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    Pablo Picasso Still life 1918   • Turkey Yet To Share Information On Khashoggi Case With Any Country: FM (R.) • Erdogan To Reveal ‘Naked Truth’ A
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    That’s quite some sturdy re. the benefits of eating organic food.
    Friends and family have always laughed when we insisted on eating organic.
    Shame it had to be reported in the Daily Mail though.

    We regard that rag as a joke here in the UK.
    Enjoy the Daily Mail song !!

    V. Arnold

    Since my move to Thailand in 2003 my greatest concern had been water for drinking.
    RO (reverse osmosis) is readily available here and is widely recognised as the best process for drinking water. We buy from the source.
    Cutting down meat eating is another long time habit of mine (even in the states); limit to small amounts a couple of times a week. No beef, chicken mostly, with occasional small portions (7 grams) of pork.
    I’ve become leary of fish, all fish.
    At my age I no longer worry it much though; it’s the youngsters who’re going to pay the price.
    The irony is thick; we’re our own worst enemy; poisoning ourselves through our food, to extinction…


    Khashoggi remains found in garden of Saudi Consul General’s house. The narrative has moved beyond control of MBS, King Salman, Trump.

    V. Arnold

    Raúl Ilargi Meijer

    Yes, in the well.
    The word is that the U.S. does not want Erdogan to release any audio or video that Turkey claims to have.
    Imagine the damage it could do to the arms sales from the U.S. to MbS.
    Actually, I don’t believe for a minute anything will stop that…
    The Potemkin U.S. is gone for once and for all…

    Dr. D

    ” it would likely force platforms such as YouTube to allow only content from a hand-picked group of companies.”

    Ding! Ding! Ding! Exactly as planned. Free speech and free ideas on the internet is the enemy. We need to put humanity back into the box of 1-5 fully authorized and on-board networks, and save CNN from total extinction. …Not that they would censor ideas, create war rooms to promote hand-picked candidates, or silence people or whole movements. Perish the thought. It’s crazy to think someday that might happen here.

    Good luck though, everyone will just incorporate in Tunisia or Ukraine.

    It’s crazier than that with the food. Not only do they spray it, not only do they kill every bug, not only do they contaminate the soil and illegally cross-pollinate their neighbors, but standard procedure is to spray Roundup IMMEDIATELY before harvest for maximum toxicity. I kid, technically it’s to kill the wheat and thereby save a tiny margin on drying costs, but the point’s the same. Maybe they should just spray it in the grain silos, soak the flour bag in glyphosate, or give a little vinegar bottle on each table to sprinkle on your plate, because, same thing.

    Golly! Whyever is everyone so sick lately? Like since about 1980? I dunno Scooby, sure sounds like a mystery to me.

    I have no idea what is going on with Kashoggi, but I do know it’s a set-up, meant to be as inflammatory as humanly possible. That means it’s a power play where I don’t trust any of the players. But, kill a guy IN your embassy, on national TV, a day before you have to beg donors to invest in your failing nation, while already teetering the pressure of arms sales and human rights in Yemen? No, I don’t buy that. It’s a frame-up, but we’re not on the inside from who to who.


    ” Free speech and free ideas on the internet is the enemy.”

    I would add,
    …. to those in power. Especially, when you are contradicting the accepted propaganda.

    The internet dissolves blindfolds


    RE: plastic in the human food chain. This was old news a decade ago. For several years I kept a copy of a video of a presentation by Dr. David Suzuki at some environmental conference in Canada in Oct. 2008 during the course of which he brought up a study done a year or two previous on plastics in the human diet run at some Canadian university that included several Canadian government officials as test subjects (on purpose in the vain hope it would provoke greater govt. action on plastics pollution). You may still be able to find it on youtube. Results? They found the officials (and by extension many if not most Canadians) had up to a kilo of plastic throughout their bodies.

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