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    those darned kids

    vp: cats! great to hear your doing better.


    Susmarie 108:

    Interesting your connection to the state of New Mexico.

    Back in the late 1970s, I worked a couple of winters in New Mexico on the Navajo reservation while living in Gallup. New Mexico is of course the land of enchantment! However the state is solidly Democrat so there is a rather strong possibility they followed the CDC’s directive on classifying who is vaxxed and who isn’t vaxxed. This would skew the data Doc Robinson had to work with. I suspect it is still the vaxxed who are in the hospitals, just like everywhere else. I don’t think the vaccine and covid care what your politics are.


    For an engineer this may be eye-opening


    “What a blessing you we have been!”

    I will just this once make a non-news/data post before resuming, er, “personality silence”/, because the way folks have supported each other today is, for my money, what it’s all about. So, let me thank everyone for opening and revealing their truer inner selves:

    Group Hug!!!!




    Veracious Poet

    Here’s a tidbit I just remembered from 2008:

    One night on the way home I stopped at a notorious bar in the WFC, where Wall St. bankers often head after work…

    This particular night I was sitting next to 3-4 junior traders that were loud & obnoxiously complaining about how the banks deserved bailouts & that hicks in flyover country that were unhappy were jealous morons.

    I wish I had documented all the insanity I heard from those types over the years, I could have written a script & sold it to Hollyweird 😐

    Also one of my regular drinking buddies was a CIBC director (40+ years), who confirmed almost every TPTB conspiracy theory I threw at him.

    I usually ended up drinking more, I seldom have/had hangovers unless I pushed into alcohol poisoning territory, which I did on a regular basis towards the end of 2012…

    I also learned that drinking at least a pint of water before passing out staves of the worst of booze’s after effects.

    I might also add that I’m in quite a bit of pain daily, due to degenerative disk disease in my middle/low back, minor arthritis in one shoulder, both thumbs & a blown-up hip (the worst pain) that I would have replaced by now if I didn’t have my Mom to care for 24/7, then a bio-weapon released & the medical community headed in demonic possession.

    Interesting times indeed!

    At the moment I am sober & have every intention to stay that way 😉


    @WES I have given up on Google I use Duck Duck go instead.


    Veracious Poet, hang in there, all sympathies. Don’t despair, easy glib words I know, carry on, what else can I say. Some person far away is on your side. For what it is worth, maybe a little sign, a tiny up tick…:)

Viewing 8 posts - 81 through 88 (of 88 total)
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