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    The majority of this is crap…

    Just like every word you write or anytime you open your nato/ukr dick sucking mouth.

    Why don’t you just shut your fuck hole cum guzzling mouth? For a nice change eh matey

    #russia derangement syndrome

    #putin bad bad bad

    pathetic retarded troll- fuck you


    An obviously inorganic and non-spontaneous , Putin sanctioned demonstration by the peace loving/fairworld order of Russians demanding that Russia makes a nuclear strike on Washington.
    and they picked a Western pop song for the event , weird.


    “Why don’t you just shut your fuck hole cum guzzling mouth? For a nice change eh matey'”

    Wonderful , beautiful deep uplifting thoughts being expressed here.
    Your mind is obviously circulating in the very lowest of orbits, straight to the toilet you go.
    In yogic terms your mind would be described as being confined to the Muladhar chakra , the one that is centred on the anus.
    It is you that has to live with it
    it has no effect on me ,
    insert smiley emotive here.


    They all signed off on this , yes that includes the BRICS New Fair World oder mob too.11.

    Wemeetatatimeofclimateandenergycrises,compoundedbygeopoliticalchallenges.We are experiencing volatility in energy prices and markets and shortage/disruptions to energy supply. We underline the urgency to rapidly transform and diversify energy systems, advance energy security and resilience and markets stability, by accelerating and ensuring clean, sustainable, just, affordable, and inclusive energy transitions and flow of sustainable investments. We stress the importance of ensuring that global energy demand is matched by affordable energy supplies. We reiterate our commitment to achieve global net zero greenhouse gas emissions/carbon neutrality by or around mid-century, while taking into account the latest scientific developments and different national circumstances. We call for continued support for developing countries, especially in the most vulnerable countries, in terms of providing access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy, capacity building, affordable latest technology within the public domain, mutually beneficial technology cooperation and financing mitigation actions in the energy sector.


    They all signed off on this , yes that includes the BRICS New Fair World oder mob too.11.
    16. We acknowledge the urgent need to strengthen policies and mobilize financing, from all sources in a predictable, adequate and timely manner to address climate change, biodiversity loss, and environmental degradation including significantly increasing support for developing countries. We recall and further urge developed countries to fulfil their commitments to deliver on the goal of jointly mobilizing USD 100 billion per year urgently by 2020 and through to 2025 in the context of meaningful mitigation action and transparency on implementation. We also support continued deliberations on an ambitious new collective quantified goal of climate finance from a floor of USD 100 billion per year to support developing countries, that helps in fulfilling the objective of the UNFCCC and implementation of the Paris Agreement. We emphasize the importance of transparency in the implementation of the pledges. We also recall the Glasgow Climate Pact urging developed countries to at least double their collective provision of climate finance for adaptation to developing countries, from 2019 levels, by 2025, in the context of achieving a balance between mitigation and adaptation in the provision of scaled up financial resource, recalling Article 9 of the Paris Agreement.


    Earth can regulate its own temperature over millennia, new study finds

    Yet more evidence that the word “study” is really meaningless as I would like to see the reproducible science that went into this study. My guess is that it is based on their proven-to-be-useless models that keep on generating more and more scary scenarios in order to help billionaire government-teat suckers to get that extra billion from the government under the guise of rescuing us. The title does beg the question of whether this means the end of CO2 as the MSM’s and governments’ faux scary monster. Can we have our ICE cars back now that “The Science” says it is ok?


    Re: English music: I have not heard John Sheppard’s music. Tallis’s Spem in Alium is tremendous, but I rarely listen to it, because I don’t want its effect to be cheapened. The Sixteen Choir did a good recording, as did the Huelgas Ensemble. Gibbons’s Great King of Gods as sung by the Deller Consort is the height of that period,
    to my ears. The ascending scale at the end, then the cadence, w/ those sopranos.. there are no adequate words.

    Agree on Victoria (and Morales, too). Timeless music, that makes me want to just be very quiet and listen.


    So Russia , China , South Africa and India , ALL of the G20 just signed off on the WEF’s programs.

    22. We recognize that the extensive COVID-19 immunization is a global public good and we will advance our effort to ensure timely, equitable and universal access to safe, affordable, quality and effective vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics (VTDs). Acknowledging the adoption of the Ministerial Declaration on the WTO Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic and Preparedness for Future Pandemics and the Ministerial Decision on the TRIPS Agreement at the WTO’s 12th Ministerial Conference (MC12), we note that, no later than six months from the date of the Ministerial Decision on the TRIPS Agreement, WTO members will decide on its extension to cover the production and supply of COVID-19 diagnostics and therapeutics. We remain committed to embedding a multisectoral One Health approach and enhancing global surveillance, including genomic surveillance, in order to detect pathogens and antimicrobial resistance (AMR) that may threaten human health. To enable global pathogen surveillance as part of our commitment to implement the IHR (2005), we encourage sharing of pathogen data in a timely manner on shared and trusted platforms in collaboration with WHO. We encourage shari


    Last one .
    We thank international organizations, including the UN and its Specialised Agencies, World Bank Group, IMF, OECD, Asian Development Bank, ERIA, CEPI, European Investment Bank, GGGI, ICAO, IEA, IEF, IFAD, ILO, IRENA, FAO, FSB, Gavi, Global Fund, IAEA, Islamic Development Bank, ITU, Medicine Patent Pool, Sustainable Energy for All (SEforAll), OPEC, WEF, WFP, WHO, WTO, UNCCD, UNCTAD, UNDESA, UNDP, UNECE, UNESCAP, UNESCO, UNFCCC, UN Global Pulse, UN Habitat, UNICEF, UNIDO, UNOPS, UN Women, UNWTO and the G20 Engagement Groups (W20, L20, T20,
    S20, Y20, SAI20, P20, C20, B20, U20) for their valuable inputs and policy recommendations.


    Casper Ruud of Norway d. Andrey Rublev of RU 6-2, 6-4 on the Year End Championships Semifinals.
    Good job, Ruud! He has gotten to the French and US Open finals this year already, and maybe he’ll
    finally snag this one. Rublev had a very tough last RR match, beating Stefanos Tsitsipas of Greece
    in three sets, and might’ve run out of gas against Ruud. I like both of them, though.. they’re tough.

    Ruud will meet admirably un”vaccinated” Novak Djokovic in the Final. May the best man win tomorrow.


    ‘The bottom line is, humans are NOT that important to the earth. The earth will exist well beyond humans because we ain’t all that, no matter how much we kid ourselves otherwise. We’ll work it out as things go along as best we can. When we can’t, we’re gone. “Reducing CO2” isn’t going to change anything, especially the delusional belief that we can continue to maintain what would be a desert area as the idyllic home of tens of millions of people and fertile farmland. ‘

    I like to make a clear distinction between the earth, the stuff we grow vegetables in and the Earth, the planet that supports life.

    The Earth could not care less about humans as such; humans are just one of numerous intelligent species that live on this planet, slightly more intelligent than others in terms capacity to manipulate objects and ideas to change the environment, and somewhat less intelligent than other species in many ways, including the propensity to ‘shit in one’s own nest.’.

    My real point is not that industrial humans shit in their own nest, but that they shit in everyone elses’s nest.

    As I said to Harry Do-nothing, opportunist fuckwit agent of the corporations and banks, “If you choose to destroy your own progeny’s future that’s up to you. But what gives you the right to destroy me progeny’s future?”

    That question fell on deaf ears, of course. The money and power override everything else, including what little intelligence he had. He should have stuck to being a woodwork teacher; he would have done a lot less damage in that role.

    That said, if he had not become an agent of the Empire of Lies, some other fuckwit sociopath would have. Evil is always maintained.

    ‘We’ll work it out as things go along as best we can.’

    I wonder what you mean exactly by that.

    We know that whatever steps we might take to work things out (in the sense of overcome difficulties) the totalitarian, psychotic fascists who run the show in NATOstan nations will sabotage our efforts on a continuous basis.

    “Reducing CO2” isn’t going to change anything’

    Actually, we cannot reduce CO2. All industrial humans ever do is increase its concentration. All so-called negative emissions strategies are just more anti-scientific bullshit. churned out by the controllers.

    ‘the delusional belief that we can continue to maintain what would be a desert area as the idyllic home of tens of millions of people and fertile farmland’

    I agree completely.

    The mass psychosis or collective insanity or mind-control conditioning or whatever it is that has infected the minds of tens of millions is going to face severe ‘challenges’ over the coming year or two.

    John Day

    @Redneck: Thanks for the detailed answer abot futility or doing something positive, if possible.

    It seems to me that a long-term power stalemate in the “multipolar world” is one of the lesser-bad outcomes we might get. Avoiding nuclear war might be enough to get to that multi=player stalemate.

    Russians are not more comfortable with the Chinese state than are Australians, i think. At least they never were in the past. They are forced into their current alliance, because getting picked off one by one is no good. They really do need each other now.

    If it’s obvious to me that China intends to be the hegemon by 2050, then it is obvious to everybody who is really involved. China is hobbled by a lot of internal problems and is very short on fuel and mined ores. China is prone to bloody revolutions.

    You have observed that the Khazarian-mafia have gotten a lot of control in the world through finance. Some of this is through the City of London. The British Empire and it’s financial arm have always sought to keep Russia and Germany apart, and Germany and China, and Russia and the US.

    It seems that a long stalemate, and a different global trade regime, imposing losses on many of the current owners (inevitable) holds promise for more practical relationships to gradually develop. I think national interest of Russia, the US and Australia have a lot in common, based on resources, territory, and population values.

    If the world really gets into a multipolar stalemate, with nationalist relationships, there would need to be agreements to control piracy on the high seas. The USN won’t be funded for that task. It’ a pretty important task.

    This multipolar talemate will also be in a world with less energy, hence less wealth, and with the more powerful countries losing relative advantage because of that.

    I’m speculating, but there are a lot of ways to improve from a multi-player power stalemate, when cooperation against piracy is a shared interest. None ofChina’s close neighbors want China to be aglobal hee=gemon. They know their own history.

    What of the Khazerian mafia? They are getting boosted again, right?
    Israel really showed those Palestinian untermenschen be taking all the COVID vaccines for the Jewish population. Strange things happen in history, often as a result of hubris.

    “We shall see”,as the saying goes.
    I’m responsible to maintain positive intention and keep on the lookout for opportunities to do some good.

    John Day

    @Redneck Re: G20 statements. “Words are cheap”.
    They all have words they need put into that statement for the home front. None of it is enforceable.
    Good luck getting that $100 billion per year.
    They keep making joint statements, but only doing what their own national politics and finances will allow.

    TAE Summary

    You Are Here


    But isn’t redemption an act of pure grace?
    To accept it one must have surrendered.
    The cross-fingered demon cannot hide its face-
    Those deeds are more putrid than splendored.


    Agreed that talk is cheap. That’s why my motto is >>> Go Look <<<, as opposed to clicking on yet another cotton-candy link, and its consequent, wordy diatribe- which will be replaced by another, equally compelling one tomorrow. “And around, and around, and around..” as my not-susceptible-to-bullshit parents used to say..

    “but ZeroHedge told me!” Ok, go with that.

    “It’s difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”
    -Upton Sinclair, early 30s.

    «The head of Ukraine’s biggest private energy firm says people should consider leaving the country to reduce demand on the country’s power network. “If they can find an alternative place to stay for another three or four months, it will be very helpful to the system,” DTEK chief executive Maxim Timchenko told the BBC. […] Fixing the damaged infrastructure is also becoming more difficult. “Unfortunately we have run out of equipment and spare parts… That’s why we appeal to our partners, government officials, companies and equipment producers to help us with the immediate supply of available equipment,” Mr Timchenko said.»


    Charity org delivering supplies to Kherson
    Kherson apparently being evacuated by Ukies.


    I thought Today’s Word was “FTX”! Is “Kherson” still in play, after all this time (two or three days)? And I see there’s a sprinkling of “Epstein” in today’s mix, too..


    What’s in the chamber behind those thoughts?


    @Redneck Re: G20 statements. “Words are cheap”.
    “They all have words they need put into that statement for the home front. None of it is enforceable.’
    Not enforceable and most of the non-WEF countries will ignore it.
    But why continue to play the game? Because all the G 20 governments are globalists. Some like to pretend that they are Nationalists but they still commit to the global agenda because they still rely on it for their economic survival. and hence power.
    Why hasn’t the BRICS broken away from the G20?
    Because they are all intertwined and all believe in a global world government . The power struggle is to see who will hold the power in that NWO.
    Will Russia and China be convening the meetings and the agenda or will the West keep control?
    With every one agreeing on the agenda it would seem to me that they have all greed on the power structure too. But Russia claims otherwise.
    Who knows?
    It is cat shit wrapped in dog shit as they say.
    The conclusion must be that they are committed to the same global control of the plebs with themselves graduating to super-human- trans-humanism once they get that sorted out.
    One can only hope that they all get the implant , lose their minds and top themselves!


    ..any new word on the “blowing up” of the Nordstream pipelines?

    “oh, that’s *so* last week..”

    Cool- but did it happen? I don’t know, myself, not having seen adequate evidence, evidence, evidence.
    Evidence is good, and rarely seen these days. I’ll stick with my sketchy hypothesis that the rulers’ goal
    (for now) is to make *all things unverifiable* via creation of so much absurd DarpaNet chaff.
    That’s how it looks to me, at this time.


    I don’t see any chance of a nuclear war happening .
    Both Israel and Russia have threatened the doomsday event if they are faced with a serious attempt to have their territory taken from them but it is unlikely because a country can be occupied and still recover , history shows that .
    The other option does not allow for that.
    Like Putin said , it is a bluff , he would never pull the trigger and the US would not either.
    The NK Rocket man just wants to be loved.


    I also think imminent nookyular war is not at all happening.

    Anyone here hear signs or have the sense that Leader Xi in China is in danger of being replaced?
    Not me.


    We all need to beware of the chemtrails and UFOs, though. Can’t be too careful these days.


    How interesting: Zelensky nationalises Motor Sich, kicks out the Chinese.

    Shortly after, Russia demolishes Motor Sich.

    Couple the loss of military repair facilities with the loss of more than 50% of the electricity grid, the commencement of loss of natural gas system, little or no capacity to run trains to deliver food and military supplies to the battle zone, and massive breaks in the Uke fascist’s defensive line, it’s going to be rather difficult for the Guardian et al to keep declaring that Ukraine is winning the war, especially when the official word is evacuate the entire country..

    Paris is a long way to walk. But some of Napolean’s defeated army managed it. However, I can’t see 30 million Ukrainian refugees getting a warm welcome reception in Paris when France is also falling to bits at an accelerating rate.


    I’m hoping one of our ubiquitous online Explainers will explain which part is Theater, and which part (if any) is not.
    My working assumption- mostly unshared, it seems- is that it’s All Theatre, until proven otherwise.

    Tomorrow: “Zelensky™’s immaculate, Alien Love-Child!”, and stuff like that. And you’ll believe it, though I won’t.


    I really should have tried to somehow monetize the term “Explaining Class” when I coined it, several years ago.
    That’s how the sordid game is played.. Jeff W got it right away, though, and that was good enough.


    I’m doing my part,
    I’m feeding/supporting/participating in an eco-system of millions in a critical circle of life.

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