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    Kennedy and Johnson Dallas, Morning of November 22 1963 • Commodity Slump Deepens as Dollar Gains; European Stocks Slide (Bloomberg) • Europe Warned O
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    Dr. Diablo

    Did I hear this right? That the two brothers from the Paris suicide bombings was a radical fundamentalist Wahhabist, which we know because they ran a bar together, did drugs, frequented strip clubs and were never known to visit a mosque? So says their ex-girlfriend. Girlfriend? Really?

    The other one, Europe’s Swat team entered and reported that the woman there blew up her suicide vest. Okay, so do you walk around all day in a homemade explosive vest? Or do you hang it on the kitchen chair just in case? Or you keep it in the closet, plugged into a USB charger? Remember, this isn’t a device you buy at Amazon with all the safety checks built in.

    Okay, so she had one on and ready, let’s go with that: so fundamental wahhabists are hanging around in their apartment with a young, unmarried woman? …Because that’s part of the Koran, or because Mohammad says women are men’s equals as soldiers? Okay. Maybe they have to recruit who they can. But her news photo shows her doing duck face in fatigues without a hijab. Because…she’s a fundamentalist? Or the guy who snapped the picture was? Or she posted it because her fundamentalist facebook friends approve of her bare head, or because…Oh I give up.

    Anyway, we know they found these guys within hours because…all the original bombers were shot or blew themselves up, taking their knowledge with them? And authorities had the intel quickly –because all communications in Europe have long been monitored, especially neighborhoods with known problems, men coming back from the Syrian war, and those posting known violent rhetoric on public accounts– but didn’t notice to stop it? Because one guy had driven an entire car of explosives in and got caught and another person Turkey had expressly told them to watch? And this is why we need more police, less rights, more surveillance, to cancel encryption, declare martial law, and start a national or pan-European war, because having Turkey tell you in a public memo to watch this guy wasn’t enough?

    I try not to get into these things. I really do. But the news it making it really, really hard for me to follow the story. Anyone?


    Re: more for the UK military – they are also cutting general science funding; except they do these kinds of things:

    A billion for malaria, from the UK. Where malaria is such a threat.

    They’ve got “fund our cronies” down pat- and a torpid public ready to be foisted upon.


    A great article entitled “The Syrian Kurds Are Winning”. The Kurds have a population of 32 million and are the largest ethnic minority without their own country. They have now taken over almost the whole of the northern section of Syria (bordering on Turkey) and have cut off two of the three routes that ISIS uses to enter Syria from Turkey (loaded up with their U.S.-made and supplied weaponry). Erdogan of Turkey hates Assad, but he hates the Kurds more. He must be very upset with this development, and warns that the Kurds must not go west of the Euphrates River (where the Kurds are presently). The Kurds have one more city to capture (west of the Euphrates), and they plan on further going west until they have the whole top area bordering on Turkey (they already have the far western part). Yikes! Best laid plans, Erdogan!

    Great article. Without the Kurds, all would certainly be lost for Syria. The Kurds have captured towns all along the way, and they say that families are now returning. Their regions are among the safest in Syria.

    If they get that last town (Jarabulus), ISIS will be severely harmed.



    I also have a lot of sympathy for the Kurds. However, that is not the way geopolitics works out. The Kurds are a mountain people and they breed like rabbits. They do not value highly education. Mountain areas are almost invariably very poor. The surplus population either wages skirmishes for booty on their neighbours or moves to the more prosperous regions of its neighbours – when they are allowed to do so. Turkey has a vast number of Kurds in places like Istanbul – which is totally ridiculous. The Kurds belong to different tribes and are easy to split up. Infighting is very common – perhaps as a traditional way to keep the population within bounds.

    “The total number of Kurds in Istanbul is estimated variously from 2 to 4 million people” – 4 million is more likely to be correct

    Essentially, Turkey is suffering from the import of huge numbers of foreigners – just like the EU is beginning to. These people are not a part of the “knowledge economy” – and never will be.

    The Kurdish lands are surrounded by bigger, more powerful and smarter peoples. The Kurds have no access to the sea and even if they did they would not have anything to sell internationally other than energy. At best, they should ally themselves with one of their neighbours and seek their protection. They are not like the Swiss.

    The most famous Kurd of all was the ruler of Egypt – he started as a military slave – Salah al-Deen al-Ayoubi (Saladin). The Iranians are running a country where their Kurds are part of the fabric – just like the Azerbaijani Turks, Armenians, Jews, Afghanis, Baluchis, Arabs and so on. IMHO, that is as good as it gets. The idea that the Kurds can run their own country and be left alone to do so is delusional. Of course, Israel, the British and Americans would love them to get so-called independence – so that they can use them against their neighbours. In sum, none of their neighbours will allow it to happen.


    I don’t know if this has been noticed by other, but for me it has been quite obvious. It is almost as though a light switch has been flicked on. The propaganda in the MSM about Russia has changed direction. A classic is this article in today’s Financial Times by Gideon Rachman – a Zionist and a consistent Russia-hater:

    “Finding a middle ground between entrenched Moscow and Washington could help end the Syria conflict ”

    I guess the journalists have been told to change the tune for a reason. I suspect that someone thinks that they can repeat the Russian defeat in Afghanistan. I don’t think it will work this time. ISIS is largely composed of foreigners and their finances are entirely provided from elsewhere – there is no opium trade here.

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