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    M. C. Escher The Tower of Babel 1928   • Molnupiravir: Coding For Catastrophe (Nature) • Molnupiravir Faces Execution Obstacles (CTA) • The Vacci
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    I found this interesting: the closest genetic match to the Covid19 genome appears in a bat population in Laos.
    COVID-19 origins: Closest viruses to SARS-CoV-2 found in Laos

    • Numerous theories exist around the origins of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes COVID-19, but none has yet been proven.
    • Parts of the genome of the SARS-CoV-2 virus are so unusualTrusted Source
that it has given rise to conspiracy theories that the virus must have been developed in a lab.
    • Researchers have now discovered in bats living in caves in Laos strains of viruses so similar to SARS-CoV-2 that they believe they could infect humans.
    • This discovery could prove the natural origins of the COVID-19 pandemic and that direct bat-to-human transmission of the virus is a possible cause of the pandemic. […]

    I saw the headline in google news’ health section this morning, skipped over it, but then decided I wanted to read the article after all. So I went back to google news (within a minute of seeing the headline) – and it was gone. I had to do a search to find the article. I guess this article does not match the narrative of blaming China, so someone quickly pulled it.


    A pre-print study that overstated the risk of contracting myocarditis following COVID-19 vaccination was retracted due to a miscalculation – but not before it featured in social media posts questioning vaccine safety


    Did Reuters ever fact-checked their story about female ninjas assassins in Iran? 😂

    Reuters Tehran bureau chief found guilty over ‘Ninja video’


    Question. In this Japanese government report on the bio distribution of lipid nano particles in rats, how should I interpret the blood related levels (bottom of chart) and someone’s decision not to report the % of Administered dose for the blood related levels (bottom right)?

    Given that whole blood contains the liquid fraction of blood (i.e., plasma) as well as the cellular elements that lead to clotting under certain circumstances. Which include red blood cells (RBCs), white blood cells, and other components.

    Should I smell a rat?



    Karl D’s on a tear this morning: “You’ve destroyed the credibility of the so-called “medical profession” on a permanent basis for a huge number of people, myself included. I’d rather go to a Voodoo practitioner for medical advice …”

    Dr. D

    Human rights lawyer @SDonziger was sentenced to six months in prison today for contempt of court. For the first time in US history in such a case, he was prosecuted not by the US Justice Dept, but by a private attorney who worked for Chevron.”

    Well that’s a relief. At last we can cut out the middle man and be honest about it. The Federales are run by Pfizer and Chevron. They are the senior partners.

    But there’s an answer! Moar government! More taxes, more rules, more obedience, more centralization. You know, the kind of advanced centralization that now ignores the U.S. Supreme Court and Congress. Including those extra 500 people is clearly too messy and localized.

    “Despite the reprieve from COVID-19 granted by vaccination programs, SARS-CoV-2 continues to ravage”

    That’s not what Iceland and Afghanistan say. They say the disease returned one minute after starting vaccines. …Or is everyone really bad at reading data?

    “SARS-CoV-2 is likely to become endemic”

    …And bad at science also, I guess. “Endemic” means it’s everywhere, dum-dum, so everyone’s had it and has natural immunity. We win, it’s over. Declare a victory and go home. Stop helping.

    “Hospitals Should Hire, Not Fire, Nurses with Natural Immunity (Kulldorff)”

    Other states will, and benefit wildly. They have lower taxes and broad freedoms. All NYC is pouring out as they collapse into “Escape from NY”, Wall St is in Miami, but the other states Jersey and CA too.

    How can hospitals best protect their patients from Covid disease? It is an enormously important question,”

    It would be if anybody died from it, but we’re at 99.3% safe with three comorbidities. Do they usually take such incredible measures? Obviously no. Doctors and properly prescribed drugs are a leading cause of death.

    New York City is a leader in world liberalism. For years — and especially since May 2020 — its politicians have mangled their schools, their parks, their police force, and their courts, all in the name of fighting racism.”

    Racism FOR white Karen and against Blacks and Jews. As always. #Winning! We, the White Karen Association of America, the new D.A.R, D.A.C., proudly enact every rule of the KKK, in a NEW alliance between Progressive movement and White Supremacy. My children must be made safe from the NEW dirty plague of Blacks and Jews, not JUST in my Brooklyn home, but Nationwide, worldwide even. I won’t stop until they are all starved, purged, and cease to exist in any culture of their own, with any freedoms of their own, and the world is safe for White Karens again. #MWKGA

    …See why parody is impossible for these people? They just say “No it isn’t” and #Reality ceases to exist again.

    “Fauci Confronted About CDC Claims About “Breakthrough” Infections”

    Since we know all is lost and we should give in, here’s NBC lambasting Fauci as fast as ZH and any Doctor Kory.

    Hugh Hewitt: “Is there any level of failure that could possibly lead to consequences, Dr. Fauci?”


    “I figured, just checking.”

    “Fully Vaccinated Harvard Business School Shuts Down after Covid Outbreak (TE)”

    Weren’t they the ones that shut down from measles outbreak where all the patients were also vaccinated?

    Who cares: it’s Harvard. Darwin Award central. Where idiot sons go to fail. Buying their way in like “W”.

    Newsom Makes Vaccines Mandatory For All School Children In California (PM)”

    Huh. Remember when they said they were all nuts for going mental on California for removing the religious exemption, and they would never use that plow through Human Rights and the Constitution to harm anyone? Ah, those were the good old days. Does anyone have a new Conspiracy Theory? All mine have come true. We were right, right, right, right right. A hundred and thousand times right.

    How are those vaccine passports coming? Where you need one to “Buy or sell”, to eat or get health care?

    Nope. We’re still a bunch of idiots who don’t know nothing, and the very next blindingly obvious thing we say … like Oz is building camps for dissidents, not patients … is totally stupid and wrong.

    See, this is what the feeling of “Shame” and “Embarrassment” is for. So when you’re wrong, you’ll mend your ways and get it right next time. This is what “You’re Fired!” is for. Shame is good. It’s healthy. Shame works. But in a country, a society with no shame, they trip over the truth then get up and dust themselves off. Over and over each day, apparently. “You can’t judge me!”


    I do what I want!”

    “Supreme Court Rejects NYC Teachers’ Request To Stop Vaccine Mandate (JTN)”

    The PEOPLE are the government. Therefore the PEOPLE are the Court. Veto power. Do not comply. Do not comply and they are helpless before you. You don’t ask for g-d d—d permission for your own rights: you’re born with them. Start acting like it. There’s no 6-month renewal of your rights for good behavior and right purchases.

    and the deregulation of its energy system had delinked Texas from both US power Grids”

    Uh, was this really true or are you just making s—t up? Texas has always had an entirely independent grid. …So they can secede, actually. But, generally socialists and reporters – but I repeat myself – just throw party-line slogans in like Turret’s syndrome.

    The recent collapse in sterling”

    Compared to what? It already collapsed 40,000x compared to Bitcoin. Compared to Gas? Yeah, we knew, that’s what the article is about? Or do you mean US$ and Euro?

    “ESG is well intentioned, but perhaps the most dangerous force in Economics today.”

    …Or for human life on earth, any place it’s attempted. It’s a tool for mass murder equal to Dachau.

    “while wind is proving fickle, unreliable, far less efficient and difficult”

    “Proving”? Every one of us and every Engineer on earth you ever asked told you this for decades, every time they were asked. Do I stutter or are you hard of hearing?

    The result is a chronic failure of common sense across the investment industry.”

    You mean across Western Society in general. Who is losing the exam as “too stupid to live.” History isn’t kind and grades fairly. There is no curve. As Kunstler would say. History don’t care.

    Deflationa, really? Okay then, what accounts for the 3x increase in myocarditis among young people since the day vaccines began? A new brand of Doritos?

    You’re “informing us”, that’s fine, I don’t want to quote wrong articles. Then will you please inform us about every official study that’s also retracted and discredited, like all top vaccinated countries = all top infected countries, with 100% statistical breakthrough, as noted in Iceland? I mean, be fair here.


    Dr. D = hot knife thru butter.l

    A truly wise person uses few words; a person with understanding is even-tempered.


    Why ….

    Logical contortions

    ….. the majority that have died are retired
    ……. are irrelevant

    The goalpost is moving
    Truth is changing

    the media is starting to get curious about the growing reports of breakthrough infections

    The molnupiravir cocktail – molnupiravir may be limited to patients at high risk of developing severe disease, Swanstrom said.
    (However, an Ivermectin cocktail can improve COVID-19 symptoms by > 80%)

    As much as 80% of all Covid-19 cases are either asymptomatic or mild, with only 20% of patients sick enough to be hospitalised, added Dr Yvonne Maldonado, professor, infectious diseases in pediatrics and health research and policy, Stanford University, California
    Cover your ass
    There are problems with the vaccines

    analysis of the British Yellow Card reporting system and found it to be unreliable. ‘We can conclude that the Yellow Card reporting scheme can provide some limited information that may be useful for alerting the UK public to possible adverse effects of the COVID-19 vaccines. However, the initial conception of the scheme as a purely descriptive rather than as an experimental undertaking means that it cannot address the real issues that are of crucial importance to the UK public. These issues are whether there are causal relationships between vaccination with the PF and AZ vaccines and serious adverse effects such as death, and if so, what are the size of these effects.’
    Adverse events (AEs) are not breakthrough infections
    • Fully Vaccinated Harvard Business School Shuts Down After Covid Outbreak (TE)
    Is this why the goalpost is moving ….
    • The Looming Energy Crisis: People Are Going To Die This Winter (Blain)

    Mr. House

    “You should thank God for bank bailouts— absolutely required to save your civilization. So I think when you have troubles like that you shouldn’t be bitching about a little bailout. You should have been thinking it should have been bigger. You should thank God the government saved the big banks and their investors. Now, if you talk about bailouts for everybody else, there comes a place where if you just start bailing out all the individuals instead of telling them to adapt, the culture dies. Suck it in and cope.”

    Charlie Munger, Christian Science Monitor, September 30, 2010

    Maybe covid is our punishment for not being grateful enough when they bailed themselves out?


    There is a saying that “life resembles high school” and that can be an apt analogy for our times, especially the A students vs the C students dynamic.

    A students knew the answers and viewed their social rank, in part, based on their academic achievement. Teachers would say x+y=z and A students would regurgitate, understanding and curiosity not required. These kids knew the rules and viewed them as ironclad. Getting As though wasn’t always enough to be part of that crowd; you could still go to the wrong school or have the wrong parents.

    C students included those more interested in things outside of schoolwork as well as those unconcerned with teachers’ threats of the importance of their subject. A group more likely to explore outside the boundaries, willing to face the consequences.

    Of course there were the school administrators. Very important people. They get to put you on time out and if you really step out of line with the ever present threat of putting strong words in your permanent record. If you were able to get them in your pocket, luck tended to favor you.

    The current system rewards the A students via higher socioeconomic status. So when we went into lock down, A students were able to work from home and get into yoga or learn how to bake. C students were the group that were initially laid off. Then hired back quickly as they were essential, and heroes. In the summer of ’20, how many A students ate hamburger helper or worried about being in a crowded factory or restaurant setting in the midst of a pandemic.

    Vaccine adoption has been no different. A students were rewarded by obeying authority – in school with good grades and today with corner offices. When the shot rolled out, they were first to get it and thought well of themselves for doing their part.

    C students have a lived reality of being fucked by the system more than those above them. They know how much the government has their welfare in mind. So it should not be a surprise that this group has a 30% adoption rate. And those that made a decision for themselves not to take it, are now getting the boot heel. Wanna work? Wanna be able to shop or go to a bar. Wanna be able to feed and clothe your children? Wanna have an existence you fucking unperson?

    Today’s A students believe that their manicured lifestyles are on pause because the class dunces are refusing to do what the teacher says. That’s what is keeping them from their privileged lives. What is worse: that authority is pushing this agenda in this fashion or that there are so many who bought it and are now fighting in favor of it.

    Perhaps the upside for the C students is those are the ones who had loyal friends in school. Their opponents will cut a friends throat to move up the ladder. We will see which side prevails.


    Could not get a bad pun out of my head (the Hegelian Dialectic pic on TAE two days ago)

    The Hegelian Dielectric: a charge of hysteria and fear particles is applied on one side of the Hegelian Dielectric. An equal and opposite charge is induced on the other side, composed of no freedoms and no security

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    Human rights lawyer @SDonziger was sentenced to six months in prison today for contempt of court. For the first time in US history in such a case, he was prosecuted not by the US Justice Dept, but by a private attorney who worked for Chevron. #FreeDonziger

    Wow, so corporations can now oblige the US tax payer to incarcerate someone for their own corporate interests. That is amazing, that has got to be the pinnacle of justice corruption anywhere in the world, i am truely impressed. Never have I seen such dependence on the government teat as I see in Chevron, bravo Chevron, if they are dumb enough to do it, you prove your intelligence by persuading them to do it.






    They’re going for K-6 kids!

    TAE Summary

    * Be careful whom you criticize. You could go to jail if found in Contempt of Chevron, Contempt of Pfizer Or Contempt of Facebook.

    * Lifesaving Covid 19 Cocktail: Molnupiravir, Vitamin D, VItamin C, Zinc, Ivermectin and Hydrochloroquine. Active Ingredient: Molnupiravir

    * Just to be safe NYC fires all firemen who smell like smoke and all policemen who fail a paraffin test,

    * You get what you pay for so immunity that didn’t cost anything is worthless.
    You get what you measure so don’t measure what you don’t want to get.
    You get what you give so give ‘em hell.

    * Governor Hochul: Gott Mit Uns

    * Fact: 99.93% of all people who have died on earth never ate potato chips. So potato chips save lives.

    * How to catch Covid in three easy steps:
    1) Get vaccinated
    2) Join the Choir of the Vaccinated
    3) Sing We are the Champions together often, long and loud

    * In order to keep kids safe and healthy require Covid vaccination. Some will take a hit for the team. The team thanks them for their life long debilitating sacrifice.

    * Greed is good. Investors care deeply about you because if you die it could negatively impact their investments. Thanks a million, investors.

    * Rand Paul insults HHS secretary for insulting people with natural immunity. Paul takes says he is pro-vaccine but makes an exception for people who already had Covid-19, but people who haven’t had Covid 19 should still get vaccinated.

    * You know the US is in trouble when professional basketball players understand the science better than the head of the CDC.

    * Boosters don’t work because they try to win against yesterday’s game plan. The virus has moved on. The Pfizer, Moderna and JnJ jabs are so 2020.

    * How to reduce Medicare expenses? Kill the recipients. How to avoid getting killed on medicare? Keep yourself healthy so you don’t receive Medicare. How to keep yourself healthy? Diet, supplements, exercise, intermittent fasting.

    * NSW Premier caught in bed with big pharma with big pharma on top. NSW premier now expecting. They share the shame but she carries the responsibility.

    * Make sense to me: If you enter a business and are possibly an asymptomatic spreader of a disease you will be arrested unless you’ve received a shot which makes it more likely that you will be an asymptomatic spreader.


    Dedicated to “deflationista”:



    “This is a decision that has been made”
    WTF – is this North Korea?


    “Unvaccinated care workers should get another job, says Javid
    Health secretary will not postpone 11 November deadline for staff in England to be fully vaccinated against Covid


    “ A pre-print study that overstated the risk of contracting myocarditis following COVID-19 vaccination was retracted due to a miscalculation – but not before it featured in social media posts questioning vaccine safety”

    That is very good. That means that outside of the circles of the FDA, CDC, WHO, etc., where the Covid narrative is being pushed, that science is still functioning. That is why medical studies undergo peer review. That is why they are labeled “preprint” before peer review. If anyone isn’t aware of the significance of peer review, then that person is ignorant. Ignorance happens.

    Of course, for the FDA, CDC, etc., if they discover that they made a mistake (oops! People believe they had Covid from a PCR test cranked up to 35+, but didn’t really, and have no natural immunity!), instead of owning their mistake, suggesting all such cases get antibody testing to verify whether or not they achieved immunity, they sweep it under the rug and demand that all get vaccinated.



    We are witnessing a business model which has finally been successful via corruption and propaganda. Just par for the course, in many W countries.

    Propaganda can be incredibly effective! Ppl become intoxicated, illuminated the F would say – see for ex. some Governor in the US who said the vax is the will of God. The Vax is so important, so vital, so encompassing, so beneficial, there can be no other rationale, explanation, justification, except from on High. The VAX is, Divinely so, Ordained. Didn’t the Pope say the vax is a Gift from God? – I might be mistaken about that?

    In 2009 the H1N1 “swine flu” hit.

    In France, Roselyne Bachelot, Health Min., ordered 94 million doses of vax against it. (Her prof. qualifications are as a pharmacist.)

    The vaxxes, concocted, in the W, by Sanofi-Pasteur, Glaxo Smith Kline and Novartis were produced in a matter of months and the clinical trials were dodgy or not carried out. (A “great efficacity” article for one or some was published in the NEJM.) Various authorisations EU, F, were handed out.

    Kathleen Sebelius, in the US, signed a no-liability clause for the vax producers. The US authorised the GSK vax plus others – idk which. F concentrated on Sanofi-Pasteur ..! A special vax for babies was to be developed .. !

    F. Vaccination campaigns were implemented. First on the line to be jabbed were health care workers, security, rescue ppl. Vax centers, outside of all existing med. circuit – the photos look exactly like the ones we see now – were set up, to vax 6 million ppl per month.

    F. Between Nov. 2009 (the aim was to prevent the winter ‘surge’) and June 2010 only 4.16 million ppl were vaxxed. The campaign flopped. Nobody showed up!

    Mucho ‘medical’ criticism of the vaxxes were made. The WHO defended the vaxxes. Oppositional strands were social, political, economical.

    —-sidebar. Some highlights of this epidemic (not labelled a pandemic). Mercosur requested the suspension all patents to favor the ‘local’ production of vaxxes. Karamanlis (Greece) ordered all Greeks and residents to be vaccinated, no exceptions. —

    Roselyne’s plan was estimated to cost a-hem far more than 1 billion Euros. In Jan. 2010 (2 months after the orders for the vaxxes) Roselyne cancelled the order for 50 million doses, and tried to sell or gift those already paid for to other countries. In Feb. 2010, an ‘Enquiry’ was launched, she was vilified, attacked, etc. She was demoted / quit as Health Min. in 2010. She was then nominated Min. of Solidarity and Social Cohesion 2010-2012. (Fillon Gvmt.)

    The CDC in the US advisory at the time, Q and A on H1N1 vax, see the same considerations, formulations, language, etc.

    wiki on H1N1 epidemic and vax:

    snippet. By April 2010, it was apparent that most of the vaccine was not needed. The US government had bought 229 million doses of H1N1 vaccines of which 91 million doses were used; of the surplus, 5 million doses were stored in bulk, 15 million doses were sent to developing countries and 71 million doses were destroyed. The WHO is planning to examine if it overreacted to the H1N1 outbreak.

    Why exactly this first effort at universal vax submission with boosters flopped is a task for a team of experts… Big Pharma learnt many lessons and the subsequent effort, 10 or so years on, is a stellar success.

    Polder Dweller

    What is happening on the ground in Israel:


    Over on the conservative tree house there is a very interesting article dated Oct 1st of AG Thomas Renz releasing a freedom of information request showing 31K deaths within 21 days of getting the vaccine plus vaccine injuries.

    Also remdesivir killing 25% of people given it. Just like we always suspected. FAUCI’s legal method to kill more covid patients to hype the fear. Just like that nurse said they were.

    Hopefully Raul will include this article in tomorrow’s TAE.



    Thank you for that little history reminder that these evil drug people tried this on us before and most of us failed to even notice. Sadly they succeeded on a grand scale the second time because we failed to take steps to prevent them. We forgot our history and are paying the price.

    John Day

    Thursday Night Follow-up:
    Thanks for the kind, thoughtful and helpful words brothers and sisters. Friday was a big day at work.
    For all of the personal stresses, and judgment I can feel coming in from some at work (not those I see every day, who have kind eyes) the week went OK for patient care; no crises.

    Phoenixvoice: Thanks for understanding. I have so many flows of projects, spirit work, professional work, seeing, understanding, merging, colliding, loving and forgiving, not to mention keeping the garden in time with the seasons. I cannot drop it to engage in an attack. I would use my resources, and I do not have the upper hand, and I still care for these people. We are on different sides of “history” right now.

    Sumac.Carol: Thanks. I am doing what I can do each day. I am getting back to the homestead projects in Yoakum today. Jenny and I are shelling dry beans, black-eyed peas, and cleaning out the bad bits.
    Beans are cooking on the stove. I’m trying a new shelling/cleaning technique on blackeyed peas. It worked well on black beans. My one-legged friend, Dan and I worked it out last weekend. It involves an axe, head down, in a 5 gallon bucket, to gently crush the dry beans, hand cleaning the chaff off the top, then pouring the bucket into a clean wheelbarrow, through the wind of a strong fan.

    Formerly T-Bear: “That which can be spoken is not the Tao.” I’m working on it, brother, really, inwardly, outwardly, daily, haltingly, flowingly, growingly.

    CitizenX: 🙂

    @ Veracious Poet: I have appreciated your stories and insights (demo-charges placed long ago in WTC Bldgs, for instance). They are rare down here at ground level. Avoid the urge to inaction. Do something constructive, and see where it leads. Despair and nihilism don’t prepare for what is coming, don’t create, don’t reduce suffering.
    You may know EVEN MORE right now, but don’t let it stop you. You are alive.

    Polder Dweller

    So it happened, the director general of the organization where I work has decreed that because the euphemistically named green pass is mandatory for companies in Italy where we also have offices, from 15 October the “green pass” will also be required to enter the Dutch site. Never mind that it’s illegal in Holland.


    Conundrums of the unvaxxed:
    Any ideas on how to address the problem of vax mandated for biz with 100+ employees? The best option would be to simply not shop at those businesses. However, when living in a large metropolis, in many sectors of the economy there *are* no businesses with less than 100 employees. I know of no grocery stores in a 50 mile radius that aren’t part of a chain. Sure, there is a farmer’s market a few miles away for a few hours on Saturday morning, but there are many food sectors not covered by the farmers market. (Nobody local has avocados….). Wear a pin that says “solidarity with the unvaxxed” while shopping? I know that the next step will be disallowing the unvaxxed from entry. If (when) that happens, do I continue to patronize the chain stores through pickup? (Will I not be able to select my own avocados?). Would the unvaxxed even be allowed at the outdoor farmers market at a public park? It’s fine for me to choose not to patronize such stores, limit the foods I eat to those produced locally, etc., but I have three teens that are picky eaters, and their dad wants them vaxxed.

    those darned kids

    whistles are blown:

    48,000+ fatalities within 14 days of injection from a pool that is only 18% (albeit mostly elderly) of the u.s. population.

    safe! and! effective!
    slaves! and! invective!
    sales! and! incentives!

    what the #@•^ is going on?

    Doc Robinson

    • Fauci Confronted About CDC Claims About “Breakthrough” Infections

    Some questionable claims that Fauci made yesterday:

    …let me just give you the science and the facts. If you are an unvaccinated person, you have five times the likelihood of getting infected, 11 times the likelihood of being hospitalized and 11 times the likelihood of dying, compared to someone who’s been vaccinated. So, the data showing the benefit of vaccines is incontrovertible. If you look at the people who have died from COVID-19, overwhelmingly 90 plus percent of them are unvaccinated.

    Today I looked at the recent data from one state (Massachusetts) as a quick fact-check of Fauci’s claims. Instead of “five times the likelihood of getting infected,” becoming an official Covid case is about 2 times as likely for those who aren’t fully vaxxed.
    More important, the breakthrough cases now have approximately the same odds of dying as the non-breakthrough cases (a rough estimate of the Case Fatality Rate is 0.64% for breakthrough cases, and 0.67% non-breakthrough cases, using the most recent four weeks of data).

    Some details:

    For the most recent week of data, 37% of the Covid cases were fully vaccinated, and 38% of the Covid deaths were fully vaccinated.

    For the most recent “month” (4 weeks) of data, 35% of the Covid cases were fully vaccinated, and 34% of the Covid deaths were fully vaccinated.

    (As of 9/25, approximately 66% of the state’s total population is fully vaccinated.)

    From August 28 to September 25, there was an 89% increase in the number of breakthrough cases, and a 76% increase in the number of breakthrough deaths.

    Looking at the ratio of deaths to cases, for a rough approximation of the likelihood of dying, during the period August 28 to September 25:
    The number of breakthrough deaths were 0.64% of the number of breakthrough cases.
    The number of non-breakthrough deaths were 0.67% of the number of non-breakthrough cases.

    Data from


    Thank you, as always, for the deeper analysis, Doc Robinson. 🙂


    > Fauci Confronted About CDC Claims About “Breakthrough” Infections <

    More theatre.. as with our nominal President’s booster™ shot, and most of what’s on this
    here darpaNet for the last ten years or so..

    yeesh, is that not obvious enough by now?

    you’ll get it eventually



    Yes that is the same story I referred to on the conservative tree house. Thanks for posting a link.

    those darned kids

    wes: indeed. i did find the presentation over the top, but this messenger needs to be heard.


    I’ve notice that none of the recent “truthtellers” have gotten the Michael Hastings / Gary Webb /
    Michael Ruppert treatment

    confusing or


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