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    NPC Congressman John C. Schafer of Wisconsin 1924 • Is the U.S. Dollar Set to Soar? (CH Smith) • Pound Nears Three-Decade Low as May Sets Date for Bre
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    Trout River

    Regarding the Fukushima article, the map is not of the radiation but of the tsunami after the earthquake.

    tony smyth

    That Zero Hedge article about Fukushima radiation is sensationalist bunk. At one time, years ago, 300 tons of irradiated water was being released into the Pacific. But even then it wasn’t all radioactive material. There is still some radiation going into the Pacific but not in any quantity that will irradiate the entire ocean – if you have ever flown over the Pacific its a damn big ocean.

    This below is from a recent June article from phys/org: ‘Radiation levels across the Pacific Ocean are rapidly returning to normal five years after a meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear plant spewed gases and liquids into the sea, a study showed Monday.

    Japan shut down dozens of reactors after a magnitude 9.0 earthquake-generated tsunami on March 11, 2011 triggered one of the largest ever dumps of nuclear material into the world’s oceans.

    In the days following the quake and explosions at Fukushima, seawater meant to cool the nuclear reactors instead carried radioactive elements back into the Pacific, with currents dispersing it widely.

    Five years on a review by the Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research, which brings together ocean experts from across the world, said radioactive material had been carried as far as the United States.

    But after analysing data from 20 studies of radioactivity associated with the plant, it found radiation levels in the Pacific were rapidly returning to normal after being tens of millions of times higher than usual following the disaster’.

    By no means is Fukushima out of danger, and no I will never eat Fukushima fish (I live in Tokyo, my wife is from Fukushima). But still we don’t need sensationalism. I have a book in ebook form coming out very soon so have researched this topic very thoroughly. Title: Fukushima and the coming Tokyo earthquake: and what it will mean for a fragile world economy’. Radiation does indeed pose a threat to human health, but the main reason to oppose it is its hideous expense, and the fact that the leftover radioactive core lasts so long – 232,000 years in the case PU239 from the reactor core. Very dangerous and bringing no benefit to future generations whatsoever.

    tony smyth

    as a PS to the above. That chart of radiation in ZH article s also very misleading. It shows the amount of radioactive Iodine isotopes released in the days after the meltdowns, but those particular isotopes are very shortlived and have ceased to be any danger for FOUR years. That map/chart of no relevance to the situation now.


    “A picture is worth 1000 words”

    However, here is how NASA and the MSM is portraying it:

    Arctic Sea Ice Annual Minimum Ties Second Lowest on Record

    Ken Barrows


    You haven’t given us an update on Antarctic Sea Ice. You were very gung ho on it a couple of years back:

    Just go to slide 4. What a difference two years makes.

    Ken Barrows

    Maybe this link is more comprehensive:

    tony smyth

    Nope that’s the chart of (mostly) Iodine 131 releases a few days after the meltdowns.

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