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    Dorothea Lange Resettlement project, Bosque Farms, New Mexico Dec 1935   • China Needs To Prepare For Zero Interest Rates (Global Times) • China
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    V. Arnold

    The USA is a criminal enterprise; if you are not part of it, you better run for cover…


    Glennda from yesterday’s thread:

    How do you like to be addressed? Illagi or Raul or either?

    Either’s fine, as long as you spell them right. Illagi is not the same as Ilargi.

    Anyway you say: “any hour I have to spare I’ll sit outside here in Athens with a coffee or a beer. ” So you are in Greece, what is your thinking on China buying the port of Piraeus? I know the EU thru them under the bus, and the conservative govt. is selling off all it can, but… belt and road? An entry to the EU market. But selling an important money source to China? How can that benefit Greece? Or is this all a short term solution to bankruptcy?

    Varoufakis thought it was a great idea to sell Piraeus to China. I think no country should sell their main assets to other countries or private companies. But many parties appear to see that as some form of solution to some form of problem. I think the EU should help Greece keep control of its assets, but it does the opposite. Of course in the Piraeus case there’s also the issue that it was previously basically owned by the Greek shipping tycoons, who threaten to leave anytime the issue of paying taxes come up, but there are other answers to that than selling out to China.

    And I’m not a fan of Belt and Road. From what I see that’s just a way for China to export its overproduction while sinking poor(er) nations into debt to Beijing. Not that the west didn’t do the same thing before, but that was always a bad idea too.


    • China Will Be The Next Country To Cut Rates To Zero (ZH)

    Because, the borrower cannot pay the interest. Okay. Will the borrower be able to pay back the loan?
    Can the lender and the borrower survive without getting the loan paid back? Yes, then no problem. No, then someone will have a problem.
    • China Cables (Irish Times)
    Religion is under attack.
    I’m not religious enough for someone to pull out my fingernails.
    Comment on Pictures
    Top picture
    The people are not poor. The house in under construction. The clapboards are on the ground ready to be installed.
    Bottom picture
    The only non white, unnamed, person wear the only black suit, is not sweating.
    “….About 37,000 asylum seekers are trapped on islands ….”
    Stamp their passports and issue valid ID so that they can travel.

    Dr. D

    “Public housing: Once desired, now a decades-long decline”

    “China Needs to Prepare for Zero Interest Rates (Global Times)”

    Everything’s great and normal, but everybody needs negative interest rates. Okay, again: There was a group in the 30’s called the “Technocrats”, they use the name still even today. That group wanted to scientize the whole economy and centrally plan it, as was logical and popular back then, before every human on planet earth saw how genocidal central governments and central planning are. Their plan was to measure every watt of power (Smart Grid) measure every widget (just-in-time internet) measure every sale (Amazon, WalMart), measure and control every resource (monopoly of insider banks), and for this example, to pay the workers in company store vouchers that would expire in 30 days. That way, no one could “save money,” get power, then make a mildly-inconvenient call on food or factory goods that would annoy their perfectly-balanced system created by obsessive-compulsive control freaks. THIS IS WHAT NEGATIVE INTEREST RATES ARE. Especially with Yang’s Soviet UBI. Now there are other effects, but that is clearly one of them.

    No savings. No wealth. No autonomy. = No resistance. If the peasants get uppity, you shut off their UBI (already being done, as per NIH) and let them start the month $1,000 in the hole. If they don’t stop, cut off their credit cards and paypal, already being done all over for any ridiculous accusation, with no appeal.

    However, EFFICIENCY IS THE ENEMY OF RESILIENCY. Should anything go slightly wrong in a system run this tight, just in time, you have an instant Holodomor, as they seem to be setting up in centralized farming right now.

    One more idea? In this system MONEY is nothing, it’s worthless. However, SOCIAL STANDING, being a party member, being an INSIDER, maybe owning some blackmail files, is your new de facto currency. The popular kids get Black Sea Dachas and shop in Paris, and the unpopular? Well, they live in cold flats in Donbass if they’re lucky enough not to be shipped to Vladivostok. “For the good of the people,” of course, meaning me and my insider pals.

    If I’m not being clear enough: DON’T DO THIS. No savings means Mr. Hewlett and Mr. Jobs don’t have some loose cash to fool around with some new invention in their parent’s garage. And as the Soviet Union or Medieval Europe, the economy falls into darkness for 1,000 years until you have rule of law and property rights again.

    “Stay in your lane.” That is the sort of advice that is better served to an enemy, not a friend. If everyone followed that advice, you wouldn’t have civilization.” –Adams

    Agreeing that Henry Ford and Steve Jobs should be allowed to tinker on his days off, even though he’s an unknown amateur, probably “wasting state resources” for no good reason.

    “Both UK Parties Are Peddling Fantasies – Tony Blair (R.)”

    I feel sorry for Corbyn, but what is he doing with that platform??? Now’s not the time.

    “John Solomon: They ‘Smeared Me, Just Like Joe McCarthy Smeared People’ (Med.)”

    I hear they also have the documents that Ukraine put their intel services on Solomon and Sara Carter at the behest of the CIA Steady State. Hey, is it illegal for the CIA to pursue U.S. citizens? What if it’s for the good good reason of throwing U.S. elections? Asking for a friend.

    “Aid Groups Condemn Greece Over ‘Prison’ Camps For Migrants, Refugees (G.)”

    Cool. So since they’re the EU’s first port of entry, the EU is going to help pay for them all with contributions proportional to the GDP of member states? No? They’re just going to attack Greece and point fingers at them? Thanks!

    Be sure to keep and eye on those 100 pages of Guiliani documents State released to the DNC FOIA request. There’ll be some fireworks.


    Mind control/manipulation words
    FAKE NEWS used by republicans
    DEBUNKED used by democrats
    TRUTH not relevant


    Eric Zuesse is definitly a new favourite. So enlightening. I feel ten times more up to date from reading his article that you posted yesterday.

    Among other things i makes clearer the reason why one person can think of Trump as a fascist and another of him as an anti imperialist. Depends on what time you heard him speak and on which issues. Also expands the term neo conservqtive to people I didnt think of as such before. Great!


    I’m not a big fan of Zuesse, but that piece, in which he had a lot of help and on which he worked a long time, is excellent.


    Raül: First thing I read of him so I was very impressed. High hopes for more good ones might not come to fruition then.


    Oh, no no, don’t listen to me, Kosmos, I should have said I’m not the “biggest” fan anyway. Tyler posts a lot of Zuesse stuff, and I simply don’t share his views all the time, or don’t feel they are all that well argued, but as I said, that piece stands out. Because he obviously put a lot of time and effort into it. But that’s just me.


    I hope you still have popcorn for this scene.

    So after Lindsey Graham sent a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo requesting all documents and communications related to Joe Biden’s phone calls with Ukraine’s former president Petro Poroshenho which occurred Feb. 11, 18 and 19 as well as March 22, 2016, citing media reports that the two discussed firing the Prosecutor General, Viktor Shokin, Biden flipped out – suggesting that Graham had been ‘gotten to.’


    At first, I thought that they were referring to humans.

    More than 14,000 sheep drown after ship capsizes off Romania
    Rescuers save only 33 sheep and crew after Queen Hind overturns in Black Sea shortly after leaving Romania’s Midia port.


    Qatari women robbed of millions in France highway heist
    Two Qatari sisters attacked and robbed of $5.3m worth of goods in highway north of the French capital Paris.

    22 Nov 2016

    christopher cobb

    Carrie Lam isn’t the Beijing candidate- she represents HK capital. Beijing can sit back and watch the ‘democrats’ destroy what’s left of HK capital, and then pick up the pieces. You did notice the PLA out cleaning up after the protesters? Time is not on HK side.

    Your knowledge of belt and road is nonexistent- ignore it then call it a debt trap. Nonsense.


    Its not over. John Solomon has many question that he need to pursue.

    A dozen document troves that could change the Ukraine scandal if Trump released them

    “here are 12 tranches of government documents that could benefit the public if President Trump ordered them released, and the questions these memos might answer.

    V. Arnold

    Your knowledge of belt and road is nonexistent- ignore it then call it a debt trap. Nonsense.

    Interesting; I’ve read a lot of articles as well saying the BRI is a debt trap.
    But, more importantly I’ve read a number of article putting a lie to that.
    I think it is important to note that China’s alleged debt trap is building important infrastructure projects in those countries. Those infrastructure projects will allow those countries to take advantage of the BRI to their benefit financially.
    Improved roads, railway, port facilities, and water utilization.
    What is true is that this BRI is a direct challenge to the U.S.’s economic future in the greater Eurasia.
    Therein lies what I believe to be a great propaganda effort to stop or at least stymie China’s BRI.

    V. Arnold

    I would add that unlike the U.S., China generally doesn’t just hand a government cash, and expect it to be spent wisely. They (China) also supply labor, equipment, and engineers appropriate to the project; which all figures into the cost of doing the business of intrastructure improvements.

    V. Arnold

    I found a rather informative article detailing the various potential economic effects of the BRI on mostly central Asia; Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Uzbekistan, and western China.
    Here’s a link;

    Winners and losers along China’s Belt and Road

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