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    Pablo Picasso Coffee maker 1943   • Twitter Stops Enforcing COVID-19 Misinformation Policy (ZH) • ‘Negative Efficacy’ Should Have Stopped COVID V
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    “Despite appearances, they don’t have brains.” – said a dolphin talking to an octopus about the humans they saw on the shoreline.

    V. Arnold

    @ teri
    “Despite appearances, they don’t have brains.” – said a dolphin talking to an octopus about the humans they saw on the shoreline.

    Kudos to you…brilliant…

    Formerly T-Bear

    Oh they have brains all right, just no brain cells to fill their brains with so they use custard that has gone off and turned rock hard. Try getting something creative or original out of that or a new idea or thought in.


    “Fauci is a skillful liar.”
    He is also a stranger to most. How many politicians do you know personally? Do you know anyone here personally? The cardinal rule for children, never trust a stranger! Of the people I do know personally there are a sizeable number I would not trust completely. Why do we trust politicians and bureaucrats who are complete strangers to the majority? I might add they also prove to be liars and cheats almost universally and yet still they are trusted! How many here have been cheated on by a significant other? How many were the cheater? These were people you knew and trusted. I’ve been cheated on numerous occasions and also have been the cheater. It’s hard to find fully trustworthy people and even harder to be one. Moral of the story, moral!?, NEVER TRUST A STRANGER.

    Dr. D

    Apparently Britain declaring war on everyone.

    “UK PM Sunak Says “Golden Era” With China Is Over, Rejects “Cold War Rhetoric”

    …With Napoleon’s Army.

    “The British Army will soon have just 72,500 soldiers, the lowest figure since the Napoleonic Wars…”

    Already declared war on Russia, Germany, most of Europe, and with the Steele dossier, the United States. I don’t know who they think they are, but that’s chuff.

    “US Mulls 100-Mile Range Rockets for Ukraine with Boeing’s Help”

    In other news, Ukraine says they’re going to conquer Crimea in the next two months. Joke’s on them: we probably only own 20 of those rockets.

    “Twitter Stops Enforcing COVID-19 Misinformation Policy (ZH)”

    Although winning, still losing. Saying this sounds like “We promote wrong information” instead of the #Opposite, aka “Science”, where there is discussion and debate. The one side just doesn’t care and has no sense about presentation, feeling things speak for themselves. Clearly not, as maybe a few hundred million people already killed themselves in adherence to a slogan. “Safe and effective” Slogan, as all “Data” said the #Opposite.

    “Not even when we knew the mRNA was endangering and killing people, did we stop.”

    Nor stop now. They still know, still promoting it everywhere, for infants, on some inertial baseline that it’s all CDC/FDA recommended right now. According to Fauci, he never recommended it, or lockdowns, and neither did anyone else. But he always says both a thing AND its #Opposite, that way he’s sure to be right!

    “What is the common denominator”

    It’s not money. A bunch of these people are going to be sued, bankrupted, lose all their money. FTX LOST money on it, as donations. The largest slice, health care people on the ground, were ground up, abused, get no money or essentially lost money. It’s something deeper than that. It’s a religion. A world view. And they have subjected all of us, from atheists to orthodox Jews, to their stampeding #Theocracy.

    Who knew the only religion worse than the ones we already had would be one refusing to admit it IS a religion? But this supposed #Science is far more intolerant, oppressive, anti-data, anti-freedom than anything we’ve seen since the Middle Ages.

    “Putting Musk’s actual motives aside (I have often wondered if he actually wanted to buy Twitter”

    Again, he owns a communication system, the servers, and in fact all the satellites to be a crypto-banking system. On Doge? Probably. Whatever reality is the strangest, funniest, and most ironic is the one that happens.

    And speaking of Tim Pool, there’s quite a sizeable explosion over Kanye walking out of his show right now. I can’t get a pin on Kanye, and he’s a genius – grifter – but the elements seem to be POWER. He’s specifically setting up and getting close to Trump. Why? Couldn’t tell, but how about “I want to see what it takes to be the guy in POWER.” He says for the second time he wants to be President. Jamie Dimon tossed him out of his office as a nobody – which he is – and the next day he starts in on “The Joooooos”. He buys Parler then a second later gets to smash Elon as anti-free speech over his new anti-semitic comments… conveniently double-binding and poaching Leftists for $$$ and POWER from the Blue Bird. For the Jooos? Whut? You seriously report that he cattle-rustled users to HIS coral and it’s for some Antisemitism? My GOD Aibishter, you are stupid.

    …Which we know from his whole career, he dgaf about. And neither does the left, clutching their pearls over it: look at Ilan Omar, every day, and in a position to DO something about it. Yes, Kanye hated them so much his entire staff resigned, because they were all Jewish, all along. Suuuuuuure he never noticed that until 2022. Now he can claim he’s a victim; the Man is keepin’ him down! …A Billion-dollar victim. Those are the pieces. How about this?

    Kanye, being a genius in his own world – grifting – but not up to speed on, you know, reality, believes that racism runs the world. That’s what they say about Trump, right? so he wanted to see for himself. Just puff up some pointless bulls—t about races, use that for political power. Works like a charm: read European history. So in this Jamie Dimon, Parler, system, he does what he often does and gets free media attention.That’s his WHOLE day job. Like the Taylor Swift thing. Can’t say it’s all planned, I don’t think so, but it’s not NOT planned either. Like a General, he simply knows where he’s headed and when there’s an opening in the line, jams the whole army through. So to be an adequate power broker, with the common Hollywood, and frankly, Black belief that the world runs 99% on racism, and every body, every where, all the time, is racist – he positions himself in the longstanding yet idiotic race friction between Black Americans and Jews.

    This is exactly what he’s done last few times he’s opened his mouth. Tim specifically says yes, he knew this would come up, but it was all normal until the guest said “Yes, but isn’t the whole mainstream media (and every other power) all Jews, REALLY?” Boom, before he could finish the sentence, Kanye walked out, thanked the staff, told security he got what he came for, and laughed all the way to his car. Mission Accomplished.

    Why? The Media reported it EXACTLY the way he thought they would. Played like punks that they are. Now if Kanye can breakaway a serious race strife, then like other top grifters, Jesse Jackson and Rev Sharpton and Farrakhan, he can push and pull the Black Vote on command, and is young enough to do it. What’s that worth to an already-billionaire?

    How does that work? He already did a test demonstration of his new weapon. The reason he was happy was he got Trump into dinner with key people he can claim are antisemites, and did in fact would Trump in a pleasant double-bind. That he has this power, he’s consolidating, and to the right bidder can point the weapon at Trump again. Or whoever. He’s a grifter. He can use these steps of power to yes, actually be the official democratic or GOP nominee some day, in order for that party to secure the Black vote he hopes to own.

    I know, or HOPE, no one cares about Cheeto, a non-President, and actually – gasp, clutch pearls – TALKING to AMERICANS who have different or even views disapproving of Jews (like Ilan Omar, the NYC feminists, the DNC, and a wide swath of others do every day). Because, as said, it’s all Bulls—t.

    TRUMP’S OWN FAMILY IS JEWISH. You morons. As I’ve had to say before. But the weapon still works because media: a greater hive of scum and villainy…and illiterate pinheads…cannot be found. Kanye just says, “Oh I’m Black, you Mr. President, you Mr. Dimon, won’t see me?” Then if they see him he goes off on a semitic rant on camera unless they ALSO give him whatever his toddler-brain wants. All woke, grievance, Critical Race Theory politics, based on hate and division, not “content of character” of MLK, moral or spiritual good of the people regardless of color.

    Lose-lose for his target. And he’s good at it. Tim Pool pointed out Kanye tested that line on him just 10 minutes before running the same scamwith the staged walkout. But it is all entirely a scam, he doesn’t believe a word of it, and he’s not crazy in the slightest. The media is just too retarded — and too arrogant – to ask questions about how they’re being his little b-tch, and for free. They actually think any of it is real, and bark right on command, as yesterday. Ugh. What. Incredible. Morons.

    Since nobody cares about Kanye and wants to follow him, not even me, he might get away with it too. So is it a waste of my/our time to even bother with him? Or as with Trump joke candidate, not? As he’s both going to sell a large voting block AND gin a race war?

    “Musk Says Exposé of Twitter’s ‘Free Speech Suppression’ Coming ‘Soon’ (ET)”

    That’s better. I keep seeing it posted as “Elon Musk Leaks”. Although salacious, you can’t leak information you already own and control. Then it’s just a Press Release.

    Remember, Elon can pay for Twitter via the legal crimes he can discover and substantiate in court, counter-suing the previous sellers for damages and fraud. Which it ABSOLUTELY was. What are they going to do? Deny discovery? He owns all the servers the data is/was on.

    “Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky emphasized that “there will be no Minsk-3 [agreement], which Russia would violate right after sealing it.”

    He’s right, but of course it would be the West that violated it. Only last month they told him not to have peace, and to pretend so they could get another 8 years to get an army together. I don’t see any “Political Will” as he says.

    “NATO Says ‘Door is Open’ for Ukraine Membership….But” (Celente)

    We talked about this with de-facto NATO membership. Therefore, Russia cannot allow it; it’s not like they don’t know. But Europe is about to collapse into the new North Korea, as adored and promoted tirelessly by Klausinator and the NY Times. A ruthless impoverished dictatorship is where they want to go. They say so 10x a day. See how the map looks different if Russia is the new young America, empty and having all possibilities, and Europe is a sclerotic, hateful, bigoted, oppressive wreck? Sure Europe may still have factories and more men than Russia, but what can they DO with them? No one agrees on a direction of march, everything any Klaus wants is fought from the grass-level, through Italy, right up to UK openly bombing them and lying about it.

    It takes time for wheels of time and empire to turn. Look how long it took the U.S. – already outvoting all of Britain by 1800, thus why London HAD to force taxes with no representation, – to FEEL and appear larger than the homeland? 100 years to 1910? So with Russia.

    Or with China who apparently I’m going to have to look at closer, as this riot is not a false alarm this time. Xi appears to have pushed a nationwide bio-genocide as much written in their (our) papers, and the people have had it. They don’t care about nothin’. They are not being locked down, welded in, lit on fire, told to report to concentration-reeducation camps that THEY are then billed for. They’ve gone too far and I think the Chinese people may burn it down, tear it apart brick by brick. It’s been suggested that they’re so gas-lit up the rear orifices of CCP officials the CCP are claiming the PLANET is in lockdown, and all the WEST is flying on airplanes using bio-suits because Covid is so bad. And they own the Internet and so can post the photos of it. Thus, you see little China, that you simply MUST lock down, obey, and if necessary, die. That’s bananas. Hard to believe, but a worse media than here? Really?

    Sure the U.S. is in there for color revolution, but this ain’t one. There’s no idiots zombie-ing in from their little blue screens for a carefully posed Iranian photo op. They ARE willing to go to jail and die. Because – and they’re not wrong – they really HAVE nothing left to lose. And this is not the Chinese way. The Chinese way is different from ours, sure, it’s authoritarian, sure, it can be brutal and careless, sure, but it’s not like this.

    So when China flips – which is a big thing Russia has to worry about – THAT is why Armstrong’s computer says China becomes the world center for finance. Which they can’t right now under the CCP, not trustworthy. They’re not going to install a pro-Western puppet government, no how. Even if anyone knew what that would look like. They’re too big, in too much motion and are going to pick a new mandate of heaven that expresses China. The people and culture. Sounds great to me, I’m excited to see it, compared to non-stop tottering geriatric dinosaurs on re-run every minute of my life so far.

    “Apple Turns Off China Protest Communication Tool (SN)”

    Apple is pro-slavery, pro-oppression, everywhere they go. Apple = CCP. How people respect or buy from them is a mystery, but just shows advertising and presentation, spin and illogical emotion all work. Get with the program, GOP. Since they believe fee-fees to the #Opposite of every fact including their own eyes, buy a Madison Avenue psychopath and feed it to them.

    “Paul urged, adding “Oh, that’s right, it was my amendment and most Democrats AND Republicans opposed any semblance of oversight. Yup.

    “So Reagan, with his undeniable genius for PR and optics, ordered the invasion of Grenada just two days after the bombings in Beirut.”

    Kind of. But Reagan’s Plan – that he totally accomplished and won – was to get Russia to over-spend, then cut off income in gold, wheat, and crash the highly-defended Ruble, collapsing the USSR. “Ending” the Cold War, NOT “Winning” it, as generals, the totally lying never-saw-nothin’-CIA, and ChickenHawks like Cheney demanded. They needed to WIN. And attack and occupy Russia, same as today. So attacking Grenada said “Hey, this guy is CRAZY! He’ll attack and escalate ANYTHING. This totally upsets the long comatose stand-off world order.” Russia then did and had to spend on their “colonies” in the Americas and did indeed get stretched too far. Some of the colonies were eating better than Moscow.

    All for a mostly-harmless Army photo-op and minor personal embarrassment. Say how unhinged and alzheimer’s he was. I mean, they had to pick SOMEWHERE. Where would you pick? Miami? Cuba? Haiti like Clinton and Biden re-invade every four years? Somebody might get hurt! No, pick Grenada, that worked just fine, with a super-ultra-minimum of casualties. Surprised Saker doesn’t know this.

    “SBF Doesn’t Know What Happened to His Twitter Stake (Axios)”

    They didn’t have ANY accounting, so that’s no surprise. Maybe he never bought it, never owned it. You don’t want to keep records when you’re running the world’s largest, SEC-approved fraud. It would lead back to Gary Gensler and the entire Congressional Banking Committee. (D + R united!)


    Rules for thee, not for me. Never trust a stranger.
    Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, last year at the Atlantic Council, called people who spread COVID-19 vaccine misinformation “criminals,” in his calls for censorship of misinformation online.

    However, this year, Dr. Bourla is himself found responsible by the UK’s pharmaceutical regulator of making “misleading” statements about vaccination of children.

    Last December, in an interview with the BBC, Dr. Bourla said that “there is no doubt in my mind that the benefits, completely, are in favor of” vaccinating children between the ages of five and 11.

    He continued to say that “Covid in schools is thriving.”

    “This is disturbing, significantly, the educational system and there are kids that will have severe symptoms.”

    The interview was conducted before the vaccine was approved for children between the ages of five and 11 in the UK.

    After the interview was published, parent campaign group UsForThem filed a complaint with the Prescription Medicines Code of Practice Authority (PMCPA). The complaint accused Dr. Bourla of making “disgracefully misleading” comments about vaccinating children and that the comments were “extremely promotional in nature,” and that he violated several clauses of the code of practice by the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI).

    “There is simply no evidence that healthy schoolchildren in the UK are at significant risk from the SARS COV-2 virus and to imply that they are is disgracefully misleading,” the complaint said.

    Pfizer CEO, Who Said Online “Misinformation” Is Criminal, Is Found Guilty of “Misleading” Vaccine Statements

    John Day

    Last night DBS wrote:
    When and if there are “too many people” the real world will let us all know in no uncertain terms. In the meantime I suggest people should stick to the business of doing the best they can with what they’ve got and leave that larger question to God, or Nature, or Reason (or whatever ya wanna call it.

    “God”, the Divine Guidance, that is what I am attempting. If it works, it will be the best solution. It often works on a personal and small group level, and I think it can work wonderfully with enough “buy-in”. It takes time to learn how to accept guidance, though some people are born with the capability.
    I think there are political greater/lesser evils, and paths through politics for the necessary changes to begin, but not an answer in politics.
    AI is dependent upon the programmers, who work for the owners, ya’know?

    John Day

    Mentally Stuck Here post is up, with picture of the shelves all installed in the closet. IT’s getting sturdy.

    A few excerpts from a recent Michael Hudson interview. Thanks Christine:
    ​ ​The problem is that Europe cannot withdraw from NATO without dissolving the European Union, which commits military policy to NATO and hence to an immense balance-of-payments drain to purchase high-priced U.S. arms as well as other necessities. If the question is how long Germany and Europe can put political and military loyalty to the United States over their own economic prosperity and employment, the answer by the Greens is that “shock therapy” will help make Europe greener.
    ​ ​At first glance that is right as heavy industry is shut down. But it seems that Europe’s fuel of the future is coal and cutting down its forests.​..
    ​..​The United States does indeed care about what happens outside of the United States. That is the essence of imperialism: You take care to conquer other countries economically, financially and technologically, making them dependent on yourself so that you can charge monopoly prices and siphon off their economic surplus for your own financial and corporate elites.
    ​ ​The aim of U.S. unilateral diplomacy is to establish trade, monetary and military dependency. That is how politicians “care” about what foreign countries are doing – and why the U.S. meddles so much in their political processes.​..
    ​..​U.S. sanctions and military confrontation are driving other countries to defend themselves by creating alternatives to the US dollar and also to dependency on U.S. suppliers for food, energy and critical technology so that they can avoid being “sanctioned” to force them into compliance with U.S. dictates.
    ​ ​This break did not occur before because it was not urgent. It has been the U.S. sanctions and threat that the US/NATO war against Russia will persist much longer than Ukraine. It is ultimately a drive against China, and President Biden has said that this will take twenty years or so. For Americans, the threat of losing their ability to control the economic policy of other nations is a threat to what they view as civilization itself.​..
    ​..The exponential mathematics of interest-bearing debt makes debt crises inevitable. That has been the case for thousands of years. The expansion path of debt is more rapid than that of the underlying “real” economy.
    ​ ​At some point, either debts will have to be wiped out – annulled – or countries will fall into debt peonage to the creditor powers, just as within creditor nations the economy is polarizing between the creditor One Percent and the increasingly indebted 99 Percent…
    ​..​The global system will need to move beyond reliance on the US dollar, and turn national banking and credit systems into public utilities. That is the only way that governments can write down debt – mainly, debt owed to themselves – without inciting a political and even violent fight against their moves to free the economy from its debt overhead.

    Michael Hudson Answers Questions on Europe’s Self-Immolation, Fed’s Malpractice, Changing World Order

    ​Charles Hugh Smith on “The Oil Curse”
    ​ ​The price of oil appears to be reflecting the global recession that’s baked into receding stimulus and liquidity and higher inflation. China’s attempt to secure Zero Covid is also exerting downward pressure on oil demand. As consumers globally come to grips with layoffs, depleted savings and maxed-out credit cards, demand can be expected to drop further…
    ​ ​There’s another twist to The Oil Curse story: now that the easy-to-get oil is gone, it now requires massive, permanent investments in future production to keep the oil flowing. Governments (like the oil Sheikdoms) ​seeing their revenues decline will naturally slash investment to fund the politically essential welfare-graft that enables their grip on power.
    ​ ​Starved of essential investment, oil production inevitably declines, further reducing revenues of oil-dependent states. This feedback loop is unforgiving: less investment leads to less oil which leads to less revenues which further squeezes investment.
    ​ ​It’s not just the price of oil that matters: how much disposable income consumers have left to buy more goods and services matters, too. Put another way: demand can fall below supply for longer than oil producers can remain solvent.

    ​ This essay is mostly the history of technocracy, a movement which began in the 1800s, and did some good work in its early years. Some of those who contributed insights and ideas were not fully sold on the product, nor was the product what it has become with the internet, AI and social media,
    nor was Zbigniew Brzezinski Chinese.​ We have largely had a bureaucratic technocracy for a long time, some call it “the deep state”.
    China: The World’s First Technate – Part 1​ Ian Davis

    ​We might feel anonymous in a crowd, but AI knows where our smartphone is, and what it is transmitting and receiving, and can report on that in detail.
    ​(In related news, Justin Trudeau says Chinese citizens have the right to protest against COVID lockdowns, because they are not Canadian truck drivers.)
    Beijing protesters spooked by phone calls from police

    Beijing protesters spooked by phone calls from police

    John Day

    Paul Craig Roberts: ​COVID Roundup. Was the mRNA Vaccine Intended as a Population Reduction Measure?
    ​ ​The circumstantial evidence is substantial that it was.
    The multi-decade agitation for population reduction by Bill Gates and a passel of elites and organizations and a decade or longer of research to develop the Covid virus suggest that the “vaccine” had an intent that is not acknowledged, but we will never know unless someone confesses.
    ​ ​The process of defrocking doctors, medical scientists, and nurse whistleblowers who provide facts unwelcome by authorities continues.

    COVID Roundup. Was the mRNA Vaccine Intended as a Population Reduction Measure?

    ​The Birth of the Biostate​ .Thanks Christine
    ​ ​During the Business 20 (B20) panel held ahead of the G20 summit, Indonesia’s Minister of Health Budi Gunadi Sadikin made the same recommendation in even starker terms: “Let’s have a digital health certificate acknowledged by WHO — if you have been vaccinated or tested properly, then you can move around.” In a 132-page document that contains a series of recommendations for the G20, the B20 urged the widespread adoption of digital Covid-19 certificates that would be part of a “technology-enabled ‘always-on’ global health infrastructure”.
    ​ ​Sadikin added that G20 countries have agreed to the proposal and now plan to introduce it as a revision to the IHR framework at the next World Health Assembly, scheduled for May 2023 in Geneva. The idea is that the WHO should be given legally binding powers to implement such measures in the future. This is an attempt to revamp the WHO’s so-called international pandemic treaty — an effort to give it sweeping powers to dictate public health measures to countries with the full backing of international law, potentially overriding their national sovereignty.
    ​ ​This reform would effectively transform the organisation into something akin to a “world health government” with unprecedented powers to overrule the decisions of national governments in all matters of public health​.​.​.​
    ​..​A fundamental aspect of this brave new world envisioned by Schwab is the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution, which in his own words consists in “the fusion of our physical, digital and biological identities”. Digital IDs, in this sense, should be understood as just the first step in a “revolution” aimed at completely blurring the lines between our bodies and emerging technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, quantum computing, biotechnology, and so on.

    ​ Edward Slavsquat, in Moscow, says Russia’s not too different from Canada, China or New Zealand in some regards. Thanks Robin.
    ​ ​Whatever Putin’s personal views on mandatory vaccination may be, the reality is that Russia’s capital introduced the country’s first compulsory vaccination policy in mid-June, which required various business sectors to meet a 60% vaccination quota among employees. Workers who refused the shot were at risk of being suspended indefinitely without pay (or, in layman’s terms, “being fired”). Many other regions followed suit with similar (and even more stringent) mandates.
    ​ ​After the State Duma elections in late September, Russia’s regions began mass adopting vaccine mandates as well as QR-coded “health” passes. All 85 federal subjects of the Russian Federation now have compulsory vaccination rules (some more strict than others). For example, in Leningrad Oblast, all state, municipal and private organizations must ensure 100% of employees are fully vaccinated, or have a medical exemption or proof of prior infection in the last six months. Hold-outs will need to be tested every 72 hours.

    John Day

    ​Fertility declines near the end of the COVID-19 pandemic: Evidence of the 2022 birth declines in Germany and Sweden

    ​ ​”The Missing Babies of Europe”​ Strongest decline in birth rate (10%) in 100 years begins 9 months following COVID-vaccination peak​

    ​ ​Blinded by COVID-19 Vaccination
    Visual Loss a Cruel Reminder that Vaccine Injury ​(often) ​Strikes within Days


    An epidemic of sudden death by “unknown cause” is taking effect in Canada. It has overtaken dementia and heart disease to become Alberta’s top killer. And after doctors have had to comply — or else — to strict vaccine mandates, 93 Canadian physicians have now succumbed to sudden death.

    It’s not just doctors who are dying suddenly or unexpectedly. Of course, doctors are the most vaccinated young people. Most of them have had four shots, even five shots. They have to be fully vaccinated to be able to work. But it’s other professions that are seeing sudden deaths as well. We’re seeing it in nurses. We’re seeing it in paramedics, police, firefighters — but now we’re even seeing it in teachers.

    I’ve recently been contacted by an Alberta teacher who wishes to remain anonymous, but this individual told me that they’ve just lost a grade 2 student in their school. They’ve just lost suddenly — sudden death. They’ve also lost a teacher in their 30s — also sudden death, sudden cardiac death. And they are panicking.


    🔥 That didn’t take long! ZeroHedge ran a story yesterday headlined, “London Mayor Unveils ‘Crippling’ Vehicle Emission Charge For All Of London, Despite 80% Opposition.” The gist is, Mayor Khan took an existing $15 daily tax for driving “non-compliant vehicles” in London’s “low-emission zone,” and extended the tax to cover the entire city of London.

    The daily tax applies to all cars and trucks older than a 2005 model year if gas fueled, or 2015 model year if diesel. So, it is a tax on non-élites, who are more likely to own an older vehicle, and on small businesses’ delivery vans and trucks (‘lorries’ in the UK). Estimates suggest over 200,000 vehicles could be subject to the new ‘tax’ which, if accurate, would fill the city’s coffers with up to THREE MILLION DOLLARS A DAY.

    The money printer goes brrrrrrrrr.

    As the headline suggested, the World Economic Forum might approve, but Londoners are seriously not happy with Mayor Khan over his awesome driving tax. He’s facing pushback from consumers, business owners, and conservative politicians. According to ZeroHedge, the Federation of Small Businesses opposed the tax, insisting it would harm many members in Outer London, and the Alliance of British Drivers claimed the move was just a smokescreen to fix the disastrous budget of Transport for London, the city’s public transportation agency.

    Now you might be asking, how could he possibly justify this driving tax? Why, it’s for SAFETY, of course! Mayor Khan is directing his wrath towards air pollution, the silent killer.

    When you think about it, if this logic holds, there is literally NOTHING that couldn’t be done in the name of “cleaner air.” Next up, they’ll be banning bovines, burritos and barbecue beans.

    Folks, this is what happens when you let politicians arbitrarily change the rules for “safety” from a virus. We never should have let them get away with that. Now everything they want to do — like make it too expensive and inconvenient to drive our own cars — can just be draped in the sticky fabric of ‘health and safety’ and — ta-da! — walked right by near-unanimous public disapproval.


    Ursula tweets a speech where she talks about 100.000 Ukrainian military personnel killed then she deletes the tweet and posts another with an edited version of her speech where the above number is not mentioned. Of course nothing dies on the Internet.

    You can’t make this shit up.


    what is good for the goose is good for the gander
    • Twitter Stops Enforcing COVID-19 Misinformation Policy (ZH)
    • ‘Negative Efficacy’ Should Have Stopped COVID Vaccine Recommendations (ET)
    • 12 Ways To Hold Big Pharma Accountable For Covid Evils (Fed.)
    Strange story: a 7-hour Fauci deposition, and absolute crickets from the media.
    Excellent read.
    • A Look from Inside – The Fauci Deposition
    and witnessed the octogenarian squirm, stall, and lie for seven hours.

    EXCLUSIVE: A Look from Inside – The Fauci Deposition: Attorneys General from Missouri and Louisiana Depose Dr. Fauci, Prove He Was Not Honest with the American Public

    By Jim Hoft
    Published November 25, 2022 at 10:00am
    ** Fauci claimed HCQ was ineffective in treating COVID, but couldn’t cite a single study to support his claim. Fauci also rejected the list of 371 studies on HCQ and its effectiveness in treating the disease when he was presented with the list.
    Creative bookkeeping
    • SBF Doesn’t Know What Happened To His Twitter Stake (Axios)

    Dr D Rich

    “Fauci is a skillful liar. As we have seen now for months in his public comments”

    Nah…my 22 year old self saw this megalomaniacal reprobate lying his ass off beside Bob Gallo as they spearheaded NIH/NIAID/U.S. Gov’t’s attempt to steal credit from Luc Montagnier and Pasteur Institute.
    The system selects for this fraudulent behavior.
    Fauci hasn’t changed one bit.


    Twitter, free speech vs. absolutist free speech

    I’ve been mulling this over. I am for free speech, but I recognize that in some rare instances it may be appropriate for there to be a few brakes on absolute free speech. This is akin to the “shouting fire in a theater” issue. As a society, we generally value safe-guarding children — preventing them from abuse and exploitation, parents having the authority to strongly regulate what they come in contact with, as children can be strongly affected by their experiences. It is appropriate to block child pornography, etc., from Twitter, even though that is technically a violation of absolute free speech.

    It looks like the idea of Twitter users paying a small fee for a verified badge backfired…but that may in the future have a comeback. In a “Wild West” free-for-all of ideas, it helps to have some sort of mechanism to determine whether someone is who they claim to be — of course, if a tiny fee is all that is required, then the verified badge is useless for this purpose. A verified badge must require some sort of transparent vetting process, and it is logical that some fee be involved to cover the costs of the procedure.

    The most reasonable curb to planning to commit a crime on Twitter is that everything tweeted be transparent and in the “public record” and therefore admissible evidence in court. If users want to be stupid enough to plot a crime publicly…let them.

    Adults need to start acting like adults. When my ex started using the family court system to come after me, the situation became an enormous trigger for the PTSD that I was suffering from the former marriage. It was very challenging to face what was going on when I kept having debilitating emotional flashbacks. I do not like the terms my first attorney used to get me to stand up and face it — I’m not sharing them — but I recognize that she was correct in what I had to do. I felt like a victim — and I *was* being victimized — yet I had to stand up and be an adult. Yes, it is very uncomfortable when social media is used to bully other adults, to spread lies, etc. However, as adults we need to act like adults, and face the issues. Perhaps there needs to be an easy way for anyone accused of something on Twitter to refute the accusation. However, in order for free speech suppression to actually meet the threshold of “shouting fire in a theater” the bar has to be held very high. Social media is in the “virtual world” — which means that like the “sticks and stones” nursery rhyme, what occurs there does not cause immediate bodily harm, and does not meet the bar of “shouting fire in a theater.” Does that mean that culturally we embrace cyber bullying? No, not at all. It is appropriate to educate users about what cyber-bullying is and how to recognize it. The best way to curb cyber-bullying is not to retweet it.


    We see Elon positioning himself nicely to survive the vicious anti-covidiocy backlash, and even prosper from it. By prosper I mostly mean deflect heat from the immolation of Tesla like a giant battery caught on fire.


    Today’s Yogi tea tag aphorism: You can measure the love you bring to each day by the joy you experience in each moment.

    …quoth a little stream in an old church song…

    Let’s raise some eyebrows:

    What’s Really in the Shots? To graphene or not to graphene, that is the question

    Very conflicting results from independent studies. Maybe you guys already covered this material and I missed it. Anyway, no one can tell what’s really in the shots. Something, nothing, everything. I think maybe we’re all losing our minds.

    I’m not saying it was aliens… but…


    The Aztecs (from Jim Kunstler’s “Four Fuckeries” article): when crazy civilizations collide, both become


    Death by Xmas music:

    Drunk Santa at the Elfin Karaoke Ball

    Xmas gift suggestion for that someone who is hard to buy for.

    Figmund Sreud

    … steady as she goes!

    The system will include a single payment card – in direct competition with Visa and Mastercard – merging the already existing Russian MIR, China’s UnionPay, India’s RuPay, Brazil’s Elo, and others.

    The Global South births a new game-changing payment system


    Farmer McGregor

    @John Day

    Am I mistaken, or is the “edwardslavsquat” substack article you referenced in comment #122313 a year old?
    If so, then not sure of its relevancy at this time. Not trying to nit-pick, just curious.


    In recent readings, I have noticed governments are starting to introduce new taxes on “green enegy”.

    I have seen new yearly road use taxes for EVs introduced, increased taxes for EV’s with more powerful electric motors, EV charging station taxes, solar panel taxes, new taxes for existing solar panel already connected to the grid, special windfall taxes for solar and wind power, to just name a few that I can remember.

    The irony is all of these so called “green energy” solutions depend greatly upon government tax payer subsidies to exist. Obviously politicians have no morals when they want more money to spend. Tax black mailing existing “green energy” is par for the course.

    More than 20 years ago I was going to add some solar air heating panels to the sunny south side of my house. ^

    I phoned the local building office, in the most green city in Canada, to see if I needed a building permit. I was told I would have to pay a $250 fee to have my house tax re-accessed and would likely incur a permanent property tax increase of several hundred dollars a year.

    Since the heating savings by installing solar air heating panels would likely only be about $50 per heating season, I quickly dropped any further interest in the project.

    I better insulated my house instead, since I could get away with doing this, inspite of needing a building permit to do so, because there is no public exterior evidence for anyone to see.


    Vile Satanist Stoltenberg Goes 1984: “War Is Peace”


    Douglas Macgregor interview with Andrew Napolitano

    November 29th – This major offensive is obliterating Ukraine


    From the 29th.
    This is the kind of completely Orwellian garbage TDB publishes:

    ‘The battle for Bhakmut is led by Wagner Group mercenaries, fighting for the Russian government. This battle is unique because it includes the use of Russian criminals released from prison on condition that they fight in Ukraine.

    You do know that this a proven fact?
    Wagner contracts criminals to fight six months on the front line and then they are free. However pretty sure that the six months has now been extended indefinitely so maybe not getting so many volunteers.
    The taxpayer military contracts have been extended too.
    The Russian media has been quite open about the crims signing up.
    There is a video of Wagner recruiting inside a prison.


    Russia’s two main allies China and Iran are blowing up.
    Two of the main players in Putin’s fair new world are not happy , it seems the citizens there feel they are NOT being treated fairly and have hit the streets.
    Ya gotta laugh when Chine asks NK to quieten down , they play such a duplicitous game , like NK is not China’s proxy?


    Iranians cheer the countries loss to the US in the soccer , god damn those colour revolutions!


    You would almost think that Russia’s mates are arseholes , the Iranian and Chinese people seem to think so.

    You see , they are no different than us , worse in fact.


    Elections in Taiwan, ruling party suffers massive defeat

    Taiwanese utterly reject the Empire of Lies and their running yellow dog lackeys


    Another banned birthday xpert- like major expert.

    And we say Science is the new religion. Ha the ‘I’ is the new religion.

    The Problem with the COVID Narrative


    As Ukraine Faces Bakhmut Defeat

    EU Commission President Ursula Speaks of 100,000 Ukrainians Killed in Action in the War

    Figmund Sreud

    Interesting cartoon, … U.S. oil company stock price has lately outperforming WTI!

    The correlation is currently negative as the prices of XLE* and crude oil are diverging significantly. Early 2014 was the last time the prices were significantly negatively correlated.

    *) XLE – Energy Select Sector SPDR Fund



    As we head into the month of December, I have noticed there are very few food sales in local grocery flyers. December is a bad month to be buying food. Sure glad I stocked up earlier.

    John Day

    @Farmer McGregor: Yes, th Slavsquat article IS from 11/26/21. not 11/26/22. That explains why the Russian vaccination rate he quotes is a little under 50%,when Statista says 55%. It doesn’t look like it increased much since then…
    I have to make this mistake at least a couple of times per year…
    My apologies. At least I’m not Iggy Pop as Father Christmas with no shirt (Boscohorowitz video link above).
    That guy is still Iggy Pop!

    @Figmund Sreud: Thanks for the link to the new global-south payment system story.

    Figmund Sreud

    `Snake eating it’s own tail‘: … commercial example of:

    <em> With record-high car prices, dealer markups, more expensive financing, and inventory shortages the automobile industry is set for dark times.</em>


    Figmund Sreud

    @ Dr. John Day – Thanks for the link to the new global-south payment system story.

    No trouble whatsoever. We live in most interesting times, … and so it goes!

    “Triffin’s paradox states that with the benefits of the reserve currency also comes an inevitable tipping point or failure.”

    Here is the best description – I can find – of the system that it will eventually replace, … two-part story:

    Part I:
    Part II:



    “Am I mistaken, or is the “edwardslavsquat” substack article you referenced in comment #122313 a year old? If so, then not sure of its relevancy at this time. Not trying to nit-pick, just curious.”

    Developments from past events move forward in time to the present?

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