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    You had me at watermelon. We do have that in common. I try grow some of my own every year.

    Are you saying that biblical prophesy is about God’s wrath on the satanic masses being exacted by some bloodline that cracked the code. Or am I misreading you? I don’t want the firehouse answer, just correct the simplified mission statement. I am simply curious, don’t read any more into it. Thanks

    Dr. D

    Non-stop Charles Smith stock charts. One-stop shopping.

    It’s hard to figure the U.S. mandates because they don’t exist. Not kidding: there are 20 state Attorney Generals waiting to sue the crap out of Biden, but he signed no such order. OSHA only posed a question period for such a suggestion. Just like the FDA approval, “The weird have gone pro” and all things now exist/do not exist like Schrodinger’s cat.

    IN THEORY, should any such order be signed, registered, it would be illegal because it’s not a law from Congress. But if passed, it would not be a law because it would be immediately put to the courts. But if supported, it MIGHT be that companies over 100 people would have to mandate a vaccine that is unavailable in the U.S., Comernity. And that would be regardless of you having MS, Lupus, being on Chemo, or being Bubble Boy. Eat s–t and die, no excuses. Which IF a law, would be against a whole host of other laws, International law, war crimes laws, medical laws, privacy laws, etc. Pelosi said it was impossible. No such mandate could be made.

    Who’s exempt? Everybody. As not a law, the corporations are completely “making it up” and are open to unlimited legal liability on 10 fronts. But besides Congress, we saw the White House, the FDA, the NIH, the Board of Pfizer, Moderna, and everyone in Texas or Florida, among other places.

    See why this is a s–t-show, and all our brains are melting like “Raiders of the Lost Ark?” Nothing’s real. Nothing’s passed. Nothing’s true. Nothing’s proven, and nothing’s enforced. Meanwhile, we enforce all the things that AREN’T passed and say all the things that aren’t true. But only on our enemies. Not our friends. Which changes hourly. You suck NBA! You and your race aren’t our friends anymore! Not since Nikki told that totally true story about side effects openly listed by the CDC and FDA!

    What’s real when the mentally ill and deranged take over? Who can tell?


    Dr. Malone interviewed about corruption in govt and at the FDA. “…Pharma bought the Hill…”


    6500 NZ drs came out urging vaccine adoption.Persuasive? Not. My golf club is considering requiring it. Caplan has an article on medscape saying drs should be able to refuse unvaccinated patients. More interesting are the comments, some knowledgable some not., but the cracks show. One making the point that it is the only vehicle to express their (professional) views without fear of retribution.


    Dr. D,

    Your comments are timely. Just finished meeting with a bunch union guys. They have more balls than salary. They are not getting support at the national level. They have collective bargaining doesn’t cover salary and I live in at will state. Difficult but we did have a local lawyer come speak. He didn’t communicate it as well as you. We are in contact with the lawyer representing the SW pilots. I am going to pass on your commentary. The clarity is excellent as usual. Thanks


    Dr. D – if ever I can offer you some help in the garden – I love pulling weeds. Your analysis and thought process is so helpful and so funny that I must tell you – the thoughts from your mind put into words are some of the great moments of light and truth in my day. Can’t thank you enough.
    Precious gems are found by digging in the hard ground and you are a mother-fucking 10 tonne excavator.
    Peace and Love


    Ian Welsh explains the system much better than I;

    The Totalizing Principle Of Profit, and the Death of the Sacred

    Basically 85% of Americans are riff-raff that are of no matter to the amoral global money-making machine. We just don’t want to believe it. Propaganda is so much more comforting. But the Coronavirus Pandemic shows that this is all a big lie. If belief goes, so does society. The Western Empire, this century, has been so exploitative of humans and resources that resilience is gone. The future of the English-speaking world will be much worse than the Russia in the 1990s. The truth is so traumatic that it is denied.


    Peggy Hall appears to be an excellent resource for religious exemptions. A friend used her and got an exemption with no problem. This was not true for all people. Then again, he’s a Sabbath keeper, and has been forever, so they know he’s serious about his religion. Another friend was familiar with her, didn’t use her services, and still got an exemption.
    Read Title VII for yourself. The language is pretty clear. If you fit the description, file.
    In short, if you believe you are here on this Earth for a reason, and you are PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE TO THE CREATIVE FORCE THAT PRODUCED YOUR BODY AND ITS WELL BEING, then that really ought to be enough. If you believe special interests can have their way with your body, well, there’s no issues, is there?

    “So rule one would be to learn the rights accorded to you under the highest applicable law. Example, a township statute cannot trump the Constitutional law.
    Once a person is aware of their RIGHTS and DUTIES under the law, they know what laws and duties apply to them.
    Second, if a demand is made not in compliance with the law, the person MUST refuse the request…ie, exercise their rights under the law.”
    ~A Rothschild

    How could he be more clear? BTW, this is EXACTLY what small businesses should have done, and they were warned in 2011, when Money Power Monopoly Mega-Corporate Orwellian Fascist Global Empire made their move to begin ILLEGALLY STAMPING THEM OUT!
    The Rothschilds said, “on guard…”
    Did anyone listen? Some actually did what was recommended, and they were better off for it. Whether they actually read the document or not is unknown, but it is likely they knew intuitively and not because they read the document and prepared.


    Are you saying that biblical prophesy is about God’s wrath on the satanic masses being exacted by some bloodline that cracked the code. Or am I misreading you? I don’t want the firehouse answer, just correct the simplified mission statement. I am simply curious, don’t read any more into it. Thanks

    At the Rothschild level, yes, they believe they are CHOSEN by God to manifest Biblical prophecy on the sinning masses as God’s CHOSEN representatives and “faithful servants.”

    ^^^Short answer… choose to read for more context or not — your choice.

    Their ideology is that God created “Natural Law” as His #1 Law in order to “refine” a “most fit” “bloodline,” and they are competing to be, effectively, “the last bloodline standing.” That’s their story, they rule the world, with a few select other bloodlines, and so they are right by virtue of the rewards “natural law” has bestowed upon them. Where are we, again? Obviously, we are doing something wrong relative to them, right? In their eyes, yes.

    At the Biblical level, they are the Kings of Carnality — they are one of very few families that have won the selfish game on planet Earth. However, the “carnal man” is selfish and evil, according to the Bible, and ought to be replaced with God’s Spirit of love for others equal to oneself. In a rather pathetic attempt to rationalize HUGE SECTIONS OF THE BIBLE, they apparently believe that their forefathers infiltrated the Bible with all the “love and care stuff,” in accordance with ‘natural law,” of course, in order to pave the way for their crowning as the Messianic Bloodline to rule the Earth.

    They are wrong, but they don’t care about my opinion — they rule the world through their fraudulent abstract debt-based money systems and a legion of pathological money seekers, the latter of which are the ones who do the dirty work for the Rothschilds and other Royal Families (they are all in on it together — for now, anyway).

    “I suppose another way to put it that you might understand better, is that the world is run by men who truly understand the dark nature of the human spirit. So, YOU provide the evil and these men create scenarios where they know how you will react. It is scary how accurately refined these rule-based systems have become. Ironically, THESE men of “knowledge” must keep their “hands” clean! Must! Or the MAGIC goes!
    Oh! Sweet Irony!!
    Believe me when I say that the efforts to suppress come from immediately above your station. Those who have a few extra comforts that you don’t and that want to maintain your submission so that they can maintain theirs.
    The real masters are the intellects who suggest in a suggestible way that which you cannot resist.”
    ~A Rothschild

    TAE Summary

    * Painting of Christ in garden shows agony; Agony means wrestling match in ancient Greek
    Betrayal is the vilest act; All other sins will be forgiven but betrayal of the Holy Ghost

    * Obamacare, like all else, was about centralizing data and control; Doctors must follow the procedures and standards of care; Deviation is terrorism; When thinking is outlawed only the outlaws will think; All others will only technically be doctors

    * We must have a reason to go out in public; Reason = permit; QR Code is the new “papieren, bitte”; Green light go, red light stop

    * May your resolve be hard as stone; As an adamant harder than flint have I made thy forehead: fear them not, neither be dismayed at their looks, though they be a rebellious house.

    * The truth is hiding under a pile of money, but the pile is in a vault in a closed bank in a defunct shopping mall in a walled city on a forbidden planet in a parallel universe

    * The science has destroyed the soil; The science has clotted our arteries; The science has wrecked our economy; The science has emasculated our boys; The science has promised us a future where we can watch TV all day, fed through a tube with artificial sleep and electric dreams; Trust the science

    * Darkness amplifies insecurities; Eat some sunlight; It will make your skin bright, your hair gleam and your face glow

    * The unvaccinated may be infected; The vaccinated may be infected; Avoid everyone

    * Only bloodlines are immortal
    Suppose you had a football game where one team was raised being told that sportsmanship was the highest ideal. The other team was raised being told to win at all costs; Which team is more likely to win and how?

    * Sunday School Teacher: Johnny, can you quote two verses from the Bible?
    Johnny: And Judas went into the garden and hanged himself
    Teacher: OK. What’s the second?
    Johnny: Go thou and do likewise


    Basically 85% of Americans are riff-raff that are of no matter to the amoral global money-making machine. We just don’t want to believe it.

    It is lower, much, much lower….

    Question: If you were to tell the whole world one message, what would it be?
    Rothschild Answer: I would advise those so inclined to listen that their bloodlines are, today, in great danger of mass extinction! Mass number of bloodlines, that is to say.

    “Stress comes from large deltas of differential!
    lightning, battery power, and social strife. There have to be polarities!!
    The bigger the differential, the bigger the reaction!
    At some point, the remaining bloodlines will be similar enough in power and stature to know that coexistence is the next logical evolutionary step….referred biblically as the thousand year peace. At that point, there wont be many left, at least relevant to the current population level. 500 million at most.
    THEN things get interesting!”
    ~A Rothschild

    The “at most” was added for a reason. If he didn’t add it, he would be lying. Seeing himself as “righteous,” he didn’t want to outright lie. The “elite employees” subjected to their debt-based money system want to believe they are safe, so they are led to believe there will be plenty of space for them to be safe. Suckers.
    Also, he doesn’t consider addressing the billions of people as the slightest bit “interesting’ at all — and no wonder… how many of the “learned” here have bothered to read his “disclosure”? “Apocalypse” is synonymous with “disclosure,” BTW. You see how that ties in given their Biblical Messianic Bloodline Aspirations?

    “Of course, the “secret(s)” has/have made more than one bloodline powerful beyond belief, and there are struggles. Ultimately, one will win that’s interesting!
    Thanks for playing!”


    @TAE Summary — The Rothschild character had his own football analogy, and here it is…

    “I am not clear what you are getting at, but for amusement, let’s follow the football analogy and apply it to bloodlines in a way you might understand!
    So your favorite sports team boards an autobus with the objective of traveling cross-country to a sporting match. Everyone on the bus agrees they want to get to the game where they can have a “shot” at fame and glory!!
    Let’s further imagine that there is not a hired driver but that each sports participant will get a turn at the steering wheel!
    You can imagine with the variety of personalities on the bus that some will be diligent and drive directly at top speed! Others may get distracted! Some may stop excessively to eat and satisfy some psychological craving they have. Others are drunks! and wish to stop at every pub along the way and drink to excess. Not only do these people delay the progress of the team in reaching their destination, but their dissolute living puts the entire team at risk of accident and death. The selfish ones care little as long as their needs are met!
    Some drivers might stop to assist their stranded fellow traveler! What a good guy! However, in doing so they delay the progress of their fellow team mates! Certainly, the one providing the service looks the hero and collects accolades, but he has done a disservice to the others on the bus to satisfy the ego. From the viewpoint of the teammates, it is a selfish act.
    By now even the dullards here MUST gather the meaning. Bickle, I’m looking at you.
    The bus is of course the bloodline. Ancestors and those yet to come are all helpless passengers as each bloodline member gets their turn at the wheel! You are free to do as you want…free will and all that…but everyone on your team will pay a price for your choices…such as they are!
    What will you do with YOUR TURN?

    NOW! Let’s say that the other team knows your bus is full of lower form primates who respond to their base instincts. So the opposition team, being the black-hearts they are, erect a billboard advertising young women who will dance and writhe for your pleasure! And serve alcohol until you are stupid! Hooray!
    Who is responsible for the team bus now parked in that parking lot? The team, or proprietor?”


    Seems one of the posters here has the solution in his name- teach the trivium in school and create bulletproof minds.

    Indeed I do! And guess what Mr. Rothschild answered when he was asked how one could become a threat to his bloodline? Guess what his SOLE answer was? Well, you don’t need to guess, because actually read the whole document, and I KNOW what his answer was!

    Question: op where do i go to acquire the tools to be a threat to rothschild
    Rothschild Answer: I suppose anywhere you were able to get a quality education, free of bullshit and filler (accurate grammar), and develop the ability for critical thought (logic) and logical expression (rhetoric).
    good luck with that.

    Note — I added the text in parentheses).

    For those that don’t know, grammar, logic, and rhetoric compose the trivium, the first three of the ancient seven mind liberating arts. Effectively, it is the systematic process of deploying intellectual self-defense in an Empire of Lies.
    Newsflash, Socrates died, and the Sophists with a Socratic approach towards discerning “natural law” to manipulate you into wilful submission through sophistry have won, AND WON BIG!


    @ dr d
    …of course socialized medicine is bad. People like me and my children don’t deserve to receive professional medical care. I’m sure that enduring a tooth ache rather than getting a root canal would help me find more boot straps. Thanks.


    Found out 5 hours ago that my daughter has Covid. Was their dad’s turn to have kids over fall break from school. So I hadn’t seen them since I sent them to school last Friday morning. Daughter tells me she has been feeling unwell since last Saturday. My ex’s girlfriend tells me that daughter has had a sore throat since Monday. (My daughter probably didn’t tell anyone she felt unwell til Monday.). She had a negative strep test Wednesday, so it was followed by Covid PCR test. Results came back 2 days later — today.

    I offered last year that if the kids need to quarantine, they can do so with me. My ex decided to take me up on that offer and send the boys to me, and keep our daughter there, under the care of his girlfriend. I’m fit to be tied. Daughter is healthy – she should come out of this fine — but whether it has been 5 days or 7 days — that’s a while. The vaxxed gf is coming down with symptoms. If my boys get out of the house wherein there lives a Covid person, they will be allowed back to school sooner. That is my ex’s rationale. It is reasonable. (I may not like it — but it is reasonable.). The parenting plan says that this is his time…I can agree to have my boys here or decline. Those were my only options.

    Daughter is supposed to be getting vitamin d daily — prescribed by a physician. She says she is not getting it at her dad’s house. Ex’s gf says that my daughter is getting it. I believe my daughter over the gf…as a part of the family court trial there was a psych evaluation done on all of the adults…not quite portraying things as they are was found to be a problem of the gf.

    So…here I am. I am told that my daughter has been feeling worse each day (both my daughter and the gf said it, so I suspect that is true.) I have all of this knowledge on how to treat her at home…even have left over HCQ, Z-pack, fluvoxamine, budesonide, etc., and I probably won’t be able to see her again until Wednesday. In the meantime, she has Covid.

    So I looked up the I-mask+ protocol…and I’m supplying the gf with every OTC item on it. Tomorrow I need to go find nigella sativa. Gf swears she’ll follow the protocol I gave her. Maybe.


    History of blue paint:

    Had to be made by grinding lapis lazuli, a costly gemstone. No one in the 1500s painted anything blue unless it was very deliberate. It is likely that he made his own paint and/or tinted his own paint.


    @ dr d
    Epic statement : “ . Just like the FDA approval, “The weird have gone pro” and all things now exist/do not exist like Schrodinger’s cat.”

    Formerly T-Bear

    Dr D at # 90049
    Superb essay; concise, focused, to the point. Nicely done.
    It does occur that you are giving the recently re-emerged SS_Triviality4EVA full credit for thinking up the malarky they present all by their very own. This cut and paste artist, for that is all they are, can only curate what others produce and does so without regard to the actuality of the subject to reality. This one has unlikely ever encountered a conspiracy theory they have not liked, and is always eager to share with all who will give them the time of day. Easy, don’t give their likes the time of day or even a glance; flyover territory for certain.


    @Formerly T-Bear — The Sophists programmed you well. We all know your logical fallacy (logical LIE) of choice! At least you made that clear, even if you didn’t actually address any issues.

    And yes, I learn a LOT from other people, and love to SOURCE THEM! You seem to think attacking EGO is the way to hurt someone — not everyone is like YOU! That projector is surely projecting!

    If you have any actual DATA you’d like to discuss to see if a better understanding of TRUTH can be discerned, let’s go! That’s human evolution!

    If your ad hominem diatribe was a function of your own insecurity, though, you won’t be able to have such a discussion.

    I hope it is the former, though. Do surprise me!


    @Formerly T-Bear — Do present another source that claims the beast empire riding “woman” in Revelations is some configuration of the Money Power Monopolist family lines. I haven’t run across anyone who makes the same claim, but I would be interested in hearing what someone who has connected those dots has to say. Most parrot the Catholic church nonsense. How can a multi-billion dollar debtor to the Money Power Monopolist Families be running the world? The concept is absurd.

    I do cite that one example just to show you that you are bearing false witness. That idea did not come to me through another human.

    I could cite connecting CovFeFe to Covid being a disease related to releasing sequestered, too. I came up with that pretty quickly. Calm before the cytokine storm is all mine as well (to my knowledge, anyway). I don’t cite these as an ego exercise (I never even bring the subject up as it isn’t important to me), but to show how dishonest and nasty you were. I hope you still are capable of the care required to strive to become at least less dishonest and less nasty.

    Oh, and you must remember Money Power Monopolist Mega-Corporate Orwellian Fascist Global Empire from all those years ago, right? Do point me in the direction of anyone else who has expressed the truth of the TRUE SYSTEM in which we live in those accurate terms. I did add “Orwellian” since the time I posted that truth so many years ago.

    Who CARES what the source of information is as long as it is accurate. If it isn’t accurate, provide some positive input so we all can move closer to the truth… in short, stop allowing Fe-ar to promote such toxic irrational emotion-based outbursts.

    You are OK (even if your feelings that led to your dishonesty and personal attacks make you **feel** differently). I’m OK. We all ought to be improving our knowledge and application of it, and we all have plenty of work to do. What is your stumbling block?

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