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    Edward S. Curtis Tipi in the snow 1908   • Social Security Can Never Run Out Of Money – Just Ask Alan Greenspan (BI) • Inside Hillary Clinton’s S
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    V. Arnold

    Tipi in the snow 1908
    There is no smoke coming from the smoke hole; and the door flap is open.
    Interesting; as to the rest? Meh…

    Dr. D

    This is not accounting for the $6-9 Trillion missing from the Pentagon budget, and we have reason to believe both the Fannie/Freddie and funds such as Madoff’s were funneling money to the GWOT. We now have planes that can’t fly, and carriers that can’t steam and can’t turn, with no catapults and no planes to go on them. Our current missile is from 1975. So…where’d the money go again? It wasn’t into the military as we know it. Russia is one or even two generations ahead of us with 1/10th the budget.

    Bitcoin rests on nothing but the need for trust in a world of incredible deadly liars. Shows how much we need trust and how badly they’re failing at it. So if it costs that much to mine, that’s a basic input cost, same as for gold, another totally, stupidly useless token. Given that input cost to mine, bitcoin is then wildly UNDERvalued. Bizarre, I know. But if you mine one useless thing per energy unit and it’s X, and you mine another useless thing per energy unit, and it’s Y, shouldn’t the price of bitcoin try to arbitrage to the actual mining cost? Nobody knows, because we’ve never done this before.

    If they want to sink Bitcoin, it’s perfectly simple: stop lying, cheating, and stealing, and re-establish trust. It’s cheap and easy. Trouble is, then they would lose all their corrupt, ill-gotten, and ill-used power. So bet on Bitcoin for now. Wotaworld.


    Funny, Dr. D., A Greek here in Athens was saying yesterday that Trump should halt delivery of the F35 fighter jets to Turkey, especially given that Greece only has F16s. I told him not to worry, the new planes don’t fly.

    V. Arnold

    Raúl Ilargi Meijer

    Not to mention the corrosion problems with the fasteners holding the stealth coating to the skin.
    That jet (F-35) has so many problems; the enemy just has to let it fly; it’ll self destruct before it can attack anything…



    ‘the only reason today to buy or sell bitcoin is to make money’ – not really.

    Another reason is as a store of wealth.

    The world is moving towards the Swedish model where cash is banned and money has to be stored in a bank account. Bank accounts in Sweden have a negative interest rate and if the bank goes bust then some or all of ‘your’ money will be used to pay off the bank’s debts. If you want to be out of the system then cash is becoming less of an option, gold is traditionally used but the price is heavily manipulated, which leaves Bitcoin.

    Also Bitcoin is replacing dollars in some countries. In Venezuela people are using Bitcoin a lot despite government crackdowns. Admittedly it is because there are so few US dollars in the country.

    I read an article saying that Iran is making a major effort to make Bitcoin easy to use. I assume this is replace the US dollar if the US goes ahead with sanctions. I think this has huge implications – if a whole country replaces the dollar with Bitcoin for international trading. I can imagine a few countries would be happier with Bitcoin rather than dollars, especially when the US is so willing to use it as a weapon. I doubt China has forgotten Trump threatening to stop their trade in dollars!

    BITCOIN [2]

    Another article confusing Bitcoin transactions with Bitcoin mining. Bitcoin transactions take almost no energy but Bitcoin mining, according to a recent article, takes about 20 barrels of oil [equivalent] per Bitcoin. BUT that Bitcoin is worth over 100 barrels of oil!! [Bitcoin hit seven thousand dollars yesterday]

    Serious Bitcoin mining companies are moving to Iceland. The cold air means the energy needed for cooling is vastly reduced. The energy is cheap and is from geothermal and hydroelectric sources so is actually quite ‘green’!

    However the main point that Bitcoin mining is using ever increasing amounts of finite energy resources is valid and worrying.


    Tthis article offers interesting insight into the Hillary “takeover” of the DNC:

    I supported Bernie over Clinton, but the real problem exposed here (how the DNC was so in debt they needed Clinton’s money) has to do with the inherent weakness of the US political party structure. In the past (early 20th century) when progressive populist party cadre from precinct chair upward welded real power, the little guy’s involvement made a difference because the local pols he supported ultimately elected the nominees to higher office. Now both parties are completely dependent on big donors. Ironically the lack of grassroots power is a viscous cycle. The more the little guy realizes that the party is weak, the more difficult it is for him to justify the investment of time in the party. The GOP gets around this by pandering to religious conservatives who run and fund the grassroots of the party as a religious duty, while the GOP elite make sure the important policy decisions favor their big donors (thus the common refrain about GOP rank and file consistently voting against their economic interests).


    Yeah, this was not obviously going to happen?! Kaepernick is no idiot, of course he’s going to call them out, what he’s got to lose?!

    In a significant escalation in the ongoing NFL feud, which one month ago was pushed into overdrive following Trump’s slamming of “anthem kneelers”, and which now threatens to set players against team owners, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and Houston Texans owner Bob McNair will be deposed and asked to turn over all cellphone records and emails in relation to the Colin Kaepernick collusion case against the NFL, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports quoting a league source.

    Other owners as well as team and league officials also will be deposed in relation to the case, ESPN reports with ABC News adding that other owners to be deposed include the Seattle Seahawks’ Paul Allen and the San Francisco 49ers’ Jed York. The owners were reportedly selected for depositions based on their public statements about either Kaepernick or sideline protests during the national anthem.

    As reported last month, Kaepernick’s attorney, Mark Geragos, said that the free-agent quarterback had filed a grievance under the collective bargaining agreement alleging collusion against signing him to an NFL contract.

    The filing, which demands an arbitration hearing on the matter, says the NFL and its owners “have colluded to deprive Mr. Kaepernick of employment rights in retaliation for Mr. Kaepernick’s leadership and advocacy for equality and social justice and his bringing awareness to peculiar institutions still undermining racial equality in the United States.”

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