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    Peter Sekaer Times Square with Father Duffy statue 1937 This it. The is the biggest we’re going to get. We won’t grow anymore. Not bigger, not wider,
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle Sep 2 2014: This Is As Big As We Will Get]

    Ken Barrows

    The good thing about the argument that growth is over without debt is that future statistics can, in theory, disprove it. But they won’t.


    Raúl, you are right to be concerned over the one sided picture being painted in the West regarding the Ukraine, as a number of your recent posts demonstrate. I suspect US and EU geopolitics over the Ukraine (and Middle East) can be seen in terms of a combination of the Wolfowitz doctrine and an updated version of Sir Halford Mackinder’s paper The Geographical Pivot of History that describes his “Heartland Theory”. This is a concept the Russians will be well acquainted with given his Heartland is Russia and the inner crescent includes the East European plane and Middle East. The Wolfowitz doctrine also underlines the importance of oil by clarifying the strategic value of the Middle East and Southwest Asia, including it can now be argued, the Ukraine:

    Not only are times “interesting”, they are also becoming dangerous as cheap fossil fuel becomes scarce and eventually unaffordable, especially when combined with the broader impacts of Limits to Growth.

    Dr. Diablo

    Great article, and I hate to do this again, but what the de’il is up with the Guardian and BBC? Do they have any idea how stupid they sound? Life as we know it in Britain will end when temperatures reach 33C. AYFKM? For comparison, temperatures throughout the US and Australia are in excess of 40C for MONTHS. On the roads, the tracks, inside electric lines, phone stations, everywhere, I tells ya! Guess what: absolutely NOTHING happens. Every year the roads, the grid, the railways work with only the slightest accommodation. Like putting an A/C unit in the one window of the house.

    Honestly, you would have thought Britain would have heard of locations like “Canada,” “Australia,” and “The United States” and seen how they survive such otherworldly shocks.

    Next up, Antarctica has dramatic sea level rises of…wait for it…2mm. Really? I’m not a geophysicist, but I’m pretty sure that’s within the margin of error for measuring something like the entire southern ocean with its 7m swells. What statistical assumptions do they have to make to even PRETEND to be able to measure accurately to the millimeter? Same ones that have GDP predictions down to the tenth? Not that we haven’t seen the most astounding accusations turn out to be measuring errors from this crew of boffins. Temperature stations located at airports now in the center of cities due to sprawl, anyone?

    2mm. Wow. You really had me going there for a minute. Then I realized this is the Guardian and BBC who I’ve been comparing notes with over the Ukrainian coverage, then it was all clear. They just make it up, whole cloth, and print it.

    But we don’t have to make the same mistake. 2mm, 40C? Please, no.


    Oh, there will be “Growth” again. BIG growth. The likes of which will astound. That’s why they call these things Crackup ‘Booms.’ Anyone here had a look at that ISM print?

    Time for me to get out of cash and into anything real. And no, it’s not different this time. It’s all just on a grander scale. Deeper dips, higher peaks. We have at minimum, one more cycle to go, before the Buck and it’s owners self destruct.

    I do believe the train is pulling out of the station, finally. Unless, of course, one wants to fight the Fed, and actually believes they will allow deflationary default to occur. Not my cup of tea, but go for it, if it makes you feel good.

    Could the title of the above article be a contrarian indicator? In a convoluted sort of way? Like a bottom call extraordinaire?


    Here is the key. Really.

    We have now been warned by these strategically placed news bits from Wolf and the CFR. These releases are intended to get the better placed out of harms way, as well as “talking” up the idea to gauge initial reaction.

    QE ends, direct cash infusion begins.

    We don’t yet know in what form, but it’s coming.

    Looks as though the Fed understands the consumers tendency toward saving after all. Demand side is the new tact. Those who place bets early will be rewarded. The old cliche “You snooze you lose” will be making a come back now.

    Diogenes Shrugged

    With respect to the last attached article:

    The specific gravity of fresh water averages a little over 1.00, and the specific gravity of sea water is closer to 1.03. When fresh water runs off of continents, like oil, it thins out on the sea surface because it’s relatively buoyant. Unlike oil, it also mixes with the sea water. The result is an ever-thinning layer of fresh water (a relatively small mass) on sea water (a comparatively enormous mass) over an ever-expanding area, with an expanding salinity gradient and relatively short time before the waters become mixed. If you threw a balloon full of fresh water into a tank of sea water, most of the balloon would remain submerged (like an iceberg). If you then broke the balloon, the tiny emergent portion would immediately vanish due to gravity, and ALL the water would immediately share the same homeostatic level.

    World’s Stupidest Humans Back At It Again

    Remarkably, I still meet people who think Saddam Hussein orchestrated 9/11, that Oswald shot Kennedy, and that carbon dioxide jeopardizes life on Earth. Our attention more properly belongs on the deliberate changes to Earth’s climate being effected using chemtrails. But that’s all a big secret – – and even some “deniers” play along – – because the entire “global warming” business (now empires on both sides of the debate) hits a brick wall when we recognize that all the last decade’s global temperature data reflect anthropogenic geo-engineering, not CO2.


    Indeed, some sufficient magnitude of clandestine geoengineering would render predictive climatology obsolete by introducing non-modelled variables which cannot be isolated by causal inferrence, wherefore the benefits of geoengineering cannot be adequately determined by climatological results.

    Gravity is another algorithm..


    “Monsanto will end up killing off some of the most fertile soil on the planet.”

    C’mon, Ilargi,

    Monsanto and Corporate Cohorts have spent big money arranging that breakdown in civility, so they may slip their brand names into the region.


    There ya go, Stiglitz. Capitalism (Economic Freedom) needs more government and corporate meddling to destroy it’s efficiencies.

    If millions of market participants were free to choose, they wouldn’t need you around now, would they?


    Never heard an angle sing… 😉

    Great article.

    John Day

    Charles Hugh Smith has a good post on the current end game in corporate buybacks to enrich inside-sellers. It hasn’t been this big since 2007.
    Things are really hollowed out.
    And here is a delightful 2009 article about Russians farming their Dachas for more than half of their veggies. It never went away, got bigger after the collapse of the USSR, and keeps growing because it is healthy, efficient, self-organizing (and maybe wonderful).
    It’s bad for business, of course…
    In 1999, 35 million small family plots produced 90% of Russia’s potatoes, 77% of vegetables, 87% of fruits, 59% of meat, 49% of milk — way to go, people!

    V. Arnold

    The UK’s Cameron is going to suggest cutting off Russia from Swift banking transactions, effectively blocking them economically from any international business.
    Now that’s bloody stupid and could be construed as an act of war.
    Intelligence is no guarantee people will not act in very stupid ways…

    John Day

    Ellen Brown looks at the Fed’s “last bullet”, giving M1 (cash) to the bottom 80% to boost the retail economy. (Maybe it could forestall the collapse-part-2 until after November)

    Time to rain money on Main Street


    “Interest and fees cannot be squeezed from people who are bankrupt. Creditor and debtor are in a symbiotic relationship. Like parasites and cancers, compound interest grows exponentially, doubling and doubling again until the host is consumed; and we are now at the end stage of that cycle. To keep the host alive, the creditors must restock their food source. Dropping money on Main Street is thus not only the Fed’s last bullet but is a critical play for keeping the game going.”

    Keeping the game going, a game something like: the game is over when the ball hits the ground…oh, okay, when it hits the ground twice…whoops, let’s make that thrice…well, let’s just keep it going until someone (the chosen ones) win. Then we’ll stop the game.

    “The transfers wouldn’t cause damaging inflation, and few doubt that they would work. The only real question is why no government has tried them.”

    No damaging inflation, so they say. Of course, it’s never been tried, but somehow we’re just to accept their word on this. Yeah. Perhaps there will be a plan that the funds go towards any outstanding debts first (like non-payment of mortgages or HELOCS), which would certainly help out the banks – not that they’d be trying to do that (sarc).

    Must save the host to save the parasite with a mainline straight into a vein. It works with addicts until it doesn’t.

    steve from virginia

    All growth is net increase in real unsecured debt. (Once an IOU is produced by somebody-anybody the debt becomes instantly secured).

    Growth = inflation.

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