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    Cyclone, Oklahoma, 1898 • Dow 19,000 Is No Cause For Celebration (MW) • Global Wealth Update: 0.7% Of Adults Control $116.6 Trillion In Wealth (ZH) •
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    Dr. Diablo

    Fake news alert:

    “Every round number on the index hits the news cycle hard, largely because there is so little real news out there.” –Marketwatch

    Exscrews me? Yeah, I noticed how there’s been hardly any news this past year, especially leading up to Nov 9. Hardly worth coming into work anymore.

    “A small number of influential Republicans in the Senate are threatening to block appointments to Trump’s administration…” –Reuters

    Newsflash: the GOP has ALWAYS opposed Trump. You might have noticed, except there “hadn’t been any news.” Dog Bites Man.

    “Economists are too detached from the real world and have failed to learn from the financial crisis, insisting on using mathematical models which do not reflect reality, …The public has lost faith in economists since the credit crunch…” –Telegraph

    Ditto. It’s only been true for 16 years. Or since 1976 if you count the complete failure of the Keynesians to account for Stagflation. Same thing, 40 years, no one changes a thing? I take it back: maybe that IS news they can look into. Why would a theory discredited for over 40 years not be discarded? Qui Bono?

    “Mario Monti, who headed a technocratic [viz. unelected dictatorial] government between 2011 and 2013, said he expected there to be no early ballot whatever happens and said Italy should prioritize stability rather than rushing into another vote. “In case the ‘No’ were to win, I would expect first of all Mr Renzi to stay on after all,” –Bloomberg

    So, says a technocrat that has no standing and nobody likes, if he loses the vote, the PM should just go on doing more of what lost the vote, and break all his promises? No comment on this, Bloomberg, all systems normal? Nevermind—these days “when it’s serious you have to lie”, break all your promises, and take no consequences, it IS normal, expected, even. Dog Bites Man again.

    “Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) militant group, … is deemed a terrorist organization by the EU and United States. –Reuters

    Hey, aren’t these the guys we’re arming to the teeth against ISIS? Didn’t the U.S., U.K. and France build open military bases inside Syria creating a prospective Kurdish breakaway state? And Turkey doesn’t like or trust their allies who arms and builds military bases for their enemies, attempts to overthrow their government, after treating them like punks for 16 years of empty EU promises? Yeah, Reuters, why is Turkey acting so weird all of a sudden?

    “US President-elect Donald Trump said Tuesday he has an open mind about pulling out of world climate accords” –Yahoo

    You mean the de-facto treaty that is invalid because it was never approved by the U.S. Senate? In other words, (like the Iran treaty) the agreement that doesn’t legally exist? That accord? So he’s going to pull out of an agreement we never actually made? Isn’t that like “Dog that doesn’t exist Bites Man who wasn’t there”?

    This is what you come to when for 20 years everything you say is a lie: nothing makes sense anymore.

    “Barack Obama on fake news: ‘We have problems’ if we can’t tell the difference…” -Guardian

    Then maybe you shouldn’t have started lying and legally authorized open propaganda via your own authorative news agencies. Now no one believes you. Nor should they. See above: You can’t even quote a narrow slice of hand-picked articles without being contaminated.


    I think the arctic ice graph may include data from a malfunctioning satellite. Remove that from the averages, and the graph returns to a more orderly march toward flat-line.

    But of course, the cry of the capitalist goes like this:

    Full Speed Ahead: Shipping Plans Grow As Arctic Ice Fades

    Woohoo, northwest passage!

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