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    Canaletto View of the Churches of the Redentore 1750   • The Strangely Unscientific Masking of America (AIER) • 2.5 Million Vulnerable People To
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    Is there a pattern emerging of collectivism and individualism both coming up with their own organic or intrinsic response (mode) toward this virus and the slant toward collectivism being more effective as a response? The situation in Victoria Australia where I live is that with some very heavy handed and authoritarian mandates regarding the health requirements – eg lockdowns and masks, backed up by wide compliance has delivered incredible returns (for now). We are, for all intensive purposes at a place in time now where we have had 29 days consecutively of zero cases and deaths. This is after over 700 cases per day a few months ago and things really spiralling out of control.
    We are now back in a rebuilding phase – with the crushing economic cost to small business that Dr. D and others have so eloquently discussed, being more or less helped along via this UBI or semi-socialist or state-backed system.
    It is a very confusing time and no doubt the corporatocracy/plutocrtacy are #winning but I feel geo-political trend-lines emerging with the Individualistic or more liberal democracies facing more difficult times.


    On another note – this has probably been discussed here before (I sometimes miss TAE reading for various reasons) but I wonder when it comes to the extreme reactions that groups and individuals have to the curbing of their freedoms and their proclamations regarding the charter of human rights etc. I wonder why they never break the speed limit or change from one side of the white line while driving at high speed or simply refrain from crossing fence lines or any of the innumerable activities that impose limits on what society and government allow us to do. Everybody has been so compliant with all this shit for so long that a few new rules come in and they scream their freedoms are being taken away! This earth was a garden once. Look at it now. No one is jumping up and down about the proliferation of weapons or the enclosures act! I just think the priorities get skewed at times but I aint taking a hard line any more. There is just so much I don’t know now my brain hurts.

    Dr. D

    Rules: well I do, but when I can’t even get people to question not wearing a mask that every study on earth says doesn’t work, it’s a waste of breath to speak of deep land taxes or freedom of the commons. And this is where people DO speed 90% of the time and ignore half the other laws as a matter of habit. But you flash a NEW law and Lo! Suddenly this law is big and shiny! While we ignore adultery, sodomy, open container, and must-flag-each-car-not-to-scare-the-horses laws still on the books.

    “ Pennsylvania Republicans To Introduce Resolution Disputing Election Results (ZH)”

    Ding! There you have it. They’re finally catching on. I doubt they have read the 4 pages of the Pocket Constitution and still don’t know what “IT” is, but John Podesta does. Back in July. Reported now: Legislatures can simply say, “We protest.” That’s it. That’s the total legal hurdle. Either they send any electors they feel like, or withhold 270 votes and let Congress decide, but it’s easy as falling off a log. But now I understand how Podesta said they’d have “competing” electors, as in PA, congress ceded their authority to the AG decades ago, and is therefore run by the governor. Because legally the Legislature is the SOLE power. But like my lawyer, or like the Fed, that holds no water: Since the power exists only in the Legislature it only takes them to fire the AG, simply SAY the power is returned. There isn’t even a process. But the DNC war gamers just make it up and say it’s real, and CNN will report it.

    So what SCOTUS was needed for was different than the shoddy cases Cheeto is bringing, although we’ll see more of those later. SCOTUS is just going to rule on whether: IF the State Legislatures say the election was rigged, THEN can they choose electors themselves or have it to Congress? A: Yes, legally and definitively they can. It is specifically written so, and specifically for this exact legal reason. John Podesta said when this happens, the only remaining recourse will be open rebellion and secession of CA, OR, and WA. Good luck. Eastern Oregon is not going to follow, which leaves 1/3 of 6% of all states.

    My God, how can you not see this coming? And we’ll find out something else too: if PA is overriding the will of the people, they will be dragged out into the streets, and all lose their seats at minimum. However, if it’s a state where 57,000 PA conservatives rally in any podunk town on every given Thursday, the will be dragged out and hung if they DON’T do it. Because then it was in fact rigged and illegal. But that’s politics.

    Supporting argument: Judge tosses Trump’s case, because, Orange Man Bad. However, the STATE’S case says that they just changed PA election law, on a dare, with no due process whatsoever, then just pretended their made-up edict was a law. You know, like the lockdowns: both not passed AND unconstitutional/illegal. The Judge read it and said ALL mail-in votes are now invalid because YOU DIDN’T FOLLOW THE LAW. It’s not a law. IN fact, they need to effectively amend the PA constitution to MAKE it legal, AND it would only take effect next election. You know: because we don’t change the rules of the game mid-stream? Even in this ridiculous, felonious, clown-show of a country, that’s astonishingly illegal. It’s almost as illegal as gun laws or extraordinary rendition (2A and 4A). But the PA judge halted it from the PA Legislature’s case. Who cares about Trump? No wonder he’s been confident and golfing since the PA DNC passed it, or more accurately, “made some s—t up.

    And there’s no possible remedy, which the PA Legislature pointed out. THEY can run new elections as they have time and law, but the President cannot. So not only CAN they halt the electors, they HAVE to halt the PA presidential electors.

    Okay, now does anyone know enough history to know why they wanted to meet in the Motel 6 in Gettysburg? For one, since narcissistic sociopaths only understand status, it’s fabulous to keep them unarmed and wasting time for the low price of laughing at you. Mene, mene… But Gettysburg was the START of the U.S. Civil War. That is, the North finally stopped toying, threw the required men at it, and counterattacked the rebellion. From that day, all battles were fought on Confederate land, in Confederate territory, destroying Confederate things. And Sherman’s March to the Sea is “Scattered them to the winds” in the same way when Americans get rolling they nuked a couple cities just to see if the other side’s listening.

    What is the other side? It’s now astonishingly clear the DoJ, the FBI, even the CIA if accusations are true, are going to do nothing. But we knew that years ago. So what is the Kraken? The point of the accusations of “foreign interference”? Who is supporting Trump and put him into power? Military Intel. So military intel has been doing special ops overseas, catching, wiretapping, confiscating servers and possibly even people. As Dominion’s VP vanishes on the lam. And for why? Because you’re not going to want or have the trials in downtown Philly with the local judge. It’s going to be run by milintel, and prosecuted under court martial. And as legally it should be, it is precisely accurate. Do you not hear the flavor of words coming out telegraphing this? How about taking out Brennan’s mole Esper and instantly re-org both Special Ops AND the civilian wing out from the existing Pentagon system and putting them in direct command or else?

    Oh well, suit yourself.

    “Aaaaaand in the other corner, of the fight of the century! Politifact! Who backs down at the smell of a greased lawyer! And Jack Dorsey, pasty and disheveled, recently crawled out from under a rock!” I’m sure they’re shaking in their boots. Oh noes: a fistfight with Android Zuck? Any Honey Boo-Boo from Kentucky could stuff him in a high-school locker upside-down. They only exist because the other side is still following rules, order, and courtesy right now. As narcissistic sociopaths they believe they are therefore suckers, idiots, and chumps.

    “A Free Central Bank Account For All To Revamp Monetary System (Varoufakis)”

    Yes, but that would reveal the scam that it’s ALREADY that way, but the central bank already has all consolidation and power and is AGAINST the people. But practically, this could be the “successful” Swedish model of nationalizing the banks, knocking heads, then re-privatizing them. Because Sweden is the size of Long Island, and you can do certain things when you have small scales. (like healthcare)

    Beijing swooped on the South Korean based cryptocurrency exchange”

    I’m sorry, what? I think you just said China invaded South Korea? …Or was this more like an exchange that was South Korean in name and law only, having all assets, servers, and structure inside China. IN which case, what part of “Communist country with-dictator-for-life not recognizing any laws or norms” did you not understand here?

    YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS they are going to steal everything, you idiots. What does it take to get through to you? And beyond China, which is so obvious, I’m actually GLAD they stole it as a warning to others, what about the exchanges? Newsflash: they don’t own cryptos either. They are leveraged 300:1 just like gold and stock markets. AND like Coinbase, have “server problems” whenever you want to get in or out. If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it. Bitcoin weighs nothing: it takes up no space. Why would you not hold it and own it? Crikey people love to be robbed. Here, let me leave a trail of $100 bills from Skid Row to the door of my house. I’m sure like China and Korean exchanges it will all work out fine.


    Is this set up to make it fail? OR FOR SOMEONE TO MAKE MONEY

    • 2.5 Million Vulnerable People To Get Free Supply Of Vitamin D In England (RT)
    • UK’s High Covid Spending Delivered Worse Outcomes Than Peers (FT)
    “….. these are partners at a firm whose stated business model is to profit from the revolving door and connections gained from time in government.”
    Did you save the link of the enablers, (swamp creatures), that I gave you?

    Dr. D

    “”Trust Me I’m A Doctor” – Britain’s Most (& Least) Respected Professions”

    Thus you see why they took this approach. Since a Con depends on creating CONfidence then betraying it, no one will listen to a word these monsters say. So they need to find someone the people still DO trust, and hide behind THEM while they murder, betray, and ruin. Well, W. already used the Army for that, they’re gone. The Media confidence was mined down to the shaft, who does that leave? Congratulations, Science, you’re half gone, so we now are arranging Doctors and medicine to be completely ruined, discredited, and despised by the general population.

    I’d say Mission Accomplished, although it needs to play out now.

    That’s what happens when you don’t stand up. That’s what happens when you don’t defend science, either in specific or in principle, with free information, open discussion, and the radical discrediting of people like The Lancet when they print made-up metadata generated by adult actors — not scientists. They retracted the study but not the public policy, and people still read them without crippling shame and embarrassment, believing the next study, Gell-Mann amnesia on display.

    Millions will die over the years as people begin to disbelieve their doctors and Science. You doctors did this.

    This is why there are consequences. This is why we punish liars instead of handing them the keys to the country. The definition of a Con. Can we get Science back please? Can we have open discussions now?


    Avoid Nursing Home
    Avoid Hospitals
    1 In 13 Of All US Nursing Home Residents Have Died Of COVID-19
    Published on
    Friday, November 27, 2020
    by Common Dreams
    ‘Bleak Milestone’: More Than 100,000 Nursing Home Residents and Staff Killed by Pandemic
    Forty percent of all Covid-19 deaths in the United States have occurred in long-term care facilities.
    by Kenny Stancil, staff writer

    “While early action to prevent the spread of coronavirus in long-term care facilities led to strict protocols related to testing, personal protective equipment, and visitor restrictions,” KFF pointed out that “several of these measures have been reversed in recent months, and some long-term care facilities continue to report shortages of PPE and staff.”
    According to physician and public health expert Michael Barnett, 7.7% of the nation’s nursing home residents, or one in 13, have now died as a result of Covid-19. “Things have never really gotten better,” he tweeted. “Testing is a struggle, PPE and staff are daily challenges.”

    Quick, tell me, …. does that mean that the remainder, 60%, of covid deaths have occurred in the hospitals


    Subsequent to some of Dr. Day’s posts I looked at over-the-counter vit. D supplements in Switzerland.

    The cheapest vs. the most expensive, after a cursory whip-round, a *solid* inquiry 🙂 Both sold in a supermarket.

    Multinorm. 5 mcg (micrograms = 200 UI) vit D per tablet. Cost about 3 swiss/US cents per tablet. Recommended daily dose, it says.

    Santogen. (= dosage, = reco.) 50 cents per gummy treat.

    The recommended doses in some countries appear to be super low. (Switz. doesn’t have a number, but long discussions..GB very low..) Ex. Canada, a very Northern Country, per day:

    200 UI (…) to 400 UI (adults) -> to 1000 UI for older adults in winter.

    The orders of magnitude mismatch between the public recommendations and others is startling.



    The highest dose I’ve found in Greece is 2,200 IU. And they’re much more expensive than in Holland. No supplements culture (yet) I guess. I would really go for Dr. John Day’s recommended 5000 IU daily. He says he can get pills at 5,000 IU at the store. Thinking about the 2-week 60,000 IU ‘trial’ he and I talked about privately yesterday, but that could get costly.


    Just came to add 2c on VitD dosages.

    I’m taking 2000 a day (1000 in morning, and 1000 at night).

    Any consensus if this is too little?


    I’m missing the wisdom and inputs from V. Arnold.


    Here in my part of the US the most popular dose of Vitamin D3 is 5000IU and the cost is around $.03/dose. I’ve taken a daily dose for years and my lab tests show me at a consistent 50-60ng/ml. My reading tell me that I’m in the sweet spot (>50, <100). With more and more data touting the benefits of D supplements I’ve been appalled at the lack of attention this subject has garnered.

    I assumed that the price in other countries was comparable and I’m surprised to hear such large discrepancies. Is mail order an option for you in Greece?


    You should get your D level checked and adjust accordingly. People absorb and retain at different levels. Vitamin D is fat soluble and your body will store any excess you consume. The 60,000IU dose for 2 weeks in the referenced study is intended to bring your stored level up quickly. After that a daily dose of 5000IU is intended to maintain those healthy levels.


    Jamieson Calcium Vitamin D3 1,000 IU Caplets, 500 mg
    Jamieson Laboratories
    90 caplets
    Price is measured as


    Thanks Chett. No desire to get checked for now (as that involves risk), but I think I’ll up from 2000 IU, I’m in pretty good health overall anyway. Doesn’t sound like 3 or 4K is too big a deal.


    Are you still interested
    Go read he links
    The 277 Policies for Which Biden Need Not Ask Permission
    As president, Joe Biden could take action on hundreds of policies without having to go through Congress. The Biden-Sanders unity task force provides a road map.

    BY MAX MORAN JULY 28, 2020
    We found 277 policies that can be enacted through executive branch powers in the Biden-Sanders unity task force document.
    48 of the policies, or 17 percent, are rollbacks of Trump-era policy changes.
    Immigration (78 policies), Climate Change (54 policies), and the Economy (54 policies) have the most potential executive actions.
    This story is part of the Prospect’s series on how the next president can make progress without new legislation. Read all of our Day One Agenda articles here.
    If Biden is inaugurated, then by his first hundred days, we should expect him to have made significant progress on many, if not all, of these proposals. Those which he does not adopt and pursue vigorously will speak to his nature as a president.
    In fact, 48 are simply calls to roll back Trump-era policies, or to reinstate Obama-era rules and committees that Trump ended or disbanded. Any remotely competent Democrat ought to be able to implement these immediately, no matter what their particular policy vision.

    How about dreaming of lalaland ( its only 110 pages)
    (Here is one headline)
    Bringing Down Drug Prices and Taking on the Pharmaceutical Industry
    (brought to you by ….)
    Rep. Pramila Jayapal, Co-chair
    Vivek Murthy, Co-chair
    Donald Berwick
    Abdul El-Sayed
    Sherry Glied
    Mary Kay Henry
    Chris Jennings
    Rep. Robin Kelly


    Do you like to watch reruns?
    Biden has decided to fill many of the key economic advisory spots with female staffers, all close to either Obama or Hillary Clinton.


    I am late writing a comment here – probably no-one will see it. But this is in regard to the French chart at the top of today’s post: “France is doing something right. Or you could say they were doing something very wrong before.”

    I have a son in France (he lives w/his fiancé in the town where the teacher, Samuel Paty, was beheaded last month.)

    The feeling in France is that they opened too many areas too quickly, although Macron was fairly careful in his lifting restrictions based on case loads and deaths by mapped-out areas. Paris, for instance, opened up later than smaller towns because Paris is so heavily populated and so had a very high number of cases and deaths.

    The chart shown in today’s post reads in English,”daily cases on average, 19th to 25th of nov. -47% in 7 days”

    They had begun opening up in October, but when they saw the death rates rising again, they immediately imposed lock-downs again. By the 2nd week of Nov, pretty much the entire country was considered to be in the “red zone”. Per an email from my son, this means:

    “Right now we’re on a complete lock down. No personal visits; only essential shopping and businesses are open (even the non-essential aisles of grocers are currently closed); permitted to leave the house for personal activity and solitary outdoor sports within a 1km radius for up to 1hr.”

    Macron issued a schedule for the gradual easing of restrictions expected to take place between mid-Nov through January. He gave a national speech, followed up with written guidelines that explained what they were trying to achieve and their best-estimate dates for meeting the goals week by week. He anticipates that a vaccine will eventually be available; in the meantime, they are counting on periodic lock-downs with constant testing and tracing.

    The plan seems to be working. The case numbers are going down and the death rate is going down significantly. As you can see on the chart, they have reduced the new case numbers by 47% in one week.

    I know the Yellow Vests are always protesting, but that is not so much about the lock-downs as about other issues. Everyone wears masks, all the time when out and about, and nobody seems to object much, even though France is very protective of individual freedom.

    Here’s the thing: In France, you pay high taxes. The taxes are used for public good. Part of what the Yellow Vests are protesting has to do with Macron increasing the amount spent on the military instead of the commons – and that is not the deal the French have with their government. Your taxes are supposed to go to everyone’s benefit, not to blowing up countries hither and yon.

    Anyway, in France in the time of Covid, you are protected in ways that we in the US are not. You do not pay for testing, medical care, or masks. A box of masks is dropped off at your household weekly. Testing is free and if you get sick, there is no charge for whatever treatment you need and for however long you need it. (They do have socialized medicine – i.e., universal healthcare – in France.) If you lose your job, you are guaranteed to be paid your average salary by the gov’t until you either find another job or until the pandemic is over. (Even in normal times, you are guaranteed something like 70% of your average salary as unemployment income until you find work again. There are some requirements, such as needing to be actively looking for work, but those requirements are nothing like the onerous demands made in the US.) Small businesses that are forced to close because of the lock-down are reimbursed by the gov’t for most of their losses. You cannot ever be evicted or foreclosed on in the winter-time in France anyway, but now that has been extended so that until the end of the pandemic, you cannot be evicted for failure to pay rent or lose your house to foreclosure. Since you are given unemployment if you have lost your job, you are expected to pay your rent as you normally would to your landlord so that he is not suffering a loss of income, too.

    To people in the US, many of whom would sneer at the “sheeplike compliance” of the French, you would hear a rebuttal of how everyone should work together for the common good. The thought there is that herd immunity involves too many deaths to be acceptable. Old people are not considered disposable. So you do what you can to contain the virus so it runs out of hosts. If there is nowhere for the virus to spread to, it dies off. (This is what is working in China and the Asian countries, btw. A new outbreak is quickly contained with tracing and temporary isolation of the affected communities, and the communities on new lock-downs are supported financially by their governments.)
    France had a very high death rate at the beginning of the pandemic and do not want to let it happen all over again.

    The first time my son and his fiancé came for a visit – her first visit to the US – they came home from the grocery store and she plopped down a few items they had bought in front of me. “What is this shit they put in your food here?” she asked. “What is red dye #3 and what are mono and diglycerides? And why is there corn syrup in everything?” In France, there are perhaps 6 ingredients in a loaf of bread, and you know what they all are. She thinks it is weird in the extreme that we never protest the crap in our food and water, or protest our Pentagon budget, but so many people here are vociferously protesting the simple act of wearing masks that can protect themselves and each other from a disease.

    I think we ought to do another lock-down here in the US. A serious one, with tracing and financial support for the people. It would only take about 6 weeks and you could knock the virus pretty much out. Follow up with testing, tracing and free medical care. We are such pussies here, is one problem. God forbid we face some inconvenience for even a few weeks. But the biggest problem is that we have a totally screwed up government that is not willing to spend the taxpayers’ money on its people and would rather leave us all alone to fend for ourselves while they take our taxes and build weapons with the money. They let us lose our jobs, lose businesses all over the country, make us pay private health insurance companies or go without any medical care if you’ve lost your insurance, and let us get tossed out into the streets if we can’t pay for food and rent when we are out of work through no fault of our own. This is not “rugged individualism”; it is cruel and deliberate indifference to the human suffering of your own people, and it doesn’t have to be this way. Richest country on the planet, and we refuse to take care of our own. And our response is now ingrained because this is what the cold money-grubbing shits at the top levels have taught us: we no longer care about each other either, and consider anyone who loses his job or his home due to this emergency as a loser, as though he somehow deserved what is happening to him. We are so indoctrinated with the idea that it’s each man for himself that we don’t protest the government’s lack of concern for us – we protest against the minimal suggestions they do make, such as mask wearing in public stores. I keep wondering where are the angry mobs demanding that we deserve better?

    We could have avoided a lot of death and job losses and pain if the government had handled this differently from the get-go. We could still turn it around even without a vaccine, but now people are pretty sure they “did” the lockdown once and should not be required to “suffer” through another. Why not fucking demand that another lockdown include what we need to have, so we can do it without all the cost being on us individually this time? Why are we letting them tell us it’s got to be herd immunity or a vaccine that is questionable at best, and that there is no other alternative?

    Well, this turned out to be longer than I intended, but I’m going to leave it all in because it’s the end of the day and nobody will see it anyway. 🙂


    Its not even 5pm on the west coast


    Hi Teri, Not only is it NOT too late for me to read your piece — I read it at 8:20 pm Eastern Standard Time — but I thought it was very well stated and I could not agree with you more. Thanks for putting your thoughts down for us to read and consider.
    If there were some sort of universal basic income and universal health care instead of everyone being on his/her own in this country, a lot of things would be VERY VERY different. There would not have been the protests against shut-downs, we would have licked the illness in the spring, and therefore the mask issue would not even be an issue by now.


    @ teri
    Thank you, teri. I saw it. Not too long. The problem here is that the government is controlled by a relatively small group of people who don’t care about the public. The elections which might allow for change are rigged. The public is politically powerless. Progressives are cheated out of primaries and scorned by main stream media owned by those in power. This cannot end well. The only hope for change is some last straw that brings overwhelming rebellion in some (hopefully) non-violent way.
    At the moment, the major concern is about whether Biden or Trump will be president. Meanwhile, an opportunity to expose and possibly reform the electoral system slides by. The democrats may cheer if Biden is sworn in. But if the voting machine manipulation is ignored, the baby is gone with the bath water (as use to be said). Follow Sydney Powell’s suits; she has the evidence. It is my opinion that truth and a society of laws (however imperfect) is at risk. We’ll see.


    You should get your D level checked and adjust accordingly.

    This is the best advice.

    My Vitamin D was tested in December last year and it was below 20. Starting in February I took John Day’s advice of 10,000 IU per day for a month or two, and then 5000 IU per day after that. I had my blood taken again at the end of June, and my Vitamin D was up above 60. I have continued to take 5000 IU per day. I should get tested again to see if it leveled off or kept going up.

    Foods are fortified with Vitamin D in some parts of the world, so daily supplement might be lower. I recall from when I lived in the US that most of the milk was fortified with Vitamin A and D. Breakfast cereals (often 90% sugar) were also fortified. But here in Korea the milk is not fortified and I am taking the 5000 IU softgels (manufactured in Canada).

    Here it is also an option here to go to the doctor and get a shot of Vitamin D to bring your levels up instantly.


    Gosh, I am surprised that anyone was still reading the comments. Thank you for responding.

    It’s interesting to me to hear from my son that while most in France do not like Macron, they all appreciate his being clear about the government’s intentions regarding Covid. His speech a couple of weeks ago lasted for some 45 minutes and his written follow-up was very detailed. He has handled the pandemic this way all along. [My son sent me the latest itemized schedule and commented, “Here’s the sort of specific information we get from our government on a regular basis. Are you jealous?”]

    The people want to know what actions are being taken, they want sound reasoning offered to support the proposed actions, they want clear instructions on what part they play and why it is being requested of them. They also want to be supported while they comply. And in France, that means if they aren’t supported (financially and physically), they will not comply.

    @ straightwalker: I don’t know what will end up happening with the election. I am not at all impressed with Trump for a lot of reasons, most having to do with his handling of Covid, his rich-people tax cuts, his decimation of the various agencies, and his environmental policies. Dear God – he has been a one-man wrecking crew on environmental protections. Also, if he wants to continue being president, why isn’t he doing something about the urgent problems that continue unabated at this very moment? On the other hand, Biden is also just an old man who cannot rise to the demands that need to addressed at this time. He thinks in an old-school mumble-mumble-bipartisanship-bullshit way and the country needs new ideas. We are screwed with either one, as near as I can tell.

    Congress knew in 2016 (hell, they’ve known for decades) that there were issues with elections. They all vowed to “do something”. Trump vowed to “do something”. So the House passed some bills regarding election security and McConnell refused to bring any of the bills to the Senate floor. Trump had an Elections Security Commission, or whatever he called it, look into the 2016 results and when they found no proof that he had actually won the popular vote, they simply disbanded without doing anything about security going forward. I can only surmise that everyone in Washington is fairly happy with all this shit being screwed up. They for sure aren’t interested in doing a damn thing about gerrymandering, voter suppression, irregularities during the primaries, or demanding provable paper ballots (i.e., paper trail) country-wide.

    John Day

    I spent most of yesterday (this blog) working on the homestead in Yoakum, Texas, then driving back to Austin as night fell.
    The comments are really thoughtful and constructive.
    I’m proud to be part of this group.

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