxists, fascists, and radical left thugs that live like vermin within the confines of our country.”

    Fine, while some squiring person may ask where the money draining MIC falls into that grand scheme?
    More disturbing and right below in today’s queue:

    The US is set to start paying over $1 trillion in interest on its debt this year.

    Talk is cheap.



    D Benton Smith


    And the silence that fills the space is just everyone waiting for the shoe to drop. Or maybe a better visualization would be as a supersaturated liquid solution at a temperature already well below freezing. All it will take now is the jiggle of a single atom to set off the near instantaneous chain-reacting crystallization of the whole thing into one big ice cube.


    Depopulation, massacre, extinguish, kill, extinguish, slaughter, murder, Genocide!

    Who? What? are the powers that manipulate the thinking, the actions of the wrong doers?

    Millions are protesting, being for or against it, their own costs, their sacrifices in that regard, don’t matter at all.
    “Israel and the United States, (also, don’t forget Ukraine), are sending a chilling message to the rest of the world.”

    “International and humanitarian law, including the Geneva Convention, are meaningless pieces of paper.”
    Power of Voting, Referendums

    In the autumn of 2022, four former Ukrainian territories – including the two Donbass republics – officially joined Russia, following a series of referendums. Kiev declared the votes a “sham” and has sought to reclaim control over the four territories, as well as Crimea, which joined Russia in 2014 following another referendum.
    Winning Presidential strategy ….
    We promise,
    we pledge to you

    Without new appropriations for Ukraine or Israel those wars will end.


    John Day

    “Reality” beats The Onion to the punch, yet again…

    Israel said seeking to appoint UK’s Tony Blair as Gaza humanitarian coordinator


    What a coincidence and just in time of interview.
    Study the face of an honest man.


    Isn’t there some sort of Arab League of any kind?

    Could they not embargo Israel of everything – the way Israel is doing to Gaza? No flights or ground traffic over their countries, no finished nor raw goods or water coming over land, nothing to be shipped over water – no oil or natural gas just for instance.

    They could do limited sanctions on the biggest supporters of ethnic cleansing – at least ban flights over their countries, stop allowing transshipments that end up in military bases. Could OPEC coincidentally raise its rates in targeted fashion?

    The West does embargos and sanctions whenever there’s a moral outrage and apparently thinks they work and are justified. Nobody has to start launching missiles and start a giant regional war with just embargos.

    Mister Roboto

    One could interpret that article about RFK, Jr. appearing in as meaning that the intention to replace Joe Biden with Gavin Newsom in next year’s election is seriously underway.


    Zerosum: Without new appropriations for Ukraine or Israel those wars will end.

    I keep being reminded of Assange’s words about how the public has to be deceived into war, because the masses do not generally want war.

    John Day

    Back in May I put “Kennedy 2024” bumper stickers on the cars.
    I removed the one I was close to yesterday.
    The others have to go, too.


    Mister Roboto,
    One could interpret that article about RFK, Jr. appearing in as meaning that TPTB are getting behind an RFK Jr candidacy. Per the Alex Jones video that Raul put up, he fired Kucinich and hired an ex CIA guy. Meaning that the CIA is now on board. They can push him as an underdog third party outsider to the masses in a bid to secure the appearance of legitimacy and cohesion for the system for one more go around, when they know that virtually no one has any faith left in the system. An alternative to the no election scenario.


    Speaking of fake candidates, has anyone seen the latest from Vivek Ramaswamy? It is at least becoming legitimately entertaining. As a bonus Nikki Haley called him “scum” maybe he isn’t so bad (or maybe that’s what they want me to think):


    It is probably no coincidence that Kucinich leaves the RFK campaign, and RFK begins saying so much that we don’t like around the same time as he announces as an independent. RFK has quite an ego. It would peek out in his interviews—especially when touching on his pet projects, such as vaccination. It also would come out when he would say that he was intending to win the presidential race. He is pivoting to what he—or his new team—believe will make it possible to win as an independent. I still want him to run, but I doubt that I’ll be voting for him. If he wins, then the strategy used was likely a correct strategy for winning. If he loses, then it was not a winning strategy.

    What does that mean for how an administration run by RFK would be? I have no idea.

    However, I want him to run. It stirs things up. It isn’t what The Powers That Be want, therefore, it mucks with their strategy. I want the WEFfers’ strategies fraying apart—that is when they show their true colors best.

    In the meantime…free Assange. Ceasefire in Gaza. Amen.


    I was thinking that it would be funny-ironic to have both Trump & RFK 2024 stickers on my car. …a way to say: anything but Biden and the Dems…,


    Of course Dr. John Day.

    If folks knew who they really worked for…

    “Just one year after taking office, Prime Minister Cameron changed the UK’s Universal Jurisdiction law, to ensure that Israelis were able to travel to the UK without fear of arrest for spurious war crimes claims. ”

    Prime Minister Cameron’s “unbreakable” support of Israel: a reflection


    Winning Presidential strategy …. lie till elected ,,,, Vivek Ramaswamy?, RFK
    We promise, …..
    we pledge to you ….
    …free Assange. … Ceasefire in Gaza …. build wall … immigration policy … fix crime …
    fix homeless
    Without new appropriations for Ukraine or Israel those wars will end.

    D Benton Smith


    US population – 336 million
    government employees – 24 million
    312 million citizens defeated by 24 million government (local, state, federal) employees”

    I’ve got two comments on your observation, actually, but before going into them I first want to assure you that I mostly agree with it, and completely appreciate and align with the point you make.

    First off, and to paraphrase my third favorite philosopher of all time (outranked only by Socrates and Jesus), we’re not defeated until its over, and it ain’t over until it’s over.

    Secondly, I think that the actual math is somewhat different than the numbers you posted. The ratio of 24 million apparatchiks defeating 312 million citizens omits the factor of money (and that the whole concept and practice of money is an inextricable key factor in the very definition of “citizen-ness”.)

    The cash income (the money income) of the entire 336 million COMPLETELY depends upon the ONE million people (give or take 99.9%) who decide where the money gets spent. The money (not the tangible goods and services, but just the MONEY) gets “spent” into existence when it is poured in from the top by the guy who believes that he owns all of the money and therefore has the unabridged right to “spend” it any damn where that he wants to. And how can ever tell about the veracity of his claim, really? Maybe he DOES own all of the money!

    The point is that NOBODY below that position has any money at all until that owner at the top “spends” it into existence by transferring “ownership” of the money to someone lower on the totem pole who then counts it as their “income”. And so on down the line. All the way down to the poorest pauper at the bottom, who might live out his entire lifetime and die penniless while still waiting expectantly for the first penny to arrive.

    The deep irony is that the only reason that the top guy had to “buy”/”spend”/”borrow” [i.e. get something for nothing] in the first place (instead of just having it already) was that he didn’t know how to do that. So, to his way of deficient thinking, the only way he could obtain what he needed or wanted was to get it for free from someone who could. In other words, he “borrowed” the thing that he needed or wanted, with the promise that he would give it back, while knowing that HE COULD NOT GIVE IT BACK BECAUSE HE DID NOT KNOW HOW. He did so by trading “money” (an IOU) for the thing, which means that the money is nothing but a promise to give the thing back (or some other thing of equivalent value.) “I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today. Here, take this really valuable “money” as a durable symbolic record of my promise.”

    That sort of arrangement CAN work. It can work quite well actually, IF the “borrower/spender/buyer” was willing and able to keep the promise to pay it back. But alas, they are not. They are not willing. And they are not able. And the reason that they are not willing is BECAUSE they are not able. That is why they must also be deceitful. I mean, would YOU lend money to a known grifter when you know for certain that they are an unrepentant grifter who will never repay the loan? They are deficient and they are disabled and thus they are deceitful. This deficiency is very well proved by the fact that if they they were , actually, ABLE to create value then they would not have had to “borrow” it in the first place.

    At each stage, and be absolutely aware of this fact, the money that the guy at the top “spends” is not spent without expectation of return. The spender extracts something valuable in return for his expenditure. Perhaps the something of value expected to be received in return for the money is COMPLIANCE with the spender’s wishes? Perhaps the wish is for wine, women and song, with a little unquestioning obedience thrown in to sweeten the deal. Well in that case then that wish is what the spender shall receive! Otherwise he will simply take his business somewhere else, and “spend” (i.e. loan into existence) that money on someone more willing to agree to provide whatever the spender wants. Wine, women, song, and ANYTHING else. No problem. Which children do you want to rape and kill? Coming right up. And how about legal protection from ever having to answer for your crimes? Yours for the asking, because you asked, and I need the money.

    So the mathematics of the situation is not that 24 million people defeated 312 million people (with all which that that implies about the 312 million). It is that a few hundreds or thousands defeated the whole damn bunch. All 336 million of them.

    So far.

    I say “so far” because we haven’t got to the end yet. Like I mentioned earlier, it ain’t ’til it’s over, and this inescapable accounting of who owes what to whom is WAY not over. First, there are a whole bunch of people who have some IOUs to make good on (or not) so that other folks can make good on theirs (or not), and so on until we find out who’s stuck with the bill.

    Figmund Sreud

    Alastair Crooke for this week:


    The Unspoken Elephant in the Room of Netanyahu’s Intent in Gaza




    Following up on tboc, some really unimportant news.

    I am just waiting for some astronomers to discover that the earth and the Milky Way galaxy we live in, are eventually headed into the mouth of a giant black hole!

    I can’t wait for their scientific explanation of what we need to do to avoid being swallowed up by a black hole!

    My real interest is what it will look like when we exit the arse end of the black hole!

    Dr. D: Your economic explanation on bonds is better than anything I have ever read on the subject! Keep it coming!

    One thing for sure, Russia will keep the Ukrainian war going a lot longer than the US war mongers want! It is just Putin not playing by the US war gamer’s rules of laws.


    Has anyone had a problem commenting where the login/logout vanishes completely, making it impossible to try commenting?

    It happened on the desktop ; break is over and back to the grind.

    The UAW strike actually affected my work. Starting back up, we’re now pouring water on the gremlins that were hibernating while the line was down. Hopefully this is happening throughout the industries of the West, so that this whole machine comes to a stunning halt and the Bell Riots begin, so that Sisko and Bashir can wonder how we get from here to the Wormhole.


    Any theories on why Hezbollah hasnt attacked? IDF is grinding on, seems to be going about as expected. From a strategic point, I don’t see an advantage in waiting to start a real second front.

    John Day

    Resisting With Compassion

    ​ Colombian President Gustavo Petro has announced that the Latin American country will seek to prosecute Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for atrocities committed against Palestinian civilians in Gaza.
    ​ Foreign Minister Alvaro Leyva was scheduled to meet with International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutors on Friday, to formally press charges against Netanyahu over “the massacre of the Palestinian people’s children and civilians he has caused,” according to Petro.
    ​ The president posted on X (formerly Twitter) on Thursday that Colombia “will contribute to the complaint by the Republic of Algeria” for war crimes, filed before the ICC against Netanyahu.
    ​ Earlier this week, Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune called on the ICC to “take action” to stop Israel’s campaign against Gaza, and urged human rights organizations and other Arab nations to sue Netanyahu.
    ​ Three NGOs – Al-Haq, Al Mezan, and the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights – did so on Wednesday, urging the ICC to investigate Israel for “apartheid” and “genocide” over the “continuous barrage of Israeli airstrikes on densely populated civilian areas within the Gaza Strip.”
    ​ The US classifies both Colombia and Israel as “major non-NATO ally” states. Trouble between the two began last month, however, when Israeli ambassador in Bogota, Gali Dagan, pushed Petro’s government to endorse Netanyahu’s war on Gaza.

    ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 38: Premature babies dependent on incubators in Gaza are officially being left to die.
    All the hospitals in Gaza City are now out of service as Israel’s attack on healthcare continues, forcing medical staff to abandon their dying patients, including premature babies
    11,078 killed*, including 4,506 children, and 27,490 wounded in Gaza
    *The casualty numbers from Gaza have not been updated in at least 3 days, as the “collapse of services and communications” has made it nearly impossible for the health ministry to document and update the numbers
    187 Palestinians killed in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem

    ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 38: Premature babies dependent on incubators in Gaza are officially being left to die. 

    Israeli army shoots whoever tries to leave Al-Shifa Hospital: Doctor tells Anadolu

    At least 22 hospitals closed in Gaza Strip​ , It was noted that the Israeli army also shot 53 ambulances

    John Day

    ​ Chris Hedges: Israel’s genocidal attacks, which are killing hundreds of Palestinians a day, including some 160 children, have expanded to shelling the remaining hospitals in Gaza.
    ​ DOHA, Qatar: I am in the studio of Al Jazeera’s Arabic service watching a live feed from Gaza City. The Al Jazeera reporter in northern Gaza, because of the intense Israeli shelling, was forced to evacuate to southern Gaza. He left his camera behind. He trained it on Al-Shifa hospital, Gaza’s largest medical complex. It is night. Israeli tanks fire directly towards the hospital compound. Long horizontal red flashes. A deliberate attack on a hospital. A deliberate war crime. A deliberate massacre of the most helpless civilians, including the very sick and infants. Then the feed goes dead.
    ​ We sit in front of the monitors. We are silent. We know what this means. No power. No water. No internet. No medical supplies. Every infant in an incubator will die. Every dialysis patient will die. Everyone in the intensive care unit will die. Everyone who needs oxygen will die. Everyone who needs emergency surgery will die. And what will happen to the 50,000 people who, driven from their homes by the relentless bombing, have taken refuge on the hospital grounds? We know the answer to that as well. Many of them, too, will die.
    ​ There are no words to express what we are witnessing. In the five weeks of horror this is one of the pinnacles of horror. The indifference of Europe is bad enough. The active complicity by the United States is unfathomable. Nothing justifies this.

    Chris Hedges: The Horror, The Horror

    In a flash, Melissa Joudah lost 60 family members and use of her legs
    ​ An Israel air raid that killed the toddler’s family also fractured her spine and paralysed her from the chest down.
    ​..Yasmeen looked around helplessly as body after body was pulled out from under the rubble.
    Then 16-month-old Melissa, her sister’s cheerful daughter who had just taken her first steps weeks earlier, was pulled out, completely still and quiet. Everyone assumed she was dead.​ Shrapnel from the Israeli air attack had lodged in Melissa’s spinal cord, paralysing her from the chest down.

    After 10 days of waiting to take a shower, the displaced Palestinian mother of four was killed inside a bathroom by an Israeli missile
    ​ Om Ahmed Jendiya was in the toilet of Tal al-Hawa School in Gaza on Wednesday, 8 November, when shrapnel from an Israeli missile penetrated her chest and immediately killed her.
    ​ The 35-year-old Palestinian woman had taken refuge in the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (Unrwa) school to escape the Israeli bombardment of her neighbourhood in the east of Gaza City.
    ​ She and her four children left their home on 11 October, believing that a UN school would be the “safest place in Gaza” during the Israeli invasion that has killed at least 11,000 Palestinian civilians since hostilities with Hamas began on 7 October.

    ​ Video shared Friday morning on social media shows Israeli Defense Forces soldiers allegedly using a handcuffed, blindfolded Palestinian prisoner as a human shield during an operation in the occupied West Bank.
    ​ The prisoner was identified by Al Jazeera as Alaa Abu Hashhash.​ “Hashhash was seen in the video being handcuffed, blindfolded and kneeling on a street, as an Israeli soldier took cover behind him, while aiming his rifle towards an unseen enemy,” Al Jazeera reported.

    ​ The ​UN charter says no state can use military force against the territorial integrity or political independence of another state “or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the UN.”
    ​ Although Israel denies that Palestine is a state, the Israeli Supreme Court in the Targeted Killings case recognised the dispute between Israel and the Palestinians to be of an international character. Israel cannot use the Palestinians’ lack of statehood to justify its use of military force.
    ​ The only two exceptions to the prohibition on the use of force are when a state acts in self-defence or the [UN] security council authorises force. A state may use military force in self-defence under Article 51 of the charter “if an armed attack occurs” against a state. The use of armed force for reprisal or retaliation is prohibited.
    ​ For an armed attack to give rise to the right of self-defence, it must be directed from outside the territory under the control of the defending state. A state cannot invoke the right of self-defence to defend against an attack which originates inside a territory it occupies. Because Israel has continued to occupy Gaza, it has relinquished its right to claim self-defence in response to the Palestinian attacks.

    Self-defence and the Right to Resist in Palestine

    John Day


    John Day

    ​ Arab-Islamic summit adopts resolution on Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people​ [Breaking the blockade with aid convoys through Egypt]
    ​”..We decide to:
    ​ Condemn the Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip and the war crimes as well as the barbaric, inhumane and brutal massacres being committed by the colonial occupation government against the strip and the Palestinian people in the occupied West Bank, including East Al-Quds. We demand ceasing this aggression immediately.
    ​ Reject describing this retaliatory war as self-defense or justifying it under any pretext.
    ​ Break the siege on Gaza and impose the immediate entry of Arab, Islamic and international humanitarian aid convoys, including food, medicine and fuel into the Gaza Strip. ​ We call on international organizations to participate in this process, stressing the need for their entry to the strip and for protecting their teams to enable them to fully fulfill their role. We affirm the necessity of supporting the United Nations Relief and Works for Palestine Refugees Agency (UNRWA).
    ​ Support all steps taken by the Arab Republic of Egypt to confront the consequences of the brutal Israeli aggression on Gaza. We support its efforts to bring aid into the strip in an immediate, sustainable and adequate manner.
    ​ Call on the UN Security Council to take a decisive and binding decision that imposes a cessation of aggression and curbs the colonial occupation authority that violates international law…​”

    ​ Watch Turkey. Attacking Turks in an aid-convoy w​ould be an act of war against Turkey.
    Israel acting like ‘spoiled child’ of the West – Erdogan
    ​ Speaking at a joint Arab-Islamic summit in the Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh on Saturday, Erdogan accused Western nations of double standards and highlighted what he sees as contrasts in their responses to other global conflicts. He added that “the Israeli government is acting like the spoiled child of the West, and it has to compensate for the damages that it causes.”​ [demand for reparations]
    ​ “It is a shame that Western countries, always a voice for human rights and freedoms, remain silent on the massacre in Palestine,” Erdogan said, according to the Anadolu news agency. “We are faced with unprecedented barbarism in history, where hospitals, schools, and refugee camps are bombed and civilians are massacred.”
    ​ Saturday’s emergency summit at which the Turkish leader spoke was jointly organized by the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) as representatives of the Arab and Islamic world convened to discuss the Israeli-Hamas conflict.

    ​We Are The Resistance (Not figuratively, but actually “resistance-warriors”)
    ​ Holding the line of decency, respect and basic social justice – is not just an important aim for every feeling individual in this precarious moment of human history – it is an absolute imperative.
    ​ At a time when the political status quo is riven through with hypocrisy, immorality and arrogance, we have a very real war on our hands right here in our own backyards.
    ​ That which can turn into full blooded fascism at any moment, has its origins in a breakdown of the basic rights, freedoms and values of a sane society. That breakdown is already well advanced under the corporate, banker, military dictatorship that heads the dominant global power structures of today.
    ​ Let us not hesitate to recognise that ‘we the people’ who are possessed of warm hearts, courage and a deep sympathy for the plight of the downtrodden, are the resistance. We carry the flag of human honour.
    ​ Let us sever any lingering illusion that some existing political institution, or ‘fake saviour’ will come forward to bring dignity and basic equality back to human, animal and ecological life.
    ​ We must be fiercely realistic. With very few exceptions, those who politically represent their constituencies in the fake democracies of the world, are there to do the jobs the hidden deep state cabal has consigned them to fulfil.
    ​ We who refuse to be slaves to these puppets – and refuse to be sucked into their WEF led digital, hive mind artificial intelligence control programme – whose technological dictatorship is sucking-in all but the most determined freedom fighters – we are the ones who must carry forward the great struggle for human emancipation.
    ​ There is an unseen universal vibratory energy field which connects all those who share a deep aspiration and determination to bring about a better world.
    ​ It supersedes the primitive and polluting WiFi-EMF radiation grid and cannot be brought under ‘surveillance’ programmes of central control. It is a common wavelength which connects-up spirit warriors wherever they are in action in the world.

    As Jews we know, this is not a war. It’s a genocide.
    Understanding our own history as Jews leads us to speak out against Israel’s genocide of the Palestinian people. We stand for the liberation of the Palestinian people because we have known what it is to not be free.

    As Jews we know, this is not a war. It’s a genocide.

    ​ Chris Hedges: The War According to Hamas
    The Palestinian resistance understands its enemy. It has learned through experience how to fight it. This is not good news for Israel.
    ​ Al-Araj argued that the fight with Israel cannot be measured with body counts. The Israelis will be able to kill far greater numbers of Palestinians. Resistant movements, he wrote, always suffer disproportionate losses. In the independence war in Algeria, between 1954 and 1962, upwards of 1.5 million Algerians — or around 10 percent of the population — were killed by the French. In the airport in Algiers, the country’s capital, is a huge sign that reads: “Welcome to Algeria. Land of a million Martyrs.”
    ​ “We are far more capable of bearing the costs, so there is no need to compare or be alarmed by the magnitude of the numbers,” he wrote.
    ​ Al-Araj, who led hunger strikes while in Palestine Authority prisons, was long a target for Israel. Israel’s counter-terrorism unit, Yamam, pursued him for months before raiding his home on March 6, 2017 in el-Bireh. After a two-hour gun battle, Israeli forces, which fired rockets into the building, burst inside and executed him at close range. He was 31.

    Chris Hedges: The War According to Hamas

    John Day

    ​Larry Johnson does a good enough review of the last 3000 years for most of us.

    A Condensed history of Israel

    The Legacy of the Balfour Declaration 106 Years Later​ (Thanks to a reader​, we can all review this in more detail.​)
    This 106th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration is an appropriate moment to recall that the existence of Hamas is a consequence and not the cause of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

    ​ John Pilger , We Are Spartacus
    ​ There can’t be democracy and colonial war; one aspires to decency, the other to fascism. Meanwhile, once welcomed mavericks are heretics now in an underground of journalism amid a landscape of mendacious conformity.

    John Pilger: We are Spartacus

    ​Russia’s 5th generation fighter jet is ready and in-production, the “Checkmate”. F-16s arriving in Ukraine will fly up to shoot down Russian missiles, while they last.
    Checkmate Is Coming | Ukraine Will Use F-16 As Air Defense. Military Summary And Analysis 2023.11.13

    ​ The US ran the “dirty war” in Laos and Cambodia with money from CIA export of heroin from the “Golden Triangle” during the Vietnam War. The CIA/Army ran heroin rat lines from Afghanistan into Russia, China and Iran for 20 years.
    ​ Medvedev says US was interested in exporting Afghan heroin to Russia
    The Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council noted that the Taliban movement has done more to combat drugs in one year than the coalition led by the United States has done in 20 years

    John Day

    Why is everyone concerned about the W.H.O.?​ Meryl Nass, MD
    This is a fairly comprehensive but reasonably short explanation of what is wrong with the WHO proposals. It is hard to dispute.

    World Health Organization

    ​ Meryl Nass MD has this. I was able to hover over the video timeline to peek in on the speakers and their topics, to get a feel, and watch longer for some of them.
    Here are my slides from the Congressional symposium. Please do listen to it and share.
    ​ Let me say again: the audio was terrible when first posted online, but it has been fixed now. I include the Youtube link again because some people were stopped at the Epoch Times site by a paywall.

    Popular Sovereignty v. the W.H.O.​ Meryl Nass MD and Reggie Littlejohn begin at about 50 minutes, with Steve Kirsch​ (nice intro song from Eric Clapton)

    ​ Some are now saying LNG is worse than coal for global warming. It sure needs a lot of infrastructure, and travels on big ships.
    LNG emits about as much greenhouse gas (GHG) as coal
    ​ Methane from the production of fossil gas may make LNG about as bad a greenhouse gas emitter as coal. The argument from industry has been that gas is about 50 per cent cleaner burning than coal. But a key study industry cites only looked at emissions from burning the two fuels, not at the whole process, including the extraction, refining, and shipping. More recent studies have shown LNG and coal to have closer overall emissions, and LNG sometimes being even more emitting than coal.
    ​ In part, this is due to the huge amounts of methane that leak into the atmosphere while making and transporting LNG. Methane is a much more potent GHG than carbon dioxide (CO2), and methane leaks have long been massively under-reported.
    ​ Large volumes of methane can be released while fracking, the process of extracting gas from shale rock.

    Don’t buy the hype: LNG is bad for the climate


    Once you got street shitters runnin for president, you know you are well and truly fucked. The black dude with the swinging dick boyfriend, dressed up as a chick for 8 fuckin years wasn’t quite enough. For any White person with a braincell….the jew is rubbing your nose in shit. Humiliation ritual, bigjewthing, Mudering Palestinians today, shooting fish in a barrell. Take a good hard look, its gonna be your tomorrow.

    Michael Reid

    Very good right to the end of the video

    Russia-US security agreement. Conflict on two fronts w/ Jeffrey Sachs (Live)

    Veracious Poet

    *FICTIONS* finale.

    We The People are now treading water (with a growing number going under for the last time), due to *believing/choosing/voting* fictions, upon fictions, upon nothing but fantastical *FICTIONS* into existence, beginning in earnest with the Boomer Empire Of The Child became the nascent body politik…


    Sex, drugs, rock & roll!

    Stick it to the man, baby!

    It’s better to burn out than fade away!!!

    So we find ourselves trapped by insatiable appetites of toddler-esque EG0ic selfishness, where every person is *important*, no matter how destructive, pathological or hideous, seemingly all birthed with Force Majeure clauses added to their birth certificates contracts.

    There’s no shame, anything goes and nothing matters!

    Perhaps my exposition on *FICTIONS* is too much for y’all to contemplate ~ Too commonsensical for the armchair generals & Internet know-it-alls; Too painful for namby-pamby liberal proglodytes to ponder, given their lifelong secular “human” religion/indoctrination into It’s A Small World, which is turning into a genocidal nightmare, again.

    But now, that we find the exponential stacking of fictions have unleashed Dante’s Nine Circles of Hell, would a *not* rational person start-to-see that the *only* egress possible is to locate en masse the portal back to Spiritual Sanity?!?

    How much Bernays-ian ruination of the “humanity” do you require to admit defeat?

    Bernays 4 tactics:
    > Appeal to the target markets’ deepest desires, and make them feel like they want, or even need the service or product on offer. …
    >Torches of freedom. …
    >Hearty breakfast. …
    >The guilt barrier. …
    >Cleaning up the act.


    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

    So simple a cave man could do it…


    “Israel has banned the foreign press from reporting from Gaza. It has killed over 40 Palestinian journalists and media workers.”

    Anyone have comments on how the media was all embedded in the Oct 7 attack? Ahead of time, it seems, with their good cameras? I’m not very alarmed by it. Anyone with a phone is a “journalist”, and it’s not surprising war reporters are commonly inside Gaza, a known war zone. There are sympathizers, and “they” pay them for the shots, which end up in Gaza and for the resistance/Hamas. And? And when you pay Brian Steltzer, you pay the status quo to keep it going too. CNN paid that embedded Antifa guy who climbed J6, jumped in a window, and said “I can’t believe we got them to do this.” No one cared about that.

    Are we (you) still not clear about this real reality?

    Keep chasing the *FICTIONS* & attacking them with *WORDS*, perhaps someday that’ll work out for y’all 😉

    PEACE is now *fiction*; FOREVER WARS of rape, pillage, plunder & genocide *reality*.

    Post tenebras lux.


    Israel vs Hamas

    Michael Reid

    The evolving role of technology interfering with our private lives

    It’s always great to join The Hrvoje Morić Show and have a candid conversation with somebody concerned about the algorithm ghetto and the overall expansion of technocracy.

    In this episode we discuss financial institutions using people’s data against them. The EU Digital ID Proposal and root certificate mandate, as well as what countermeasures we the people still have access to.

    Dr D Rich

    I’ll take that bet.. contra.

    World ain’t ending tomorrow.
    Dr D’s chickenshit er ah I meant chicken little henny penny sky is falling with the bond market aside.

    However, Celticbiker remains and resides closer to the truth as espoused by this piece of shit, recently convicted convict Peter Nygard guy who I’ll nominate for the chief of Navy or VA medicine.

    Here comes a not so loosened association about money, power, medicine, vaccines, The Church and the mistake made in both directions when the weak and powerful confuse Psychopathy with Paychosis.

    Malice of forethought

    “‘Peter Nygard asked, “Suelyn, do you know what the best stem cells are?”’ she wrote, to which she replied ‘embryos’. Correct! If you got pregnant and had an abortion, we could use those embryonic cells and have a life’s supply for all of us: you, your mother and me. A lot of people are doing it,’ he replied …”

    HELA cells from Henrietta Lacks’ cervical cancer have been around longer than I’ve been alive b. 1962.

    HEK293 human embryonic kidney and PER.C6 primary embryonic retinoblasts were both harvested deliberately by doctors for the intended purpose. The harvesting of the latter and what would be labeled PER.C6 was coordinated with the abortion-seeking mother. That is the morher was involved in the decision to abort her unborn baby for the intended purpose, harvesting her unborn baby’s retinoblasts.
    Aw christ man! Every day I read or think about that I want to claw my eyes out, but as it turns out the Catholic church gives retroactive dispensation

    So here’s the Catholic church’s position as it’s been “too long ago to matter” rationale. F*ckk the Catholic church. They volunteered Her Imprimatur. Nobody even asked.


      “the lack of available alternative vaccines, and the fact that the connection between an abortion that occurred decades ago and receiving a vaccine produced today is remote, inoculation with the new COVID-19 vaccines in these circumstances can be morally justified”.

    People think this Nygard centillion or billion aire is delusional but he’s delusional about 60 year old science.

    Here’s a local doctor, synagogue’attending, weighing in on that special dispensation for participating goyim. “Harvesting” aborted goyim stem cells then cultivating them and farming them a kilo or pound at time for a price.

    The message that has resonated most with several of Univ. of Pittsburgh family practitioner Zimmerman’s vaccine-hesitant patients is one of altruism. “Nobody wants to be the one who triggers an infectious disease on their loved one,” he says.

    That folks, is a practical tour de force in PSYCHOPATHIC rationalization and intellectualization masquerading as SCIENCE in the service of mammon n money.

    File under WWIII, Jeffrey Epstein, Gates, HELA, embryonic stem cells, Cathloic church, Goyim



    IDF armored column ambushed and burnt

    The data pouring from Gaza is very contradictory, but one fact which is undeniable is a large number of IDF tanks (Merkavas) lost to Palestinian fire.

    Some say the number is around 100, others say it is 135 and counting–doesn’t matter,

    It’s large and there goes another myth of Merkavas being the best tanks in the world.

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