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    David Hockney Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures) 1972   • Julian Assange Has Been Charged, Prosecutors Reveal Inadvertently (WaPo) • I
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    V. Arnold

    The Harpy (a foul malign creature in Greek mythology that is part woman and part bird), May, like Merkle, and most western heads of state (they’re not leaders) must be coated in some special, social teflon; nothing sticks to them.
    They happily skate from one murderous disaster to another; untouched by the international laws of the late great, planet earth.
    A pox upon them and their austerity…

    Dr. D

    ” Brexit Poll: Remain Takes Big Lead Over Leave, 60% Back 2nd Referendum (Ind.) “

    Mission Accomplished. This is what they pay her for. Now get back there and vote the way we tell you, peasants! Independence? Sovereignty? Tosh!

    “He thinks “the Republicans would be ecstatic” to have pushed through the kind of austerity that the Tories have”

    Nonsense never ends: perhaps this gentleman missed that the Republicans just raised the deficit spending $1.5 Trillion two years running? That Bush started this after-burner in the WoT? Or that Reagan in fact was the progenitor of all deficits crossing over the event horizon and eschewing Carteresque austerity? Apparently no. 40 years of the exact same thing, in wide open coverage, with the numbers billboarded on an electric billboard in Time’s Square has no effect whatsoever. What will it take? Should we install the 40-foot electric billboard in his kitchen? Would that help pop these lies provably untrustworthy people tell, yet are believed anyway, for no earthly reason I can discern?

    But if you missed it: “Ahem. Dear Sir, the Republicans are NOT the party of austerity, and would NOT be ecstatic to introduce it, as proven by their entire history, starting with the first Republican Abraham Lincoln, who invented unbacked paper currency to fund the world’s most expensive war. This MAY, just may, be a thing their political opponents say about them while not doing it either. Just FYI, for future reference, thank you.”


    The biggest puzzle is still why there is so little outrage…anywhere. Is it widespread capitulation to a system which simply cannot be brought to heel? Has the social media SOMA attenuated human passion so completely? I guess it will take finding no Twinkies or Pop Tarts in the grocery store to get people into the street.


    Keep reading.
    Keep learning.
    You are fortunate to be able to do both.
    You are fortunate to actually live during the time of the end of great empires.

    In other news, the sun is producing less sunspots.


    Lack of sunspots mean record cold, warns NASA scientist
    Winter Storm Avery Wrapping Up in the Northeast Friday After Dumping a Record Early 6-Inch Snowstorm in New York City


    IMF Issues Stark Warning on Leveraged Loans

    Typical end-of-cycle CYA propaganda, hoping you will be grateful for the “honest” caveat and forget that they are a chief cause. “We are a financial war club of the Zioglobalists and are here to help you”.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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