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    Paul Henry Altan Lough, Donegal 1933-34   • Larry King: CNN Stopped Doing News A Long Time Ago. They Do Trump (ZH) • Democrats Want Healthcare Pr
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    V. Arnold

    There’s hope;

    • ‘Remarkable’ Decline In Global Fertility Rates (BBC)

    This isn’t new, but it’s increasing as the article states. Thailand for one, is experiencing a decline in fertility.
    This isn’t unknown in nature; coyotes’ litters expand and contract according to the food sources from one year to the next. I’m pretty sure it’s true for wolves as well.

    ALTAN LOUGH, DONEGAL c.1933-34 PAUL HENRY RHA (1876-1958)
    Very nice painting; the clouds are gorgeous; so excellently done, IMO.


    Declining fertility rates caused by an overabundance of food appears to be a novelty, though. We might ask how Roman elites did in this respect, but certainly no effect as widespread as this has ever been seen. It affects even China, still not a ‘rich’ territory.

    V. Arnold

    Yes, it’s true. As far as I know all of SE Asia has been affected; LAO I’m not so sure about. They’re very quiet for the most part. Been to Viantiane 3 or 4 times and like it, but very private; great food.
    Anyhoo, I see the declining fertility rate as heading for a world wide problem (?).
    And agree, food has very little to do with human’s declining fertility; hell, just look a the endemic obiesity in the U.S.
    If I had to make a guess; I’d say we organisms have an intelligence most of us are out of touch with.
    It’s one of many reasons I like the Gaia Hypothesis…
    It’s also the theme of Solaris; a Russian movie about a truly sentient planet; the cosmonaughts orbiting the planet are vexed and make clumsy and dangerous attempts to understand Solaris; with little result but tragedy for themselves…
    The Earth speaks to us, but to no avail…

    Dr. D

    “I think they only played along or at least gave him that much airtime in many ways because they didn’t think he was going to win…” Fake. The WikiLeaks memos said Clinton ORDERED CNN and the boyz to give Trump 24/7 coverage as a pied piper play that catastrophically failed. That was years ago, it’s never been repudiated, and still no one in media admits it but goes on false stories about RussiaRussiaRussia. So your de facto lies are in good company, Mr. King. Keep it up, it’s working great and the American people believe it.

    “Protect their healthcare and impeach President Donald Trump.” Fake. We don’t have healthcare. The care we have, which is terrible, costs $20,000 a year with a $4,000 deductible. Nothing is covered and everybody rejects the bills, making you chase them for years anyway as they illegally ruin your credit. This in a system that’s more expensive per capita than France or Switzerland, where you can ask a nurse to pop over when you have the flu. Here you couldn’t get a nurse to pop over if you’re in the ICU. Protect what? It was bad in 1988 because it was already a monopoly that needed reform, but it didn’t REALLY die until the government started “helping” Helping! Helping so hard!!! with the HMOs, designed to create a fascist, government-private profit monopoly to crash and bring in nationalized health care, just as bad as we’re seeing…and it worked. Now we have exactly that, exactly as predicted, the call for a solution of “Medicare for all” that will be as generous and humane as the dismal Veteran’s Hospitals that were a national embarrassment, still not repaired. And the people cheer! How dare you not kill me in the hallways like our veterans instead of providing private-public charity hospitals running case-by-case like we did in 1990? How dare it not cost 10x what it did then for worse care?

    Yes. U.S. has health care like everything else: all the health care/justice/protection/freedom you can afford. That is to say, none.

    • ‘Remarkable’ Decline In Global Fertility Rates (BBC)

    Science! Wrong again. And doesn’t check their compass even though Wattenberg wrote book “Fewer” using old data in 2005 China’s one-child policy was already biting them hard enough it was affecting markets and military planning, yet science? Nope. 14 years later might come around to noticing. True what actual scientist Max Plank said: “science advances one funeral at a time.” As the old ideas remain in the cold, dead hands of the old guard who could never change. It’s that uninterested in truth and proof…at least at the moment…and doesn’t deserve to be our church and high priest. How often does everything they say have to be discredited, and every prediction be wrong before somebody notices? Before somebody gets fired? Before somebody gets defunded and bounced out in disgrace? A: Never. Like politicians, elected when actually in jail actually dead, or actually indicted for felonies, there is no consequences, and until there are consequences for catastrophic failure, nothing changes, and don’t trust them. Here a pretty much cold busted pedophile was elected Senator of NJ, while a NY Rep was elected clearly guilty of insider trading. #Winning!

    Related: protecting obvious, embarrassing, catastrophic failures is just another form of market rigging, but in the marketplace of truth and knowledge. Like other forms of market-rigging, this is done BY the rich and powerful insiders (colleges and science-for-hire minions) FOR the rich and powerful insiders, to PROTECT the wealth and power of those already entitled and capable of wielding it. Against whom? AGAINST the truth, and AGAINST logic, the logos, and the small guy who has to make plans, get things done in a rational way and can’t afford to be wrong every day of his career. “Rules for thee and not for me.”

    “Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose” – Jean-Baptiste Karr


    The elites made windmills.
    We can see the windmills.


    Radio & TV news were public services required by FCC regulations as a condition of using public airwaves. Running a news operation is costly. Having reporters that actually understand the topics and events they are covering requires career development and specialization, like any career. Editors are needed to keep cub reporters from making rookie mistakes. They also need to be able to sit through long, boring meetings where important decisions are made in the last few minutes.

    When the MBAs made it necessary for the news divisions to make money, they went the tabloid route. Trump had learned how to play the tabloid game years ago. He attacks the tabloid press and they have to report it. All drama without substance, so big destruction and theft goes unnoticed.

    Fortunately, the Creator ensures a constant flow of goodness into the world, small and useful acts of kindness. Disorder gives rise to uncertainty and fear, perfect for the forces of dissonance. Stability is sleep inducing. How will we sell anything without fights? #DivineDisorder is a long view for navigating the manufactured madness of a civilization where profit motive is unchecked by the greater motive, the community motive, which is intelligent design mechanism of nature.

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