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    Paul Gauguin Breton woman and goose by the water 1888   • Trump Appears to Reverse Syria Decision (USNews) • Trump Vows To OBLITERATE Turkish Eco
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle October 8 2019]

    V. Arnold

    All, and I mean all, U.S. economic data is total bullshit!
    How does one navigate the choppy seas of finance?
    Carefully, very carefully; with a serious study of the reality of the world’s economics…
    They are corrupt to the core; so go forth carefully with sword drawn…


    Well, we now know what the strategy is (or we already did, but now it’s in the open): blame the EU and ‘Remainers’ for everything that goes wrong. And the BBC duly jots it down. Germany refuses to comment on confidential talks, so it’s all No. 10. The key point is blaming the EU for being “willing to torpedo the Good Friday agreement”, the very point Brussels has always said London needs to solve: you’re leaving, not us.

    And London accepted that responsibility until it found out it couldn’t do it. The Tories have simply been too impressed with themselves to do the homework.

    Brexit Deal ‘Essentially Impossible’ After PM-Merkel Call – No 10

    A No 10 source says a Brexit deal is “essentially impossible” after a call between the PM and Angela Merkel. Boris Johnson spoke to the German chancellor earlier about the proposals he put forward to the EU – but the source said she made clear a deal based on them was “overwhelmingly unlikely”.

    They also claimed she said a deal would never be possible unless Northern Ireland stayed in a customs union. Mrs Merkel’s spokesman said they did not reveal confidential conversations. [..] An EU official close to the negotiations told BBC Brussels correspondent Adam Fleming Mrs Merkel’s reported comments did not reflect the EU’s agreed position, adding: “This is not our language.”

    [..] The source said the UK was not willing to move away from the principle of providing a consent mechanism for Northern Ireland or the plan for leaving the customs union, and if the EU did not accept those principles, “that will be that” and the plan moving forward would be an “obstructive” strategy towards Brussels.

    They also accused the EU of being “willing to torpedo the Good Friday agreement” – the peace process agreed in Northern Ireland in the 1990s – by refusing to accept Mr Johnson’s proposals, arguing the plan is key to respecting the so-called “principle of consent”.

    [..] after the phone call on Tuesday morning, the No 10 source said it had been a “clarifying moment”, adding: “Talks in Brussels are close to breaking down, despite the fact that the UK has moved a long way.”

    Dr. D

    “Trump Appears to Reverse Syria Decision (USNews)”

    Syria: guessing as usual the State Dept. and bureaucracy is simply defying orders and doing whatever they think they can get away with. Cheeto only runs maybe 20% of the government so far.

    Rumor has it there may be interesting terrain in this part of Syria though. WHAT IF Iran, to be in compliance of the nuclear treaty, instead ran a centrifuge base a mile across the border in Syria? What if that base wasn’t run by Rouhani, but the breakaway Rev. Guard who shot down the drones and tried to get a war going that would only advantage S.A. and Israel? WHAT IF the C-130 cargo planes of cash-money given to Iran specifically so it couldn’t be tracked via banking trace was meant to insure that war happens? And you know, any uranium mischief has an inescapable signature of the source mine, one thing slowing down such mischief, traced to the source. So WHAT IF if was uranium sourced from the Uranium One mines? They are in Canada, but can plausibly blame Russia even though the U.S./Canada/Deep State would have the same material. …Because it’s pretty clear there are quite a posse’ of high-profile individuals gunning for a nuclear war in the M.E., to bring the Christ, to bring the antichrist, to bring the Madhi, to hide the financial theft and collapse, or just for $$$ and greater territory. And we already know a bunch of de-commissioned delivery missiles are missing from the United States. IF by some chance this were true, it would make the territorial control on that border much more understandable. All the U.S. men, Russia, and Assad’s Syria seem to be converging on the same target. Funny world.

    While they’re busy with that, they need to keep Europe’s largest army by multiples from settling old scores and stealing all those yummy oil and gas fields on their southern border of Erdogan’s greater Ottoman.

    “Joe, Hunter Biden Could Be Forced to Testify in Senate Impeachment Trial (WT)”

    Public trial would be awesome, which is why we don’t have one. We don’t even have an impeachment. In fact, we don’t even have an inquiry despite lies to the contrary, because the House would need to vote and set rules. Also it would come from the Judiciary, which already has a committee and 6 REAL investigations. If lies don’t work: More Lies!!!

    Any vote would establish rules of the minority party, who could then legally proceed with legal facts, which is why they cannot vote. They can only keep this going and smear the election. Oh wait: isn’t that what they’re accusing HIM of? Politics.

    “US Federal Deficit Estimated at $984 Billion, Highest in Seven Years (Hill)”

    We are never going to pay this. Obviously. So make it $9 or $900 TRILLION instead. What’s the difference?

    “Court Rejects Latest Request to Force PM to Ask for Brexit Extension (G.)”

    Wow, a court that is not a self-appointed monarch. That’s refreshing. Because the above sentence is: “The unelected court decides national strategy and policy on behalf of the Prime Minister” They declined.

    “Irish Border Is a Matter of Life and Death, Not Technology (Fintan O’Toole)”

    Yes but so is Brexit. Only Irishmen count? Or do we have to balance the needs of all the parties involved? If so then Irishmen should have as equally hard time as the rest and not get special dispensation, as is just. That is, the minority have rights, but so do the majority.

    “Convicted Pedophile Gary Glitter to Earn Big from ‘Joker’ Movie (CNBC)”

    In cancel culture, you have to know the deep history of every person and thing, where the poison from every arrow was made, and a man is never permitted to serve his time and be free. There is no forgiveness, if you are guilty of any crime, ever, even decades ago, even as a child, you are never allowed to grow, change, make amends, but are always and forever judged by your worst day. Because I said so. #AntiLogos, as this is what comes of rejecting the Rabbi’s call for peace, love, forgiveness, and the rules on casting stones: a spiral of hate, violence, and retaliation forever, doing the will of the rebellious one, amen.

    Let the guy serve his time, and us to get our music back. You don’t want to look into the personal history of artists. You won’t like what you find.

    “How the top tax rate for highest incomes has changed in the US.”

    But the wealthy don’t pay those taxes. They buy a senator and a loophole. Didn’t Russia prove this when they went flat-rate and revenue increased? A 10-minute discussion with any accountant will tell you that the wealthy buy oil, muni’s, T-bills, and other tax-free instruments, then offshore money, keep it in corporate structures instead of taking “income”, (Bezos’ ‘income’ is a mere $80k) and shelter it in assets. If you want economic hoarding and stagnation, or the near-total destruction of family farms and businesses, this is how to get it. What happened with Kennedy and taxes? Not saying it has to be erased, but there’s an inflection point, and our tax rate is already far beyond it. The top 10% already pay 90% of taxes. 50% already are too poor to pay any (income) taxes. Too high? This is why they need carbon taxes. They are regressive and fall exclusively on the poor. If they took everything from every person, corporation, and asset, they could only balance the budget for one year. But we have a solution! More government! More spending!


    And no, I haven’t forgotten yesterday’s thread about comments and (non-existent) censorship. But I’m not a techie, nor a WordPress specialist. So any input is welcome. I’d love to solve all of it. Not much use repeating the entire thing, please refer to the last bit of yesterday’s thread. Specifically: why do some comments not show up when people feel sure they posted them, why do people feel they can’t see some comments, why do some User Profiles indicate Comments Off, where do I go to see a User’s History.


    I lost all respect for the talking experts on the news. They fabricated , projected, exjarated, ….etc.

    The announcement triggered howls of fury from hawks in Congress and the media, as well as sudden experts in Middle Eastern politics who cried that leaving Syria would abandon the Kurds to be torn apart by Turkey.

    Here is what I hear Trump say yesterday ….

    ” …. the president ordered roughly 50 special operations troops in northern Syria to relocate to a different part of the country …. ”

    The boots are still on the ground. The USA is still not going home.

    Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden and his son Hunter could be forced to testify if the Senate ends up holding an impeachment trial of President Trump

    Listen to Biden’s response …. (He is not an idiot)



    A lifelong liberal has had his fill.

    That’s because a traditional “liberal” no longer has a place to call “home”; both US political “parties” have become fronts for totalitarian ideologies antagonistic to “American culture”.


    to hide the financial theft and collapse…..stealing all those yummy oil and gas fields on their southern border of Erdogan’s greater Ottoman…. If they took everything from every person, corporation, and asset, they could only balance the budget for one year.

    But what, pray tell, did they do with OUR $21+ TRILLION? Which is undoubtedly peanuts compared to what FASAB56 will enable!

    Doc Robinson

    Dr. D “We are never going to pay this. Obviously. So make it $9 or $900 TRILLION instead. What’s the difference?”

    Reminds me of this from the great Finnish comedian ISMO:

    Almost all countries in the world are now in debt…
    There is actually more debt, in the world, than there is money.
    So, yes, probably it’s gonna get paid.
    As soon as we borrow something from another planet.
    Like, “We got this paid now, but we owe ten billion to Jupiter.”
    It’s so weird, how the whole planet can be in debt.
    But, I think it’s possible, because countries don’t owe money to each other,
    but countries owe money to banks.
    And, if the countries owe money to banks, how stupid are the countries to pay?
    Like, ’cause a country, has an army.
    The bank has four cashiers, and a cleaning lady.
    “We have to pay!”
    “They have threatened us!”
    “They sent us a letter!’
    “If we don’t pay now, they might send ANOTHER letter!”
    “What do we do then?!”
    “We have a nuclear submarine…
    but they have a stapler!”
    It so weird, like, I’m sure that if, for example,
    Genghis Khan would have, in his time, borrowed some loan, some mortgage, from some bank.
    I’m sure that he would never have paid.
    The bank’s at the door like, “You have to pay.”
    “Uh, well I have ten thousand horsemen, with spears.”
    “Do I really have to pay?”
    “Uh, well, uh– n– no.”
    but it will affect your credit rating!”

    — Ismo Leikola


    Not a rumor! Trump has a conversation with Erdogan. Immediately decides he is removing U.S. troops from Syria.

    “I have a little conflict of interest ’cause I have a major, major building in Istanbul,” Trump told Bannon during a Breitbart radio show. “It’s a tremendously successful job. It’s called Trump Towers—two towers, instead of one, not the usual one, it’s two.”


    Trump towers in Moscow or Istanbul, we understand by now that we’ve been had, don’t we? What’s the Istanbul narrative, Erdogan was promised the AAA penthouse?!


    Okay, the conversation has sort of paused, between coffee and spirits I’m sure, but let’s get it revamped, shall we? So it won’t be Biden, he’ll get eaten up by Ukraine, it won’t be Elizabeth Warren, between Pocahontas and the latest pregnancy revelations, and it won’t be Bernie, because you ain’t gonna vote for the oldest guy ever when he’s already had a heart attack to boot. Alors? Hillary? Kamala? Michelle? Or the gay major? Discuss…..

    V. Arnold

    …it seems fairly obvious that it no longer matters who sits the WH, because what passes for democracy, is broken…
    I will say that, it appears Trump is a least trying to get the troops out of Syria; failing, but trying…and being fought tooth and nail by duly(?) elected representatives.
    As to 2020? Up front and in our face; we’ll get whatever “they” deem we deserve!
    As in the past, we’ll indeed get the government we deserve…
    Fortunately, my pessimism only extends to the U.S. and the poor souls who inhabit its beautiful geography…


    “Those Trump Towers are a pair of glass buildings in Istanbul that have borne Trump’s name since 2012. Trump doesn’t own the buildings—the situation might be less complicated if he did. Instead, Trump licenses his brand to the building’s actual owner, Turkish business magnate Aydin Dogan, who has been described as the single largest payer of taxes in Turkey. He’s a one-time antagonist of Erdogan who is now in step with the strongman.”

    “The conflict of interest and the way it could affect Trump’s position on important issues—or at least the perception of how it could affect his position—quickly became obvious after Trump made this comment. In June 2016, after Trump said he supported a ban on immigration by people from countries he said were associated with Islamic terrorism—he called them “terror countries”—Erdogan objected, and so did Dogan, and both threatened to remove Trump’s name from the buildings.”

    “That’s no small threat—according to personal financial disclosures filed by Trump, since he launched his bid for the presidency, he has earned somewhere between $3.2 million and $17 million in royalties from the deal. (The amounts are given in ranges; the precise figures are unclear.)”

    ” When he ran for office, Trump said he would handle conflicts of interest like this by turning over his businesses to his children. He didn’t. Instead, he simply stepped away from the daily operations of his business empire, but he retains full ownership of almost all of the assets, including the licensing company that collects royalties from Dogan.”

    To your question RELATIVE TO MY POST…I could care less who the nominee is. What I want is to see this MFer in jail. I want him impeached. I want the Senate to NOT convict because Pence would just pardon him like Ford did for Nixon. When (or IF, if you like) I want him indicted for his crimes and imprisoned.

    To V….That’s how you restore some modicum of Democracy. We could all take an example from Iceland.

    V. Arnold

    To V….That’s how you restore some modicum of Democracy. We could all take an example from Iceland.

    Iceland has a population of just under 400,00 which is about 1% of the U.S..
    It is also a fairly mono-cultural society (fewer immigrants).
    So, I’m not very optimistic they’re an example the U.S. is capable of emulating…
    IMO, the U.S. is at critical mass; internally paralyzed and open to any crazies organised enough to be effective…

    John Day

    ​But the border area Erdogan marked is quite populated with some 850,000 people living there. Most of them are Kurds.
    ​ ​Turkey wants to replace those Kurds with the Syrian mob that it armed and supported against the Syrian government troops. These people and their families currently live in Turkey. To move them into north Syria would be one of the largest ethnic cleansing operation the world has seen in recent times.
    ​ ​A saying goes “The Kurds have no friends but the mountains.” But there are no mountains in Syria’s north east. While the YPG might want to fight off a Turkish invasion they have little chance to succeed. The land is flat and the YPG forces only have light arms.
    ​ ​There is only one solution for them. They will have to call up the Syrian government and ask it to come back into the north east. That would remove the Turkish concerns and would likely prevent further Turkish moves.

    ​The illegal weapons rat-line into Syria, to arm the ISIS caliphate and assorted “good terrorists” is laid out again in detail. It is US and UK covert operations, as usual.
    ​ Arms Watch published emails exposing how British shell companies were used as cover for a US government program to arm militants in Syria, called in internal memos ‘Task Force Smoking Gun’.
    Years after the height of the CIA billion dollar program ‘Timber Sycamore’, and after the US Department of Defense ‘Train and Equip’ program, more and more details of the nuts and bolts of covert aid to jihadists in the Levant are falling into place.

    Is the second CIA “whistleblower” John Bolton?

    Israeli politics has been jammed recently. This article has good detail on those political processes. Johnathan Cook
    ​ ​The reality is that there is strong unity in Israel – over shared, deeply ugly attitudes towards Palestinians, whether citizens or those under occupation. Paradoxically, the only obstacle to realising that unity is Netanyahu’s efforts to cling to power.

    Why Israel is Struggling to find a way out of Its Political Deadlock

    A few days old, but useful information. Israel has been attacking Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, frustrated by the formation of a “Shia Crescent” of political solidarity from Iran to Syria.
    During the last five days there have been protest all over the south of Iraq where the majority of the people are Shia. The protest escalated within a few days into shootings with over a hundred killed. In several cities party and government offices were burned and various groups hustle to take a position in the “leaderless” movement.
    There are legitimate reasons for protests. The majority of the people in Iraq is younger than 20 years. The people have little chance of finding a job. The state is weak and many of its actors are corrupt. Services the state is supposed to provide don’t get delivered. Electricity and water supply is often sparse.
    But those are not the reasons why the protests immediately escalated into violence:
    Liz Sly @LizSly – 22:19 UTC · Oct 4, 2019
    Many Iraqi protesters are complaining of unknown snipers targeting them from rooftops, and it’s possible they are aiming at both the demonstrators & the security forces.
    Quote: Reporting Iraq @TFPOI · Oct 4
    Protestors are confirming the use of snipers from buildings, targeting protesters approaching Tahrir Square.
    A young man was killed by the use of snipers. Evidence in the form of a photo can be seen.
    #iraq #baghdad #save_the_iraqi_people
    During the 2014 U.S. coup in Ukraine the same method was used to inflame the country.

    Turkey Joins Russia’s Ruble-Based Alternative To SWIFT

    ​ ​Brexit talks have come to an abrupt halt in Brussels days after the British government demanded intensive negotiations on Boris Johnson’s proposals.
    ​ ​Sources on both sides confirmed that no meetings between the negotiating teams were scheduled. There are 22 days to go before the UK is due to leave the EU.
    ​ ​Discussions between EU and UK officials had been held almost daily since the prime minister and the European commission president, Jean-Claude Juncker, met for lunch in Luxembourg in mid-September.

    MPs will be called to Parliament for a special Saturday sitting in a decisive day for the future of Brexit.
    ​ ​Parliament will meet on 19 October after a crunch EU summit – seen as the last chance for the UK and EU to agree a deal ahead of 31 October deadline.
    ​ ​If a deal is agreed, Boris Johnson will ask MPs to approve it – but if not, a range of options could be presented.
    ​​The BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg says these could include leaving without a deal, and halting Brexit altogether.


    “So, I’m not very optimistic they’re an example the U.S. is capable of emulating…
    IMO, the U.S. is at critical mass; internally paralyzed and open to any crazies organised enough to be effective…

    Perhaps! But I don’t believe things are altogether that different from the gilded age. Teddy Roosevelt was pretty successful at taking power away from the oligarchy. I’ll grant you however that his ascension to the presidency was a fluke. As far as being paralyzed, I guess we’ll just have to differ on that opinion.

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