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    Salvador Dali The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory 1954   • Trump To Declassify Bruce Ohr, Carter Page Documents As Early As This Week
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    V. Arnold

    Wow, the Dali, The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory; how apropos to my comment yesterday re:

    It must be truly intoxicating, having no living memory of yesterday…

    Did you do that on purpose? 😉
    You would do that, no?

    V. Arnold

    Re: the financials; as much as I like RT, their Boom/Bust program with Bart Chilton sucks!
    He rarely fails to mention he was Commissioner at the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) from 2007 – 2014.
    He’s dripping with gratuitous platitudes to his guests who, without fail, paint rosy pictures of US economic ways and means. Rosy economy, rosy employment figures, and just generally bullshit economics forever…
    I cannot remember a single guest on his show breaking with that meme.
    I’m finished with that one!
    That said; RT is well worth the watch for the most part; it’s just Boom/Bust that needs some genuine reportage…

    As an aside (or not) Boom/Bust has been through a slew of hosts in the few years I’ve watched it; that must count for something, yes?
    I know economics is not easy; but for crying out loud there are many economists out there who could certainly bring RT to economic reality.
    Steve Keen, Bill Black, Michael Hudson, and the Korean economist, whose name escapes me at the moment, just to mention a few.

    V. Arnold

    Re: above;
    Ha-Joon Chang, teaching at Cambridge University.
    Anyhoo, he’s an economist of note along with the Olympians mentioned above.


    I would but I didn’t

    V. Arnold

    Lol, fair enough…



    – The US. France and the UK [and possibly Germany] threaten reprisals if Assad uses chemical weapons
    – Anonymous US sources say Assad has signed off on the use of gas.
    – US sources suggest that Russian and Iranian positions may also be attacked.
    – There is a large collection of Russian warships in the area.
    – The Russians have supplied a large amount of detail about a potantial false flag operation in the area.

    The US seems determined to carry on with this farce. In the past Russian forces have been restrained and have not responded. It may be that this time they feel they have to. If so, where will it end?

    I can not see that the US will gain anything by this provocation, unless thay mean to escalate it in to a major offensive. Why risk WWIII for a bunch of terrorists?

    I am concerned about an article I read a few years ago about an American ‘Christian’ cult. The article claimed the cult to be a million strong and to include senior military and politicians. The quirk here is the belief that a global nuclear war would count as being THE biblical Armageddon, and call forth the ‘Rapture’.

    The Rapture is where the ‘good’ are physically swept up in to Heaven just before the elimination of all other human life on Earth. I have not seen any other articles about this cult so I do not know how accurate it is, but the idea of such a pseudo-Christian death cult existing in the States is believable! Certainly in the current climate they could easily succeed.

    I am seriously worried about what might happen in the next week.


    The Carolinas
    The moonwalk is a dance move in which the dancer moves backwards while seemingly walking forwards.


    V Arnold.

    “RT” means to me “Russia Today” – how does that fit in with your comment?


    Steve Bannon is correct. There is a Coup underway against Donald Trump. It is the “adults in the room” who are the conspirators. They are hired hands of western oligarchs. The establishment facilitates the transfer of wealth from the 50% to the 1% (the most striking graph above). They come down hard on anyone, left or right, that threatens this gravy train.


    Here is an article which explains well what is going on.

    Russia’s Asymmetric Response to the US in Syria

    They would dearly love to shoot Trump – because he is trying to stop a war with Russia – but they cannot do it as few really believe that what happened to JFK was some “lone shooter”

    Furthermore, Nixon was also brought down – because he tried to end the war in Vietnam. These fake “investigative journalists” like Bob Woodward are actually mouthpieces of the CIA.

    V. Arnold

    Yes, RT means Russia Today, however; every hour on the hour they feature news of the world.
    They also feature a wide variety of programing with regular schedules; Boom/Bust is just one example.
    Frankly, I’m not sure I understand your question.


    V. Arnold,

    Boom/Bust is not something that I am familiar with. As for that guy Bart Chilton, the Russians show every sort of cretin just so that their population can see for themselves how confused Americans have become.

    Extracts with subtitles from CNN, BBC and all the rest of them are shown so that the populace can judge for themselves. This is seriously annoying to the Fake Media industry as they come out as complete idiots and psychopaths

    V. Arnold

    …so that their population can see for themselves how confused Americans have become.

    You’re too kind; I’d be much harsher regarding my fellow Usian’s intellectual shortcomings; which in and of itself is too kind.
    I also recognise that is painting with an overly broad brush; I know there are exceptions, but they’re just so damn hard to find…


    A Jewish despot who was installed by the USA as the ruler of Ukraine – in total contradiction of their constitution – wants to get rid of the Russian Orthdox Church in Ukraine. Most Ukrainians in the east of that unfortunate country are Russian Orthodox.

    Ukranian President Threatens to End the Existence of the ‘Russian Church’ in Ukraine

    Wonders never cease. How long is this nonsense going to go on before the Jews are put back in their place – as a tiny minority in all countries of Europe.

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